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Name: Mr Couch Potato


Last seen: 11-13-2015

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 08-28-2012

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The Official Set Whore Thread: *sunglass*

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Intestines until 08-30-2012
Shiroyasha until 02-27-2013
The Berserker until 03-27-2013
Hot Baby Goku on Guts action until 03-28-2013
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Shiro until 03-07-2015

03-18-2015 from Snap.
thumbs-up "The best kind of cock sucker"

03-15-2015 from Deus Ex Nihilo
thumbs-side "Kind of a cock sucker"

03-07-2015 from 40 acres
thumbs-up ""

03-07-2015 from Louay
thumbs-up ":)"

03-07-2015 from Ruthless
thumbs-up "Heyo to this nice sir, Mr couch potato just like her"

01-10-2015 from The Fantom Convoy
thumbs-up "186"

11-29-2014 from Negative Supremacy

10-29-2014 from Snap
thumbs-up "Just some original Pixiv art"

10-23-2014 from Nerise
thumbs-up "u cool"

10-12-2014 from Helios
thumbs-up "Secretely, though. ;)"

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Fuck you Luis




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03-18-2015 from Snap.
thumbs-up "The best kind of cock sucker"

03-15-2015 from Deus Ex Nihilo
thumbs-side "Kind of a cock sucker"

03-07-2015 from 40 acres
thumbs-up ""

03-07-2015 from Louay
thumbs-up ":)"

03-07-2015 from Ruthless
thumbs-up "Heyo to this nice sir, Mr couch potato just like her"

01-10-2015 from The Fantom Convoy
thumbs-up "186"

11-29-2014 from Negative Supremacy

10-29-2014 from Snap
thumbs-up "Just some original Pixiv art"

10-23-2014 from Nerise
thumbs-up "u cool"

10-12-2014 from Helios
thumbs-up "Secretely, though. ;)"

10-09-2014 from Kyubey

09-26-2014 from Vance Prime
thumbs-up "183"

09-25-2014 from Lord of the Crimson Tide

09-24-2014 from DurdenH

09-22-2014 from RAG
thumbs-up "ty ty"

07-22-2014 from -Jade-

07-17-2014 from Flamelord

05-24-2014 from PORN SPAMMER
thumbs-side "I had sex with your mom last night"

05-07-2014 from Demi
thumbs-down "My favorite member."

05-05-2014 from Based Rin
thumbs-down "Nigga u mad. lol?"

05-05-2014 from Divine Fortunist

05-05-2014 from Squark
thumbs-down "If you love shirp then neg him ;-;"

05-05-2014 from Heisenberg
thumbs-down "I am the one who knocks."

05-05-2014 from I Cant Be Stopped
thumbs-down "sex"

05-05-2014 from Paris
thumbs-down "I love you Shithoyasha, NOOOOOT"

05-05-2014 from Nerd
thumbs-down "Homo on the GoGo~"

05-05-2014 from Rennage
thumbs-down "hey what about me, guys? I love shiro too"

05-05-2014 from Munsu
thumbs-down "T-T-Triple threat"

05-05-2014 from Rage Tachibana
thumbs-down "still love you"

05-05-2014 from Fuck you Luis
thumbs-down "Are you proud of me?"

05-05-2014 from Shinji Ikari
thumbs-down "This hurts me more than it hurts you"

05-05-2014 from Ragex
thumbs-down "D-does this mean the wedding's off?"

05-05-2014 from PG15
thumbs-up "I refuse to abide to your wishes."

05-05-2014 from am l da baddest

05-05-2014 from AIDB

05-05-2014 from Aigis
thumbs-side "Love/hate you"

04-24-2014 from Raniero
thumbs-up ""

03-12-2014 from Fag
thumbs-up "the smell of semen :(."

03-11-2014 from Saber

03-10-2014 from The Monkey King
thumbs-up "Old the Dwarf :P"

03-08-2014 from Heaven-Sent King
thumbs-up "You will bathe in gold and in women"

02-27-2014 from Eien no yoru
thumbs-up "you also think i should change it back to shadow?"

02-26-2014 from Tactician
thumbs-up "I already sold my house and am addicted to 12 substances."

