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Name: Impavido


Last seen: 03-17-2018

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The Anti-Anime Alliance

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Impavido until 02-01-2014
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Impavido until 02-14-2015
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03-04-2015 from Unimaginably Heterosexual Gentleman
thumbs-up "GoAT name (coming from someone w/ the GoAT name)."

01-31-2015 from Oracle of The Pantheon

12-21-2014 from Kashmir
thumbs-up "Fucked a girl raw. Don't know what to say fam :')"

12-11-2014 from Y-3

11-26-2014 from Son Vegeta

11-24-2014 from RAG
thumbs-up "If you can't do it, homeboy, it can't be done"

11-21-2014 from Purgatory
thumbs-side "I keep that shit real"

11-11-2014 from -Jade-
thumbs-up "That set."

11-03-2014 from Nerise

10-28-2014 from SePHIIIroTH
thumbs-up "rep4rep"

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Duck Butter wrote: R3 at a bar

Random Blonde:Hey baby what do you do for a living?

R3:Well Im a medical student so you could say Im a docto

RB(in her mind)grinoctors are hot and rich.Jackpot lets see if I can scam this sucker.

R3:Your blonde hair is very vibrant.The pattern from FGM1 gene seems to doing wonders to the contours of the follicles.


R3:Your eyes are blue.A sign of a iris mutation involving the FGHY2 gene where as many other human specimen usually possess brown eyes.You are a special person my dear

RB:Are you calling me a freak???!!!!!

R3:Relax my dame.Surely I am just complimenting on the greatness that is your incredible genetic makeup.You are getting agitated perhaps your cheek is being filled with blood with enough volume to pierce the melanin and become visible.

RB:Oh wow a nerd docter see ya weirdo.

R3:It seems as though my attempts at satisfying the build up of testorone within my phallus has been thrawted.Perhaps I shall find pleasure by returning back to my house and then shifting my right hand in a vertical manner over my penis shaft.While doing this I shall feel the dopemine released from my brains *insert something sciency here* system.Oh what now that will be.I shall get to it immmediately.Then afterwards I will log into that forum full of simple minded fools and show how smarter I am than them.

Krystopher Malus wrote: We all have our own perspectives on fairness and shit, there would be cases where Id cheer on the suffering or pleasure of others, other times Id fuck up someone if they tried to touch an innocent girl...

For example would it rustle your jimmies if Justin Beiber got raped? Or would you smile, chuckle a little, and leave a sarcastic comment on whatever thread put up the news. Lots of people might be like, rape is rape, its messed up, and then turn around and join the crowd of people laughing at dark humor all over the internet.

Honestly, for me, if some stupid, group minded, loose, indulgent, bratty, spoiled, bitch who was no stranger to sex (like Justin, but in this case assume its a girl) got raped at night while being a loopy, sluttily dressed dumbass I would hope it was unpleasant and humiliating as possible, because like Nagato said, Pain helps the world grow up

Robderp wrote:
LOL now they go what i do in real life, i might by an assassin, kill babies, or shoot dogs, is not MVC business.

Robderp wrote:
The User Thanatos may think Action Actors, are just that where i can prove all of the can kick is family ass. smiley

Robderp wrote: Nigger is not a race, Black is a race. lol fail. and Low kicks ftw

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