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Name: Crazy Bitch Zinnia


Last seen: 07-11-2015

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Registration date: 03-01-2012

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Age: 619

Location: From Ilias Burg

About: You can ask in PM's

Hobbies: Drawing now

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!~~!Smash Kingdom!~~!
~~~>The Misadventures of MvC!<~~~
The MvC News: Everyone Is an Admin??[[APRIL FOOLS]] Bjarne you crafty bastard.
Amazing World Of Gumball Fan Club
The Anti-Goku Thread

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04-18-2015 from Alexander.
thumbs-up "I love you more <3"

03-13-2015 from OrganizationXV
thumbs-up "nice name change, lol"

03-12-2015 from The Millennium King
thumbs-up "Isn't it great? LMAO"

02-24-2015 from Julian Alpha Granova
thumbs-up "or you could Just glitch your way into the temple shrine, but yea, i prefer your method."

02-19-2015 from Beast Of Prey
thumbs-up "Cool guy."

02-06-2015 from Mitt Romney
thumbs-up "Doesn't afraid of anything"

01-26-2015 from PrinceMontana
thumbs-up "lol :3"

01-22-2015 from -Shard-

01-19-2015 from King bo the sheep
thumbs-up "okay"

01-12-2015 from Mucho

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Based Sheko wrote:

PMP wrote:

Zeed wrote:

Quality Natsu wrote: Proto, you won’t find a better guard than Goku. Who here would challenge Goku?


why would superman want to break up a gay wedding?

Superman hates gays. Gays are unAmerican.

God Crusher wrote: Gumball is better than MLP.

There did it.

Yuki Nagato wrote: Found this around 4chan. Was so hilarious that I had to share it:

“God fucking damn it, what’s with all the Gardevoir obsessed people? When I was in college, I had a roomate. Dude was fat, smelly, and obsessed with Gardevoir. He had Gardevoir T-shirts, Gardevoir posters, a Gardevoir plushie, and I swear to God, he had a Gardevoir Japanese fuck pillow. Every fucking conversation we had, he turned it into Gardervoir conversation. I wanted to punch him so bad, but I couldn’t. I got anger issues, and just one fuck up could get me out of college.

But I swear to God, sometimes I thought it would be a just price for punching that fat motherfucker in the face. I kept finding Gardevoir pictures EVERYWHERE. Some of them were covered in cum. Every night I heard him jerking off, and no matter how many times I asked - he did it anyway.

Once he said to me: “Hey Anon, we are having Pokémon night this Friday, are you cool with that?" I had an all night videogame LAN party that Friday, so I allowed that, but only if his buddies wouldn’t touch any of my stuff. At all.

Long story short - LAN party got cancelled, and I had to go back to my room. My God, what I saw could not be described. Four fat nerds, watching the Pokémon anime, eating Cheetos, and covering everything with orange dust.

One of those fatasses wore a fucking Gardevoir suit and another one was smoking. And they were sitting on my bed. That’s right, those fuckers were sitting on my goddamn bed, covering it in Cheetos dust, cigarette ash and sweat. They haven’t noticed me, because they were too busy watching anime. I was about to scream on top of my lungs and punch them, when Gardevoir appeared on the screen. All four pulled their dicks out in one synchronised movement and started to masturbate.

I wish I was making that up. Even today this comes back in my nightmares. I gave my roomate a head concussion, knocked a few teeth out of others, and shattered suit guy’s kneecap. Got into serious trouble, but my lawyer pulled my ass out of the fire. I fucking hate Gardevoir.“

Zack. wrote:

The Millennium King wrote:
Zeed’s training has begun already. Note the increase in build and change in tone.

Zeed lifts cocks, not Wiimotes.

Chris Handsome wrote: I keep having nightmares of Titans from Shingeki no Kyojin killing(Eating) everyone in my neighborhood including myself which is also when I scream and stare out of my window.At first I thought It was that rum I drank three days ago fucking with my head but then it happenned again.The next nightmare actually had me visualizing running from a Titan and watching my mother die right in front of me.Then a titan picks me up and I die.Finally the nightmare from last night had a giant titan and it was raining and shit.They were everywhere and me and everyone was hiding in the sewers and praying to God.We got hungry so we decided to go out only when the ghost was clear.Unfortuanately those mutant humanoid bastards must have a sensing people sense because somehow they got in the sewer and were chasing us to gods knows where.It was horrifying watching my close friends get ripped to pieces and have their skulls plucked off while I had to run away.Never was I so scared before even in a nightmare.I just kept running and it was only me and my bro Dustin panting.I heard the roaring from one of them we were gonna die in a horrific manner.There was ladders back to the city which we climbed but then it was too late they grabbed us and snapped our spines.Jesus christ the insane pain that was.As I watched and felt my skull being ripped in half.Then I woke up,slap myself in the face and said WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????

