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Name: Jeff Hanneman


Last seen: 09-06-2015

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 08-29-2011

Posts: 10,149

Age: 23

Location: Reach

About: Master Chief is my best friend. Alma Wade is my girlfriend. Vegeta was my mentor. River Song was my mother. Rob Dyrdek is my role model. Kim Jung-il is the face on the toilet paper I wipe my ass on.

Hobbies: Watching Doctor Who, palying video games.

Reputation: 128thumbs-up

Previously known as

Mcrfan343 until 02-11-2012
Paarthurnax until 08-09-2012
Paarthurnax aka Tom Baker until 02-06-2013
Mr Joker until 12-10-2013
Satanic Joker until 09-17-2014

01-31-2015 from -Shard-

01-30-2015 from Nappa stomps

01-30-2015 from Hell no

01-19-2015 from The Fantom Convoy
thumbs-up "If he wants to leave, then let him. It's a lot better than being here in this useless place."

12-31-2014 from Gats

12-03-2014 from Expensive-Discount
thumbs-up "Don't be leaving us, man..."

11-13-2014 from Mucho
thumbs-up "Bye"

11-03-2014 from The Living Tribunal
thumbs-up ":) :) :) :D:D:D:D:D"

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thumbs-down "I'm a rebel"

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User Page

I’m part Spartan, part Saiyan, part Time Lord, and part Kryptonian, and part dragon, yet I’m all Joker. I keep a bag of exploding jellybabies in my pockets in case of emergencies.

Me and Alucard and Slenderman go ot for martinis every Friday night.

Everybody shake your booty!

Yay tickling

Wall of Stupidity

- White n Neurdy - wrote: Anime..fucking up mental development in caucasian children since it invaded North America.

Some Great (Or Not) MVC Discussions

Tomie wrote:

Mister Teal wrote: who’s malcolm x

X-men character.

-Sheko- wrote:

Groovy wrote: I’ve been doing that since I was introduced to him as a running joke, I’m not 100% serious about it. Y’all acging like I have an agenda against him.

Yeah, he is a cringeworthy person, but the e-bullying I do to him is just for shits and giggles. I doubt he’s shook because I’m not even shook lmao.

Man, I really don’t care about your love story for the guy.

You talked about dude’s yapping at your heels, and yet here you all following this guy around all the time. Damn man, there’s all-male dating sites, take it there.

Mucho wrote:

Bruce Wilson C. wrote:

Fuck Fuck wrote:

Mucho wrote:

Bruce Wilson C. wrote: stop reporting ME. LOL

If I don’t who will!

Fuck Fuck

I was On Your topic to say why i would live there. which is also off topic, and may answer was that i don’t like Hungarians.

Reported for racism times 2.

Groovy wrote:

KankerHomo wrote:

Groovy wrote: I feel like a GOD on this site cool

Not gonna lie

Too bad youre still ugly as fuck tho

Your mom’s tits are in the way, I couldn’t read what you said.


C. Dornez wrote:

Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann wrote:

C. Dornez wrote: I would bend over for anyone.

I will bend down and have my butt filled with tears.



Sunny DEE_ICK wrote:

Zevroid wrote: If life is a massive simulation, then who ever is running it is doing a pretty terrible job. I mean, if this question is even able to arise...The Illuminati is really off their game.

If this thing was a game and we wrre playing as player one....

You have to grind so much for so little in return
Many relationship options which have a chance of leadin to wasted time
Only one life, no save states
HP Bar is super short, one gun shot an yo down
Plot isnt very interesting, though the storied made by in game npcs are quality, and the in game music is amazing.
The time it takes to recover sprint is hard to upgrade,
Must grind consistantly over long periods of time to get stronger and faster
Cant choose your characters appearance even though it is a MMO

IGN rates this game 1/10
Too much grinding
Pointless quests
Too many one shot deaths

Sir Phantom wrote:

The Dan Hibiki wrote: he’s probably one of the funniest niggas here


He can give Prime Robert C. a run for his worthless Romanian money.

fagut bread wrote:

The Dan Hibiki wrote:

Pride The Solo King wrote:

Shu-ulath wrote: Beerus one-hands.

Yep.It is his job after all.

confirming that he doesn’t do it with physical or other strength

YOu do know Beerus is a multi-googolnaire rihgt?

