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General Sonic Discussion Thread

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Final Fantasy(Don’t have enough knowledge with anything other then VII to debate well though.)
More to come....

Stupid statements I have come across in my time here, organized by category. Ranging from wank, to just downright stupid.


Highly educated mastermind wrote: After gathering all possible intricacies and placing them into account and doing 1000 mental simulations I have come to the conclusion that Goku solos.

He said Goku solo’s SEGA, Marvel, DC, and Image comics. And just look at the post itself!

Thanatos wrote: Another 5 yr old retard, next time why don’t you include YUGI-OH.

My point, it’s just a game character that can be defeated by a normal human playing a game unlike anime character and manga character that have their own universe, history, plot and cannot be defeated by anyone who watch anime and read manga.

Cubus wrote:

4. I could react to Solaris meteors. I can’t react to a bullet. Conclusion. Solaris meteor is shit-speed.

Comments that are epic win

Freddie Mercury wrote: Everybody knows MvC is a poor man’s jersey shore.

Cid wrote:

J peth wrote: o.o wow... I haven’t even been here for that long and I already feel like I’ve been here probably for a longer time than what’s healthy (this place is probably cancer for the soul) so I can’t even imagine what it’d be like to have been here for that long x3

It feels similar to having your eye gauged out with a spoon.

Cid wrote: Have you ever heard of the nectar of the gods? That mess wishes it tasted half as good as eggnog.

Haruhiism wrote: Dahohoho apology is DENIED.

FireWolf81 wrote: I Said I wouldn’t fuck around with your name for the rest of the day...that includes renamming it et all...DOHOHOHO

And then Supremacy’s reaction to it.....

Supremacy wrote:

FireWolf81 wrote: I Said I wouldn’t fuck around with your name for the rest of the day...that includes renamming it et all...DOHOHOHO

....Seriously? SERIOUSLY??????? SERIOUSLY??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Dohohohohoho! Serious trolling here.

Mr. Infinity wrote:

Supremacy wrote: Can you PLEASE change my name to what I want?

Is your dick of whatever you piss out of comically fused to this forum or something autism lad?

Cid wrote:

FireWolf81 wrote: Downlo daisy...

He’ll be Doris the Autistic Homo Pony. And the picture I Photoshop will never be forgotten.

Cid wrote:

HayIias wrote:

Cid wrote:

HayIias wrote:

Cid wrote:

FireWolf81 wrote: So basically anything that could be rated for teens, ie 15 years and under? Yeah

More or less. Unless of course everyone would rather I slapped “PG” material and below.

Either way, you need to change your signatures out Scott. We have to be the ones to.set the example.

but there are no nipples

thems were da rules

Not anymore. What’s on the first page are the rules now.

that’s bullshit

you’re bullshit

I demand a vote, this is a democracy.

This is a dictatorship and I’m your new fuhrer. :|

Hail Cid lol

Tyrant wrote:

Sheko the Conqueror wrote:

da A.I.D.B. CRUSHER wrote:

Hank Crawford wrote: Reported for questioning the actions of administrators.

Reported for reporting me because there’s no longer a report thread to redirect reports to. C’mon, Hank.

Reported for reporting a reporter.


Who let this faggot back in here? GTFO.

Reported, sent an e-mail to Bjarne, called Fox News, backtraced your IP address, notified the cyber police, ordered pizzas to your house and shut down Madagascar.

Cid wrote:

Supreme Dalek Caan wrote:

Cid wrote:

LOL That’ll do. That’ll do...

Being Chaos' brother, only I know the truth. That behind his loud, grouchy, and brutish internet persona is a cute little 3 foot tall transforming dinosaur.

Tyrant wrote: >says he hates Bleach
>reads every chapter, every interview and makes regular videos about it

Yeah, nah. This guy loves Bleach, he just doesn’t want to admit it. He’s tsundere for Bleach. cool

King Kazuma wrote:

Mark D. Vance wrote: @OP

i heard Kin went super saiyan and destroyed everything

Are you honesty tryin to make this lok like a good thing?



More like Kinasin went PMSragemode and baawed his ass off while abusing his power.

xXSleepwalkerXx wrote:

Omniwhatever wrote:

xXSleepwalkerXx wrote:

Omniwhatever wrote: You do not seem like a very cool guy.

I’m sorely tempted to ask why...

You posted scat porn from my understanding.

What kind of sick fuck does that?

