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Name: Kid KO


Last seen: 12-10-2016

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 04-01-2012

Posts: 6,635

Age: 17

Location: Chesapeake, Virginia

About: I sell ice cream.

Hobbies: Selling ice cream

Reputation: 113thumbs-up


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Previously known as

Ronnja12 until 05-11-2012
XD until 11-19-2012

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Ignore the banana selfies.

Rappers I listen to:

Kid KO wrote: Slim Shady
Joell Ortiz
Crooked I
All of the Horseshoe Gang
Jarren Benton
Immortal Technique
Joe Budden
Kool G Rap
Vinnie Paz
Royce Da 5’9
Black Thought
Tech N9ne
Kendrick Lamar
Busta Rhymes
Ice Cube
Big L
Dizzy Wright
Cyhi Da Prince
Pusha T
J Cole
Lupe Fiasco
Chino XL
Big Pun
Andre 3000

Rock/Metal bands I listen to:

Kid KO wrote: Breaking Benjamin
Thousand Foot Krutch
Decyfer Down
Three Days Grace
Papa Roach
All That Remains
The Offspring
Iron Maiden
Bullet For My Valentine
Demon Hunter
Linkin Park
30 Seconds to Mars
10 Years
Sick Puppies
12 Stones
Hollywood Undead
Limp Bizkit
Drowning Pool
Rise Against
Killswitch Engage
Puddle of Mudd
Five Finger Death Punch
Three Doors Down
Rage Against the Machine
Sum 41
Alice in Chains

Kid KO wrote:

I’m always on my grind against an undercooked ground beef//
My life ain’t on the line when the mainstream is around me//
I never ever drown in creeks cause I be livin' down beneath//
The ground where the freshwater’s always stayin' out the sea//
So Simon says you all better learn how to count the sheep//
I better not hear a “peep” after leaving ya sound asleep//
The speed of sound can’t reach far beyond my boundaries//
Fame can’t defend my bars so you don’t wanna bounce with me//
I’m a cat burglar who mass murders my rap verses//
Since I hold more weight than 50,000 Big Mac Burgers//
Attacking a fat virgin trynna burn some fat with Bernie Mac’s//
Thermostat instead of using an afterburner or a plastic surgeon//
DJs scratch the surface using hermit crabs after swag surfin'//
The internet to earn some cash,and we jack hearses//
Take hip-hop to Catholic churches while Big Apple Circus acts//
Leave the casket turning in a traffic circle//
I’m face planting the root of all the evil//yep
And I don’t even have to go and root for God or Jesus//
I’m the truest nonbeliever,I refuse to follow leaders//
The world turns upside down as the rooftop falls beneath us//
Food for thoughts,I eat up while you foolish bottom feeders//
Claim you “off the hook” when a booty call’s on speaker//
I shoot a lot of heaters at Illuminati preachers//
They come at FV,but they’re the stupid cotton breathers//

Kid KO wrote: You can materialize?Bet ya I can do better//
Spit stereotypes?Bet ya I can do better//
Catch some ears and some eyes?Bet ya I can do better//
I can do anything better than YOU!!!//

I don’t talk out my ass when I say “oh god,I’m the shit//
Who started from the bottom of a bottomless pit”//
Had no bitch bootie(booty)but got to the bottom of it//
And I’m still “cold” for someone who’s as “hot” as they get//
I like the “pair of D’s”(parodies),I don’t mean comedy skits//
Ya’ll dickride around the world without a continent drift//
I’m like a largemouth bass,I’m popping mollies and shit//
I’m with your girl waiting for the paparazzi and shit//
I’ll smack her ass while the butt talks(tocks)to the hand//
Like my wristwatch when it ticktocks all the time//
I’ll use the minute hand when I’m clocking a man//It’ll be that quick!!
If he shit talks to get me pissed off and cross the line//
To beat me,you will need a wise counterattack//
I add 5 more zeros to my thousands of cash//
I count it in stacks as new money bounces on racks//
If I end up at the bottom,I’ll be out with the crack//
Like Alexander McQueen with the fanciest jeans//
I’ll tell a bitch to her face “I’m not the man of your dreams”//
I’m your biggest nightmare,I’m the sea on the moon//
With a legion of doom,and you can’t handle my team!!!//