02-21-2014 from Falcon
thumbs-up "ROFL!"

02-21-2014 from Palutena
thumbs-up "Yes"

02-18-2014 from bossness
thumbs-up "so many names"

02-16-2014 from Junpei
thumbs-up "wtf name changes"

02-15-2014 from SpawnPsycho42
thumbs-up "scythe slicing indeed"

02-07-2014 from Kinasin

02-05-2014 from Megatron

02-03-2014 from Raneer
thumbs-up ""

02-03-2014 from xR
thumbs-up "162! Good member."

02-01-2014 from Raimundo Pedrosa
thumbs-up "Thank you :)"

02-01-2014 from Cirno
thumbs-down "It's the Rektoning."

01-31-2014 from some one new
thumbs-up "Yep!"

01-30-2014 from TheKaiserKnight
thumbs-up "Giant."

01-21-2014 from Super Sage Mode Naruto
thumbs-up "yes"

01-20-2014 from Ryan Burns
thumbs-up "Thank you."

01-19-2014 from Zlatan
thumbs-up "I asked Zack, but he's being a racist dick"

01-17-2014 from Atheist
thumbs-up "Hello."

01-15-2014 from Magnum Miracles
thumbs-up "Not just a set whore, but a name change whore.."

01-14-2014 from Raynor D. Jim
thumbs-up "Shiro pls change your name nauw!"

01-12-2014 from Zero Beat
thumbs-up "Returning the love."

01-12-2014 from YuNarukami
thumbs-up "Too many name changes -.-"

01-11-2014 from K9
thumbs-up "Thanks"

01-06-2014 from Hazard
thumbs-up "Nigga nigga nigga nigga niggaaaaaaaaaa"

01-05-2014 from Kuru
thumbs-up "Here u go"

01-05-2014 from Raijin
thumbs-up "Lol Jaxx"

01-04-2014 from monster lord member
thumbs-up "Jaxx is better than Ozymandias."

01-04-2014 from Maximum D
thumbs-up ";3"

01-04-2014 from Blocky
thumbs-up "WUT?!"

01-04-2014 from - FS -
thumbs-up "Ozy cozy"

01-03-2014 from Han Solo
thumbs-up ":)"

01-02-2014 from Super Perfect Cell Returns
thumbs-up "Yes! Annie's boobs! lol"

01-02-2014 from Kuroka
thumbs-up "Community"

12-17-2013 from Kid Esco

12-15-2013 from Eiyu O
thumbs-up "Name stealer."

12-15-2013 from JoJo.
thumbs-up "Up up and away."

12-07-2013 from Zack.
thumbs-down ":("

12-02-2013 from MagitekEnginer
thumbs-side "Violent monkeys better than a Kryptonian? I don't think so."

12-02-2013 from UpNORTHxLADYBoss
thumbs-up "*high million!*"

12-01-2013 from Zemoco
thumbs-up "Cooler is still Cooler, thus he wins by default."

12-01-2013 from SoD_
thumbs-up "God"

12-01-2013 from znjfl
thumbs-up "Thx :)"

12-01-2013 from lord bills
thumbs-up "bills solos, i'm god gift to woman, amph=whis and yes he stronger then me"

12-01-2013 from Aegis
thumbs-up "haruhi sux"

11-28-2013 from Steelo
thumbs-up ":)"

11-18-2013 from Munsu a.k.a Legendary General
thumbs-up "Good avatar. Keep it."

11-14-2013 from Gay Lord
thumbs-up "supports db"

10-22-2013 from Pocket Rocket
thumbs-up "*vomits*"

10-19-2013 from GoodGamerSambo
thumbs-up "Do whatever the FUCKKKKKKKKK! you wanna do."

10-16-2013 from Zed.
thumbs-up "Walter White most definitely won"

10-07-2013 from Whopper with Cheese
thumbs-up "Wise man."

09-23-2013 from Raikagebee
thumbs-up "RIP Leone, I share your pain bro"

09-22-2013 from Man of Sin

09-18-2013 from Majin Mazoku

09-16-2013 from Rockington
thumbs-up "...Can protect his people no longer!"