He is the CEO of universal companies like:

StarDestroyer Inc.
CheapDestruction C.
Cat Care & Other feline quandaries Experts
Hooped & Looped (earrring fashion company)

and many more.

He’s got the bills to do w/e the hell he wants. Except fcuk with Seto FREAKING Kaiba! That is.

A Heterosexual Guest wrote: Only if she’s a man +_+.

Baldie The Brave wrote:

Fistbeard Beardfist wrote:

brown wrote:

Cock wrote: I just get rid of it by having sex.

You are one creepy guy you know that.

This is coming from you?

put a beard set on and shush it.

Tactician wrote:

Kamen Rider Soul wrote:

Tactician wrote:

Kamen Rider Soul wrote: I do that too some times.
Not sure why.

Y u do dis?

Seriously, why??!



I’m so fucking rustled.

Ne Zha wrote:

Jeff Hanneman wrote: Take that stick out of your butt. It’ll help alot.

I can’t it’s apart of me. Sort of like a fleshy tumor just always protruding out of my anus it’s very uncomfortable.

Fluffle Puff wrote:

Ne Zha wrote:

Fluffle Puff wrote:

Ne Zha wrote:

Fluffle Puff wrote:

Ne Zha wrote:

Fluffle Puff wrote:

Ne Zha wrote:

Fluffle Puff wrote: there is no proof the back your claims,

and thus your logic is flawed as it’s nothing but useless text making statements that have no foundation.

Proof of what? My proof lies in the very fabric of space it’s self. We are numbers. Look at your hands and wave them around in front of your face. There’s your proof.

All I see is the proving of kinetic energy and the ability of my brain and the rest of my body to accurately communicate through a system developed either by a higher being or long term evolution.

Observe the timing of these mechanics. Numbers don’t lie bro.

That doesn’t even make sense. there is no set pattern.

I mean seriously chaos theory throws you completely under the bus right now.

Chaos theory actually backs up every one of my claims.

no. Because you claim everything is already written.

chaos theory shows that every detail, no matter how small, can/will effect everything else. meaning the universe isn’t scripted as it’s far too chaotic to be.

Scripted isn’t the right word. I’m simply stating that every detail, no matter how small, can/will influence everything that follows indefinitely, and those pre-influenced factors will continue to do the same, meaning the results are mathematically inclined rather than scripted.

that isn’t what you stated originally at all.

and you’re not even backpedaling.... you’re just fucking jumping around like a kangaroo in heat.

Fluffle Puff wrote:

Ne Zha wrote:

Fluffle Puff wrote:

Ne Zha wrote:

Fluffle Puff wrote:

Ne Zha wrote:

Fluffle Puff wrote: pretty sure the internet didn’t exist before it was created and sustained by man kind....

It was around for decades before being released to the public as a “new” invention.

still means at one point it was new.

thus your entire quote is moot.

Who says the current state of this universe is even new? We could just Be trapped in a massive time loop for all we know.

Then wouldn’t that mean your attempts are futile?

in either case your logic is flawed and you come undone.

All attempts at anything are futile as the results are predestined, yet we try and try. This is why the human spirit is so beautiful.

I was about to say that you’re now just going on pseudo-intellectual drivel, but now I see who you are and can’t help but feel stupid for even having had this conversation.

Spiral wrote: I had this dream last night and Souls was in it.
He joined my university study group and started talking about black people and I started defending him. IDK

King Smiley wrote:

Sir Phantom wrote:

Casey Veggies wrote: If she was like, “Eat my ass, daddy!" Would you hop on that or...?

I would hop on her ass and ride it to a loving farmer.

No need to eat an innocent donkey like that.

You may think you were talking about a literal donkey, but you pretty much just said you’d fuck her in the ass like a maniac.

King Smiley wrote:

Squark wrote: My bed my rules

Enjoy your blue balls.

Casey Veggies wrote: Souls friends be like:

Pride The Solo King wrote:

Meme Guy wrote:

Pride The Solo King wrote: Get naked.A woman without a dildo does not scare me.

Could be a shemale.

Big boobs?.I will suck the blood out of his/her boobs.