Kid KO wrote: I’ll never hit the big screen unless I’m fighting the Teletubbies//
To change the channel,I hit 'em right in the bellybutton//
And you can’t tell me nothing,go tell it to Soulja Boy//
You critics are null and void,ya might as well hold your horse//
Cause when I load the toys,all you’re hear is mostly noise//
Like ya spittin' on a beat with a shitty flow and voice//
Leave you pussies soak and moist,but only when I mop the floor//
You will hit the ground when there’s a “settle” that ya gotta score//
Your mic has morning breath,my mic remains in mint condition//
And my pen’s equipped with many writtens,yet to finish spitting//
Don’t believe in YOLO,I’m an avatar of Hinduism//
Ya’ll just send implicit,inconsistent semi-disses//
Doing big business,always keep it top notch//
I’ll make you squares face “da feet” like a game of Hopscotch//
Ya never shot glocks,I got more arms than Doc Ock//
I come and knock knock on the doors of your cock block//
My mic’s the common cold when I’m up in the hot spot//
So bring your cough drops and don’t forget to pop,lock//
Ya’ll some knock offs of flashy techno pop rock//
You know I’m 'bout to blow like I’m eating some pop rocks//

Kid KO wrote:

MolePop1577 wrote: I like you style, I really do!
It makes me to beat you Down to The ground like fuck you!
Im pandoras box of rap Compared to your shitty crap
You rap about it’s raining kittens here lemme buy u some mittens
Im an inventor make my own shit
U steal ur shit off other ppl just like a little bitch!
I’m a professional baby you know that too
Sit ur ass down in the corner and cry like boohoo!
I don’t care about ur feelings or what you do
U aint even worthy to be lickin my shoe!

I’m grabbing Mole’s neck,I guess my hand is like a locking plier//
Your style is such a “boar” for someone with a popped vagina//
I never “copy cats” but there’s a “Rainbow” right above me//
Now the pussy hit the ground,he trynna take the sky and fuck it//
Now “runoff” and fall down a high heel(hill)'til you washed up//
Or I might get my duct tape,then you’ll be gettting boxed up//
Go back to chasing “rug rats”,you pedo ass furfag//
I’ll cause a blood bath to clean your act---dirtbag//
I’ll be the real corner man when I battle cry//
I don’t pardon French,but you can lick your ass goodbye//
Au revoir,don’t need a foreign car to send your boring bars//
To the Northern Star,I tore apart your whole rap diss//
You got your ass kicked with corner kicks to start it off//
This is practice,and I didn’t need the sharpest jaws//
So Royal G,don’t try to beef with the holy cow//
You’ll end up like this guy as the cross roads just slow me down//

Clit’s diss:

Lenzonda wrote:

Kid KO wrote: You don’t wanna fuck with me and Rhyme Sniper//
The ultimate crimefighters dropping from off the top like a Skydiver//
You must be smoking on the pied piper using bright lighters//
If you think you can try and fight us and put out the giant fire//
We got the livest wires,what I spit on the mic’s fatal//
Turn you to a fly angel,choked your bitch in a triangle//
Then,I said “Let’s try anal” you can say I wrecked him//rectum
Had to teach a lesson,got my dough rising like your yeast infection//
You don’t want me to step in the east coast or west coast//
You and me’s like comparing deep throat to strep throat//
You’ll explode from the mindfuck little by little//
Jay loves R3,you the third wheel of the tricycle//
The monkey in the middle,dog jumping for some kibble//
You’ll get hoodwinked like a lotta youngsters with some skittles//
Probably bump The Wiggles,google searching “cock image”//
If Jay asks “Who shot ya” say the Universal Solvent did it//