09-16-2013 from Glast

08-28-2013 from The Dual-Wielded Alchemist
thumbs-up "oops ALMOST FORGOT"

08-26-2013 from owo
thumbs-up "'0'"

08-20-2013 from Kal - El
thumbs-up "Legendary Shiroyasha"

08-18-2013 from Kashmir
thumbs-up "Join my gang cuz."

08-18-2013 from Duck Butter
thumbs-up "fuck that cross dressing fag"

08-18-2013 from LOLStomp
thumbs-up "rep4rep"

08-18-2013 from Terumi
thumbs-up "Rep, reps everywhere."

08-18-2013 from Spector
thumbs-up "Because you asked nicely."

08-18-2013 from Izayoi
thumbs-up "Approved my Imperialdramon stock, and even improved it :D"

08-18-2013 from Silent Survivor
thumbs-up "Spread the love"

08-17-2013 from Re Edgar..
thumbs-up "Awwwwww"

08-17-2013 from NiTian ErXing a.k.a Grand Marshal
thumbs-up "Of course me>anyone else. Preach the truth homie!"

08-13-2013 from EL HERMANO DE JIREN
thumbs-up "Go fuck yourself faggot"

08-11-2013 from Seiryu
thumbs-up "what happened to shirio's? :("

08-03-2013 from Unimaginably Heterosexual Gentleman
thumbs-up "Shake my hand, maggot."

08-02-2013 from Xehanort the Younger
thumbs-up "So like when can we meet up.I was thinking we could go see a movie or a date on the park"

08-02-2013 from The Millennium King
thumbs-up "Conan. <;3"

07-25-2013 from Madoka
thumbs-up "You are now a fellow rapist"

07-21-2013 from Zack UnFair
thumbs-up "Tadah"

07-20-2013 from Helly The God
thumbs-up "wat? o.o w-wut u lookin at? Hey....HEY, STOP!! RAPE!! RAPE!!!!"

07-18-2013 from Xexubel The GodFather
thumbs-up "shut up meg"

07-15-2013 from UnlimitedPotential
thumbs-up "REP ME BACK"

07-05-2013 from Kurosaki
thumbs-up ":) lol at wat exactly?"

07-05-2013 from Chaos Theory
thumbs-up "No such thing >=]"

07-02-2013 from Redx
thumbs-up "Is that.....a picture of Ruthless?"

06-30-2013 from Hank Crawford
thumbs-up "Nomiya Master Race."

06-26-2013 from Darkvoid

06-26-2013 from Lenzonda
thumbs-up "dat 911 turbo, Supra, GTR, and MP"

06-22-2013 from Just a Member
thumbs-up "100th rep for you! B)"

06-21-2013 from Godot
thumbs-up "That's why newbs always suck ass."

06-19-2013 from Polar
thumbs-up "Finally back to Shiroyasha :)"

06-12-2013 from Retarded Faggot
thumbs-up "RAGE"

06-12-2013 from Xeno
thumbs-up "Feel my"

06-10-2013 from Nefarious
thumbs-up "Buy an Xbox one brah"

06-03-2013 from Dean Winchester
thumbs-up "read below"

05-29-2013 from Andy Sixx
thumbs-up "LOGIN MORE"

05-19-2013 from Souls
thumbs-down "Liking Skyrim"

05-16-2013 from Tornado The Dragon - a.k.a Big Brother
thumbs-up "Knows how the vs shit works."

05-12-2013 from nWo
thumbs-up "That Robert Jr"

05-12-2013 from The Reaper
thumbs-up "for the avt thanks brah."

05-12-2013 from Raizen
thumbs-up "90"

05-12-2013 from Harlequin of Hate
thumbs-up "88"

05-05-2013 from Kinny Cakes

04-29-2013 from Thugs Bunny
thumbs-up "ur fucken gey"

04-18-2013 from Varia
thumbs-up "<3"

04-16-2013 from Said Tora - The Omniversal Vagabond

04-14-2013 from Alpha

04-05-2013 from AkiX
thumbs-up "Almost 7,000 posts."

