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Name: Nefarious


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Gary Oak wrote: So I woke up to the pleasure of having my dick sucked by a blonde and two brunettes and a raven-head bitch grinding her pussy against my left arm. So I kicked the bitches out of my house went for a shower and put on my shirt.

“No bitches in my room anymore!“

Bored out of my mind I decided to become the world’s best Pokémon trainer. Sure most people could spend their entire lives trying to achieve this task and would still end up failing, but I’m Gary MOTHERFUCKING Oak and will need 1-2 days tops.

So I went into my grandfathers lab just to find Ash--a whore-child and parasite thriving of the success of my family--begging my grandfather for a Pokémon. There were two Pokémon on the table, and my grandfather offered Ash the Pokémon I didn’t want. The choice was between a slick pussy and a fat rodent, and as always I went for the pussy.

“Me getting pussy.“

As I went to become the Pokémon master, Ash (doubtlessly jealous) decided to challenge me.


“Yeah man, that’s what happens.“

Gary Oak wrote: According to Pokémon canon law, the loser of a battle must pay the winner half of his money. So after the beating the fucking freeloader senseless I get dibs on 50% of his life savings, which turns out to be 80 PDA which is less than half the price of a fucking Pokéball. But that’s what I get for wasting my time on underachieving losers.

Pissed at Ash for being poor, I went and fucked his mother.

“Ash’s mother suggesting that I’d take her there and then.“

After easing my load on Ash’s mother I decided to go to the Mart for some juice to find the clerk asking me to deliver a parcel to my grandfather. Really now? Do I look like a delivery boy you fucking peasant? So I spit the clerk in the face and took the package.

So I return to my gradfather to find Ash on his nuts for the Pokédex. So we both get a Pokédex.

Tired of this fucker’s involvement in my life I tell him off and move on.

So I wandered off to the Veridian forest and guess what Pokémon I run into. That’s right, Ash’s fucking rodent. More of a reason not to pick Pikachu because it is as common as HIV in the porn industry.

Knowing that my Pussy wouldn’t be able to withstand Brock’s 28’10” snake I decided to catch something that could actually deal with this upcoming problem. Moments later I actually came across Aizen. Who I knew for a fact could take dicks of any shapes and sizes. So I caught the fucker.

After pissing on a few bug catchers’s bug collections Aizen decided to evolve, who’d have thunk?

I also found out that Aizen had a limp dick unto this point, because when he evolved he learned how to get it up.

More to come!

hahahaha wrote: it was proven that dbz characters are only core destablishers and chain reaction causers. ssj3 goku full power kamehameha is multi-city buster.

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