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Name: NewWorldSurvivor


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About: you thought i was a nigga

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03-02-2015 from Raziel
thumbs-up "Why, I never~"

12-13-2014 from The Fantom Convoy
thumbs-down "Idiot."

11-12-2013 from Munsu a.k.a Legendary General
thumbs-down "read my name!"

01-06-2013 from Troll.
thumbs-down "Read my name"

12-03-2012 from fuck bjarne all my homies hate bjarne

06-08-2012 from Jin
thumbs-up "Because"

04-18-2012 from The Reaper
thumbs-up "who gives a fuck if you wank or not"

04-18-2012 from Oracle of The Pantheon
thumbs-down ""you swallow too many cocks and cum""

04-16-2012 from brolyeuphyfusion
thumbs-down "for being a one piece tard that thinks luffy> ichigo and for bringing someone's son into his problem"

04-10-2012 from LA Capone
thumbs-down "Fucked up brah"

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Stupid Posts

cohaco wrote: no naruto in 8 tails did it he was going to go 9 tails because kyuubi wanted to get free not because he nned power
do you know what is a mile ?
it’s 1000 km

normal cars run 240 km in a hour max
naruto run a 1000 km in an hour
lol at ppl running faster than this
and i proved that powerscaling work in naruto case
also narut’s durability >> luffy durability
naruto durabilit is way above diamond
that island was not as big as 25 km + luffy needs a orageous time to do it
and yes it was closed because of wank
op wank
naruto cleary win in it

Openz wrote: How is cutting Diamond more impressive then out right breaking it?

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