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Location: Planet Express

About: Delivery boy for Planet Express.

Hobbies: Getting the hell out of Planet Express.

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Goku Vs Superman Vs Naruto Vs Ichigo Vs Luffy Vs HST Vs Dragon Ball Z Vs Bleach x One Piece V Toriko
Peanut Gallery Unite!
Goku Vs Superman Vs Naruto Vs Ichigo Vs Luffy Vs HST Vs Dragon Ball Z Vs Bleach x One Piece V Toriko
~The Official My Little Pony Hate Thread!~
[MvC Clan battles] MCB official discussion thread.
Fuck this shit...ugh

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King Kazuma wrote:

Mephiles the Dark wrote: Demonbane is possibly the most wanked character in all of fiction.

Anyone in team 2 would solo.

Right next to Sonic the Hedgehog

Cid wrote:

King Kazuma wrote: The Internet is Seriouz Bissnez Award: Cid, easily. He actually said he would kill someone who he met on the Internet

Anybody who disagrees with me on that regard deserves he most painful death imaginable. I mean, really. Who threatens to photoshop a baby into a porn picture? And to you, I question you defending it.

Marly wrote: Hey, guys. Let’s actually talk about Kingdom Hearts.

I’ll start up a discussion.

Why is Riku such a terrible character? Why is he so similar to Sasuke? Why is Sora so similar to Naruto? Is there a subtle symbolism in Kingdom Hearts that makes its two main characters similar to the main characters in Naruto? What could be the relationship between Tetsuya Nomura and Kishimoto? Could they be secretly gay lovers? Is Kingdom Hearts secretly a subtle game to promote the yaoi industry in Japan, veiled by thick layers of Disney material to psychologically influence the younger audience to become homosexuals later in life? Why are Goofy and Donald so useless? Are they actually representing and symbolizing the starving children in 3rd world countries? What about the Gummi ships? Why is such an unnecessary gimmmick in an action RPG genre? Could Kingdom Hearts be loosely related to Star Fox series? If so, does it also support the furry fandom in a subtle manner? Why does Kingdom Hearts have so many spin-offs? Is Nomura desperate for money to fund his development of Final Fantasy XIII Versus, which has been in the work for at least 6 years or so? Why are the characters so generic? Why do they wear so many belts? Why does Nomura circlejerk his own characters all the time while giving the Disney characters, one of the main selling point, the fodder roles? Does Nomura even give a fuck about his fans? If so, why hasn’t he made a third game yet? Why do major Kingdom Hearts games end up releasing a better version in America, and then end up releasing an even better version (by better, I mean more content such as extra bosses,etc) of the game in Japan? Is Nomura trying to cocktease the Americans and promoting the overseas fans to import the latest version of his game? Or is he a racist against Americans? Why is the Keyblade so phallic? why can’t Sora stop moving his hips? Why is Kairi so useless?

Fure wrote:

pimples on penis wrote: drown in horse cum

I hope I die like this.

YeshIam_aninjaGod wrote:


YeshIam_aninjaGod wrote: Cid, i don’t know you... But i love u too... Not kidding. B-)

After seeing his’ll be saying different.

well, we’ll see about that... But for now, let me proclaim my love to cid. Whoever he is. :-D
cid, i love you. XD

Cid wrote: Don’t worry KMA, I’m in great health. I’ll be abusing my admin power and running off perfectly good members like Sheko for years to come.


Cid wrote:


TiggerLover1 wrote: I agree. People used to get banned for using the “n” word in all sections except for Music. I think it should go back that way. I don’t know why it changed.

What makes the music section so gaddamned special?

The “rappers” on the site spammed porn when we told them they couldn’t say it either. Back then, we had no way to effectively take care of it. So we gave them special treatment so they wouldn’t destroy the site. It would be site-wide now, IF we were to attempt to put an end to it. But it won’t happen because I’d likely be the only one attempting to enforce it.

Wonderful. That’s all I needed to read.

Phobetor wrote:

Teffy Bear nli wrote: I’ve gone on this site multiple times throughout the day almost every day to see how the debating was going and it seems to always be the same people who are logged on at even the most ridiculous hours. Let me ask you people. Who here have you noticed spends hours of their lives on this site.

This post has established that:

* You have less of a life than the people you point out, if indeed you are correct.
* You keep tabs on people online and make a big deal of their business and personal lives.
* You are online during the most ridiculous times.
* You do not understand the concept of time zones.
* You enjoy wasting your life.
* You are overall a whiny bitch who is so miserable (s)he “feels 'better'" by pointing out aspects of other people that more correctly apply to you.