Sir Phantom wrote:

Anime18 wrote:

Sir Phantom wrote:

Anime18 wrote: .... you still have malice against me dude?.......

Yeah, just look at all that hate that was in my question.

Anyway, a girl’s hits 99.9% of the time can’t hurt a guy.

come on dude, don’t troll...

You’re doing a fantastic job of using the internet all the way back there in 1927.


Should I present my post via a printing press for you to understand?

JJBA banned spoderman forever wrote: i just saw kagamis shit and holy fuck was that racist

and he’s black

him and helly should just get in a room and have racist butsecks

Izayoi wrote:

Crismon123 wrote:

Izayoi wrote:

Crismon123 wrote:

Izayoi wrote:

Fistbeard Beardfist wrote:

Crismon123 wrote: You <3


holy shit

can’t handle the yaoi



Stop trying to hide it we all know you want in

Did I ever say I didn’t? I just said I couldn’t handle it smiley

I shouldn’t underestimate MvC’s Yaoi prez

Prez? Please, I am the God of Yaoi, the Primordial Fujiyoshi, the man that all weaboos wish they could know, but they never, ever will because I don’t associate myself with Japan-worshippers.

Maice wrote:

Gremmy wrote:
Keep trying. I’m not feeling it. I’ll give you 5 minutes to google another pick-up line, see if you can find a good one.

If a fat dude with a giant bag tries to abduct you, don’t resist, because I told Santa I wanted you for Christmas.

Pride The Solo King wrote:

Gremmy wrote:

Yuma3 wrote:

Gremmy wrote:

Yuma3 wrote:

Gremmy wrote:

Lol ghey.

Nice try. But you can’t convince me to marry you with such a weak pick-up line.

Your thirst is real.


Keep trying. I’m not feeling it. I’ll give you 5 minutes to google another pick-up line, see if you can find a good one.

Baby,call me Kirby cuz I am taking you to dreamland.

Gremmy wrote:

Yuma3 wrote:

Gremmy wrote:

Lol ghey.

Nice try. But you can’t convince me to marry you with such a weak pick-up line.

Yuma3 wrote:

Nappa stomps wrote:

Yuma3 wrote:

Jeff Hanneman wrote: Ends in gay sex.



Gremmy is a rep whoreand has a infinite number of alts.
I dont know Nappas feats :/.

You’re thinking of Ryan bruh

Gremmy admitted that he was a rep whore.

Yuma3 wrote:

Anime18 wrote: hence why the vs section needs to totally die.......


It is one of the few sections that is always active,deal with it cool.

Fuck Fuck wrote:

Anime18 wrote:

Jeff Hanneman wrote:

Nappa stomps wrote:

Sir Phantom wrote:

Nappa stomps wrote: I swear, people on this site have the weirdest sense of humor.

No kidding.

Nah, he’s actually funny.

dude, how can he be funny when ppl can barely understand what hes saying?................

Ms evrybodi understnds mi
Ur jst retardd

Real One wrote:

Hellfighter wrote: You’re not important enough to gossip about.

So is your small ass dick. But bitches still talk about that dont they?

Knight 0f Steel wrote: Dude I’ve got the sex drive a fucking lion.

My dick’s gotten me in trouble too many fuckin times.

Molly wrote:

Queen Mutifah wrote:

Molly wrote: Sure why not.


bend over and spread your cheeks

Go choke on 1000 dicks first.

Crayons wrote: I turn moon into troll face..then ppl be like wtf

BigDaddy wrote:

Satanic Joker wrote:

BigDaddy wrote: Smh i taught you better
Dont be lazy

But.. but..

NO, this drill isnt for scratching ass

Diable Jambe wrote:

Bad Man wrote:

Diable Jambe wrote:

Bad Man wrote: Less meat more candy...?

In my world meat= candy.

If someone/something that eats meat is a carnivore...
What is someone/something that eats candy called...?

Pedophile bait?

Mu wrote: Man or woman Hell would get my Country busting Bijudamas all and every day.

Professor Scientist M.D. wrote:

R3 wrote: Are you four years old?

No ...
Are you an overweight Canadian pseudo intellectual who constantly lies about his status in life to a bunch of anonymous posters on a backwater forum?


Proto Dude wrote: Get that blue loser out of this thread
This is Fox VS Chief, no overpowered blue things allowed.

