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Why Bleach is the Shittiest manga ever?

Another horrible series.Takes possibly one of the worst aspects of Part 2 Dragonball and centers itself around it for the past few years. “My Reiatsu is bigger than yours. You can not hurt me and can not catch me so I win”. The fights following the same exact formula almost and said fights often being uninteresting and ending on highly crappy notes.

People overrate the fuck out of Kubo’s drawings. Hearing bullshit like “Kubo has the best art in WSJ” makes me laugh. Spewing black ink all over a page like a god damn octopus does not count as good art. Characters suffering from the only six faces trope does not help to cement it as “OMG TEH BEST EVAR!” either. Gigantic empty panels with almost nothing happening in them and mostly character reaction shots to events highlights poor composition choice. It is highway robbery that he draws so little in comparison to the other mangaka he is serialized with yet still has people humping his average drawings claiming his art is the best. Yeah, sorry but this does not qualify as “amazing art” at all. It is just a style that people have this ridiculous hard on for. That is pretty much Bleach in a nut shell. All style and no substance.

The crappy panel composition contributes to the series’ horrible pacing issues. Making those big pages of nothingness has its draw back as there is often nothing actually happening. It takes at least a fucking month in cases to feel like the plot has moved forward at all. Things literally felt like the speed of molasses for years which has spawned the phrase “Nothing happens in Bleach” in some circles.

Characters and The Retcons That Accompany Them

Ichigo being a horrible and blase main character. He is basically a walking power-up at this point and his abilities only consisting of Getsuga Tenshou spam makes his fights boring to read. His inconsistent power level and getting stronger at times and being weaker during others is beyond frustrating and annoying. Hell, half the time it feels like this manga could continue on without Ichigo now and not much would change. He has no ambition of his own and his motivation for most things is to protect his friends. When that isn’t the case he just likes to fight like Kenpachi. Otherwise, he just does things because “He has to”. That phrase pretty much sums up why Ichigo as a main character is as interesting as watching paint dry. I guess even Kubo realized this when he decided to bring up “Ichigo not seeing Kyouka Suigetsu so he is the best one to defeat Aizen”. Before that, the guy probably wouldn’t have had any motivation or chance to attack him. Even Aizen himself highlights this fact. Never mind the fact that Aizen could slaughter this poor boy without his Shikai.

Ichigo’s friends being pretty useless all around. Orihime being able to do little more than scream Kurosaki-kun all over the place and cry. Pretty much a pathetic character these days with humongous boobs being the only highlight. Chad, Ishida, and Renji have basically become whipping boys to everyone else. Any real chance for them to matter ever again seems to be gone. Well, Ishida still has the possibility of Ryuuken making him relevant again I guess.

Rukia herself being seemingly retconned in terms of her abilities. When she shows up in the beginning of the series there is no reason for her to have such trouble with that fodder hollow. Fast forward a few arcs later to when she finally gets her power back and we discover that she would actually be on the level of Vice-Captain Class Shinigami at the least. Byakuya just keeps her from being promoted so she doesn’t get exposed to danger(Oh look, she does anyway). She seriously destroys an arrancar with literally no problems in the beginnings of this arrancar saga. There was no chance for such a large gap in power to manifest. Kubo pulls shit out of his ass here.

Ikkaku is another one who gets retconned. Apparently, this fucker has had Bankai the whole time! Even before fucking Renji! So him losing to Ichigo back in Soul Society pretty much feels like bullshit since Ikkaku “supposedly” had Bankai then.

The 11th division in general is full of a bunch of idiots. We have Kenpachi who is our resident battle crazy maniac but is an utter bore and insane otherwise. Both Ikkaku and Yumichika would rather die in battle then to actually show their full power in public because they are apparently ashamed of their manifested abilities. In the case of Ikkaku, in a later arc against one of the Espada’s fraccion he stupidly holds back and gets his ass kicked when his damn job is to protect the pillar he is stationed at. “Bawww I have this big hard on for my captain and if I show my Bankai they will promote me and I can’t serve him anymore”. God damn it, your personal bullshit does not come before the fate of the world. Thankfully, Iba who is Komamura’s Vice-Captain chews him out for this after Fox boy has to clean up Ikkaku’s mess.