Ya moms my side bitch, she aint worth a thing. She lechocks on my cock, but she still aint gettin no ring//
I dont marry these bitches. I dont carry these bitches. Only bad date Jason Terry lookin bitches//
Ya mom works that dance pole, people pay to go see her. But then again shes like a car poll, because people pay to run throgh her//
I run through bitches like Berry Sanders. You cock block niggas like Larry Sanders//
You and Rhyme sniper are average rhyme biters. Your best shit combined couldn’t fuck with my 1 liners//
Fuck having a hit like Snap Back and Tatoos. I’d rather have hits like Left Hook, Jab steps, and 1 2’s//
Snatch you out ya Black Acura, Throw you on ya back then smack ya. On ya butt crack With a Dirty black spatula//
You suck more than a homo Dracula. My bars and flows is nothing less than spectacula//
Fuck Rhyme biter and Kid “Ima Ho”. You both are lame wigger faggots that can die real slow.
Ill whip ass As like Django. Faggot ass rappers probably bleed rainbow.//
Lame ass rappers, probably still rocks a Kango. Knex ass nigga, tryna be a lego//
Lame ho

My response:

Kid KO wrote: Silly bitch still claiming that I’m biting rappers?//
On that “1 train”,choo choo(chew chew)and I’m riding past ya//
Don’t fuck with the US(Universal Solvent) or Sniperactive//
I’m not white,but if I was,I’d be a FIRECRACKER//
Taking eight razor blades,it ain’t to shave your hair//
When ya smell the cinnamon(scent of men)u know ya crave those crazy squares//
What you say’s a waste of air,but more’s going to your head//
Like a blowdryer on Guy Code,you goin' for the head//episode reference
We know you won’t confess all ya sins,I’ll interrogate//
Your scary face,terror awaits so call me Terry Gates//Grimwood
This the same faggot who admitted to dick sucking//
You mad ya “pale”(pail)in comparison to Bieber’s piss bucket?//
Ya sick fuck,your car poll(pole)includes riding cocks//
You a pain in the ass so I might need some Icyhot//
Getting writers block?You make me wanna stop and yawn//
Don’t need a ring either,let’s take it to the Octagon//
You a bitch that’s here for kicks like a soccer mom//
I see you like to prove you every woman---Chaka Khan//
No DiGiorno,more delivery than Papa John//
Ya thirstier than Souls masturbating to lolicon//
Common sense tells you this has turn into a rotfl stomp//
I only used you just to see if I can drop a bomb//
Left hooks,jab steps,and 1 2’s won’t be a headbanger//
More like a head scratcher full of incorrect aiming//
Better off making a hit worshipping my left anus//
To stand up to me,you gon' need some more pet training//#Sitboy

Kid KO wrote:

Ambiance wrote:

XD wrote:

Ambiance wrote:

XD wrote:

Ambiance wrote:

XD wrote: Oh shit,it’s a Soul Train line!!Might as well keep it going.

the reaper wrote:

Ambiance wrote:

Paroxysms wrote:

Not your average Chimp wrote:

KlNG JOHN wrote:

R34L1TY wrote:

Havertys wrote: He jus mad cuz his butt hurt from Gunther
Up under his apartment, like a real life Cartman
Tryin to start shit and backpedal and be just a bit better
Than the literal armpit that he is plus he smells like shit
Can’t get chicks and inherited his daddies micro dick
I might go get this lil bitch quick, but nah fuck it
I’ll just toke up on this bulked up bliff.

Meh, you’l get there. Keep practicing.