Squark the majestic penguin wrote:

UnlegendaryPhoenix just a common one wrote:

Satanic Joker wrote:

UnlegendaryPhoenix just a common one wrote:

Satanic Joker wrote:

UnlegendaryPhoenix just a common one wrote: Ran sucked as a vs mod when he locked my Naruto vs dbz topics when he was losing the debate

I don’t support Ran, but fuck you Ran is fucking awesome go eat a throbbing horse cock and take a bath in elephant diaria.

And tell your mom thanks for the good time last night.

Sorry my mother isn’t lesbian. So she wouldn’t give you a good time

Ran is lame.

Oh, I didn’t know you had two dads. My apologies. That must’ve been your girlfriend that I did.

Negative. I’m a homosexual

I still ravaged your asshole

Chris Handsome wrote:

Snap wrote:

Chris Handsome wrote: You have shit taste in men Im afraid because you should be lusting after Tori since the jap is muscular as fuck.Lmao Im already taller than Snap and only 14 by the time Im 16 I could kick his ass when he is 20.Whats next the fact Snap doesnt even lift and most likely has a small dick.Next he is a inside otaku weirdo.

What is even going on

You are garbage Snap freaking garbage and Gomi is a nutcase for wanting your dick while ignoring the many better dicks on this website like mine.

Cirno wrote:

Chris Handsome wrote:

Cirno wrote:

Chris Handsome wrote:

Cirno wrote: I vote we just send Kagami to mars as it is now :3

You are making it hard for me to think you dont care about me.When my existence clearly rustles your jimmies.

I just don’t like annoying thirsty boys on my planet :L So you’d be one of the first ones to go in my book.

Aw you care about me enough to wish death wish on me instead of just saying something.I love you platonicly :3

I care about the gene pool and any woman who is unfortunate enough to catch your eye. I know what it’s like. I’d feel bad for my worst enemy if you were thirsting on her the way you do to me.

I’m a bitch. But not that big of a bitch to want that to happen .-.

Infinity Flux wrote:

Chris Handsome wrote: Did Infinity Flux already post a picture in the post a picture thread?

I’m afraid to post there for many reasons. My sanity is one of the reasons. <<

Yami Marik wrote:

The 69 Player wrote:

Yami Marik wrote:

The 69 Player wrote:

Yami Marik wrote:

Baal Raam wrote:

Infinity Flux wrote:

Quality Natsu wrote:

AM I DA BADDEST wrote: Infinity Flux female?

That’s up for debate.

I am not a male for the record.

If this is true then you know where I lay... no shame in my game.


thats what she said......last night.weab

When she found out your dick was too small.
My bitch.

My dick is as big as Ichigo’s sword

Good, Ichigo’s sword isn’t real, so neither is your dick.

Maice wrote:

Quality Natsu wrote: Dementor gets him.

And now I’m imagining a Demontor choking on Sasuke’s emo soul.

OP wrote:

Han Solo wrote: i don’t even know him so that not make sense but you seem to have experience wit subject

pls tell more smiley

Yes. I received your letter to Obama about you wanting to suck his cock, I told him of your question and he gave you a flat no. I then fucked his 20 year old female secretary.

True story.

curstdragon wrote: Well since SSJ power is fueled by rage, I think SSJ3 Joker smokes his emperor counterpart. The only SSJ that could smoke Broly like a joint.

Funny MvC Quotes

Magnum Bookworm wrote:

Bender Bending Rodriguez wrote: Yo TSR , If all yall brits got such a sophisticated health care how come most of yall still got dem fucked up teeth??

Slamming too many dicks into your mouth can do that.

Jesus Sexum wrote:

Alpha wrote:

Jesus Sexum wrote:

Alpha wrote:

Jesus Sexum wrote:

Alpha wrote:

Jesus Sexum wrote: Has the average IQ on MvC dropped substantially in the last few weeks?

like you can fucking talk

I can fucking talk. My IQ is in the minus four digit range. What’s yours?

125 retard

A mere fraction of mine. My IQ is 4230.

yh -4230 meaning you are more stupid than a bacterium

btw if your so smart why arent you inventing advance technology for us instead of wasting your precious brain cells on this forum

I just invented a robot that can jerk me off in 108 different ways. It took me about 8 seconds. Anymore questions?