Sheko the Conqueror wrote: When you scissor out of wedlock, you scissor the American flag in half.

Hokuto Fagken wrote:


Hokuto Fagken wrote: kratos broke the laws of his universe with brute force he wins any match

Because “he buff and strong” right? No, Starkiller rapes this fight, hard.

im more handsome than u so i win

TheAmazingGuy wrote:

Xx Brother Edgar xX wrote: Are you pregnant, or Drunk(Blocking Judgment)?


A)- I Don’t Have a Car
B - I Don’t have Money or a Job
C)- Not a physically sexual person
D)- I’m Not an Asshole
E)- I’m not Popular
F)- I’m Clingy(But I can take a hint)
G)-I’m not assertive
H)- I’m Not Really that “Manly”
I)- if you asked people back in Spencer about me; They would say “Eww” Or “ No Don’t do it” Or “He’s an asshole” or “Eww Why??” Or “ NO” Or “Hes a weirdo”
J)- I Live with my mom
K)- I,v never bean to a Prom or a Major Party.
L)- My Reputation in the world is Zero And NULL
M)- I’m a Dork(And NOT in the Flirty, Get in your pants kind)
N)- I get Attached easily
O)- I’m Really shy

Assuming your annoyed by my assuming? Well good =) Cary on.
bye bye silly.

A truck carrying 50 fucks leaves Fucks R Us at approximately 10AM to deliver fucks to several individuals by noon.

Assuming each fuck takes around 5 minutes to deliver, how many fucks were given that day?

Sheko the Conqueror wrote:

Mau5 wrote: I mean I don’t doubt he’s made a new account, but which one you suspect is him?

Just go ahead and assume that any User with a dick in their mouth is him.

Godot wrote: If you’re a male over the age of 13 and you watch my little pony, I seriously feel sorry for you LOL. Has to be the most faggot show that has ever hit the cartoon industry.

LinkHeroOfTime wrote: Discord sees what his fans look like in real life and kills himself out of humiliation.

Pyroformer wrote: *Logs on*

-Arguing about Reps
-People Taking bait
-Thread gets derailed

*nothing new*

Alonzo Harris wrote: Mario will always be better than Sonic.

Tyrant wrote:

Sorutoku wrote:

Archistratege wrote: >Morons who post barely comprehensible walls of gibberish
>Having the ability to comprehend a subtle art like satire

I see a huge problem here. :I

Himpologomy of the Satirical Stratisphication inside of the back wall of the Dricologist wall. What a infoscitible twat.

^^ That’s how you sound. Faggot.

It’s okay if you don’t understand big words. Not everybody can be blessed with a double digit IQ.

Sheko the Conqueror wrote:

Xx Brother Edgar xX wrote:

Sheko the Conqueror wrote:

Phobetor wrote: I believe that such a list already exists. /troll


LOL!!! Agreed!

Oh what the fuck? Bitch did I say you could address me? Back in the kitchen, you goddamn estrogen factory!

Sheko the Conqueror wrote: Hm... I have a few-

1. Do not address Sheko before he addresses you.
2. Do not look Sheko directly in the eyes, this will cause him to charge.
3. In the event that Sheko charges, quickly grab an object and hold it over your head so as to make yourself look bigger. This will demoralize Sheko.
4. Do not approach Sheko’s young. No amount of size will stop the rampage.
5. Do not feed Sheko.

Sheko the Conqueror wrote:

The Original Accelerator wrote:

Pocket Rocket wrote: I’ll just say this.....

Kinashit was allowed to be a GLOBAL MOD despite the fact that any person with 2 brain cells to rub together would have saw him abusing his power from 300 miles away.

I can safely say Ghost would be a better mod than Kina

Very true.

There’s your answer, Ghost. Instead of being a spammer, just be a raging dipshit until Cid thinks it will be funny to promote you to Global Mod.

Sonic blitz wrote:

Pocket Rocket wrote: I’m shocked Zeroextra hasn’t locked this thread yet. She’s usually locking threads left and right.

She doesn’t have the balls to lock a thread made by an admin.

Sheko the Reaper wrote:

Xx Brother Edgar xX wrote: .....Can I change the name?(Most likely not UHG.)

Fine I’d take the lunch/BAG, Cause I can remember him(the peanuts) being inside where he symbolically stays.

No. You can’t have any of my awesome stuff.

You’d probably just rub feces on them and masturbate afterwards. Weirdo.

Pocket Rocket wrote:

Xx Brother Edgar xX wrote: ^ ^!!! I’m amused by this, ya’ll are funny. Ghost your not bad(IMO) I just wish Sheko was not some random influence on EVERYONE, Nor will I flame, I’m just saying people.

