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Name: brolyeuphyfusion


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broly and hercule fusion until 12-27-2011

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thumbs-up "I am Ryan John Burns and I am a genius"

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thumbs-up "I'm a Broly fan. Ignore Count Alucard."

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thumbs-down "You were onwed you bitch ass faggot dumb cunt, cant face the truth eh bitch"

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thumbs-up "Holy cow, you came back! You were so cool, I see you a lot when I lurk old threads & Code Geass ftw!"

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Pan: confronting and Discrediting the Lies
Goku vs Lelouch: Debunking the Lies and Wanks
brolyeuphyfusion’s art thread
Reason why Broly is above Super Saiyan 2 level
The Anti-DragonBallFights Group


Epic Wankerman ROCKS wrote: Broly is a casual effortless infinite omniverses buster, he rapes these fags EASILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

violentrl wrote: Galactus may destroy multi-verse but that is his limit. Whitebeard can destroy any form of life instantaneously, even Galactus cannot survive after slowly being quaked and spreading through his entire body.

EPIC WANKERMAN WINS wrote: Considering Kid Goku was already a casual multiverse buster (Shura’s sword and Mr. Popo training), it’s pretty obvious that Nappa is an omniverse buster, only a pigheaded ignorant DBZ hating downplayer would deny this

King Dhaos wrote:

Godot wrote: I want to see his comeback.

“Burori: Legendary Derp”
“Burori: Second Cumming but delayed”
“Bowel Burori”

We have seen the first two.

DSA Darsches - Serenade Sorrow wrote: Imagine an internet, Genius free. (as in the poster...)

Brolys Number 1 Fan wrote: WHy do you think there are only 4 galaxies left in DBZ?


Brolys Number 1 Fan wrote: There is no such thing as virtual omnipotence. Anything less than infinity is no closer to infinity than 0.001 as they both are infinitely smaller than infinity. So nigh omnipotence doesnt exist; it is just the term to describe one who has the traits of an omnipotent but is below the verses true omnipotent which usually respresents the creator/writer/God. In otherwords you have just been intellectually annihilated as virtual omnipotence does not exist and nigh omnipotence falls under no limits fallacy.

Short answer: Broly stomps

Brolys Number 1 Fan wrote: broly beat pikkon nuff said

Brolys Number 1 Fan wrote: Living Tribunal cant attack Broly without getting sued

Epic Wankerman wrote: Also Frieza’s speed can be determined like this:

As a kid, Goku created afterimages that move independently, the only way to do this is by going so fast he goes back through time. That’s way faster than light. Frieza is at leas a quadrahobjillion times faster than him, which means Frieza has infinite beyond infinite beyond infinite speed easily


Burori wrote: Burori’s The Second Coming Reply...

Hey, fancy meeting you guys here again? Apologies for the long awaited return. I’ve had other significant matters to attend to today, but I have given you gals' some of my individual and undivided attention,.. I will leave this here for your consideration if you will.

As a sophisticated firm warrior of the Doragon Boru Zett fanbase, I will allow other organizations to undergo a war of words with me, as this is what Kakarot, or as some of you may call, “Goku” would counsel... You see, in our world, combat and the thrill-to-fight is mandatory and contains very little lengthy fillers or re-written stories that contradict the franchise.

Alright, now that we have the formalities out of the way, lets get down to the nitty-gritty shall we? First of all, I will be discrediting the lies and misinformation that has been flooded throughout this campaign, and will follow up with dismantling the biggest misconception of them all:

Part I. Toransufoma V Doragon Boru Zett

For Scout level Characters, such as Bumble Bee they have been shown to take the full impact of sidewinder missiles with little harm, the Prime Problem/Scramble City/ The Ultimate Doom Pt.2

The 'sidewinder' missile, frequently used by Transformers and humanoid armed forces. It isn’t designed to go off when it actually hits a target; it’s designed to go off when it gets very close to the target and works on an optical target detector to figure out when it’s within range. The cardinal speed for the Sidewinder is Mach 2.5. So the time taken for the Sidewinder Missile to pursue anyone in the Dragonball 22nd World Tournament would have been missed by thousands of milliseconds since at this time, they’re well exceeding Mach 100.

What if?: Okay, hypothetically speaking. Lets say it did hit anyone from Dragonball. No problem. King Piccolo’s attack on Kid Goku in the eighth episode of the King Piccolo Saga , Goku vs. King Piccolo, leveled an entire city, which wasn’t even his strongest attack. He simply waved his hand and the city was leveled, not harming Kid Goku in the slightest. I don’t think I need to delve into Dragonball’s durability and abilities in terms of City-Levelin attacks do I?,.

