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Name: o3o


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Age: 16

Location: Canada

About: I guess I'm a bit of a nerd, but that applies to all of us.

Hobbies: Badminton, school drama team, guitar. Biking, and hanging out with my friends. Oh, and Yu-Gi-Oh.

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02-15-2015 from Saffron
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I’m a Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann fan. You most likely already know this. (My wank is the wank that will pierce the heavens!)

...Other then that, I also love the DBZ, inFamous, Kirby, JJBA (just finished Steel Ball Run), Fate (Finished UBW, haven’t started HF), World Ends with You and all of the Megaman Series.

Crayons wrote: Trunks sword which is only a normal sword and let kid goku have it and it would be still planetary cut on that shit cuz its the same treasure *weapon* that trunks used.

Crayons admits that Trunks' strength is planetary.

Chew Wenjun wrote: In reality, there’s no absolute winning or losing, and VS battles should actually take into account the odds of success. There’s a reason why some people says: I say X takes this 8/10 times. Meaning there’s uncertainty. So I developed a method of calculating these odds in VS matches.

*** Probability of Occurrence of an Event in VS Battles ***

Base Probability: This is the calculated probability of how a perfect character at his/her peak can accomplish this event

Player Experience: In reality, no one is perfect and is very rarely at his/her peak. This is a probability value less than 1, that reduces the base probability to an expected probability value that the character would typically encounter

Hero Factor Bonus: As story always dictates, heroes will always have the advantage. This increases base probability of success by 25%.

Player Power Level: The ability of the player to increase the probability of this event (Probability Interpolation with Opponent Power Level)

Opponent Power Level: The ability of the opponent to reduce the probability of this event (Probability Interpolation with Player Power Level)

So for example I will use Batman vs Thanos. People can’t seem to accept that Batman has a small chance of beating Infinity Gauntlet Thanos so from this example I will prove to you people otherwise.

Batman with prep beating Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet is considered an event. The following are the sequential steps that Batman would take to beat an omnipotent Thanos:
1. Batman avoids Thanos' attack which destroys half the universe (0.5)
2. Batman researches on Thanos and figures out a weak opening to exploit (0.9)
3. Batman finds Thanos' hideout (0.96)
4. Batman casts a magic spell that protects him from galaxy-busting attacks and builds a teleportation device (0.71)
5. Batman teleports to Thanos and reach him without getting killed (0.88)
6. Batman convinces Thanos to give up the Infinity Gauntlet (0.93)

Base Probability: 0.5 * 0.9 * 0.96 * 0.71 * 0.85 * 0.9 = 0.25102 (Rounded off to 5 significant figures)
Player Experience: Batman is usually at his 'A' Game as demonstrated from his feats in the comics, historically calculated to be 0.9
Hero Factor Bonus: Batman is a hero so he gets this bonus of 1.25
Player Power Level: Batman has the ability to think out of the box, so specifically for this event, he might accomplish a breakthrough that no one expected, historically calculated to be 1.47
Opponent Power Level: Not relevant in this event since Batman isn’t going the traditional way of fighting, hence a value of 1

The final probability of Batman succeeding in defeating Thanos through the above described event is: 0.25102 * 0.9 * 1.25 * 1.47 * 1 = 41.5%. This does not sound very high, but remember, Batman always have backup plans, and that actually further increases the probabilities of success. However, the calculations to include alternative scenarios would be too complicated to be listed here.

Therefore I have proven that Batman’s chances of beating Thanos are much higher than 1%.

I propose that this method can be used to determine who wins in a VS match. Any opinions?

Thanos tied by grass.

Thanos arrested.

Darkseid getting mugged.

Silver surfer getting beaten by Mexicans. So what was that about Goku getting cut by glass?

[img] [/img]

Ganbatty wrote: Spiderman beats Goku

Crayons wrote: STTGL canít even kill Ghost Rider or Juggernaut

Yes STTGL would lose to King Kai..

(To return after Xmas)


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