03-22-2013 from Vile
thumbs-up "lmfao @ ''Though shall attain employment.'' on the BLACK ''PEOPLE'' thread. Berserker brings da lols"

03-18-2013 from Expensive-Discount
thumbs-up "Cool dude."

03-18-2013 from Uncle Hank

03-17-2013 from Swaniero.

03-14-2013 from Bender Bending Rodriguez
thumbs-up "My fellow DA Fan ..."

03-14-2013 from G-Lad
thumbs-up "Cheerz bud, keep it up."

02-26-2013 from Rython
thumbs-up "Right back at you, my friend."

02-22-2013 from Wolfey
thumbs-up "As cool as the Devil"

01-25-2013 from Ke Ke
thumbs-up "More hip version of me-sama."

01-23-2013 from Stardust
thumbs-up "Returned"

01-06-2013 from Vampire Loli
thumbs-up "thanks i'll look into it"

01-02-2013 from DriveSlow
thumbs-up "shiro u took my food :("

12-23-2012 from Abel Nightroad

11-13-2012 from Crayons

11-13-2012 from King of Awesome
thumbs-up "Same."

11-13-2012 from PandaG
thumbs-up "Should have done this earlier"

11-12-2012 from SSJGVegeta

11-11-2012 from Leper Messiah
thumbs-up "DBZ and SotC = Win"

11-06-2012 from Oracle of The Pantheon
thumbs-up "They are sooo funny!"

11-04-2012 from Champion Lance

10-27-2012 from Rabum Alal
thumbs-up "Likewise my brother"

10-12-2012 from Troll.
thumbs-up "You've come a long way."

10-12-2012 from Brock Chopper

10-08-2012 from o3o
thumbs-up "Kamina, and a fellow TTGL fan. Fight dah powah."

10-06-2012 from Waffles I like

10-03-2012 from Vibra
thumbs-up "35th, you're a boss."

10-03-2012 from Crazy Bitch Zinnia
thumbs-up "Whos this guy?"

10-02-2012 from Irony
thumbs-up "You just got Odd numbered fag."

09-29-2012 from tfw_no_qt_3.14_korean_gf
thumbs-down "Nice going bro."

09-29-2012 from NearRyuzaki

09-29-2012 from Sheep in wolfs clothing
thumbs-up ":O!!! 1000 post already. Nice :D"

09-28-2012 from Shadow

09-26-2012 from Pirate Luffy
thumbs-up "Green 4evah!!"

09-22-2012 from Kid KO

09-22-2012 from Phantom
thumbs-up "Quality Archer set."

09-20-2012 from Mugetsugan
thumbs-up "That Sig is Hot &quot;Literally":"

09-05-2012 from The Brothers Grimm
thumbs-up "Understands the hate of OP wankers"

09-03-2012 from Omniwhatever
thumbs-up "Thanks for the lulz"

09-01-2012 from Ryoko Hakubi
thumbs-up "shazzam"

08-29-2012 from Mihawk Doflamingo

08-29-2012 from Marquess

08-29-2012 from Tyrant
thumbs-up "I have high hopes for you."

03-14-2015 to 40 acres

03-07-2015 to Louay
thumbs-up ":D"

03-07-2015 to Ruthless
thumbs-up "<3"

10-29-2014 to Snap
thumbs-up "What's your avy from?"

10-24-2014 to Nerise

10-14-2014 to RAG
thumbs-up "Amira"

10-12-2014 to Helios
thumbs-up "You loved it :3"

10-09-2014 to Unimaginably Heterosexual Gentleman
thumbs-up "Shut up Zlatan you ugly ass cunt lmaoo"

09-27-2014 to Daddy Cool

09-24-2014 to DurdenH

09-06-2014 to See You Space Cowboy
thumbs-up "Groot <3"

05-07-2014 to Demi
thumbs-up "<3"

05-05-2014 to Shinji Ikari
thumbs-up "thank you"

05-05-2014 to Fuck you Luis
thumbs-up "so damn proud"

05-05-2014 to Ragex
thumbs-up "no once i turn red we'll melt together like ying yang yong ja feel"

05-05-2014 to Aigis
thumbs-up "i love/hate you too now give me red :["

04-17-2014 to am l da baddest
thumbs-up "Ban... KAI!"