How about All these 'Phresh' members-
Get-On-My-level for 'NOT' flaming and not being douche with your influence. YOU(Sheko) have 'THEM' by the strings already as it is, so What is the big Ta-do?

Look at Edgar trying to be insulting for a change everybody! Take note of his various mistakes.

1. Faces like this ^_^ do NOT help the credibility of your insults. This is a KEY THING to remember here. Everybody, type like you have no estrogen coursing through your glands and I garun-damn-tee you’re insults will be 70% more legit.

2. He didn’t end it with “Suck my dick faggot!", this is a FATAL mistake.

May we all learn from this.

Ghost. wrote:

Helel wrote:

Lightning wrote: I>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>All of you.

At making dinner.

Xx Brother Edgar xX wrote:

Helel wrote:

Xx Brother Edgar xX wrote:

Helel wrote:

Xx Brother Edgar xX wrote: Fuck you YOU know nothing about satanists, your peanut like perception on what you hear is what YOU go by like anyone else weak minded enough to not think for themselves.

So what if Stygian is, who really cares?? Get over this hate you guys..

You obviously know nothing of satanism either Levayan or theistic.

=[ Why assume dude, I did not feel like getting the book of leviathan to actually summon anything. =[

I’m not assuming. It’s clear by what you post and show here. Anton was not some genius of enlightenment. He did have a good bit of common sense when it came to virtue but was stupid in other things. You don’t even know the religion you practice and you threaten me with summoning your magic spell? Nice way to break 2 of your religion’s sins bub.

LOL silly! No, I gave this whole thing up, after a few months. ALMOST taking out my spite and hate towards someone I knew.... I was going to possibly summon something(with that long fucking list of shit it gave me) But... I figured, IF by some chance I did, and IT WORKED, I’d be screwed bad- cause iirc the emotional status you present to the ceremony whilst summoning a demon, THAT emotion is what the demon feels....So No No No NO O___O!!! I can’t finish what I started IF by some chance it worked...

Sheko the Reaper wrote: Part of maturity is accepting the fact that some people just don’t click.

If PR thinks you’re an 8 year old girl stuck in a 20 year old man’s body, that doesn’t make him immature.

Sheko the Reaper wrote: Crasher likes penis for breakfast.

Wolfenstein wrote:

Zeroextra wrote: Nothing, same old MvC crap.

So you’re still a weaboo fag?

Good to see you, then.

Zack Fair wrote:

Casshern wrote: you guys are taking it the wrong way. First off i dont give a fuck what you think.. You have no idea the type of gay people i have been around!

Mabey i did insult your friend... sorry if i did but you have no idea who ive met and what i have had to deal with!

But i understand if i hurt your feelings but from all i witnesed its the truth.

Mabey there are good gays, but until i Mmet one ill keep my distance..

My dad keeps on telling me not to apolgize so much, and say what i mean..but in this case i did kinda say to much... so.... sorry dont have t accept

Replace every “gay” with “black” in your post, and re-read it.

Xx Brother Edgar xX wrote:

Pocket Rocket wrote: @Edgar
No, shut up now. I’ve already given you enough time to run around in circles stuttering for a decent defense.

Thank you.

LostOblivion wrote:

that is all

LostOblivion wrote:

Archistratege wrote: Shut your bitch-ass up, Cid.

You really can’t talk about people making “mistakes” considering you’ve been demoted like 4 times and perma-banned like 3 times. :I

HayIias wrote: So, I was walking down the street going to gamestop to pick up a copy of my favourite game; Bioware’s Mass Effect 3. On the way back I picked up some cotton candy from the nice man in the van and continued down my way. “Man," I said to myself. “Alabama is such a nice place!"

Suddenly, the ground started shaking and women started screaming. The sound of children crying was the only thing I could hear, and a mortal fear had taken hold in the hearts of the crowd. The only thing I could hear was a low grumbling sound, somehow forming in my head as a word.


Quickly, everyone ran into their homes and produced all sorts of food, from pizza to McDonalds (an Alabaman delicacy) and laid it in a pile in the middle of the road. They all scattered for cover, and I decided to follow them.

Eventually, a giant from something out of the story books came down the road, and demolished the pile of food in seconds. He even ate an unfortunate man who couldn’t get to cover fast enough, splattering his giant Sephiroth shirt in blood (he wasn’t wearing any pants) and using the poor soul’s spine as a toothpick.

I got on the first flight back to New Zealand the next day, where the most dangerous thing is some sort of flightless parrot.

