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Any Christians in this Forum
Goku Vs Superman Vs Naruto Vs Ichigo Vs Luffy Vs HST Vs Dragon Ball Z Vs Bleach x One Piece V Toriko
Badass Character Thread

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Pyro wrote: This page is guranteed to give you some Lulz.

Meme Guy wrote: My daily job cool

Laneus wrote:

Sheko the Reaper wrote:

More along the lines of a retarded hypocrite if thatís what you call interesting.

Try combining a Hype Beast+Muscle Head+Wigger+ Gay Virgin+ and a Avid Child Molester and this is what you got.

Art Stuff

Credit Goes to Slayer for finding this

God Of War(A closer look)

Ok the verse is pretty vast and I cant just say what they are and their feats in a one-liner so prepare for a Long list of feats.

Obviously people become butthurt or annoyed over this verse for some reason .Along with that most of the people(well here anyways) can’t analyze feats and abilities of the characters in this verse if their life depended on it.Many of these include speed,limitations,Immortality,and of course actual potential.Just because the Majority of these deities were defeated(or appeared) killed conventionally by Kratos.

However what most of these cowardly hypocrites fail to see or simply ignore is the fact that Kratos defeated his foes with weapons bestowed by the Gods/Magical beings themselves.Never in the series has he defeated those enemies without these weapons or a normal weapon.

People also along with
“LOL he was killed the Gods are weak” gripe
they also say he is just a “Mortal”.
But we never see a Mortal who isn’t a demi-god,without special weapons, and basically all of what Kratos did do that.

So in short,their argument is flawed.

The morons also seem to think that the series is Subject to the Chain of Myths in Greek Myth.
Obviously these incarnations are not equal to their Counterparts but the series was supposed to be loosely based off of Greek Myth in the first place.With that fallacy there is also the notion of them being weak as hell.

They are not comparable to their OverPowered Counterparts but they
are not weak Shit.
Here is a list of some of the Olympians who were killed and the Truth(Not the Horrible Analyzation) to their overall strength.

Zeus-Was almost defeated by Kratos once already and ended up losing his Mortal Avatar in GOW3.
Notice How-
*He was stabbed fatally Multiple Times
*His regeneration factor
*The Magnitude of his control
*His resilience to physical Damage
*The fact that Kratos had to use the BoO a specialized weapon made by Zeus himself to defeat him,and it wasnt just a one-two and your done type sequence.
*The fact that he was never really hurt by Raw Physical Damage
*He had the Kin Curse upon him.

Next we go with Hades

When he was defeated by Kratos

*First of he was never killed
*He is a Masochist
*Kratos had to rip open his head and Mutilate his body and then contend with him in strength just to take his Soul away
*Had strength that bested the Titan Cronos
*Was actually defeated by his own weapons
*Took a nice dip in the River Styx before dealing with the spartan some more.

Next we Have Poseidon

*Went through several Phases
*Was a couple Miles up in the air away from the sea,and dealing with other Titans simultaneously
*Was Spazzing out Lightning as an side effect of being beaten
*Had his neck Broken after he was beaten with the BoO and by a character who has billions of Tons in Strength
*Has lightning that can put a Country Level+ Being on his knees
*Has complete Dominion over the seas
*Can cause Earthquakes

*To be Continued*

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