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Name: Oracle of The Pantheon


Last seen: 04-17-2018

Account type: Regular

Banned permanent from i am lonely will anyone speak to me

Registration date: 02-08-2012

Posts: 7,526

Reputation: 148thumbs-up


Convince the member above you to go to your country....... Mvc Official Game!

Previously known as

Wise Troll until 02-11-2012
Meme Guy until 08-16-2012
Gentleman until 02-04-2014
Gentleman The Elite Topian until 08-21-2014
Meme Guy until 12-06-2014
John LongFlop until 12-09-2014
Phantom Gentleman until 01-26-2015

02-18-2015 from -Fantom-

02-18-2015 from Beast Of Prey
thumbs-up "Has the best sets :)"

02-14-2015 from Ruckas World
thumbs-up "Metallica FTW"

02-12-2015 from Dafuqulookinat
thumbs-up "=P"

02-09-2015 from Beyonder
thumbs-up "k"

02-09-2015 from Tokusatsu
thumbs-up "Did you see this rep coming?"

02-08-2015 from Hanbei

02-08-2015 from Dragon Ball Zeed - Friendship Is Yaoi
thumbs-up "only an Itachi can defeat an Uchiha"

02-07-2015 from OrganizationXV
thumbs-up "Yuma's buddy"

02-07-2015 from MollyMolly

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User Page

Bender Bending Rodriguez wrote: No , I believe he worshiped almighty Racismo.

Shadow Lord wrote: Are sex dolls even good? Fucking one wouldn’t be the equivalent of humping a body-sized balloon, right?

dumb member wrote: We are devolving.


Fluffle Puff wrote:

TiggerLover wrote:

Icelus wrote:

TiggerLover wrote: Several users post close ups of women breasts or other parts that are covered like that and I do not ban them either. As long as they have at least a standard bikini on.

Do you allow scantily-clad close-ups of vaginas, then? I would assume so, considering your view is that penises can be demonstrated in that capacity.

People have posted pictures of close ups of breasts, I don’t recall any close ups of vaginas, however, I have seen several scantily clad vaginas posted (usually in panties of some sort).

If I ban Fure for that avatar, I would have to ban for pics of woman with tight bras on or tiny bikinis where things are popping out as well. Would that not be the equivalent?

I never knew breasts were akin to genitalia.

I thought you went through college Tig.

Harkensin wrote:

owo wrote:

TiggerLover wrote:
If you guys have a problem with this decision, please see Bjarne.


jay visiting for bit wrote:

Phantom Gentleman wrote:

jay visiting for bit wrote: Rofl. Who the fuck is this son vegeta kid?

Your lost son.

He should have stayed lost.

-Sheko- wrote:

Phantom Gentleman wrote:

-Sheko- wrote:

Ne Zha wrote: Any way we could stop posting about cops for a good while? It’s always a shit-storm, and not even the entertaining kind. Literally just two sides of the issue spouting over-opinionated bull-shit with no factual basis. Nobody wins and everyone loses.

D-Drop the weapon! Quit resisting!

He’s making a run for it! Shoot him down Sheko!!!

I had to discharge my police-issued rocket launcher. His erratic speech made me fear for my life.

Rarity wrote:

Panty Thief wrote: Im gay lol

Uhh okay?

senorchavez wrote:

-Tyreaus- wrote:

Fenrisle wrote: Quick, Ty; ban someone for no reason to gather support!



Based Sheko wrote:

GayAssFightingHero wrote:

Mu wrote:

GayAssFightingHero wrote: Please explain how disliking untalented, stale musical acts equates to bandwagoning

I could say the same for Street Fighter or Dan Hibiki.

The only people who dislike fighting games are the ones who suck at them


Tread carefully, there’s Moo everywhere.

Flame Saber wrote:

Fluffle Puff wrote:

Check Mate wrote:

Phantom Gentleman wrote:

Check Mate wrote: And im banned agian for defending myself smh cmon fluff lmao chill.

For been extremely annoying and desperate for modship.

ughh I didnt know he gave me a warning last night if I knew I wouldnt have been talking like the way I did.

Son Vegeta wrote:

Fluffle Puff wrote: Yeahhh.....

I’m going to have to ask you to stop talking like a total asshat for at least a week.

can you do that for me?


Only for you peth <3

Son Vegeta wrote:

Kuru wrote: Lol he only has like 2,000 posts. Yet he calls people noobs. Like what

Unlike most I think before I post.

I kinda like this guy, he buries himself.

/destroyed xD

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