Long story short: that’s the last time I ever go and visit Cid.

Sheko the Reaper wrote: Oh man, someone caught Cid’s reaction to Phob’s promotion on video!

Fure wrote:

Martian Egyptian wrote:

Fure wrote: Tyrant.
Somethin bout his Superiority Complex...

So you would put him in his place by ruining the female version of him in your head?


Lets just say I like superiors.

And by Superiors I mean Guys in Control.
and by Guys in control I mean Dominant Men
And by Dominant Men I mean guys that fuck submissive guys
And by Submissive guys I mean me.

Archistratege wrote:

Stygian wrote: You spelled atheist wrong, three times.

Nice job.

You don’t need that comma there.

Nice job, Stygian.

spencer the king wrote: i came for the dick i stay for the chickencool

MC Jello wrote: I think his stats are shit. Barely there super strength and some elemental control. I guess if you count the fact that he’s got some otherworldly albino skin and a green mullet, he’s got hardcore stats as a walking freak show that can give the Joker a run for his money in looks. Other than that he’s beat up some fat mowhawked retard and some sort of two-face wanna be bitch a couple of times and is super gay besties with the ghost of Earth or some shit so I say he could conceivably beat up a cripple child with Down Syndrome saying the child doesn’t accidentally litter on him or some other pollution-based shit. Everybody knows that pollution will just absolutely kick his ass so he has to remind everybody that “the power is yours' and pray that they don’t throw a fucking styrofoam cup out of a car window. Fuck Captain Planet.

Fruity Delicious Outrageous Dazzler wrote: He’ll make your lips pucker and rip your butthole into a square. He eats Steel wool for breakfast and shit’s golden flaming daggers. He licks the pussy right off of the cat. He is The PokeMessiah.

Sheko the Reaper wrote: Just flame him back with no regard for human life. cool

Sheko the Reaper wrote: That’s not Kinasin.

Not enough dicks in his mouth. cool

The Doctor wrote: get tired of crime in your state.
get costumes and practice with weapons and go beat up thugs.
get stabbed and end up in the hospital.
go back to fighting crime.
become a local superhero because of this.
the girl you like will want to fuck that superhero’s brains out.

show up at her house in costume.
she sprays you in the face with hairpsray, asking why you are dressed up as that superhero.
you reveal you are said superhero.
she lets you touch her titties and you start making out.
next day you are at a local diner with friends and said girl.
girl says she’d fuck that superhero’s brains out.
she takes you behind the diner to a dumpster where you fuck her brains out.

great success.

Zack Fair wrote: Plenty of kids shows have subtle jokes that older folk get, but go over children’s heads. This is for the parents so they can tolerate this shit, not for some separate, adult audience.

It could have the most thorough and well-written plot of any kids show ever, but the fact that a grown man would even take the time to watch this show to the point of possibly liking it is what’s sad.

If you honestly want to watch it, that’s on you.

I don’t see how it’s something you can be proud of, however. That’s the kind of thing you hide from everybody.

Forming groups and shit and giving yourself a name is unspeakably sad.

Alonzo Harris wrote:

Rondo= Sheko
Kinasin= LeBron

Sheko the Reaper wrote:

Pocket Rocket wrote:

Stranger Than Fiction wrote:

Hema Logical KingLash wrote:

Stranger Than Fiction wrote: hell no

To much?...

I’m into flat chested girls to be honest

Lol paged.

He meant to say boys, but his smartphone bro-corrected his post.

AM I DA BADDEST wrote: I think I’m gradually becoming a sick, twisted motherfucker. When I originally watched 2 Girls 1 Cup, about two years ago, after seeing the shit come out of that girl’s ass, I was disgusted the fuck out and immediately shut down my browser. I even tried to erase it from my memory completely, but to no avail. So just a couple of days ago, I felt like I needed to go back to the video and watch it entirely to make myself feel satisfied and shit. So I went to my usual place and searched up the name of the video and the next thing I know, I got a big ass boner and became horny as a sexually repressed dolphin. So yeah, I did my thang to that video.

Sheko the Reaper wrote:

Wolfenstein wrote: Whatever, faggot. If your set and my set had a fight, I’d win.

Which pretty much means I’m > you in every regard. RL ones included.

Crying in the corner yet? Yeah, you should be :S

Nigga I’ma tweet about how gay you are.

Marly wrote:

Blacklisted wrote:

Marly wrote: When will MvC ever learn?

And that official list of retards is severely lacking in members.

There’s an official list? Anyway, I can see why it would be a chore to fill out.

I’m referring to the one in your sig.