03-18-2014 to Lord of the Crimson Tide
thumbs-up "Cool avy"

03-13-2014 to Fag
thumbs-up "Nice name."

03-12-2014 to Crosswind Vortex
thumbs-up "Titanfall greater than you"

03-11-2014 to Saber
thumbs-up "Dante tho"

03-10-2014 to Tomie
thumbs-up "Will you love me?"

03-08-2014 to Heaven-Sent King
thumbs-up "Glory to you, brother"

03-06-2014 to Rennage
thumbs-up ":]"

03-03-2014 to Sir Vanitas
thumbs-up "Vegito [greater than] Gogeta"

03-02-2014 to The Monkey King
thumbs-up "The Monkey King."

03-02-2014 to Rich-616
thumbs-up "I'm middle-class.."

02-28-2014 to Wolfey
thumbs-up "Hakka no Togame.."

02-27-2014 to Eien no yoru
thumbs-up "I don't really care tbh lol"

02-27-2014 to AgentOrange
thumbs-up "Oh shit.."

02-26-2014 to Magnum Miracles
thumbs-up "Haters gonna hate. I like the name."

02-26-2014 to -Sheko-
thumbs-up "Dat beautiful set.."

02-26-2014 to Tactician
thumbs-up "I was too late.."

02-22-2014 to PG15
thumbs-up "Damn you.."

02-22-2014 to Steven
thumbs-up "Ignore the haters bruh.."

02-21-2014 to Falcon
thumbs-up "What Ladd said lmao"

02-18-2014 to bossness
thumbs-up "YOU'S A BOSS ASS BITCH"

02-15-2014 to AIDB
thumbs-up "Zabuza all fucking day"

02-14-2014 to The Surfer
thumbs-up "Dat avy.."

02-14-2014 to Palutena
thumbs-up "Halo fan right?"

02-06-2014 to Kinasin
thumbs-up "Here"

02-05-2014 to SpawnPsycho42
thumbs-up "Scyth slicin' bodies"

02-04-2014 to Megatron
thumbs-up "Dat Guts."

02-04-2014 to Troll.
thumbs-up "Lol you're back?"

02-03-2014 to Durandal
thumbs-up "MC Pee Pants >>;"

02-03-2014 to Squark
thumbs-up "You"

02-03-2014 to xR
thumbs-up "Thanks R3"

02-03-2014 to Nerd
thumbs-up "Here"

02-01-2014 to Ultima

02-01-2014 to Cirno
thumbs-down "DEVIL SPAWN"

02-01-2014 to Raneer
thumbs-up "Wtf is a discord's apple?"

02-01-2014 to Glast

01-31-2014 to some one new
thumbs-up "2008 member? lol"

01-31-2014 to Raimundo Pedrosa
thumbs-up "That bro dude. :)"

01-31-2014 to Foppa Forsberg
thumbs-up "D-Dad?"

01-30-2014 to TheKaiserKnight
thumbs-up "Bardock."

01-25-2014 to Negative Supremacy
thumbs-down "FUCK you!"

01-21-2014 to Super Sage Mode Naruto
thumbs-up "No."

01-21-2014 to Raniero
thumbs-up "Get better bruh."

01-20-2014 to Ryan Burns
thumbs-up "Burn them all"

01-18-2014 to Zlatan
thumbs-up "Change your name to Zora."

01-17-2014 to Zeus.
thumbs-up "SMACK dat GAWD"

01-17-2014 to maoh
thumbs-up "The One Below All"

01-17-2014 to Atheist
thumbs-up "Hi Joseph."

01-14-2014 to Raynor D. Jim
thumbs-up "You a Vs Mod now?"

01-14-2014 to Zack.

01-13-2014 to Junpei
thumbs-up "Ah"

01-12-2014 to Zero Beat
thumbs-up "Like the set"

01-12-2014 to YuNarukami
thumbs-up "Blow me."

01-11-2014 to K9
thumbs-up "Ignore TSR, he's really stupid :]"

01-05-2014 to Kuru
thumbs-up "Why you banned?"