Pocket Rocket wrote:

ShadowTheHedgehog wrote:

Pocket Rocket wrote:

ShadowTheHedgehog wrote: Keep hearing people saying that Enerjak is leagues above Mogule.
Can I have the scans for that? Please and Thank You.

Why not just look at normal porn?

I didn’t say anything about porn straight

You might as well have.

gojira4life wrote: You know that feeling when you ate something really spicy like taco bell?
That feeling in your anus you get when you have to take that humongously painful shit after having a full course menu and are nearly passing out from the burning and stretching of your own asshole?
Yeah, multiply that by 10 and you’d have a certain percentage of how absolutely FUCKED we would be.

OrganizationXV wrote:

Fabulous Police wrote:

wow thers no need 2 b mad

y r u sooooo mad

oh wait ik

its cus ur sooooooo not fab nd i am

pls dnt project ok thts unfabulously not healthy

u sooo not fab

ur fab is non existent

do u have any fab

no u dnt

cus ur soo not fab

Whoops, I’m fresh out of fucks, so I can’t give you any. Check again on Thursday, that’s when the delivery guy comes.

Alpha wrote:

The phone 999 wrote: 1 + 1 = 2,DUMBASS.

yes and YOU +YOU=stupid annoying shithead nigga

The Pharaoh wrote:

Atheist wrote:

The Pharaoh wrote:

Atheist wrote:

The Pharaoh wrote:

The Doctor wrote:

Gentleman wrote:

Clit Yeastwood wrote: So Fucked.


“damn” is a good way to describe that.

What video is that from? I’ve seen it before I think.

Milk White Jello Vol. 5.

lol all specific. Didn’t turn up anything on google though.

Cause it was a lie...

Don’t play with my erections.

Clit Yeastwood wrote: Yes.

Pocket Rocket wrote: Yeah, Adventure Time sucks like 8 different flavors of balls lol.

LostOblivion wrote: Sorry we currently don’t have a return policy for wankers.

XD wrote:

Insecure Redneck wrote: All of these fucking race traders, smh. Well, fuck you all too, then. Don’t come crying to the wise men who tried to warn you when your shitskins ruin everything else. It’ll be your fault, race traders

Don’t come crying to the internet when you can’t get any ass of any color to save your failure of a life.Whether it’s male,female,shemale,or even a rat’s ass,you won’t get any.

The Black Mamba wrote:

XD wrote:

The Black Mamba wrote: Hope her ass is clean.

Obviously not.I bet that machine has shit stains that will last for all eternity(and a half).

Her gross ass(literally). Fire her nasty ass and send her home with some charmins-extra soft.

NEGATIVE-ZERO wrote: On a serious note, probably drowning in freezing cold water or being buried alive.

Or being buried alive in a box full of freezing cold water........

FireWolf81 wrote: I’m feeling a a Dickhat McAssGasm comming on

Fure wrote:

Mr. Infinity wrote:

Fure wrote:

Mr. Infinity wrote:

Fure wrote:

Mr. Infinity wrote: When was the exact moment you realized your life had absolutely no value?
Was it before or after dog dicks?


Thanks for informing me you’re nothing but an empty shell of human being.

Why are you wasting PRECIOUS precios time talkin to an “empty shell” of a human?

Your tiny yiff filled brain is unable to process my methods, you see I try to gauge the trollobility of members to see wether they’re fun to mess with or not. If it’s too high like kinasin I ignore them because they turn into incomprehensible idiots if it’s too low like yourself it lets me know your masochist so so I should talk to you sparingly.

Sounds like a personal problem. Look, if your gonna dump your mentral wannabe “superior” talk, go ahead. It actually amuses me. *wink*

juniorsworld wrote:

FireWolf81 wrote:

juniorsworld wrote: Lol... do not push me.

*Pushes junior mint*

FireWolf81 wrote:

The True Sonic Wind wrote:

Mr. Infinity wrote:

Cocklick von vagina hater wrote:

Mr. Infinity wrote:

Cocklick von vagina hater wrote: Can you PLEASE change my name to what I want?

Is your dick of whatever you piss out of comically fused to this forum or something autism lad?

