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Name: The Huge Crasher


Last seen: 04-15-2012

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Banned permanent from

Registration date: 10-10-2011

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About: I never get any side in VS. Forums I always crush every lie, hyperbole and inflammatory-useless messages and words.

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11-04-2016 from Ryan Burns

11-11-2014 from Flamelord
thumbs-side "Neutral fits you better"

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08-08-2013 from Demi
thumbs-side "NEUTRAL"

01-06-2013 from Fuck you Luis
thumbs-up "Hilariously stupid."

11-03-2012 from EL HERMANO DE JIREN
thumbs-up "You can't break me faggit!,Keep sucking Dicks and getting owned by PR,lol fagit!"

09-15-2012 from Lord Death
thumbs-up "Da perfectionist'est human~"

07-24-2012 from Kid KO
thumbs-down "Continues to be a faggot after being banned"

06-24-2012 from zuero
thumbs-down "ne-ne-ne-neg!!!!!!"

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Mr. Infinity wrote:

The Huge Crasher wrote:
I think you’re the avatar of fucking stupidity.
Like the cosmological abstract concept stupidity in human form.

No one gives a shit that you’re black.

Jewish on the other hand....

Whatever you think is not relevant, it is retarded and stupid as you are. Funny thing that you say about cosmological bullshit when you had already banished from the intellectual capacity part of cosmos itself.

The Huge Crasher wrote:


Holy fuck you’re moronic. You should have stayed permabanned.

“Moronic?! The fuck are you “talking” about?! I fucking crashed your shitty and retarded posts making all of your points invalid. You just admitted online that you are a complete fucktard who resorts to trolling when he gots mocked hard. You already are in this position as it shown above from your comment since I never insulted you. Leave alone my “permaban”, you very retarded to continue discussing new topics. Don’t even attempt again to call me “moronic” when you possess 200 tons of dogshit instead of brain.

The Huge Crasher wrote:

Attitude wrote:

The Huge Crasher wrote:

Attitude wrote:

The Huge Crasher wrote:

Attitude wrote:

-99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999/+Infinity by being a mental ill girl with Down’s Syndrome who posts unrelated pictures about myself while ranting like a primite ape who smokes cocks.

learn proper english you greek inbred.

-8935695719198653985643956395 for being a faggot.

You still didn’t make any logical statement yet barbaric Anglo-Saxon ape. My English are perfectly make sense, you brainless uncivilized fucktard. We gave you the lights while you still lived at caves. Get your facts straight.


get mad.

You still didn’t make any logical sense. Greece has civilization while Australia is bunch of Anglo-Saxon racist mass murderers who caused major genocide and Cyprus is an mixture of Turkish, Greek and Anglo-Saxon cultures. You are a poor excuse for human being. I am not going to communicate with an ignorant ultratard like you anymore, because is impossible. Blame your lack of brain cells for that. Have fun posting unrelated pictures about myself, they prove you more that you are a schizophrenic piece of shit. Oh, and I not mad, I am just saying the truth. You got ass kicked successfully by my genius level intellect. It’s pointless to reply to your posts anymore since I won.

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