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About: I enjoy discussing things with people.

Hobbies: I enjoy many hobbies, such as reading, writing, hanging with friends, and many other things.

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just some animu and mango I enjoy.

Moses Sandow wrote:
The Doctor wrote:
that awkward moment when people start realizing me and Cid used to butt heads all the time.

Me and my girl do that all the time in between sex sessions as well, itís natural for a couple to butt heads, healthy even.

Han Solo wrote:

Locutus wrote:

Han Solo wrote:

Locutus wrote:

Han Solo wrote:

Locutus wrote: Comicvine is pretty strange in how the members view a series/character. I remember seeing one thread where Hulk was a Universe buster and the next people where arguing that Wolverine can beat the Hulk. The thing that I found interesting was that several of the people who claim Hulk is a Universe buster where supporting Wolverine beating the Hulk. And what makes it stranger is that they still believe Hulk is one but Wolverine is faster and his claws are broken to one shot Hulk. And yet they later say Hulk can beat people like Akuma and Goku, who despite being faster than Wolverine are not broken enough to kill him before he goes Universe busting levels.

it call be unbias

should try sometime

But Hulk isn’t a Universe buster, and Wolverine killing a Universe busting character is pretty stupid.

no i mean wolverine solo dbz

Bringing up Goku was just an example of how strange they view different characters, it has nothing to do with the fact that they believe Wolverine can kill a supposed Universe buster because he’s faster than him and his claws are broken enough to do it.

nothing crazy if belief in youself

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