I don’t have Autism I have ADD.

So you diagnosed yourself using tv tropes autism lad?

No, I was diagnosed by doctors,school officials,the fact it’s difficult for me to focus and sit still, and not doing well in school despite being tested at high IQ several times.

that would be the cock in your ass....

Cid wrote: I changed your name back for you Sonic. No, you aren’t getting a different one. This name is your curse.

And if you attempt to troll admins again, I’ll be breaking out the My Little Pony names.

Mr. Infinity wrote:

The True Sonic Wind wrote:

Mr. Infinity wrote: Lies and deception.

She said and I quote “I’ve wanted to ride that brown cock so bad for so long baby.“

She also said and I QUOTE “You’re a fucking idiot if you believe simply quoting with out any source is going to make, Mr. Infinity believe you.".

How does your imaginary girlfriend know of me?!

Mr. Infinity wrote:

Mcrfan343 wrote: You didn’t answer my other question. Good.

Maybe it has something to do with your goddamn fricking silence alien avatar?

The Doctor wrote:

JayDragonBallZ wrote:

The Doctor wrote:
well it’s a good thing that goku had never showed any kind of planet level physical anything then huh?

Yeah, he never showed anything like that.

Instead, Goku just beat the shit out of beings that could tank planet+ level attacks.

damn, I must have missed that special manga chapter released only to the most rabid fanboys where someone actually tanks a planet buster.

The Doctor wrote:

Roelito911 wrote: I’m new here so yeah..

you bend over, accept the phallus, give me $15,000 and if you wake up in the morning with an intact anus, you now have the ability to give people reps.

Zero the Reploid Hero wrote:

Nikola Culpa wrote: Are your parents legit? Share shit about them and we’ll find out.

My mom: Hunts ghosts, goes to a psychic regularly.

My dad: Plays vidja games, reads comics and Manga, watches anime regularly, watches sick scifi shows, drives a '67 Mustang.

Fixed, bra.

And I don’t have parents. I’m a machine.

Mr. Infinity wrote:

Mau5 wrote: Here comes the autistic retard of a mod.

Your uncle done with your anus yet?

Already covering your ass I see god you fucking imps are infuriating can even handle a jest without going full primal like a damn neanderthal.

It was fucking joke you inbred son of a whore.

the reaper wrote:

Samurai Billy wrote: Simple. Your gun jammed up, and a sniper on the roof across the street fired the shot that hit their leg.

Some babies were dropped on their heads but you were clearly thrown at a wall.

Sheko the Reaper wrote:

Zero the Reploid Hero wrote:

Sheko the Reaper wrote: I declare this the official 'Flame Zero' Topic.

I think Zero breastfed till he was 10 and his mom had to beat him to get the lil' bastard weened off.

Good luck with that.

And Machines don’t have moms. Keep trying.

Virgin Levels off the charts! Engineers, divert more testosterone to the Thread’s conduits!

Damnit, man, hurry!

Sheko the Reaper wrote:

XD wrote:

The Perfect Being wrote:

XD wrote:

Paarthurnax wrote: Cid left, Adorable Animals invaded, and SoD came back and got banned again.

That’s the only thing you listed that was actually important.

Adorable Animals were Important as well.

No they weren’t.They didn’t succeed in doing anything significant.The birds(not the pony)were very hilarious,but that’s about it.

Cid leaving didn’t do anything significant either.

So by your logic, you enjoy cucumbers shoved up your ass.

Call Me Maybe wrote:

November Rain wrote: I had forgotten how dense the atmosphere of virginity was in this forum. Thanks for reminding me.

Snow White was the first to sleep with 7 men, the bitch is GOLD.

Samurai Billy wrote:

Joseph. wrote: one’s a gay lifeless faggot and the other’s a gay lifeless faggot. both lose

You aren’t in this fight, bro. Go home to your sister-mamma.

Samurai Billy wrote:

Alonzo Harris wrote: Samurai Billy, nigga needs to hop off my goose.

You need to hop on mine, nugguh.

Slayer wrote: I pity the fool who’s has a weak fighter in his avatar, who pity the other fool who’s avatar and signature exhude virginity, who pity the human race!

The Doctor wrote:

Sheko the Reaper wrote: Y u so black?!

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