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Name: Rockington


Last seen: 11-24-2015

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 11-19-2011

Posts: 3,542

Location: Yes.

About: Rocks.

Hobbies: Weathering.

Reputation: 78thumbs-up

Previously known as

Dalek Caan until 11-29-2011
Dalek Caan until 11-29-2011
Supreme Dalek Caan until 04-01-2014

08-15-2014 from PrinceMontana
thumbs-up ":)"

06-22-2014 from - - King Arthur - -
thumbs-up "I'd Buy That For A Dollar"

06-18-2014 from Y-3

06-17-2014 from PG15
thumbs-up ":)"

05-20-2014 from Harlequin of Hate
thumbs-up ":3"

04-10-2014 from o3o
thumbs-up "Rock on. *Sunglasses*"


04-02-2014 from Cirno

04-01-2014 from Zeed College Mode
thumbs-up "How do you feel about JonTron losing you?"

03-28-2014 from Kurosaki

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The Millennium King

Mr. Pilkington

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Reps. receivedReps. given

08-15-2014 from PrinceMontana
thumbs-up ":)"

06-22-2014 from - - King Arthur - -
thumbs-up "I'd Buy That For A Dollar"

06-18-2014 from Y-3

06-17-2014 from PG15
thumbs-up ":)"

05-20-2014 from Harlequin of Hate
thumbs-up ":3"

04-10-2014 from o3o
thumbs-up "Rock on. *Sunglasses*"


04-02-2014 from Cirno

04-01-2014 from Zeed College Mode
thumbs-up "How do you feel about JonTron losing you?"

03-28-2014 from Kurosaki

03-26-2014 from - FS -

03-22-2014 from Nerd
thumbs-up "rep4rep"

09-18-2013 from monster lord member
thumbs-up ";)"

09-16-2013 from The Dual-Wielded Alchemist
thumbs-up "YAAA"

09-16-2013 from Mr Couch Potato
thumbs-up "Da Doctor"

09-15-2013 from Majin Mazoku

09-15-2013 from Glast
thumbs-up "Have a rep!"

09-14-2013 from OrganizationXV
thumbs-up "I think it's time for a rephresh"

09-13-2013 from Tornado The Dragon - a.k.a Big Brother
thumbs-up "Can't believe I haven't repped you yet."

09-02-2013 from Snap.
thumbs-up "Rape"

09-01-2013 from Broken Genesis
thumbs-up "I am a Time Lord"

09-01-2013 from KankerHomo
thumbs-up "dalek masterrace"

09-01-2013 from Pirate Luffy

08-31-2013 from B.J. Titty-Banger
thumbs-up "You Got It"

08-31-2013 from Silent Survivor
thumbs-up "Spread the love"

08-30-2013 from Snap
thumbs-up "So you went from Dalek Caan to SUPREME Dalek Caan. Dat promotion."

08-30-2013 from Shinji Ikari

07-16-2013 from UnlimitedPotential
thumbs-up "REP ME BACK"

06-24-2013 from owo
thumbs-up "Gives me a rep for liking Kingdom Hearts, that's enough for me."

06-24-2013 from Darkvoid
thumbs-up "Cool"

06-23-2013 from Heaven-Sent King

06-04-2013 from UpNORTHxLADYBoss
thumbs-up "Well I have had him now so it still counts lol"

04-25-2013 from Expensive-Discount
thumbs-up "A cool guy, and decent debater from what I've seen."

04-22-2013 from Lord Death
thumbs-down "King of the LARP'ers."

04-21-2013 from gojira4life
thumbs-up "Daleks look cool, so you are cool :)"

03-22-2013 from R3

03-20-2013 from Rython
thumbs-up "Thumbs up, indeed."

03-18-2013 from Demi
thumbs-up "Wonderful backstory"

03-16-2013 from Dean Winchester
thumbs-up "40"

02-13-2013 from Pocket Rocket
thumbs-up "Then your training is complete, Dalek-san."

02-05-2013 from fuck bjarne all my homies hate bjarne
thumbs-up "I like you."

10-12-2012 from Zack.
thumbs-up "I love you."

09-04-2012 from Raiden Blackthorn
thumbs-up "For the congrats"

08-07-2012 from Sheep in wolfs clothing
thumbs-up "Im a Inter Multiversal Reality Warper Omnipresence Sheep. Deal with it :3"

08-06-2012 from Crazy Bitch Zinnia
thumbs-up "that ditto sure is funny."

08-03-2012 from tfw you log in after multiple years
thumbs-up "Hand over Luna first. We will put down are unicorns."