Oh and you know, begging for modship.

yea,I posted scat porn.
I’m a sick fuck,I know that :\

I wasn’t begging for modship,tho...and I take it you don’t even know what you’re talking about when you say I was 'begging'

Sleepwalker admits he’s a sick fuck.

Shoblongoo wrote: Arceus used Rape.

Its super-effective.

Tippership Commander wrote: :/

You guys suck.

2 more- on a FREESTYLE, and we can’t even get that?

MVC i am dissapoint

(ugh, there’s a reason I’m not big on memes)

No idea why I found this funny lol.

Cid wrote:

Lightning wrote:

Cid wrote:

Sheko the Conqueror wrote: So... Dhaos has been limited.

Which means he already won.

K. Dull. Lol

Going back in time and killing Sephiroth as a baby is the pussy’s way out. cool

Sephiroth? A baby? That’s one weird-ass image.

I like to imagine him with chin length silver hair, a black T-shirt, black shorts, and a stick 4 times bigger than him. Beating up cats and dogs.

Freddie Mercury wrote:

Lightning wrote:

Freddie Mercury wrote:

Lightning wrote: Awwww... It’s so hard to find good fights for Haru...
If Haru was in FT world, placing him at normal speed, how far do you guys think his rank will be?

How about Ajimu vs Haru :cookiefreddie:

I’m intrigued, what’s his abilities?

Uriel the Fallen wrote:

Dragon King Bakal wrote: This is why DKBL is so vital, to stop bullshit like this from happening.

Even if Lelouch makes eye contact with Goku, it won’t matter. Leclouch is astronomically weaker than Goku. I’ve seen Code Geass, and Lelouch has never commanded someone .00000000000001% as strong as Goku.

Goku wouldn’t hurt Lelouch though, he’d just stare at him for a moment and then ask for some food.


A typical conversation between me and Lightning.

Omniwhatever wrote:

Lightning wrote:

Omniwhatever wrote:

Lightning wrote:

Omniwhatever wrote:

Lightning wrote:

Omniwhatever wrote: @Lightning

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Don’t make me destroy you.


I have failed you Lightning, I have failed you. You’ve gone to the Evil TrollMod side.




Sheko the Conqueror wrote:

Zeroextra wrote: Why do you care so much about this sorutoku? He your fuck buddy? heh

Chibi ruined their PM Cyber session.

Pocket Rocket wrote: I should have my own cereal.

Pocket Rocket’s Nutty Surprise.

Zeroextra wrote: A bully threw water in my sandbox, I killed him.

Be afraid, be very afraid lol.

Godot wrote:

Omniwhatever wrote: Also, what the fuck is up with the JJBA wank from DKB?

DKB logic went through natural selection, and gained a mutation. What you saw were the results.

Cid wrote:

The Doctor wrote:

Cid wrote:

Lazarus wrote: It’s so pathetic when people turn to other forums just to get their opinions confirmed so that they can feel good about themselves rather than proving that they’re right.

Lightning just wanted more opinions. Going to the OBD and expecting them to give an unbiased opinion wasn’t a good idea. But I can’t fault him for questioning the feats, if I didn’t already look extensively into it myself I would too. Of course, due to the fact we here at MVC takes feats and (uncontradicted) author statements over calculations and pixel scaling, we tend to have vastly differing opinions on a lot of things in comparison to other forums.

what? maybe the better debaters, but when it comes to the dragonball related threads people ignore all the feats and focus on like 2 or 3 or some that didn’t even happen on panel in the manga.

I generally refer to the ones who have an IQ bigger than their shoe size. ^_^

Lightning wrote:

Omniwhatever wrote:

Lightning wrote:

X The Legendary Reploid wrote:

Lightning wrote:

X The Legendary Reploid wrote:

Lightning wrote:

X The Legendary Reploid wrote:

Lightning wrote:

X The Legendary Reploid wrote:

Lightning wrote:

X The Legendary Reploid wrote:

Lightning wrote:

X The Legendary Reploid wrote:

Zero the Reploid Hero wrote:

X The Legendary Reploid wrote:

Omniwhatever wrote: I’m going to rape so hard.

Sonic always wins bro.

No shit? The guy has PIS h4x for crying out loud...

Only Lobo can beat him.

Lightning wrote:

Bugs Bunny ROFLSTOMPS him. Problem?

Nope, Sonic uses PIS manipulation and ROFLMFAOSTOMPS him. Problem? No? Didn’t think so cool

PIS hax doesn’t matter when Bugs breaks the 4th wall and cancels Archie Sonic. Problem? It’s already been decided that Bugs>Fictional Omnipotence>Archie Sonic. Wolfenstein also agrees.