But I guess accurately filling it out would violate the sig size limit.

Sheko the Reaper wrote:

Bjarnes Dildo wrote:

Sheko the Reaper wrote:

Bjarnes Dildo wrote: In all my time spent up your internet God’s ass have I never seen such horrid display of prejudice and outright childish foolishness. Am I not free to express my love for anuses now? AM I?

Hey BD, describe some of your daily activities to us.

I make love to Bjarne’s sweet anus. Although, I am considering leaving Bjarne for either Firewolf or Cid....they just...know their way so much better. They are simply so much deeper than Bjarne, you know? Not only that, but they’re much more open to fit my needs, and alot more flexible in several aspects. It’s just been such a confusing year for me sad
Bjarne doesn’t play with me as much ever since he got a life several years ago...

That sounds like a mentally exhausting situation to be in. You should really think with your head and let that lead you.

Don’t hesitate, just dive right in.

Kuja9001 wrote:

Zev wrote: There was a .gif animation that described this E3 perfectly....where is it?
Hold on, I have to head over to Minus World for a moment.

EDIT: Here it is.

Helel wrote:

Stranger Than Fiction wrote: You guys don’t really seem to realize that making gay jokes about yourself is a sign of confidence for your sexuality. You bitches are just nervous about your own.

Yeah. A sign of confidence in your homosexuality.

Blacklisted wrote:

The Perfect Being wrote: Lol that’s cool, More love and tolerance to spread.

I would hardly call sucking horse dick publicly “spreading love”.

Sheko the Reaper wrote:

.Bored. wrote:

Wolfenstein wrote:

Stranger Than Fiction wrote: seriously half of this site belongs to the “pokeniggas” how is that any better than being a brony?

We should probably lynch you for that question alone.

Mister-Teal wrote: Tell that bean flicker to mind her own business.

Cid wrote:

The Knight ELMO wrote: Why don’t you guys just meet and duke it out?

Because I’m 6’4” and weigh 500lbs. Even if Phob managed to beat me up, the chances of me falling on top of him and crushing his rib cage is very high, almost as high as my cholesterol.

Eric Kripke wrote:

HellfighterWasBannedForPatriotism wrote: .......need...haaaate..

Easy; all you have to do is click Kinasin’s profile.

Zombo wrote:

XD wrote:

shonenhikada1 wrote: Well if were posting pics of each other here’s mine


Bet it’s not her, no woman is foolish enough to take a picture outside the kitchen.

Sorutoku wrote: I know you took my M&M’s brah, You were the only one next to me when I bought them. Even Kim said you took them. It’s not the M&M’s its the principle.. Don’t steal from me. Catch me on 45th brah. I want 2 packs of M&M’s, a Sweet Tea, and a Superman 64 cartridge.

Be there!

The Doctor wrote:

Eric Kripke wrote: Immaturity is prevalent; wisdom is lacking.

In other words, most members here are variations of Rachel Ray.

you don’t be talking shit about Rachel Ray. that bitch be making some 30 minute meals bro. she cooks 30 minute rice in 28 minutes.

Archistratege wrote:

Fure wrote:

Uriel the Fallen wrote: I like to think I’m sorta' popular. And I get along with just about everyone. As a generation you’re new too(from my perspective at least).

So, you sign up 4 days after me and somehow have 4000 more posts than i do.

You’ll have to excuse Uriel.

He doesn’t spend his spare time jerking it to 2-D lizards; that’s your forte.

The Doctor wrote: some mute girl dressed as Desert Punk once came up to me and gave me her deviant art account. After drop kicking her in the face for being a midget, I didn’t go to her deviant art account.

Hema Logical KingLash wrote: Gave a picture of my mom to my lesbian friend so she could....-Enter obvious here-..

Sheko the Reaper wrote:

Fure wrote:

Stranger Than Fiction wrote: Basically hentai with childish girls

... Oh gross

You know most dogs don’t live past 12 years, so you’re technically down with jerking it to kids too.

return wrote: Has anyone ever been so far as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

carb0n wrote: I eat dicks for breakfast.

Without any milk.

Sheko the Reaper wrote: Phresh isn’t a language, it’s a force of the cosmos.

Only Derpforce has a direct effect on your linguistics, due to it’s corruptive nature.

Sheko the Reaper wrote: Red Line once BROKE crack cocaine so bad that Amy Winehouse died.

Mau5 wrote:

Paarthurnax wrote: And another thing, I don’t have a 85 Feral Druid because I don’t even play World of Warcraft. Ever thought of that? Probably not. And even if I did, I wouldn’t give a shit. And I no longer play with Pokemon Cards, so why should I care about the size of your Pokemon Deck? I have much more important things to do in life than talk about how big my Pokemon Deck is.