08-02-2012 from Just a Member
thumbs-up "4th Rep!"

08-01-2012 from Frogstomp
thumbs-up "Did I do something wrong?"

07-29-2012 from The Sisko
thumbs-up "*tosses you into the raw time vortex*"

07-23-2012 from Oracle of The Pantheon
thumbs-up "Posting Meme is my job! >:O"

07-21-2012 from Kid KO
thumbs-up "The troll didn't. I did."

07-21-2012 from Man of Sin
thumbs-up ":)"

06-29-2012 from zuero
thumbs-up "Repped"

06-14-2012 from The Millennium King
thumbs-up "Your back? Neat."

06-12-2012 from Ragex
thumbs-up "daleks are badass"

06-12-2012 from Jin
thumbs-up "Because"

05-11-2012 from juniorsworld
thumbs-up "I have no idea... you just do lol..."

05-11-2012 from spencer the king

05-02-2012 from - King -- Arthur -
thumbs-side "im here for a 'WHILE' longer, brah."

05-01-2012 from Syd
thumbs-up "Daleks are pretty chill."

04-25-2012 from World Dictator
thumbs-up "Dragons like Daleks"

04-25-2012 from Dominic Santiago

04-25-2012 from Ghost of Faggotry
thumbs-up "22?"

03-07-2012 from Stygian

03-06-2012 from Tippership Commander
thumbs-up "Gratz on 1000 posts!"

03-05-2012 from The Broker
thumbs-up "congratulations on your new rank"

03-05-2012 from Freddie Mercury
thumbs-up "Welcome to the UBER 1337 club"

01-23-2012 from Omniwhatever
thumbs-up "Has some trouble understanding stuff, but an ok guy."

12-21-2011 from Colonel Logic
thumbs-up "For listening to me and signing up"

12-20-2011 from Mr. Pilkington
thumbs-up "For the 2nd Best Species in the Universe"

12-07-2011 from AgentOrange
thumbs-down "Suck the sucking suck, sucker"

12-02-2011 from Kinasin

12-02-2011 from King Kazuma
thumbs-up "That's offensive to dogs, Cid. Seems like a cool guy, doesn't debate very aggressively"

11-29-2011 from King Goku the Omnipotent God

11-26-2011 from Zevroid

11-20-2011 from See You Space Cowboy
thumbs-up "It's always nice to see new members that dont share the intellectual capacity of a dog"

11-20-2011 from NearRyuzaki
thumbs-up "been waiting to do this"

11-20-2011 from Joshstarwind
thumbs-up "Finally you join us lol"

06-20-2014 to Bjarne
thumbs-up "Get back here."

06-20-2014 to - - King Arthur - -
thumbs-up "...Hey, I'm sold."

06-20-2014 to Xeanica
thumbs-up "Like Geecku. ^-^"

06-19-2014 to PrinceMontana
thumbs-up "Don't feel down! ;D"

06-18-2014 to Anime18
thumbs-up "c:"

06-18-2014 to Blondie Black
thumbs-up "Gem's father made everyone rock. :) Why did it stop? :("

06-18-2014 to Y-3

06-17-2014 to PG15
thumbs-up ":D"

06-17-2014 to SePHIIIroTH
thumbs-up "Hope this helps! ;)"

06-17-2014 to Cirno
thumbs-up "c:"

05-20-2014 to Mengsk
thumbs-up "COMMUNISM IS A LIE."

04-10-2014 to o3o
thumbs-up "ouo"

thumbs-up ":)"

04-04-2014 to Harlequin of Hate
thumbs-up "*poke* C:"

03-28-2014 to Kurosaki

03-26-2014 to - FS -
thumbs-up "'Ere you go. owo"

03-26-2014 to Nerd
thumbs-up "GREEN THUMB"

10-01-2013 to Rick Suave
thumbs-up "A friend sticking up for a friend. I approve! :)"

09-30-2013 to face of death
thumbs-up "How do you like THIS, hm!?"

09-30-2013 to codi

09-30-2013 to Duck Butter
thumbs-up "Refreshing antrorse digit...complete."

09-30-2013 to The Dan Hibiki
thumbs-up "^-^"

09-29-2013 to The Danger
thumbs-up "Waffle. (>ouo)>;#"

09-28-2013 to Zeoc713
thumbs-up "I like you already. ^.^"

09-28-2013 to ThiefOfHope
thumbs-up "Welcome to the World, or as most with some amount of life call it, MvC."

09-25-2013 to Steelo
thumbs-up "Be strong."

