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Hotter than sun Amaterasu wrote:

Quality Natsu wrote:

Hotter than sun Amaterasu wrote:

Quality Natsu wrote: What scenario? Your 9 cats? I think you have 9 cats but if I proved it, you would call me a stalker.

My 9 cats > your toilet. They wreck your bathroom without outside kitty litter. Good fight your bathroom. smiley

No, I flush them. My toilet can regularly handle my shit so it solos.

GG cats sad G’nite, Imma go for tonite, I’m tired of trolling

My long ass Godzilla respect thread






Wade wrote:

Shimmata wrote: All the Godzillas are continental+

No they arent. Theyre building busters



Wade wrote:

Shimmata wrote: All the Godzillas are continental+

No they arent. Theyre building busters

sig 4:

PriceofDarkness wrote:

1337 l33t H4ck3r wrote:

PriceofDarkness wrote: No. I just want to play some Shraq Kart.

ever take your shirt off while playing? Games like this could get intense for your soft delicate skin. People at tournaments should do that more often. I guarantee they will be better.

No. Since I haven’t been outside for several years, the light from the TV will give me a sunburn.

Gallavant123 wrote:

Wade wrote: Wait, show the movie. I have no idae what you’re talking about.

In vs Destroyah, that was not a planet busting amount of energy. He was radiated from one nuclear reactor.

Wade wrote:

Gallavant123 wrote: Never shown eating anything organic after mutating.

Wade wrote: And if those space crystals were so great, then why the hell did Godzilla need to power himself up again in &#147;vs Destroyah&#148; anyway? He did, after all, re-expose himself directly to a power plant to try to power himself up.

He was going to absorb more energy from power plants in Godzilla vs Destroyah, after he was already in Meltdown mode and already had more energy than his body could handle.

He didnt need to. Perhaps some kind of mental problem caused him to.

Or maybe they filmed the scene before they finalized the script, and later decided it would be a shame not to use the footage.

Wade wrote:

Shimmata wrote: All the Godzillas are continental+

No they arent. Theyre building busters

Wade wrote:

Gallavant123 wrote:

03-11-2013 from Omniwhatever
thumbs-down “Tries way to hard to apply physics to fiction and doesn’t learn”

^ That negrep describes you

It’s self contradictory canon guy.

Why the hell are you blaming me? Blame the fricken authors.

The reason I apply physics to fiction, which omniwhatever doesn’t get, is because in order for words in a film or other work of fiction to have any meaning whatsoever, we must assume that their terms are the same as our terms. If not, understanding the story would obviously be impossible.

Nuclear fission refers to a specific set of processes involving specific fuel isotopes. It’s not something you can “fudge factor” your way around.

And if those space crystals were so great, then why the hell did Godzilla need to power himself up again in “vs Destroyah” anyway? He did, after all, re-expose himself directly to a power plant to try to power himself up.

Besides all that, do you think it makes so much as a shred of sense that if Godzilla had enough energy to destroy the entire planet, a few freeze guns and some liquid nitrogen would make any difference whatever?

Come on, be serious.

That’s bogus canon, and you know it. The author was simply in way over his own head.

I’d rather an outright reality warp, than a false physics explanation from a “Godzilla Expert” in the movie. It’s sickening.

At least in the “swims and walks through lava” feat in “Vs Battra and Mothra” the guy just said, “it’s beyond present understanding of science," and that was good enough.

That scene in “Vs Destroyah” was just bad authorship.

I’m not going to offer an excuse for them, but I’m also not going to let you use that BS as canon, as it’s clearly wrong and ridiculous.

More Wade Quotes:

Wade wrote:

Shimmata wrote: All the Godzillas are continental + at the very least.

No they aren’t.

They are building busters with high durability and regen.

There are only like 2 versions that are continent busters or above, and even though I mentioned Final Wars, we generally haven’t allowed that in debate, because it’s ridiculously out of character. the other example was when he destroyed a black hole (which is illogical).

We don’t allow Final Wars?

Wade wrote: In Final Wars, the American crappy Godzilla appears as an enemy of Final Wars Godzilla, re-named as simply &#147;Zilla," and the Final Wars Godzilla one-shot kills him, and destroys several city blocks in the process in a linear blast of his breath.

Wade wrote: So without the black hole feat, whatever it was, Godzilla is back to somewhere between building buster and city block buster.

Godzilla is multi city block but is also less than city block at most?

Wade wrote: It is not physically possible for him to have enough nuclear fuel in his body to destroy anything even remotely the size of a planet, as he only absorbed a few pounds worth of fuel to begin with...not even enough to make a bomb really.

Godzilla’s energy can’t make a bomb?

Wade wrote: Well Ghidorah obviously either self-propelled over time in space. He in fact is a reality warper and has gravity manipulation, so I have no problem with his meteor’s speed being higher than normal for a real meteor.

Wade wrote: Ghidorahs Gravity Beams are a reality warp

Wade wrote: And Godzilla would have been killed by a building buster (Kaiser Ghidorah) with building level gravity manipulation and building level lightning

(despite Kaiser Ghidorah’s base form being able to accelerate a kaiju sized “meteor” to faster than real life meteor speeds, and the same Godzilla tanking a city level explosion)

Random Guests:

Tone wrote: DBZ’s Earth is way smaller than ours.

GhostPlanetIndustries wrote:

You think a city block level attack will do anything to fighters who knock each other kilometers at a time?

GhostPlanetIndustries wrote:

Probably a little generous, since when he actually used it in a combat scenario, it left a crater smaller than a Sports Arena.

BringerLight wrote:

Anyways, a building level attack like that won’t do shit to Toriko

queen abbey wrote:

sm naruto with rasen shuriken can kill bankai yamamoto

queen abbey wrote:

like i said once before, it (yamamoto’s bankai) is only good against fodder in naruto

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