Don’t you know that the size of a man’s Pokemon deck is directly equivalent to the size of his penis?

Sheko the Reaper wrote:

Wolfenstein wrote:

Sheko the Reaper wrote: Ha, I figured my own self-doubt would pop up!

That’s why I brought lines of politically approved cocaine! Just the motivation I needed! *snort*

It’s gotta be there.


So, when on-topic is your’s(mine), I think we should implement a few new rules.


First thing we do is objectify the shit out of the women posting there. A woman is only truly happy in two places: The kitchen, and wherever a man says.

Mau5 wrote: Just... Please don’t let it affect Mr.Infinity and Stygian’s e-powers.

Who knows what they’ll do to hurt themselves. Think of kids with down syndrome all over the globe man .sad

Samurai Billy wrote:

TiggerLover wrote: Joseph, please stop posting pictures of dead birds.

You’re a female. Therefore everything you say is irrelevant, insignificant, and retarded.

Sheko the Ripper wrote: Every brony that walks this earth. Every man, who covets the evil of the pony. Every man, Who keeps a picture of fluttershy as their background. Every man, Who applies rainbow decals to their car. Who floods the boards of The Lounge. Who defiles our memes. Who brings ruin and corruption to the face of our world.
Our mission is to hunt you. To crush you. To ruin you.
We shall tear at the integrity of your legions, and revel in the dying agony of your evil. We shall bring disillusion to your corrupt acclaim, and laugh in the face of your idle threats.
Your evil does not trepidate us. Your evil does not repel us.
We shall destroy and obliterate until you are nothing but a neon stain on the face of the internet.
And when the last brony is cornered, and cannot call for the assistance of its corrupt armies, When they are trapped, and are unable to brandish the blade of evil, we shall remember. Remember all the delusion you have wrought. Remember the corrupted memes. Remember the defilation of everything you have ever touched,
and we will have no mercy.

Mau5 wrote: Arguing with Cocknitti is like arguing with Cocknitti.

Sorry, I couldn’t find anything more pathetic.

Samurai Billy wrote:

Mr. Infinity wrote: Slut, makes thread for any guy that jabs his honey pot.

There’s no need to bring your mom into this.

Sheko the Reaper wrote: Gaiz, why are you even discussing who broke Kinashit or when Kinashit was broken?

I mean, I brushed my teeth this morning. Takes about the same amount of effort. :I

Sheko the Reaper wrote: There’s enough gay in this thread to fuel the Pride Parade for at least a decade.

XD wrote:

Pocket Rocket wrote: A mosquito is making XD his personal bitch? Why does that not come as a shock to me?

All bugs do that.I screamed like a little pussy when a bee ran up on me outside this morning.

The Power Within wrote: But seriously if there is anything to be feared it is the gruesome random erection. Why are you there? What purpose do you serve? Will you ever soften down? Do you ever care about someone but yourself? I ponder this whenever I’m watching Sesame Street and my penis finds it is a good time for blood to rush in. Like damn.

Mau5 wrote:

QueenSkeetles wrote: Okay.

I wanna skeet skeet skeet all over your face <3.

Mau5 wrote: We already established Rob is beyond comparison.

Let us mere mortals humbly compare ourselves to each other.

Sheko the Reaper wrote:

Zero the Reploid Hero wrote:

Sheko the Reaper wrote: I declare this the official 'Flame Zero' Topic.

I think Zero breastfed till he was 10 and his mom had to beat him to get the lil' bastard weened off.

Good luck with that.

And Machines don’t have moms. Keep trying.

Virgin Levels off the charts! Engineers, divert more testosterone to the Thread’s conduits!

Damnit, man, hurry!

Sheko the Reaper wrote: MVC is literally trying to help you.

Skeetles: ima post pics of mah newborn on teh lounge loll
MVC: Ah fuck, really? No. *scramble*
Skittleses: aw wat teh shit lemme try again
MVC: This broad serious? It’s for your own good! *scramble*
Skitlakes: *makes thread* sum1 help with mah pics I NEED them on this site!!
MVC: Jesus Christ, no one help her! Black cocks everywhere!
Ty: *temporarily posts a pic of Skitlers kid*
MVC: Oh fuck you, Wizard! I’m out.

Mau5 wrote:

Hema Logical KingLash wrote: Hahaha, very cute. xD

I bet you want to eat it.

Sheko the Reaper wrote: I know you all want a quick fix~

The large barbarian of the Mystic Wolf’s stood before Stygina, taunting her by making sexual gestures with his hands.