09-25-2013 to Re Edgar..
thumbs-up "^-^"

09-24-2013 to Zeed College Mode
thumbs-up "<3"

09-19-2013 to Cid Highwind
thumbs-up "How did I forget to do this? x.x"

09-18-2013 to Dawn Star
thumbs-up "ouo"

09-18-2013 to monster lord member
thumbs-up "What? I need a reason? LOL, causality...(10,000, kewl)"

09-16-2013 to Mr Couch Potato
thumbs-up "...Can protect his people no longer!"

09-15-2013 to Majin Mazoku

09-15-2013 to Glast
thumbs-up "Congratulations!"

09-13-2013 to Tornado The Dragon - a.k.a Big Brother
thumbs-up ":)"

09-13-2013 to Xxx69PussySlayer69xxX
thumbs-up "*gibs consolation cookie*"

09-03-2013 to -The Author-
thumbs-up ";~; It's too cute!"

09-03-2013 to -Tyreaus-
thumbs-up "^-^"

09-03-2013 to Spopovitch
thumbs-up "ouo"

09-02-2013 to Snap.
thumbs-up "<-My mighty thumb up your butthole."

09-02-2013 to The Legend
thumbs-up "Forgot to do this."

09-01-2013 to Hoggle
thumbs-up ":3"

09-01-2013 to Broken Genesis
thumbs-up "You're also dead. Very, very dead."

09-01-2013 to KankerHomo
thumbs-up "Finally, a primitive life form who accepts the role of Dalek kind! You are wise to do so beforehand."

09-01-2013 to The Dual-Wielded Alchemist
thumbs-up "POP TARTS"

09-01-2013 to Pirate Luffy

08-31-2013 to AIDB
thumbs-side "Plah. Plah."

08-31-2013 to isaiah123
thumbs-up "FIRST, haha! :)"

08-31-2013 to Ori
thumbs-up "Jeez, why the neg train? XD"

08-31-2013 to Silent Survivor
thumbs-up "Feel the lo~ove of the positive rep!"

08-31-2013 to Snap
thumbs-up "And you went from Snap to Snapped-in-half. Dat play on names."

08-30-2013 to Shinji Ikari
thumbs-up ":3"

08-30-2013 to Green-Haired Huntress
thumbs-up "^-^"

08-30-2013 to UnlimitedPotential
thumbs-up "I do like logic and power. I like you. :)"

06-24-2013 to owo
thumbs-up "Kingdom Hearts, haikus...that's enough for me!"

06-24-2013 to Darkvoid
thumbs-up "If you say so. ^^"

06-22-2013 to Jin
thumbs-up "Because."

06-22-2013 to Heaven-Sent King
thumbs-up "The time is not yet for Silence to fall."

06-05-2013 to JDragonBot
thumbs-up "Because."

06-03-2013 to UpNORTHxLADYBoss
thumbs-up "^-^ I meant to do this back around the time when you were still...having the child. Sorry."

04-26-2013 to Expensive-Discount
thumbs-up "Oh, stahp. You're making me blush. ^u^"

04-22-2013 to Lord Death
thumbs-side "I'm sorry you feel that way. BTB, LARPing means one does it in real life."

04-22-2013 to Xeno

04-21-2013 to gojira4life
thumbs-up "NYAH!"

03-22-2013 to R3

03-21-2013 to Xehanort the Younger
thumbs-up "Why did you resign? :("

03-21-2013 to Zlatan
thumbs-up "Please don't be mean to Amata. V_V"

03-20-2013 to Rython
thumbs-up "I like you. / ^ \"

03-18-2013 to Demi
thumbs-up "As was yours."

03-18-2013 to OrganizationXV
thumbs-up "I thank you for your complements."

03-18-2013 to Dean Winchester
thumbs-up "53"

02-14-2013 to Pocket Rocket
thumbs-up "This man have very big penis!"

02-12-2013 to Billy the Desirable Booty Sweat
thumbs-up "Was just testing what would happen. Thank you for your contribution to science."

02-12-2013 to fuck bjarne all my homies hate bjarne
thumbs-up "Thank you. ^_^"

02-12-2013 to Zack.
thumbs-up "Aw, thanks!"

02-12-2013 to The Super Badass Destroyer of Shit heads
thumbs-side "Waste of a perfectly good character..."

02-12-2013 to JayD
thumbs-up "Because."

02-11-2013 to Meister
thumbs-side "Saltiest thing I've ever seen, and I've seen a bowl of salt."

02-10-2013 to TiggerLover
thumbs-up "@Cid: Needs, not deserves."