You’re not even competition, just a lab rat/
to a scientifically literate bad ass/
come get a fisting, bitch. you’l wish you were dead/
wishing for it while I’m clinching and twisting your head/
with a rope around your neck, and a tube down ya throat/
fill it with senseless regret as you eat what you wrote/
liquidate the tubes with uranium until you’re an isotope/
then puncture your veins with adrenaline n tighten the rope/
slice ya neck with pins and watch you struggle with dope/
and laugh hysterically as I film you croak/

I should beat some sense into this faggot,no need to HANDLE A TECH
Just stomp the Nike logo into his face, now that’s a REALITY CHECK

Billy Boy comin' atchya
Step to me, and I’ma have to gat yah
Cause I’m the mastah blastah
I’ll leave a trail of disastah
Nigga, nigga, nigga

this aint even a rap battle its a roast
im burnin all u niggas looking like fresh toast
like bro u all think ur dope time to cremate
from ashes to ashes return to ur pre-state
do blame me from how hot the heat stay
and im walkin down the east way
like u aint shit like rap aint gay
bro fuck you you and you to get be str8
im cool calm and collect so go ahead bitch hate
my raps kills all who are within range
if ur hot under the collar then step back from the flames
cuz times up im getting in the ring
k.oin opponents with the one two ding ding
like match over and i didnt give u a punch to the face
thats how hard i hit and best believe i dont hesiatate

There was a real good flow, low blows, break backs
then you showed up, and showed that your straight whack
say your shit outloud! do it man, youd stutter nontstop
record that shit, and it sounds like your choking on cock

4 lines?
y’all talk no action ima end u in a nice well mannered fashion
y’all word’s were badly raped by mines explains why they call yea shit kim kardashian
you been broke nah he doesnt only blow but he actually chokes
end yea in a loony toon style thats all folks!!

Is this a mannered fashion/man of fashion with them panties sagging?//
I’m guessing that playing with your hand’s a passion//
Have your back snapped cause your style’s cramped and trashy//
I’ll cripple your head when I’m handicapping//
Who’s ready to scream “lights,camera,action”?//
And just film your team getting manufractured//
One bitch-slap,and I’ll change the planet’s axis//
Like Mo’nique on Television dancing nasty//
Trynna be Beyonce or Janet Jackson//
The pig is dead,but his friends come at me//
They gon' need a doc when I slam the rabbit//
Then steal his carrot and manhandle Daffy//
Call me Kanye when I take a Kim Kardashian//That’s all folks!!!

My lyrics get so sick you wont be sleeping for days
you try to push it away, but its sucking your soul till it takes your breath away/
youre stepped and dazed, left hook, right jab, punches coming in all ways/
hes mad i please his girl,but she wants that doughnut hole more glazed/
kim kardashian? ha burger king is the only time you have it your way/
your polluting the earth, and only serve when it came in a lunch tray/
cause ive been cleaning more shit rappers than al gore in his hay/

Wait,I could’ve sworn that I already clowned you//
Well,you better get ready cause it is time for round two...//

Yo, Yo , Yo ima let you finish, but i just want to say in bold rage//
your rhymes are left in my torn page, dude! your bars weren’t even sold caged //
and lately, I see you taking more shots at kids ball than Jackson in old age///
Your puns are adequate, but you only bring to the feild stuff thats adament/
its sad it say, your not killing kings, just toys, youre batting kents/
your mentally retarded, the proof is the cross breed of cousins//
no fronting! i felt like i was in a movie, the way i paid a dime to fuck the family " cheaper by the dozen”

But why do round 3 when I just made a flawless victory?//
Might as well finish him cause the clock is ticking,see?//