Sonic has entered our Universe before, and could have destroyed it, he has 4th wall powers and PIS, wolfenstein never agreed, he would have used Bugs in the GTA mods thread.

So Sonic>Bugs>You>God>????>That guy with the umbrella hat

Wrongz. He said that until Sonic fufills the legendary prophecy, he hasn’t reached fictional omnipotence. Bugs with toonforce>Archie Sonic. Stop wanking him. You’re turning into G-Mod Ghost.

Looks like you’re going maverick.....

You’ve joined the Ghost side brah. YOU WERE MY BROTHER!!

You’ve become a maverick, I MUST DESTROY YOU!

You’ve gone rouge... *chokes on tears*



This feels like me and Omni again...

Cause we had nearly the exact same convo(Almost word for word and pic) a bit back? Twice? Lol.

Hahaha, page this Omni.

I’m getting a sense of deja vu....

Pet my Pussy wrote: If Openz defends Bleach. this will turn into a Bleach Disrepect Thread

Alonzo Harris wrote:

Marly wrote: People sure are bad at not getting trolled by a weeaboo scum like Accel.

I always felt like he was poor man’s version of you.

Zero the Reploid Hero wrote:

Omniwhatever wrote:

Zero the Reploid Hero wrote: Huh. I thought you asked me to prove what makes Archie Sonic the minimum it takes to overcome Avalon. Which I pretty much did.

Otherwise I’ve already agreed that yes, it’s a trolololoplotdevicelulz.

Oh sorry XD, no I never doubted he could get past it.

Yes, yes it is, but that doesn’t mean it should go to the levels I’m seeing here. Plotslash V7-Up soda is a plot device(WAY less hax obviously), but still a plot device. You don’t see ridiculous wank.

The big difference between the V7-Up Soda and this new shitty Avalon brand is that this Avalon junk doesn’t have any nutrition facts or any ingredients. It’s like somebody peeled off the entire label and it’s just a tall can of bullshit.

It’s pretty much like this, except you replace all the numbers (and nutrients) with question marks. The damn thing has nothing to its name, and this shit is illegal around these parts.

At least the V7-Up Soda is more quantifiable, and has estimations/approximations to its nutrition facts...

(By the way, it’s the Diet Plotslash V7-Up Soda that Cloud dished out to Sephiroth, not the original. The standard stuff would’ve made Sephiroth get fat and unfit during their duel, meaning Cloud wouldn’t have had to crack open a cold one on him.)

Kuja9001 wrote:

^ That. Is the funniest thing ever.

The Doctor wrote:

Pocket Rocket wrote:

Zombo wrote: So he’s a ghost now?
P.S he’s also not a fagg?


The Doctor wrote: well..... all I have is this pubic hair... and this rock.

You must have been going through Crasher’s things I see? cool

no then I’d find some yaoi and probably a special edition of boku no pico.

The Doctor wrote:

Pocket Rocket wrote: Which is what gives me hope that it’s a legit trailer.

Who would honestly waste so much time and money to make a fake trailer that looks THAT good?

capcom. capcom would do that.

Cid wrote: We’d have Season 3’s two part opener. “Rocky Friendships in Harmony”

The Doctor wrote: hey guys, I figured out that terra in FF6 is a star buster.

according to this cutscene I found ( I’m not posting it either, you’ll just have to take my word for) terra is a star buster. I didn’t have a 12 inch ruler so I just used my dick instead to measure stuff and this thingy that terra destroyed by slapping her ass was the size of a star. terra was 16.12381203912 pixels and this thingy was 8175091847394573204572073328 pixels based off of some NASA calculations that president Nixon gave me. that means at full power terra can star bust.


^ The Doctor on Pixel scaling.

Cid wrote:

Sheko the Reaper wrote: You need to give Fenrir some weapons or materia first, otherwise it’s gonna have a hard time ramming everyone to death. Lol

Ramming makes it all the more brutal. Remember, Cloud’s a lightning timer therefore this bike is lightspeed or something for Cloud to use it over running.

Fear the power of Fenrir lol.

Atheist is the only way wrote:

Pocket Rocket wrote: How about Link and Batman vs a monster made out of the personification of Edgar’s estrogen?

1billion females estrogen<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Edgars

They don’t want any of that

Pocket Rocket wrote:

Omniwhatever wrote:

Cid wrote: Reminds me of Wade, to an extent.