02-10-2013 to Veteran Ranger.
thumbs-up "@Everyone: This is your FRIEND. He fights for your FREEDOM."

10-12-2012 to dalek
thumbs-down "Not very logical. Must be an impurity. EXTERMINATE!"

10-09-2012 to The Sisko

09-20-2012 to Raiden Blackthorn
thumbs-up "For the thing that was for the congrats."

08-08-2012 to - King -- Arthur -
thumbs-side "You do not appear as bad, now."

08-08-2012 to The Shekman
thumbs-up "Salutations! :D You appear to be pleasant company..."

08-07-2012 to Sheep in wolfs clothing
thumbs-up "Y U NO BE PLAUSIBLE?"

08-06-2012 to Crazy Bitch Zinnia
thumbs-up "I second that comment because I'm too lazy to go back in time and first it."

08-05-2012 to November Rain
thumbs-side "You're,''rrrre..."

08-05-2012 to Ditto
thumbs-up "LOLZ!"

08-03-2012 to tfw you log in after multiple years
thumbs-up "Hello."

08-02-2012 to Frogstomp
thumbs-up "No, nothing."

07-27-2012 to Man of Sin
thumbs-up "Who's number 200, now!? HA! HA-HA-HA-HA! HA-HA-Ha-ha..."

07-24-2012 to See You Space Cowboy
thumbs-up "I miss you. D':"

07-24-2012 to Vitamin Z
thumbs-down "The least healthy vitamin."

07-23-2012 to Oracle of The Pantheon
thumbs-up "ED, I nearly crushed my nook when I saw that sig!"

07-22-2012 to Mythicalzoe

07-22-2012 to Broly - The Wraith
thumbs-down "The world doesn't need another Brolytard."

07-21-2012 to Just a Member
thumbs-up "Welcome!"

07-21-2012 to Kid KO
thumbs-up "Sorry about the troll screwing you over. (Pardon my language, please.)"

07-21-2012 to Eclades Syndicate
thumbs-side "Ehhh......."

06-27-2012 to Jerkass
thumbs-down "Wannabe-gangster rubbish is not productive to the site's atmosphere."

06-24-2012 to Rust
thumbs-up "BECAUSE...Hoh-hoh-hoh, I don't know! ^_^"

06-13-2012 to Ragex
thumbs-up "So, emotions!"

05-11-2012 to juniorsworld
thumbs-up "Who?"

05-11-2012 to spencer the king

05-11-2012 to Ghost of Faggotry
thumbs-up "-looks up in the rain- NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"

05-01-2012 to Syd

04-26-2012 to Speed of darkness.
thumbs-down "<-That thing."

04-25-2012 to red line
thumbs-side "I suppose not SO bad."

04-25-2012 to Aries the Superior
thumbs-up "Quite diplomatic. Very nice."

04-25-2012 to Zack UnFair
thumbs-up "Congratulations on the mod-ship-rank-promotion-whatever..."

04-25-2012 to Stygian
thumbs-up "<-See that? There? That. That thing, right there."

04-25-2012 to Tippership Commander
thumbs-up "Thank you."

04-25-2012 to zuero
thumbs-up "<-That thing."

04-25-2012 to The Broker
thumbs-up "Thank you."

04-25-2012 to Freddie Mercury
thumbs-up "<-That thing."

04-25-2012 to Omniwhatever
thumbs-up "...Better than nothing...I guess..."

04-25-2012 to World Dictator
thumbs-up "Bingo."

04-25-2012 to Colonel Logic
thumbs-up "I'm glad I did."

04-25-2012 to AgentOrange
thumbs-down "Suck the sucking suck, Sucker (whatever that means)."

04-25-2012 to Kinasin

04-25-2012 to King Kazuma
thumbs-up ":)"

04-25-2012 to King Goku the Omnipotent God

04-25-2012 to Zevroid

04-25-2012 to Joshstarwind
thumbs-up "Sorry this took so long."

04-25-2012 to NearRyuzaki
thumbs-up "Sorry this took so long."

03-07-2012 to reach for the sky
thumbs-down "Hello, broly4eva"

03-06-2012 to Mr. Infinity
thumbs-up "Freaking hilarious."

03-05-2012 to RussianHasEverything
thumbs-up "Go Polar Bears!"

03-05-2012 to Dominic Santiago
thumbs-up "Returning the favor."

03-05-2012 to Mr. Pilkington
thumbs-up "To the finest pure species in the universe(and then some)"

03-05-2012 to The Millennium King
thumbs-up "Don't you just love reality warpers?"

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