I write puns with the claws of Wolverine to feed your rhyme book?//
You want to cause gluttony,but you fail to read the mind’s cook//
The gay porn you watch’s the only way you bring the right hook//
Instead of stealing my recipe,just stick to eating plywood//
I never sold my soul just to make an evil mind “good”//haha
I’d be stealing your style if I tried to be a blind crook//
I ain’t fronting cause the back of my head can reach the sky’s hood//
While you give a lot of brain to the demons deep inside nooks//
Go mess with D12,we are not the type to get dirty//
And our honesty kills you while you lie down a virgin//
We don’t want a nobody paying dimes to be worthless//
Can’t please anybody but gay guys out there shirtless//
I need a judge on the court to have me trialed for murda'//
I took shots at the goal,and he was crying and hurtin'//
Making up gay shit while you were smiling and nervous//
Pulling teeth and pulling lies just to buy a few purses//
If my family’s full of apes,then I guess we takin' over//
DJ Khaled style,we’re destined to make it global//
You smoking on dat chronic?We cure it like baking soda//
Keeping belles off their toes,take you high when we slay the poster//
We the dominant species,you the slave wearing leopard print//
We could end this cancer cause our tears the medicine//
But how 'bout we tear you to pieces instead of shedding 'em?//
You’ll be in a dance movie,we swear dat your head’ll spin//

Well,that was longer than I planned. :\

so many barss~

I read that, and dude i aint even mad! i hardly frowned/
starting now, all i heard was blah blah blah like charlie brown/
im falling bound to your girl’s pussy, im mauling now/
if your ever calling out, its your sex noise with men calling “meow”/ take a new meaning to balling now
fucking faggot, you’d ride an asian’s dick the moment he said Ni-hao
see while i easily spit these bars in your face, watch the beast howl
youd love to meet child and then take them to the locker room and show them your meat towel

feel the scars after the knife goes to your chest, you cant beat these bars!
see my stars? i can kill you with two pumps to your chest like C P R!
ive fucked life, and honestly, lifes a bitch
so dont hide your shit, nigga your 14!!
i bet you aint even seen her tits.


You claim you spitting bars when you only spreading germs//
I can feel the flaming aura from here,now let it burn//
Your head will still be spinning as long as the record turns//
Ya never learned how to eat pussy,so your daddy fed ya sperm//
Trynna pull a snoopy move?Open the lion’s gate!!!//
Make a motion picture there,cause that’s your private place//
You should know that I’m bullet proof;it’s clear as night and day//
But I produce the light,you stole my ultraviolet rays//
You always have no air,so give yourself some mouth to mouth//
You’re the one balling up when you are really out of bounce//
When I’m sitting on the toilet,you better be bowing down//
Or I’ll cause Armageddon,your fall will be counting down//
While my age starts counting up on a Tuesday night//
That’s two days from now,so watch this dude take flight//
Grandpa can’t get a real date so he due/do dates mics//
I’ll buy birthday sex with your momma for that Blu-ray life//

Kid KO wrote: Hey,TPW,sorry for the late reply,but here it goes...

Even if you from Hub City,you don’t wanna fuck with me//
I’ll just separate that wheel(will)power within//
When this huge “faggot” tries to face the lumberjack//
While busting caps,I won’t be the one going out on a limb//
The fight’s about to begin,you’ll end up getting rocked//
Still got the power within?Well,I’m shutting it off//
I turn it up a notch when your momma sucking my cock//
She thought I was Henry Brown when I was up in that box//
But you’ll be the only one getting sent packing//
While she doing tricks on my dick like it’s gymnastics//
I made her spin backwards right when I pimp slapped her//
And you couldn’t see me if you sponsored for Lens Crafters//
Spell hi with 3 I’s(eyes),shouldn’t spell it with four I’s(eyes)//hiiiipower!!!
You truly fly as me cause you was born as a horsefly//
Talking 'bout cash and cars,and you fill your raps with more lies//
And your crappy bars must have been written before Christ//

Kid KO wrote: Once I start to attack my prey,I just eat and devour//
My “bars” come back from “space” with the meteor showers//
And the darkness activates when I’m seeking for power//
But your hardness masturbates until the semen gets sour//
These sharks and rattlesnakes like to creep on the hour//
They bark and bash and hate but they’re weaklings and cowards//
So my harshness aggravates as their weeping gets louder//
I charge and decapitate when the fetus grows flowers!!//