Oh come on, he’s bad but he’s not THAT bad. Unless something happened with Wade I am not aware of.

Something bad did happen, he made an account.

Godot wrote: GG LT

Prepare your anus Living Tribunal lol.

The Doctor wrote:

Chibis Charizard wrote: What to do.

Learn Fireblast.

Hank Crawford wrote:

Zack Fair wrote: See ya', Chibster.

Zack Fair for admin 2012. cool

Small town country boy from humble beginnings of Gongaga, he promises free health care for all.

Cid wrote:

Omniwhatever wrote:

Cid wrote:

joskasklaz wrote:

Rhapsodos wrote: Zack,Peth, and Eric were suggested as admins by Chibi. Honestly, Phob may not have got it but at least two of them did.

you seem informed

however are you informed that the slobbering cid indulged upon bjarnes dick to remove phob from admin threatened to flood denmark?

That Cid’s downright amazing. He can’t threaten Bjarne to get inactive and hacked admins demoted. But he sure can do it to get perfectly innocent members like Phobetor demoted.



Besides, everyone knows I’m secretly the fat redneck Poseidon. I drink beer and spew my wrath on those who need smiting.

spencer the king wrote:

R34L1TY wrote:

J peth wrote:

R34L1TY wrote:

J peth wrote:


fuck yo shit

dandy, an open web page describing a program.

how impressive.

You got an 85+ average in Chemistry/Bio/Physics/Eng/Maths?? No?? Then stfu. My first year I will be making 34/hr working 8-5 with full benefits, how about you?

well that depends on the corner you will be working and the location not to menchen the pimp fee.

Comments that are pure WTF or Holy shit.

Zero the Reploid Hero laying down some EPIC beatings right here.

Zero the Reploid Hero wrote: Jesus christ; this turned into a shitstorm fast. The downplaying on Dante for DMC is absolutely horrible. I can’t believe people call themselves fans of DMC and state this didn’t happen or that’s game mechanics. It’s painfully obvious you have no idea what you’re talking about.

So let me get some shit cleared up for you clowns.

DMC Downplayer wrote: Dante’s DC isn’t above that of a building trololololo

There are multiple examples of this being a bunch of crap.

The first one that comes to mind is yes, Dante using Yamato in DMC4. Dante does some flashy moves and uses a casual Judgement Cut to destroy a structure the size of a skyscraper (that is, cut it in half).

Here’s the video:

Any questions? Oh wait, here’s another statement that keeps popping up:

DMC Downplayer wrote: Dante doesn’t have Yamato anymore trololololo

The first thing I have to say is 'So what?' Dante needs Yamato to destroy a building, when he’s defeated creatures that are not only larger than buildings (Nefasturris or however his name is spelled in DMC2, Abigail from DMC Anime, etc.), but have stronger DC and durability than buildings?

Dante by powerscaling has shown DC higher than that of a building, so saying he can’t, I might as well say Shana can’t city-bust because she doesn’t have Alastor, trololololo.


DMC Downplayer wrote: Dante isn’t lightning speed trololololo

First off, speed for this thread is not relevant. It was already declared and finalized that speed was equalized, and that’s that.

Second off, Dante has received the Alastor sword, which grants him lightning speeds. It’s also good to note that since Dante no longer has Alastor in DMC4, he no longer needs to rely on its speed. Meaning guess what? Powerscaling also suggests he eventually and naturally gained lightning speed!



DMC Downplayer wrote: Dante’s regeneration won’t save him, he can’t survive having his limbs being cut off trololololo

I have two videos to post. This first one shows Dante going after Vergil, and Vergil barely reacting with Yamato.

Let me see where to start...oh yes. The palm of his fist is stuck in Yamato, and one thing to notice is that when his fist lands, the entry point that Yamato carved instantly regenerated.

I find it is almost physically impossible to outright destroy Dante. Can he still be defeated? Of course. But destroyed? Only thing I can see doing something like that is, for example, SSJ3 Goku’s Spirit Bomb at Kid Buu. The only difference is that it has to affect all of his body, and simultaneously.

Here’s the second one.

Alright. When Dante and Vergil go for their final charge, Dante makes his strike, as evident by the blood he draws. The thing is, he got a full swing through; his sword is larger than his mid-section, so physically, he should’ve been cut in half. Got it? Vergil should’ve been cut into two pieces. But his regeneration saved him that displeasure. Vergil’s and Dante’s regeneration acts exactly the same. By powerscaling, Dante would be able to survive the same level of attack.