Aizen claims that he took Hinamori, Renji, and Kira under his division as soon as they entered the Gotei 13 and Renji was the only one he got rid of because he was the hardest to control. Well, this is kind of messes things up since Kira was actually a former member of the 4th division. How the hell did that happen when Aizen was Captain of the 5th division and he sent him directly to his right hand man Gin who was the captain of the 3rd division? This point gets driven home when you realize Kira had to call the 4th division to heal Renji back in the Soul Society Arc but he tries to heal Rangiku himself in the Fake Karakura Town arc after she has arguably had a far worse wound than Renji. He even states he isn’t confident in how much of his knowledge from the 4th division he retained. Kubo just keeps on pulling shit out of his ass.

The story behind Urahara’s exile gets retconned too. Originally, it is stated that he got ousted from Soul Society for creating a Gigai that can not be traced and that also destroys the reiatsu of the Shinigami using it which he did use on Rukia. Well, the Turn Back the Pendulum chapters contradict this as Urahara is actually exiled because he turned Shinji and the other former shinigami into hollows. Which was actually Aizen’s doing but he framed Urahara. Clearly, Kubo does not remember shit about what he writes.

Tousen gets hollowfied and starts kicking Komamura’s and Hisagi’s asses. But because his Resureccion allows him sight, he ends up intoxicated by it and lowers his guard enough for him not to feel Hisagi on his head.(What the fuck?!) To which Hisagi attacks his neck and defeats Tousen. Hisagi, who is a vice-captain just helped to down one of Aizen’s strongest soldiers. Despite this pissing a number of people off, Yamamoto better promote this boy as soon as he manifests Bankai.

Aizen feels more like a walking plot device with no personality more than anything else. The lack of actual personality and development makes him boring. He has got to be one of the biggest Gary Stus that I have come across in shounen so far. He is like Batman and Superman fused together in terms of his capabilities. Everything goes according to plan because he plays Xanatos Speed Chess when his original plans have wrenches thrown in them. Not to mention he is so overpowered that he makes his plans work directly if he has to. Pretty much nothing goes wrong for him. He shows no emotion and he feeds his God-complex by constantly lecturing whoever faces him. I’ve been given no reason to really care about him as a character other than he is super powerful and must be stopped. Kind of hard for that to happen though when Captain Broken the Gary Stu is busy shitting over every little thing you do.

Oh, and apparently no one wants to use their Bankai while fighting Aizen despite the fact that their Shikai clearly is not going to cut it. Regardless of if Bankai is not fit for group battles, they should just go at Aizen in a gauntlet style manner and gradually weaken him for Ichigo to actually have a chance at him. If he was already surprised by Shinji’s Shikai who is only one person, fighting and defeating one Bankai after another should take its toll on even Captain Broken. But no, a bunch of level 20s(Shikai) are trying to gang up on a level 50 Aizen even though they would have a better chance against him by having him repeatedly fight against their level 40(Bankai) selves and adjusting to their powers and haxx. Also there is no excuse for Yamamoto not to use Bankai. The friendly fire excuse does not work for him since he was already willing to watch his subordinates get cut down and sacrifice them all in his pillars of fire just to kill Aizen. Quite frankly, it feels like Kubo has no idea what he wants any of these characters Bankais to be so he is holding off until he can scrape something up and reveal it later. Of course there will be some bullshit excuse about why they couldn’t do so before. Ukitake already set the foundation by telling Shunsui not to use Bankai. Whatever, Kubo being the hack he is, I shouldn’t be surprised.

The Espada

The Espada were a colossal let down as far as villains go along with the way Kubo horribly handles them and gave most of them pathetic deaths. What pisses me off most here is how worthless they really were and were little more than a filler obstacle. Aizen himself demonstrates this by cutting down Halibel despite the fact she was still fighting for his sake. After spouting the “we will not need to lift a finger line” to taking matters into his own hands and offing his own soldier just pisses you off. Add the fact that he merely used Orihime as a diversion to split the enemy forces and it makes you feel like the entire Hueco Mundo arc and the fights with the Espada were mostly a waste and did not need to drag for several years.