Kid KO wrote: Like a Hulk comic book,I’m releasing my anger issues//
I aim the pistol with some tanks and missiles//
Chains and whips may entertain the bitches//
But there ain’t no bitches,it’s just raining kittens//
I spank a raining champ with handkerchiefs or paper tissues//
Take the “air” out your “heart”,it’s so “plane” and simple//
Now watch me flip the script while I change the scripture//
By painting pictures of God in an ancient ritual//
Worshipping Atheism while hanging up Satan’s symbol//
Holding up gangsta signals at wanksta niggas//
Gangbanging Frank who tickles some Saint’s and Christians//
As he tastes his nipples,he takes the picture frame and hit em//
And Johnny plays the fiddle on the kitchen table in a gay position//
They spread some AIDS while I spread the greatest wisdom//
By showing how to take a laser pen and erase existence//
After I ate some chicken(true story),so just take a listen//

Kid KO wrote:

It’s time for damage,time to pull out my sonic cannon//
Percussion concussion,my ear drums can hear harmonic anthems//
My haunted mansion is filled with a bunch of Opera phantoms//
Bitches pulling organs out while I leave my Johnson standing//
In the Promise Land,while I’m just planting some pomegranates//
Before releasing the seeds,I soil up your momma’s panties//
A deadly weapon for prostate cancer to stop the spamming//
Punks be sugar coating,why not make some cotton candy?//
I burn spirits of whining pansies with shots of brandy//
In Los Angeles,you can run but you ain’t got no chances//
No goddamn bandage can save the fucking rotten damsel//
Toss your body in a lake if you can not dodge my ammo//
Too hot to handle,don’t make me light up the altar candles//
They’ll see me show up at your funeral rocking socks and sandals//
Cause I’m so random,I piss you off,leave you potty dancing//
No aquatic mammal can survive the water hammer!!!//

Funniest Pickup Line:

Sheko the Ripper wrote: You must have been born on a highway because that’s where most accidents happen.Got Kinasin’s mom with this


Bender Bending Rodriguez wrote:

Wobbuffet wrote:

Twerkules Johnson wrote:

Wobbuffet wrote: Faster than my wad of jizz while it’s on a course to hit your mother father in the face

Goku could dodge that!


My Goku pillow has yet to dodge one of my cumshots

Must b a namek saga goku pillow.

Guranmiraosu wrote: I’m trying to figure out some biologisamiyonay , and i wonder if the chimapanzee has 99.5% the same DNA with Human.
Does it mean that Human fuck(ed] monkay to produce hereditary ?

Chew Wenjun wrote:

gothic lolita member wrote:

vegitossj3 wrote: Who is this Chew everyone speaks of?
I’m new.

An overrated nobody.
Don’t care about him or people who spam his name.

You must be pretty famous. Do you happen to know Christian Bale? Or Michael Keaton?

Xexubel wrote: Goofy is the only classic Disney character who has had sex.
Mickey has nephews, Donald has nephews, Goofy has a son.

And he wasn’t adopted, he looks just like him.

Goofy… has had sex.
Goofy… has known a woman biblically.

Imagine what it must’ve looked like.
Imagine what it sounded like.

These are the things I think about when I wake up in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat.


Alpha wrote: You:“Hey Michelle”
Her:“Hey dude”
You:“So I heard you went to Jake’s party how cool was that”
Her:“Oh Demonbane I didnt know you went to parties but it was off the hook man”
You:“Speaking of parties what do you do the most at them”
Her:“Lol seriously what I dance dude”
You:“Cool so can I dance too”
You:“Wanna come to the dance with me”
Her:"*results may vary*“

True Despair wrote:

Shiroyasha wrote:

Ladd Russo wrote:

True Despair wrote:

Shiroyasha wrote:

/My own thread.

My cock just grew longer than Gin’s bankai.