01-05-2014 to monster lord member
thumbs-up "Ty :]"

01-04-2014 to Snap.
thumbs-up "Is there a PROBLEM?"

01-04-2014 to Blocky
thumbs-up "Wut.."

01-04-2014 to Deus Ex Nihilo
thumbs-up "Soul Eater?"

01-03-2014 to Han Solo
thumbs-up "lol"

01-03-2014 to Impavido
thumbs-up "lol @ the angry reds"

01-03-2014 to Gallavant123
thumbs-up "TTGL"

01-03-2014 to Yami Marik Sebastian Ishtar
thumbs-up "Original YGO"

01-03-2014 to Super Perfect Cell Returns
thumbs-up "Good man!"

01-02-2014 to R3
thumbs-up "101"

01-02-2014 to Maximum D
thumbs-up "MAXIMUM D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

01-02-2014 to Kuroka
thumbs-up "SEEU! Good taste"

12-31-2013 to Zack Jr.

12-15-2013 to Eiyu O
thumbs-up "QQ :]"

12-15-2013 to World Dictator
thumbs-up "Master Chief is your besty.."

12-15-2013 to Pre-Crisis Toneri
thumbs-up ":]"

12-15-2013 to JoJo.
thumbs-up "To beyond the clouds"

12-05-2013 to Waifu of Loseph
thumbs-down "Enormous butt monkey"

12-04-2013 to Silent Survivor
thumbs-up "green"

12-01-2013 to SoD_
thumbs-up "The jesus of parkour"

12-01-2013 to Tokusatsu
thumbs-up "You cool.."

12-01-2013 to Hazard
thumbs-up "Broly ain't gangster man.."

12-01-2013 to -Jade-
thumbs-up "yous a BAD man..."

12-01-2013 to znjfl
thumbs-up "You're cool.."

12-01-2013 to Raijin
thumbs-up "TSR is indeed a sad virgin.."

12-01-2013 to Zemoco
thumbs-up "Goku is better than cooler :]"

12-01-2013 to UpNORTHxLADYBoss
thumbs-up "High ten!"

12-01-2013 to lord bills
thumbs-up "Oh ok.."

12-01-2013 to Kid Esco
thumbs-up "Pretty chill.."

12-01-2013 to Aegis
thumbs-up "apparently better than haruhi"

12-01-2013 to LA Capone
thumbs-up "105 bruh"

12-01-2013 to KlNG JOHN
thumbs-up "You stick to your own opinions."

12-01-2013 to - FS -
thumbs-up "gokuu"

11-28-2013 to MagitekEnginer
thumbs-up "Saiyans are superior"

11-28-2013 to Steelo
thumbs-up "Saiyans ALL DAY"

11-10-2013 to The Merchant
thumbs-up "baki thread"

10-28-2013 to OP

10-21-2013 to Pocket Rocket
thumbs-up "Funny dude."

10-19-2013 to Hero Of Twilight
thumbs-up "My god, that AMV is beautiful"

10-19-2013 to GoodGamerSambo
thumbs-up "wise words"

10-18-2013 to Gay Lord
thumbs-up "Go fuck yourself <;3"

10-16-2013 to Zed.
thumbs-up "you can bet your fucking ass he did"

10-07-2013 to Lucina
thumbs-up "I don't agree..."

10-07-2013 to Whopper with Cheese
thumbs-up "Whopper is better than Big Mac"

09-23-2013 to Raikagebee
thumbs-up "forever."

09-22-2013 to Man of Sin

09-16-2013 to Rockington
thumbs-up "Da Doctor"

09-16-2013 to -Tyreaus-
thumbs-up "have a green~"

09-16-2013 to Wade
thumbs-up "lmao"

09-16-2013 to Ademus
thumbs-up "chill"

09-16-2013 to Duck Butter
thumbs-up "Have a seat."