Rukia plotkais her way to victory against the 9th Espada Aaroniero. He ends up being the only Gillian in the Espada but got in because of his ability of infinite evolution through completely absorbing other hollows. He is also able to completely use the abilities of anyone he has absorbed. His Resureccion makes him look like this gigantic octopus/whale blob thing. Man the Harpoons! Well, the massive blob was apparently dumb enough to bring Rukia close to his weak spot. Rukia, despite being impaled on his trident, manages to pull a new signature move out of her ass that just manages to reach his helmet and freezes his core and kills him. Horrible end to a fight.

Szayel Aporro Grantz is the 8th Espada. Szayel’s special abilities are eating his own fraccion to gain health like they are the food you cook in Tales games, making voodoo dolls of opponents, and gaining control of whatever eats his flesh. Along with the very disgusting ability to reproduce himself in another person’s body. Yeah, Szayel is one disgusting fucker. You can tell which Espada Kubo actually likes by the amounts of time he lets their fights drag on. Well, Szayel is one of the Espada whose fight keeps dragging on and on and on so it is painful and tedious to read through. He first fights Renji but he is prepared and negates his Bankai. Then Ishida comes along and they team up but still can not best him. Then Nel’s two flunkies or whatever try to help and they fail too. Then Mayuri finally comes along and Szayel impregnates himself inside of Nemu . But Mayuri out Batman’s Szayel because there were drugs in Nemu’s body who Szayel used to reproduce himself. Szayel is soundly defeated with this. While Szayel end didn’t suck as much as the other Espada, he was a fairly annoying character in general to stomach so having his fight last so long pissed me off.

Ok, so Zommari is the 7th Espada and he has the fastest Sonido out of the group. The guy is so good with the technique that he creates several after images. But get this, when he releases his sword he loses the thing that he does best out of the Espada. He has no fucking legs! Goodbye fastest Sonido. How utterly retarded. In his released form Zommari actually had a pretty haxxed ability that lets him control whatever his eye focuses on. Unfortunately, he had to be a massive victim of PIS so he wouldn’t properly use it. Rather than taking control of Byakuya’s head and therefore being able to control him completely, he goes for his arm. Ugh how retarded. He then tries to control Rukia but big brother Kuckiki does not take kindly to that. Needless to say, Byakuya goes Bankai and destroys him almost effortlessly. Zommari starts blubbering about Shinigami mistreating hollows and his last words are “Banzai Aizen-sama!”. Sure, keep praising the leader that never gave a damn about you. Anyway, this fight was complete crap. Moving on.

Grimmjow, the 6th Espada whose Hollow form is a panther but he wants to be the Lion King. Anyway, some of the problems for this fight were that it dragged on for far too long and was mostly a bunch of beam spam. Grimmjow fires off his Cero variants and Ichigo spams his Getsuga Tenshou. After seeing these two fight two times before, the 3rd time around was just too god damn boring for me to care.

Do I even need to touch the fucked up power levels again? Sure I do! Ok, Ichigo can only hold his mask for like 11 seconds or whatever. But for some reason that never gets explained, he fights unlimited pretty much against Grimmjow. Never mind the fact that both times they fought before, Grimmjow was pretty much man handling Ichigo without releasing. All of a sudden Ichigo is on par with Grimm in his released state and his mask has no limit either? There was no explanation and no power up to make this logical at all. Oh and here is the real kicker. Ichigo wins this fight because Orihime says that she doesn’t want to see him get hurt anymore. Ichigo then says “Sorry Grimmjow, I can’t let you hurt me anymore.” He then cuts Grimm and the battles is over. I shit you not, Ichigo wins this fight for no other damn reason than the fact that he was the main character and needed to win. Garbage fight.