I just came all over Soul Society. See “Fade to Black” for referance.

Salut wrote:

Stranger Than Fiction wrote:

Salut wrote: Shocken that he has a girlfriend? No.

But I’m also not surprised over that the closest that you’ve gotten to a girlfriend is a gay-mascot cartoon horse.

$10 this faggot has a life-sized Rainbow Flash plush toy which he has cut open an ass opening in to put his dick in at night.

Sorry bro, but not everyone on the internet is a basement dwelling fatass with strange fetishes

$20 this faggot has a life-sized Naruto plush toy which he has cut open an ass opening in to put his dick in at night

Also, it’s Rainbow Dash

You just lost $30.

gustaballa2 wrote:

violentrl wrote:

gustaballa2 wrote:

violentrl wrote:

gustaballa2 wrote:

violentrl wrote:

gustaballa2 wrote:

violentrl wrote: Naruto as a series is like a massive train heading towards anal collision and there is nothing we can do but to watch as it bleeds out.

Dats how yo daddy like it doe bitch ass nigga

You mean how your derpy ass daddy tossed salads to other grown men in prison?

Don’t ask me I don’t know who dat nigga is. but yu sure do show interest ind at anal shit. Like father like son I guess faggot ass nigga

Yup like father like son because you enjoyed looking at my post.

dat was lame den a bitch. Shit like mother like son cuz both ya’ll on my dick

Gotta love that niggas charcoal looking e-dick, it’s covered in first-class grease from eating that KFC with sausage fingers of yours. Only way your dick gets any love

If by grease you mean yo momma saliva then yea nigga theres plenty of that on my dick

Father Shoddragon wrote:

The Doctor wrote:

buugito wrote: I lost mine at 14 and I regret it, cause now I’m 18 and a horny fuck. It ruins things relationship-wise

I know that feel bro.

Son, we’ve been over this. You can’t lose your virginity to a cheese burger. You’re embarrassing yourself.

Meme Guy wrote:

Soulja Boy wrote:

Meme Guy wrote: YOU ALL RAPIST! ;_;
A girl cant be online with all you niggas trying to get her.
What if he is trolling.?

The fuck you mean he? Are you a bitch nigga? SKC is BBW’s sister and she is hot, meaning i want her. She is just so kind and pretty.

Acrius Reborn wrote:

Big Gigantic Black Clock wrote: Aren’t you supposed to cry for the girl that you like?

Women? Who needs women when i have yugioh cards?

Clone wrote:

The Original Accelerator wrote:

It’s a deep love story with such incredibly well done dialogue and romance that it could rival Romeo and Juliet.
Anyone with half a brain can see how realistic the drama between the main characters is.
It will be forever remembered as a little slice of heaven on earth for future generations to come. Children will learn in literature class about their forefather incredible talent for the art.

Aliens will marvel in awe at our race’s most prized piece of work.

Yeah, you should be locked up for this faggotry.

You want little kids to learn about little boys ass-fucking each other? Sick fuck.

The only dialogue you can hear is from the blonde faggot getting his ass pounded by some other faggot.

Aliens will faint at the faggotry of retards like you praising little fuckin' boys having sex.

Acrius Reborn wrote:

This is it

“Blkbrd671” wrote: Threads like these remind me how many female posters are on RealGm.

on another note

Everyone needs to slow down with this generalization of Americans and nudity. I’m pretty sure if that was Miley Cyrus, or Rihanna or insert any other girl we’ve beat off too , we’d all be pretty happy. As a man, there is not one instance in my life where i want to see another man’s bare a*, and thats a statement that can be generalized.

Now if you are a man, and you do enjoy staring at men’s a*. Lie all you want to yourself that you appreciate art, but just embrace the fact that you like dudes. Go walk in a parade, slap a rainbow on your car, and enjoy life, but don’t go around calling P* loving men insecure because they like 2 holes rather than 1.