“You don’t frighten me, barbarian! I joined the warrior clan because my father never taught me to be a man-"

“What?!" Interrupted the barbarian, “I thought you were a woman!"

Stygina scoffed in disgust, “Fool, I’m obviously a man! Why I’ve-"

“But you’re so small and pastey!"

“I’ll have you know that I have-"

“My wife has larger wrists than yours!"

“Shut up! SHUT UP! I’m a man! A MAN!"

But Stygina’s sorrowful cries were drowned out by the roaring laughter of the barbarian.

And then the barbarian had his way with sweet Stygina.

Samurai Billy wrote: Who cares? There are more important things in life than having a bitch you can fuck on a regular basis. I’ll just stick to my hand until that no longer pleases me. Thank you.

Link Is A Fanboy wrote:

Pocket Rocket wrote:

Link Is A Fag wrote:

rage wrote:

Deus Ex - Ultimate Pharaoh wrote: They aren’t reliable because literally anyone can change anything within them.While you are most likely to find facts there because of it’s nature not everything in them can be trusted as fact.

Yep, they aren’t reliable.
I could go to the MGS wiki right now and alter Snake’s page to read that he’s omnipotent.

He is omnipotent, his father, Big Boss, was omnipotent, that was the whole purpose of the “Les Infants Terribles” project, so he is omnipotent

Ok, NOW you’re not worth debating with, fanboy.

How exactly am I a fanboy, just because I know he’s omnipotent? Whatever, you’re really not worth fighting with, you’re a waste of space and your own parents don’t love you, the only thing you are is a worthless piece of shit, autistic, retard who’s full of himself and should die, all you do is cry and bitch every time someone doesn’t agree with you and insult them, and when they stick up for themselves you keep calling them a faggot and a crybaby, but the thing is, you jack off to men at night, fantasize about your own dad and brother fucking, and you cry for two hours straight everyday because you know that your own parents don’t love you and wish you were dead, just goes to prove that your a hypocrite and in denial of what you really are: a cocksucking faggot crybaby who overaccuses other people of crying and being faggots, which really only increases our speculations that that you’re gay and a crybaby that should go back to fantasizing about your dad and your brother, really you’re just a troll and fanboy and should fuck off, you worthless piece of garbage

Link Is A Fag wrote:

Pocket Rocket wrote:

Link Is A Fag wrote: And you just assumed that I was a Metal Gear fanboy

You just said Snake is omnipotent.

He is omnipotent! They say it in MGS3

Sheko the Reaper wrote: Vinnie once tried to get a chicken sandwich at Chick-Fil-A, but they denied him service.


Solid Snake wrote:

Deus Ex - Ultimate Pharaoh wrote: Still waiting for qoutes SS

Sorry, I had to go a play that I’m in, I’m a small time actor (tonight I played a rapist)

Soulja Boy wrote: Slayer
Alright let me begin saying, Slayer, this user, he has to be the hottest guy on MvC. NUff said , period, no other way.
First of all, his eyebrows are top notch. Why is this important?? Eyebrows can make or break a face.

Second, he has this epic smile. Its a contagious smile, if he is happy , you are happy.

Third, his body is at the right level. Just super muscular. I would hit that and call it the next day.

Fourth, judging by the people he took pics with, they are nowhere near my level(is nowhere a word?). These guys compared to me is like a pebble compared to the sun.

Fifth, by my intel gathering , he’s white. Um, can I say, get along good with the dad??? white dads love me, cause im top tier. No one can be at my level. Its impossible to come at me. bitches see me with the gut, it’s obvious to them they have no shot and dont even attempt to approach him.

Sixth, he looks like a guy who would appreciate a protective person. Not many people these days appreciate that characteristic. Shame really.

Seventh, he’s ripe. He is still young, good for the pickin. His body isnt worn out, he is ready for some abuse.

Eight, he most likely smells good. If you know what i mean.jpg

Ninth, He good on that computer, and everything.

Tenth, he probably has some good looking sisters.

Now, you may say, Hey Soulja boy, you have been turned down all the other times, what makes this one time different ???

Well let me tell you, with a poem.

If he is thirst, then I am water.

If he is hunger, then I am food.

Together, we create a cycle of needs. I need to provide and he needs the supplements. If you know what I mean.jpg

“Yo, Soulja, is that really enough????"

No kid , not close. Here’s another yo.

I would stab and kill 3 men for you Slayer my dear.

I would sodomize your ex, the guy you are dating and your crush.

Then I would offer more.