Nnoitra is the 5th Espada and decides to be the resident scavenger and fight Ichigo after he just got done fighting Grimm. They exchange a few blows but even Ichigo can not bullshit his way through 2 fights without down time so he gets kicked around. Oh, and Noi is the Espada with the strongest Hierro(iron skin) so Ichigo can not cut him. Then one of Kubo’s favorite characters to wank shows up. The fight between annoying battle crazy morons begins. Eventually, Kenpachi “adapts” to Noi”s hardness and starts cutting him. To which Noi grows frustrated and is in disbelief. Of course Kenpachi just sits there and enjoys himself. Noi eventually releases and keeps trying to delude himself about being the strongest Espada and growing arms to slice Kenpachi with. This fight was mostly hack and slash so fairly boring but the end is where it gets really stupid. Kenpachi babbles on about swords and how they are stronger when you hold them with both hands.(Kenpachi, is clearly the smartest in Soul Society) Anyway, he uses his “Kendo” that Yamamoto forced him to learn and pretty much destroys Nnoitora. This was pretty much the most anti-climatic and retarded way to end the fight and much raging among the fandom was had. Not to mention the fact that this Kendo shit was once again pulled out of Kubo’s ass as a way for Kenpachi to win. I recall Kenpachi crying on the ground after fighting Ichigo and wanting to be stronger. But he didn’t bother to use the Kendo that he was forced to learn to win that fight and made no mentions to it either. Lets just ignore the fact that the final slash that Kenpachi gives to Noi is actually one-handed Cue face palming and logging this down in Kubo’s “crappy fights” record.

The 4th Espada is Ulquiorra who has this obsession with discovering human hearts or whatever. Like Grimmjow, Ichigo fights Ulq multiple times and gets his ass kicked in the earlier one. Hell, he even gets his ass kicked in this one! Ichigo fights evenly with him in his unreleased form but once he releases he starts thrashing Ichigo like a noob. Then Ulq gets annoyed by Ichigo’s persistence and releases again. Ulquiorra is the only Espada to have reached the second stage of Resurrection. As if Ichigo wasn’t utterly screwed facing Ulq in his 1st stage of release. Anyway, Ichigo gets wailed on and eventually gets a black cero through the chest. Orihime sees and lets out numerous “Kurosaki-kuns!” after seeing his current state. Ok, here is the rage worthy moment that comes standard for the majority of Bleach fights in the past few years. Ichigo, despite being fucking dead all of a sudden pushes the Deus Ex Machina button and pulls yet another power up out of his ass. What most assume to be his Resureccion goes on to completely trounce Ulq and tanks all of his attacks. Once Ulq gets defeated and Ichigo goes back to normal, he gets all whiny about how that fight didn’t count and it wasn’t fair. Um hello?! This guy was trying to fucking kill you and your friends and you are concerned about a fair fight?! Ugh, stupid Ichigo. Moving on, Ulq spouts some melodramatic bullshit and we get many pages and panels wasted on him discovering a human heart. One of the worst fights in bleach history and one of the worst group of chapters too. Completely shitty battle.

Now this fight feels like a rip off of the Yusuke and Sensui fight from Yu Yu Hakusho. Between the “I can not release my full power or the Earth/Las Noches will be destroyed.” Also both Ichigo and Yusuke dying and coming back with their demon/hollow possessed forms to completely destroy Sensui/Ulquiorra. Both Yusuke and Ichigo’s friends fight the overpowered opponent until they both end up rising again. Then when get both Ichigo and Yusuke complaining about how the fight didn’t actually count because they weren’t in control and don’t know what happened. Yeah, I can see where Kubo got the template for this fight. *rolls eyes*

The 3rd Espada Halibel gets literally shafted. Having powers that Hitsugaya could control. Ugh, as if Captain Bankai Whore didn’t already get enough author wank as it is, he just had to get the kind of opponent that made it easier for him to keep up. The fact Halibel focused so much on the power that they both can control was annoying when she can pretty much destroy Hitsugaya in close combat. Seriously, he was not holding a candle at all to her before she released and when it was just sword clashing. To make matters worse, Aizen pretty much stops her fight and cuts her down for no real reason. It isn’t like she wasn’t still loyal and willing to fight for you or anything. Once again, a disappointing end to an Espada.

