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Name: OrganizationXV


Last seen: 09-02-2018

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Age: 18

Location: Minnesota

About: I update my profile about as often as Bjarne does this site.

Hobbies: Anything to pass the time

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Magic: the Gathering: Roleplay: Innistrad: Finished
Astral Games (official RP)

Previously known as

OrganizationXV until 03-27-2013
Keyblade Orgy until 03-27-2013

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thumbs-up "Forgot to rep you, you are honestly pretty chill."

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-Sheko- wrote:

Phob NLI wrote:

-Sheko- wrote: Most racists in a position of power know that they have to go about it in a discreet way.

Yourself included? </3

Yes. I always ban Eric when I know he won’t be on for a while so he doesn’t notice.

Based Sheko wrote:

Tenryunaito wrote:

Based Sheko wrote: Is Mega Man a werewolf? GG Blue. cool

Neither is Edward.

Well herp my derp, no way!

Knight of_Steel wrote:

gaderc4 wrote:

shonenhikada1 wrote: I predict this thread will get locked. Maybe we should just ban all DBZ vs comic character threads.

why should this be locked? it’s not hurting anyone mentally or physically. it’s just a simple debate.

You call this thread a debate?

It looks like a burning turd to me.

Ghost Planet Industries wrote:

Demiurge wrote:

Back on topic

You can feel the evil radiating from it

Ether wrote: You always stay prep’d to duck, slide, hit the cut, hop a gate, kick a door, bang on a nigga. Basic survival skills.

Le Jimmy Rustler wrote: Step 1: Unplug everything.

Step 2: Retrieve a common phillips head screwdriver

Step 3: Calmly, with the pointy end of the screwdriver, stab the PS3 continuously

Step 4: Take up PC gaming.

Ladd wrote: Every white person owns a 4000 dollar laptop.

Brawndo the Thirst Mutilator wrote: Snap runs the most adorable concentration camp in the history of concentration camps.

Nerise wrote:

Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa wrote: my status as an ironic weeab is starting to fade. fuck everything

Those deats by dr.bre

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