Kagami wrote:
How I hate Sheko:
I hate Sheko more than Hitler hates jews
I hate Sheko more than nerds hate cool dudes
I hate SHeko more NK hates the US
I hate Sheko more than oldfags hate Pokemon master Quest
I hate Sheko more than Christians hate the devil
I hate Sheko more than donkey kong toxic tower level
I hate Sheko more than hip hip heads hate Lil Wayne
I hate Sheko more than Miley Cyrus hates fame
I hate Sheko more than a dog hates a cat
I hate Sheko more than a cat hates a rat
I hate Sheko more than the devil hates GOD
I hate Sheko more than people hate SOD
I hate Sheko more than Amerindians hate Europeans
I hate Sheko more China hates Japan
I hate Sheko more than Chris Brown hates Drake
I hate Sheko more than rednecks hate rich people
I hate Sheko more than Mitt Romney hates Obama
I hate Sheko more than vine hates instagram
I hate Sheko more than PC hates Mac
I hate Sheko more than Kubo hates Oda
I hate Sheko more than Tobirama hates Uchihas
I hate Sheko more than Akainu hates pirates
I hate Sheko than mother nature hates Lousianna
I hate Sheko more than TTSW’s dad hates his son.
I hate Sheko more than Demiurge hates me
I hate Sheko more than OP hates homosexuality
I hate Sheko more than the universe hates Earth
I hate Sheko more than Ash hates Gary
I hate Sheko more than PR hates new pokemon generations
I hate Sheko more than Morpheus hates anime
I hate Sheko more than NF hates MvC
I hate Sheko more than Firefox hates Chrome
I hate Sheko more than Haiti hates itself
I hate Sheko more than the KKK hates black people
I hate Sheko more Gucci Mane hates Atlantic records
I hate Sheko more than Eminem hates 2pac
I hate Sheko more than Taylor Swift hates Justin Bieber
I hate Sheko more than Beyonce hates Kim Kardashian
I hate Sheko more than Lil Kim hates Nicki Minaj
I hate Sheko more than Meek Mill hates Cassidy
I hate Sheko more than Nas hates Jay-Z
I hate Sheko more than high school hates nerds
I hate Sheko more than cowboys hates black people
I hate Sheko more than the illuminati hates Christianity
I hate Sheko more than Al Queda hates America
I hate Sheko more than a manic depressive person hates themself
I hate Sheko more than the OBD hates Bleach

Will continue I seriously hates Sheko and would kill myself than actually meet him.

Dark Ghost Supra wrote:

Based Sheko wrote:

Dark Ghost Supra wrote:

Based Sheko wrote: Most of your dads would be ashamed. Lol

Good thing Im black.

Is that a Black-Dads-Run-Off-Joke? High five!

Down low!
Too slow, you honkey cac ass racist muthafucka. Burn in Honkey Hell

Alpha wrote:
Im sorry for your lost
Nigga what the cause
Testing while driving
Her skull did a dive in

Alpha wrote:

Tunnel Snakes Rule wrote:

Alpha wrote: There are some good vs threads now and I cant voice my opinion bitch ass mods/admins particularly Mein

This is unjustified and a total abuse of power when I did nothing wrong.

Can’t blame you, you didn’t choose to be born retarded.

Only a retard can tell if someone is retarded which am I not but you are clearly

Dr.Robotnik wrote:

Ruthless wrote: Lol one of my grandparents said how DBZ when I was watching it because Mr Satan is trying to turn Satanism into a joke....

No, I’m not lying.

LOL, In the episode when Buu was getting ready to die from the spirit bomb. The whole planet earth was cheering “SATAN!SATAN!SATAN!SATAN!“

And then their’s his car, lol.

Sergio Pokemonski wrote: Respect ZeedMillenniummon from Digimon
DC : Multiversal
Durability : Multiversal
Abilities : Time control , dimension control , total nigh omnipresent.
Lifting power : Well over 40 tons.
Intelligent : Nigh omniscene
Current status : pregnant

Velrose Hero wrote: I was walking from Hot topic (Had to get this cute leash)and on the middle of the street I saw a bunch of dudes going at it. One was 4’4, brown skinned, and had a shirt that said “Parokour” on it. I rushed into the frey to find that it was SoD fighting a group of 6th graders. SoD’s stance was just him bending over while the 6 graders easily took advantage and started to have their way with him.

I walked away after that to find a strange looking Asian fellow escorting a preschooler girl into a van that looked a little rusty. I soon realized that the man was Jaydragon.

I also saw a little mexican fellow dressing his dog up for bondage. I wonder who that is......

Shiros Waifu wrote:

~Smash Kingdom: Elc, The Pussy Master~

Ask The Nocturne Cast!

Random vids =/

Lets go to war..


New MeMe?

Shin Megami Tensei:

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