09-05-2013 to The Dan Hibiki
thumbs-up "Love the sketches"

08-29-2013 to Malto
thumbs-up "... based"

08-29-2013 to King Maizy
thumbs-up "so based"

08-27-2013 to Rage Tachibana
thumbs-up "come at me hun"

08-23-2013 to The Dual-Wielded Alchemist
thumbs-up "Good 2013 member"

08-23-2013 to owo
thumbs-up ":O"

08-22-2013 to Xehanort the Younger
thumbs-up "299? EDIT: Awwhhh"

08-20-2013 to Munsu a.k.a Legendary General
thumbs-up "honey nut shirio's for real doe"

08-20-2013 to Kal - El
thumbs-up "phoenix of the legend"

08-20-2013 to bones_nihilbrand
thumbs-up "Goku solos :)"

08-20-2013 to Majin Mazoku
thumbs-side "BLOW ME"

08-19-2013 to Izayoi

08-18-2013 to Kashmir
thumbs-up "GREEN"

08-18-2013 to LOLStomp
thumbs-up "fine"

08-18-2013 to Terumi
thumbs-up "omgty"

08-18-2013 to Spector
thumbs-up "YOU A BRO"

08-13-2013 to EL HERMANO DE JIREN
thumbs-up "Suck my dick, cocksucker!"

08-11-2013 to Seiryu
thumbs-up "D: I'll bring 'em back"

08-07-2013 to DaOblivion
thumbs-up "Have a green!"

08-02-2013 to The Millennium King
thumbs-up "Conan B)"

07-25-2013 to Said Tora - The Omniversal Vagabond
thumbs-up "Dat TFM set"

07-21-2013 to Madoka
thumbs-up "Pretty funny, lmao"

07-21-2013 to Zack UnFair
thumbs-up "Lmao."

07-20-2013 to Helly The God
thumbs-up ":)"

07-20-2013 to Amy the pokemon master
thumbs-up "Have a Green. :O"

07-19-2013 to Lord Death
thumbs-up "Happy 200, ya son of a bitch. ;)"

07-18-2013 to Xexubel The GodFather
thumbs-up ":("

07-15-2013 to UnlimitedPotential
thumbs-up "Here ya go."

07-05-2013 to Kurosaki
thumbs-up "Your hate for DBZ makes me laugh"

07-05-2013 to I Cant Be Stopped
thumbs-up "Wayward Son <3"

07-05-2013 to Chaos Theory
thumbs-up "Quincy Master Race! >:]"

07-02-2013 to Redx
thumbs-up "That's you, you pansexual manatee."

06-30-2013 to Hank Crawford
thumbs-up "Nomiya Master Race, indeed."

06-29-2013 to Broken Genesis
thumbs-up "BERSERK!"

06-29-2013 to Green_Ninja

06-29-2013 to Dead Head
thumbs-up ":D"

06-28-2013 to SSJGVegeta

06-26-2013 to Darkvoid

06-25-2013 to Lenzonda

06-23-2013 to ssjglaunch
thumbs-up "lmao"

06-22-2013 to Wolfeystein
thumbs-up "Are you... No, can't be..."

06-22-2013 to Just a Member
thumbs-up "wut B)"

06-21-2013 to Godot
thumbs-up "lmao <3"

06-20-2013 to Polar
thumbs-up ":D"

06-12-2013 to Xeno

06-11-2013 to Amarrez

06-10-2013 to Nefarious
thumbs-up "Sorry, think I'm goin' PC :3"

06-09-2013 to Champion Lance

06-08-2013 to Ke Ke
thumbs-up "Road <3"

06-08-2013 to Coyote Starrk the Primera Espada

06-06-2013 to PandaG
thumbs-up "Top member"

06-02-2013 to Souls
thumbs-up "holyland"

06-02-2013 to Rython

05-29-2013 to Heisenberg
thumbs-up "ILL CATCH UP ASAP!"

05-29-2013 to Andy Sixx
thumbs-up "^_^"

05-23-2013 to Dean Winchester
thumbs-up "Same can be said for you. :D"

05-20-2013 to Gintoki Sakata

05-12-2013 to The Reaper
thumbs-up "Np brah"

05-12-2013 to Meister
thumbs-down "Disappointed"

05-12-2013 to Raizen
thumbs-up "95 :)"

05-09-2013 to AK-4Deception
thumbs-up "~"

04-28-2013 to King of Pimps
thumbs-up "You got pretty good taste, and you handle GIFs well."