Now i’m going to go eat some raw red meat, lift weights, scratch my b* and watch Sharapova swing a stick which i’ll imagine is my c* . MAN LAW

This wrote:

King Julios Jones wrote: Black metal is shitty ass music.

This. Fuckin' faggots listening to their ass crack music.

Watchin' fuckin' panzy boys wearing black and white paint on their faces lookin' fuckin' disfigured.

Bunch of emo faggots sucking their shitty ass instruments, not gettin' no girls, just fuckin' eachother in the asses with their gothic emo bullshit face paint.

Fuckin' faggot ass, retarded, degenerate, pussy ass, fuckin' devil loving, clown-looking pieces of dirty old grandad ass crack.

Samurai Billy wrote:

Stranger Than Fiction wrote:

Mau5 wrote:

Stranger Than Fiction wrote: I’d hang out and be friendly with the people there

seriously, being gay doesn’t mean you want to have sex with every man you see. If you’re afraid of that, then you’re probably in fear of your own sexuality

Shuttup, whore.

We all know you work at a gay-bar anyway.

actually, I work on a battleship

rage wrote: holy shit niga!!!!!!!

i’m so phresh

niga you ain’t nu n1ga you pheel meh?????????

aizen is teh strongest most intelligent person in existence and he solos everything
EDIT:forgot the chris jericho wank

^^99% of SoD’s posts right there

The Doctor wrote:

King Julios Jones wrote:

The Doctor wrote:

King Julios Jones wrote:

XD wrote: Meek Mills likes to dick ride himself though.

I know this is Random...but, This Nigga was fucking Rhianna lol

that’s like fucking a slab of beef that got the shit beaten out of it by mike tyson. who’d want to fuck that dude?

I would hit...she has a nice body and she has a cute face.

“oh nanana what’s my name”. she can’t even remember her own name.
*generic song about liking the way it hurts and burns*. she clearly has an STD.

it would be like sleeping with a black helen keller.

The Little Shop of Horrors Reject wrote:

brolyeuphyfusion wrote: Peak human, his true strength is the ability to accurately spot and strike an opponent’s weak spot

In other words, their genitals.

The Doctor wrote: and now we shall all go to the sacrificial chamber and sacrifice a young virgin ( that “Genius” kid will do) to our God and hope that we have another decade of Luffy’s rubber awesomeness in our future.

we shall now say our Lord Goda’s prayer:

Oh Lord GODA, who lives in japan, hallowed by thy pen.

Thy void century shall be mystery, thy will be done, on
earth as it is on your holy tankoubons.

Give us this day our daily devil fruits, and forgive us the weeks we forget to read the latest chapter, as we forgive those who are still not up to date on your glorious creation.

And lead us not into the faggotry of Bleach but deliver us from the evils of Narutards, Amen.

P29 wrote:

XD wrote: There is officially something wrong with Edgar.

I officially approve that post cool

Zombo wrote: Basically you post a picture of somebody that acts like said MVC member
for example

Harlequin of hate =
Edgard =

Sheko the reaper =

Zombo =


- King Arthur - wrote:

Tippership Commander wrote: I have found out what happened- and am firing notes to admins and Bjarne. Our vision of guests is buggy and not what it was- I am sending a note to Bjarne to fix this

Please wait 6-12 months for a reply.

The Black Mamba wrote:

XD wrote:

The Black Mamba wrote: Hope her ass is clean.

Obviously not.I bet that machine has shit stains that will last for all eternity(and a half).

Her gross ass(literally). Fire her nasty ass and send her home with some charmins-extra soft.

Sheko the Reaper wrote:

Insecure Redneck wrote: Hell the fuck no. Goddamn niggers and their nigresses can go back to their shitty country and leave the white man to his bussiness. We aint got time for no goddamn monkeys to be meddling away all that the white man is worked so hard for and if you think they should have rights to stay, your not a true american

Uncle Ruckus high on the internet again.

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