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Name: The Dan Hibiki


Last seen: 04-26-2018

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 07-24-2012

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Previously known as

Havertys until 10-18-2012
The Dan Hibiki until 03-27-2013
Faggot Weaboo with Shit Taste until 03-27-2013
The Dan Hibiki until 03-28-2013
Ghost Planet Industries until 10-05-2013
GayAssFightingHero until 04-07-2014

07-28-2016 from Staz
thumbs-up "DC is indeed better than marvel"

04-28-2015 from Xennotraun

03-27-2015 from Ausgard
thumbs-up "Is cool"

03-24-2015 from Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa
thumbs-up "ginger pubes"

03-11-2015 from Saffron
thumbs-up "Probably likes dicks tbh"

03-10-2015 from Dafuqulookinat
thumbs-up "ey bb <3"

02-09-2015 from Beyonder
thumbs-up "Thanks for joining my forum."

01-10-2015 from The Fantom Convoy
thumbs-up "The guys over here miss you, but you will not want to see what this place has become. Even Ty left"

12-14-2014 from -Fantom-
thumbs-up "Stay strong, bro"

12-13-2014 from Mister Teal
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AgentOrange wrote:

The Dan Hibiki wrote:



Dude. You’re using “The Dan Hibiki” as your internet handle; you might as well call yourself “kick Me”. I mean “Dan Hibiki” is bad enough on its own because of the unmistakable smell of failure and shame that always linger around it, but going that extra length and really emphasizing that you’re the one and only Eternal Punching Bag, the Butt of the Joke, the Dan Hibiki, who is a complete and utter joke to the entire street fighter franchise and it’s fans, and in a totally overt way: the characters themselves are in on it. He was created to be hated, because the joke is always at the resident village idiot Dan Hibiki’s expense, and he knows it all too well, putting a tragic twist on the whole shebang, as Dan Hibiki’s narcissistic splitting is the only way he can survive a universe where he sucks so much as a human being that he’s outrun by E.Honda, outsmarted by Zangief and out-talked by Blanka, and to add insult to injury, his more than obvious raging man-crush on Ryu is constantly met with violence and scorn. He’d seriously off himself if they’d let him, too bad he’s stuck in a video game franchise where he will never be anything but a walking punchline. He' essentially a clone of a clone character but inferior in every way, designed to be visually nauseating as the rotten cherry on top: it’s as if the programmers created him on a dare to make a character who’s every aspect is worse and more unappealing than Ken’s mullet.

Are you even aware of what your username says about you to anybody just scrolling through the forum? Because all people see is THE Dan Hibiki, one of the most unlikable video game characters this side of Dracula in Ghost’s and Ghouls (make me replay the entire first half of the game will you? Motherfucker...). It does handicap you more than you realize, as you kind of do appear as that very same visibly handicapped mongoloid who is proudly walking around in public to show off his new bib. You might think you’re the coolest person in the world, but all people see is a mongoloid drooling on himself.

What on earth possessed you to pick that user name to begin with?
Are you really so pathetically tragic that you can relate to and identify with the ultimate loser? Sad...

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