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Name: Brock Chopper


Last seen: 07-04-2015

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About: No.

Hobbies: Your mom.

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Helter Skelter until 05-10-2013

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thumbs-side "Deserved a neg from me in return, but I'm above pettiness unlike you."

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OLD ACCOUNT And Purple Stuff


xXStevenTheDragonSlayerxX wrote:

The Knight ELMO wrote:

Deal With It Faggets wrote: FT>Hobo pubes>HST>your pencil dicks

My semen >>>> your mother womb

Deal with it illegitimate sperm.


You owned that noob you are pretty cool to.

(but i dont what you mean by sperm and semen”

is semen like one piece fishmen? Pretty cool lol.

Tyrant wrote: Lance is plundering Kinasinís anus for the One Piece.

geargrinder wrote:

Rengoku wrote:

KOS has a poster of this guy in his room. He tends to beat off to this 3 times a day. He lets out soo much cum while masturbating that MvC has gone all white.

You know this because all the while you’re in his closet. Waiting, watching, and studying, for the perfect moment to strike.

And when that moment comes you’ll leap out! With almost inhuman force you’ll flip on him on his back and take him from behind.

And then you’ll whisper quietly in his ear, “Finally”.

You undo his pants and shove your massive girth inside him. He cringes and squirms as his asshole tears in several pla
ces. There is blood everywhere. But it doesn’t effect you. You ram yourself deeper and deeper into him until you can’t take it anymore.

You unload your large steaming payload and rear out. Slinking out a nearby window into the night, a phantom anal assailant.

He’s so bewildered and in shock and pain he didn’t even get a look at the man who just took his anal virginity.

But he wasn’t the first victim, and he won’t be the last.

Rengoku’s insatiable hunger for man anus has been unquenchable for millennia.

gustaballa2 wrote:

Ty Dreacon wrote:

gustaballa2 wrote: Ya’ll niggas gay. if you lonely then get some mother fuckin friends

Making friends for some people is akin to differential calculus for other people. That is to say that it’s complicated, difficult, an analytical nightmare, and so on.

Not every single person on the world is gifted with confidence in their abilities. Nor is every single person on the world granted the capability to navigate human interactions effortlessly. For some people, it is the case that working through the philosophical conundrums of existence is substantially easier than opening up and finding companionship.

I aint got no idea wut yu just said nigga

The Merchant wrote: Being a zealous religious man, I went into the forest to pray. I took off my clothes because we are created in God’s image and have nothing to be ashamed of, and besides, there were no people around. Then I put my clothes in a pile on the ground and knelt down to pray. I closed my eyes, lowered my head and folded my hands. I began to pray. Then I heard footsteps of some type of animal. However, it would be sinful and unholy to open my eyes or raise my head, so I continued to pray. Then the animal came closer. The animal turned out to be a dog. The dog then got on top of me and butt-raped me. I didn’t push him off, and it lasted a long time. That was the best sex I’ve ever had! Afterwards, I begged God for forgiveness for ending my prayer early. I am sure He understood because I was enjoying His gift of sex! Then the dog decided to give me a blow job but then he bit too hard and my penis came off. In hindsight, I think the dog thought I was a girl, then when he saw my penis he decided he didn’t like it and wanted it gone. I then adopted the dog and we have hot sex every night

Mein wrote:

.R.E.A.L.I.T.Y. wrote: Killed it. Fuck yo couch Mein

Well I guess if you’re in such need for a new GF you can have my couch.

I mean... at least it’s real.

Sekundes wrote:

Sheko The Reaper wrote:

November Rain wrote: Chibi, you have the right to get anally raped. But if you use that right then it’s not considered rape, but intercourse.

To answer the thread, no. If you get your jimmies rustled each time someone takes a bite of a cheeseburger then that’s your problem.

Oh man, you told KA you could easily leave and never come back. I believed in you. My world is shattered.

He came back because I don’t give him sex. He liked it when I dressed up as Madara and told him I’d turn his imagination in to reality.

Acrius Reborn wrote:

Big Gigantic Black Clock wrote: Aren’t you supposed to cry for the girl that you like?

Women? Who needs women when i have yugioh cards?

Tori-Bot wrote:

GUMI wrote: Please stop.. I’m under 18. :l

I like it when you beg for me to stop.

I’ma slap you with my yellow cock.
I call it the golden dragon.

Supreme Dalek Caan wrote:

Ladd Russo wrote: I claim this thread as my territory.

Come at me, Heathens.

Oh, goodie. Another “conquistador”. You know how many stuck-up posers think they can just waltz into an empirical thread and claim it as their territory? Many. Do you know how many have succeeded? NONE. It is a law of nature. You could never hope to be an exception.

But, oh, your left nut is a casual omniverse wiper, isn’t it? HAH! It never amounts to anything, EXAGGERATING your power to ludicrous levels, PRETENDING to be some ultra-mega bad-*** mother****er take-no-**** god-killer feared by omnipotents everywhere. YOU ARE TINY. AN ANT FIGHTING THE MILKY WAY. ROLL UP YOUR STOCKINGS, TIGHTEN YOUR THONG, AND GO EAT SOME ICE CREAM WHILE YOU CRY OVER YOUR OWN, INSIGNIFICANT EXISTENCE.

It won’t end well for you if you actually try this. You know what happened to the last guy who tried something like that? He was sheered. Made into a dirty rug no one wanted to buy. And he was a lot more successful than you could ever hope to be. Walk away now and we might act as if this never happened. This war was over since before you said anything. GO.

It won’t end well for you if you actually try this. You know what happened to the last guy who tried something like that? He was sheered. Made into a dirty rug no one wanted to buy. And he was a lot more successful than you could ever hope to be. Walk away now and we might act as if this never happened. This war was over since before you said anything. GO.

@Leviathan: Yes, I would.

Metaversal shall be the ceiling now, yes?

Pocket Rocket wrote: I’d say the end of MVC would happen in a Biblical fashion, should it ever end.

There will be 5 signs.

1. Kinasin coming back.

2. Cid or Helel are no longer admins or they retire

3. A huge attack of OBD trolls swarm MVC.

4. Edgar makes a decent thread or posts something relevant/interesting.

5. Bjarne will drop in and talk to us for a bit.


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