And Nappa with his Exploding Wave (two fingers) leveling cities.

Alright, ...continued

Chaos Theory wrote: characters such as Blaster survived attacks that has the force of Newgate’s earthquakes with no damage, Carnage in C Minor

A Newgate earthquake is fodder compared to even, powering up in Dragonball. Frieza swiped his hand across Planet Namek, ripping a giant crator within the entire planet, little to no ki was used for that.

Transformers Most Powerful weapon is a ….............waterpistol.
The Requim Blaster is capable of of exceeding the power of a Super Nova in TF Multiverse, which isn’t..... that strong atall. Here is a quote from TF wiki ...”One presumes that it is a touch stronger than common Earth dirt. Possibly the wielder has a great deal of control over the level of energy fired.”

Part II. Unicron V Z Fighters

Megatronus Prime wrote: Unicron was only defeated because of the Matrix

In actuality, a disabled woman (Circuit Breaker) set Unicrons circuits on fire...

With this attack, it aided Optimus Prime to use the Matrix of The Leadership, to put an end to Unicrons tyranny. Now for those folks at home, wondering who Circuit Breaker is,...She is a genius HUMAN female who was attacked by a Transformer, which left her crippled.

She built a computerized suit that grants her the power to shoot electricity, disrupt circuitry, and fly. She then joined an Anti-transformers Military Task Force called “RAAT” which recruited her to commander. The first campaign she led, was capturing seven Transformers (Autobots) who were stranded on Earth. Here she makes a fine display of them for decoration:

So what does that mean. A meer human being, disrupts the Dark God of the Transformers Multiverses' circuits, kidnaps and butchers Autobots for fun and then gets offered a scholarship for good partnership with the Decepticons? …Frieza would be displeased! But what does this mean for our scrap-metal bethren? Well, I’ll tell you what it means son. It means, that all it takes to beat the average 1980 Transformer AND Unicron, is the ability to disrupt circuitry, shoot electic and fly. Thats it folks.... Thats all you need.

Since this is the case, it would take the combined technology, intellet and willpower of Master Roshi, Chi Chi, Pua and Ooolong in a ship to fly out to space (since TF Fanboys will say they can’t breath in space) and fly into Unicrons mouth, aided with the Matrix (or not), disrupt his circuitry and skullfuck him into obvlivion.

But, but and more buts....I can hear it all.

Alternate Ending

Okay, you refuse to go by “Burori logic”. Well lets go by your logic. The only necessary power needed to end this is a Capsule Corp spaceship, space suit and a ki attack that radiates and disrupts electrical circuitry.

1. Capsule Corp Spaceship – A ship with the ability to travel through space. Check.
2. Space Suit – A specially designed space suit which grants the wearer oxygen to breath in space and fly into one of Unicrons sockets. Check
3. Ki Attack – A kamehameha or a regular Ki blast that illicits electric (SSJ2 aura alone? Lol) Check.

And you have a fried Unicron.

Whats different from the way he was killed? Not much. It clearly states he was crippled by a human woman who possesed ONLY the power to fly, manipulate electric and disrupt circuitry.

Is that possible for Z warriors, you bet your ass it is. An “aura” power up would dismantle Unicrons circuitry with a careful basic calibrated strategy. A Capsule Corp Spaceship flies into one of Unicrons pits (mouth), the z warriors then proceed to spit-roast Unicron with electric disruption of Kamehameha’s and all sorts of horrible ki attacks, then the Matrix is outwardly and anally fucking Unicron from the inside-out by Team Kame House.


The Original Accelerator wrote:

Wizard wrote: We need more Vs. threads, the front page is flooded by the faggotry of the other sections.

I did it just for you




The Two Most Retarded Beings Ever

SuperGuerreroXY - Extreme Lion fanboy/wanker, thinks that a lion can survive a nuclear explosion, because of it’s mane. He once said that a lion can take on an entire herd of elephants and kill them all in seconds. he even thinks that lions were the cause of the dinosaurs' extinction.
Here’s one of his comments:

SuperGuerreroXY wrote: Lion would destroy your Trex in seconds. You are a clown.

DragonBallFights - Extreme Broly hater, shows heavy bias, calls people brolytards even if they back up their statements with viable proof, and blocks anyone who has even the slightst semblance of disagreeing with him. He even thinks that Broly’s closest rival is the androids.

Those two are the real clowns.

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