The 2nd Espada Barragan. With his team of Fraccion he had been training to become a Pokemon Master before this battle. Seriously, each of his fraccion you can pretty much compare to some kind of Pokemon. As for Barragan himself, his release is a skeleton. Probably Skeletor from He-Man’s descendant or something. Ok, so Barragan has the power to age anything he touches or shoots his ghastly breath at as well as apparently slowing objects that get within a certain range of his body. Well, like Zommari before him, Barragan is too juiced up on PIS to use this correctly. He basically just goes around saying how he is hot shit to his opponents and wastes time playing around instead of actually killing them. Then when they start erecting a barrier to trap him he somehow is too stupid to move up or down or to the sides before it gets finished being built. He then gets nuked by Soi fon’s Bankai (again) but because Barragan is a tough bastard, he is still around to fight albeit he has clearly taken damage. Well, Hachi ends up using his death breath against him and transports his infected arm inside of Barragan’s body which promptly kills him. A babbling idiot gets killed by his own abilities because he was too retarded to properly use them. Ugh, next fight.

Stark is the number one Espada. Much to the disappointment of Ulquiorra and Barragan fans but I was fine with the reveal. His ability is to apparently fire 1000 ceros in a short amount of time as well as loading parts of his soul into explosive wolves. If you remember Gotenks’ Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack from Dragonball, this is basically the same thing. Stark himself actually doesn’t get horribly wronged in his fight unlike most of the other Espada. The only real complaint here is that the fucking number one Espada gets killed by a Shikai. Although to be fair, it is a haxxed one in comparison to other Zanpaktou abilities. Just that the end of his fight feels pretty anti-climatic for someone who is supposed to be the strongest in the group.

Yammy is the 10th Espada but Kubo decides to screw with us by having him blatantly contradicting something that was stated earlier on in the manga. One of the arrancar that was with Grimmjaw freaking states that the Espada go from 10-1. Yammy stating it goes from 9-0 was even more rage-worthy since a bunch of trolls on a certain forum were making claims about Yammy being the Cero Espada before this reveal. Like they really needed their bullshit to become canon. This reveal was easily one of the worst Bleach chapters in the whole series. Kubo pulled that out of his ass and it looks more like he came up with it on the fly to somehow make Yammy a credible threat. After all, all the Espada that were ranked higher than him were either defeated or not in Hueco Mundo.

Also Yammy saying he is stronger than the likes of Grimmjaw, Noitra, and Ulquiorra is bravado at its finest. He basically just acts like the Hulk but with less ridiculous jumps in power. Kenpachi with his eye patch on and using one hand is having no real troubles at all with fighting him. Hell, Byakuya and Kenpachi are busy arguing over which one of them should give the killing blow because they do not want to waste their time on him. Kubo has dragged out his existence far too long for being the fodder he is. Most of the scenes with him have felt like filler.

Now the rage involved here probably would not have been so bad if Kubo did not hype up the Espada so much to be this group of really powerful enemies and having them die in retarded ways. Most of them get slaughtered with lackadaisical effort on the Shinigamis’ part. Being hybrids who get the best of both world’s apparently doesn’t mean shit in terms of actual power levels. Then again, Kubo’s power levels fluctuate about as much as the stock market does so that is to be expected.


Anyone that actually still has hopes for this series must be naive. Kubo is a hack and makes shit up as he goes along and has no real direction or plan for his story. You can tell from the number of times he contradicts himself and just has stupid shit being pulled out of his ass for no reason. Lose all hope in Kubo because the only way to possibly enjoy this series is to turn your brain off and look at the highly overrated pictures with vacuous panels. Then again, for all of those who enjoyed the mindless action that often happened in Part 2 Dragonball and some of the retarded actions that happened in the final portions of the series, Bleach is probably the perfect replacement.

This has got to be one of the worst shounen manga currently running. Bleach excels in bad writing but despite that still manages to have a legion of fan boys and fan girls ready to defend it. Never mind the fact that this series manages to rape the medium in terms of quality. When fights are suppose to be what draws people to your series it would help if 90% of them did not suck major amounts of ass and have characters not using their brains in them.I find it to be worse than Fairy Tail.

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