There’s your proof; Dante’s regeneration is nigh-instantaneous, and can save him from having severed limbs. Granted, this still does take a toll on his endurance; that I won’t lie about. But saying he will be losing limbs or that he’ll be nothing but a bloody pulp is a bunch of crap.


DMC Downplayer wrote: Dante has no viable/stable Devil Trigger trololololo

Seriously? Are we trying to say that Dante has no stable Devil Trigger? Dante’s sword changing during that first video I showed you before (the first one that was before this statement debunk) was to show that he’s unlocked and learned how to control his demonic heritage. There’s even multiple 'missions' where he has to travel somewhere while Devil Trigger is constantly active. If he truly couldn’t control it, he wouldn’t be able to handle the power and would ultimately either explode to let it out, warp out of proportion, or have no control whatsoever. But he had enough control to get to a bridge while maneuvering around multiple obstacles and fighting numerous, powerful demons.

Here, Another example during cutscenes is when Arkham used the full-fledged Sparda Sword’s power, and his body was warping around, and grew very unstable. Because he couldn’t handle its power. Vergil directly says he couldn’t. I can concur with this because Arkham wasn’t exactly born a demon; he underwent a ritual to become one, and even so he is of a lesser kind. He wouldn’t be able to control its power because it’s on a level he can’t ascend to.

And you’re going to ignore all of that proof?


DMC Downplayer wrote: Dante can just get soulfucked by Power of Existence since he has some trololololo

First off, we need that shit explained, pronto. Not only do I not know how that works, but for all I know, it could be a bunch of PIS/Universal only power (that is, it is a substance limited only to that universe), and that it only works on certain individuals.

Now, it has been stated a couple times that it only works on individuals who also have Power of Existence. Since Dante does not come from that verse, nor has there ever been a statement saying he has such a thing, it won’t affect him. Not only that, but Dante has dealt with soulfucking before; not on a level to that of what would be demonstrated with this power, but it still constitutes him having some sort of resistance.

Here’s a video demonstration:

Dante picks up a Haywire Neo Generator. Its volatile contents drain the souls of those who have possession of it, as Jester states. Not only that, but it shows he still has some form of strength and capability.

This also links with one of those missions that constantly gives him Devil Trigger, and he has to maneuver around multiple obstacles and many powerful demons to place it in its proper spot.

So yes, he does have some level of resistance. Is it on the level that this Power of Existence can do? Probably not. Will it be relevant when Dante unleashes Devil Trigger? Not entirely.


DMC Downplayer wrote: Shana can just summon Alastor and wtfpwn Dante trololololo

...No. This isn’t allowed unless the OP specifies. Since he hasn’t, it won’t be. Want to know why? I got a perfect example for you.

Dante along the way of Devil May Cry 3 obtains an ability called Doppelganger. Now, pay attention to my wording when I make that statement. Here’s a video demonstrating it.

The key thing to note is that Dante obtains this ability, and it becomes a part of his repertoire. It is not a completely separate entity that operates on its own accord, or without complete direction/consent of its owner. Because it is an ability he has, and not a completely separate entity, he can utilize the Doppelganger for the purposes of this thread, since it’s just an extension of himself.

Alastor and Shana aren’t the same, nor is Alastor an ability or power that Shana can utilize at any given time, nor is it something she can 100% control. Plus, Alastor is a completely separate entity from Shana, and it would be considered receiving help from an outside source.

Long story short? Alastor can’t be used because it’s not something standard for her, nor is it an extension of her own power. By that logic, Shana = Alastor, and that’d be a bunch of bull shit.

Any mother fucking questions before you try and fail at downplaying these concrete feats I’ve displayed?

Cid wrote: Yeah, I’ve hung around talking to my friend at my local gamestop to see the manager pricing games I just traded in without testing them.

Da fuq gamestop?

Sekundes wrote: God damn if they followed those same rules when I was a kid, I’d be in prison for life by now for all those “terrorist threats”

I think laws needs to be based on common fucking sense. Not retard logic. Even if she brought it to school, who cares? It’s a pink bubble gun. I feel like I’m living in a world of dumb shits and I am some alien from another world with amnesia who only subconsciously remembers home where no one was as much as a dumb shit as this place.

Mu wrote:

Lord Edgar.. wrote:

Mu wrote:

AIDB wrote: Haven’t seen any Itachi threads lately. The fuck is going on Rin?

Adolf Hitmu happened.

Your welcome for that name BTW...

DBZcaust! I am the Mod of the 3rd Reich.

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