04-19-2013 to Varia
thumbs-up "<3"

04-15-2013 to Hummingbirds

03-31-2013 to NearRyuzaki
thumbs-up "100! <3"

03-28-2013 to Dwayne The ROCK Johnson
thumbs-down "S"

03-22-2013 to Vile
thumbs-up "Pretty good."

03-18-2013 to Expensive-Discount

03-18-2013 to Uncle Hank
thumbs-up "ill Smith"

03-16-2013 to Phantom
thumbs-up "omniversal taste"

03-14-2013 to Bender Bending Rodriguez
thumbs-up "Chill and likes Dragon Age"

03-12-2013 to G-Lad
thumbs-up "Just in case I haven't repped you. Plus dat Wolfwood."

02-02-2013 to The Librarian
thumbs-up "AGK"

01-31-2013 to Slayer
thumbs-up "Dat Braht."

01-21-2013 to ILikecookies...
thumbs-down "Beyond help."

01-21-2013 to Stardust

01-21-2013 to Lord P29 The Mastermind

01-20-2013 to Dr. Scientist
thumbs-up "Dat Gintama"

01-18-2013 to Thugs Bunny
thumbs-up "Destroyer Who Saves ~"

01-11-2013 to Schatten
thumbs-up "AGK"

01-05-2013 to Akumetsu
thumbs-up "Funny"

01-04-2013 to Slanderextra
thumbs-up "KnB Avatar"

01-03-2013 to Hakuryuu
thumbs-up "Bring them back :("

01-03-2013 to DriveSlow

01-01-2013 to Logic is lost
thumbs-up "As every other rep says, Dat name"

12-30-2012 to Fabulous Police
thumbs-up "Good stuff."

12-26-2012 to gojira4life
thumbs-up "Hope you be a good mod. ^_^"

11-15-2012 to Vampyro King Psycho Black
thumbs-up "WB!"

11-15-2012 to Brock Chopper
thumbs-up "TTGL mang ^_^"

11-13-2012 to Crayons

11-13-2012 to King of Awesome
thumbs-up "Forgot to give you a green."

11-12-2012 to Bloody Hero
thumbs-up "Code: Breaker"

11-12-2012 to Culpa the White Mage
thumbs-up "SOTC"

11-12-2012 to Farmer with a shotgun
thumbs-up "Funny."

11-11-2012 to Leper Messiah
thumbs-up "SOTC"

11-06-2012 to Oracle of The Pantheon
thumbs-up "Hodge Twins."

10-28-2012 to The Brothers Grimm
thumbs-up "Grimmy <;3"

10-28-2012 to Alpha
thumbs-up "Funny thread."

10-28-2012 to Ganbatty
thumbs-down "faggot"

10-25-2012 to Glock
thumbs-up "Gil-sama."

10-21-2012 to Rabum Alal
thumbs-up "Cool dude."

10-21-2012 to Vibra
thumbs-up "Cool dude."

10-19-2012 to Tyrant
thumbs-up "Good poster, Bleach supporter."

10-14-2012 to Psychopeth
thumbs-up "Good poster."

10-09-2012 to Irony
thumbs-up "Magi. Aladdin avy."

10-08-2012 to The Retard Smasher

10-07-2012 to SecretaryOfInternet
thumbs-up "Insincerely, Shiro."

10-03-2012 to Master Red
thumbs-up "Beelzebub."

10-03-2012 to o3o
thumbs-up "Fuck yeah. Kamina."

10-01-2012 to Stygian
thumbs-up "Funny dude."

10-01-2012 to dalek
thumbs-down "Unbelievable"

10-01-2012 to Ryoko Hakubi
thumbs-up "You're a good poster."

10-01-2012 to Mirror Flower Water Moon
thumbs-up "Bleach supporter. You don't wank from what I've seen so far."

09-30-2012 to Caillou
thumbs-down "Do you crave these things?"

09-29-2012 to Mugetsugan
thumbs-up "Very good poster on this site."

09-29-2012 to Sheep in wolfs clothing
thumbs-up "Funny post."

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