I would sodomize anyone who has seen you nude

I would sodomize anyone who has kissed you

I would sodomize anyone who has slept with you

I would stab 3 more men Slayer, me , myself and I

And I would come back as a Demon, for some demon love , if you know what i mean .jpg

MG, this is great and all but u think this is enough still???

No , check it, Haiku

My love for her shines

Moonlight reflects off snow

Sparkles my way home

The interpretation-In nigga language.

Eric Kripke wrote:

Pocket Rocket wrote: You’re right, I guess my hopes for the future are too high.

Bjarne may at least click on the site once or twice....accidentally.

Clam down there, bud. Most likely he’d be kidnapped and finding his emergency contacts through Facebook, and in fear will hit his finger against a bookmark long forgotten and stored... Moviecodec forums.

Sheko the Reaper wrote: Vinnie once accused me of being racist when I refused to have a threesome with him and his boyfriend, Deshawn.

The Doctor wrote:

Pocket Rocket wrote: Finn is a terrible protagonist indeed.

-xXPAINXx- wrote: Just wondering coz my balls stank right now. Caught a very nasty wift of their scent when my fan blew through a little space in my boxers, and boy I damn near pissed myself. Also, do you take any toys with you when you shower? And describe how you clean your balls, coz thats kinda sensitive. Me, I like to do kind of a jerking off motion with that scraggly-cleaning thingy that you use. it gets me off and cleans my penis so its nice and sleek for easy-masturbation for that porn I load while I shower. What about you, Mvc?

Samurai Billy wrote:

Sara yeck wrote: who the fuk are you people?

Well I’m just an attractive, young, white, male. I can guarantee that I will be successful in the future, and my scrotum smells of cherry pie and mountain dew. My dick is above the national average, standing at 8-9 inches when fully erect, and my teeth are perfectly straight. So a better question is, do you want some of this?

Call Me Maybe wrote:

Mint Berry Crunch wrote: Sara wants to fuck everyone here.

a girl of my taste, to bad she is to young for me!!

ReadThisIfYouTakeItBallsDeepInTheAnus wrote:

Get that shit outta here nigga. wrote: Who needs Clint when you have Chuck?

That username is going to get you banned.

The Merchant wrote: Being a zealous religious man, I went into the forest to pray. I took off my clothes because we are created in God’s image and have nothing to be ashamed of, and besides, there were no people around. Then I put my clothes in a pile on the ground and knelt down to pray. I closed my eyes, lowered my head and folded my hands. I began to pray. Then I heard footsteps of some type of animal. However, it would be sinful and unholy to open my eyes or raise my head, so I continued to pray. Then the animal came closer. The animal turned out to be a dog. The dog then got on top of me and butt-raped me. I didn’t push him off, and it lasted a long time. That was the best sex I’ve ever had! Afterwards, I begged God for forgiveness for ending my prayer early. I am sure He understood because I was enjoying His gift of sex! Then the dog decided to give me a blow job but then he bit too hard and my penis came off. In hindsight, I think the dog thought I was a girl, then when he saw my penis he decided he didn’t like it and wanted it gone. I then adopted the dog and we have hot sex every night

Samurai Billy wrote:

TiggerLover wrote:

OrganizationXV wrote: One time I played a children’s card game. But not just any children’s card game, it was a card game... ON MOTORCYCLES!

Hmm, you just reminded me that I need to go out and wash my motorcycle ... guess I should go do that now. lol

A female with a motorcycle? I bet you replaced the bike seat with a dildo the day after you got it.

Acrius Reborn wrote: Wouldn’t it be awesome to have telekinesis?

You could beat your dick with no hands.

Alonzo Harris wrote:

Clit Yeastwood wrote:

Pocket Rocket wrote:

Call Me Maybe wrote: Genius you lost your fucking touch, seriously just go back being a pseudo-intellectual wanking naruto, because other than that your trolling skills are weak.

That’s actually the first legible thing I’ve seen you type lol.

I think he got hacked

Fucking Rosetta Stone.

geargrinder wrote:

Rengoku wrote: KOS has a poster of this guy in his room. He tends to beat off to this 3 times a day. He lets out soo much cum while masturbating that MvC has gone all white.

You know this because all the while you’re in his closet. Waiting, watching, and studying, for the perfect moment to strike.

And when that moment comes you’ll leap out! With almost inhuman force you’ll flip on him on his back and take him from behind.

And then you’ll whisper quietly in his ear, “Finally”.

You undo his pants and shove your massive girth inside him. He cringes and squirms as his asshole tears in several places. There is blood everywhere. But it doesn’t effect you. You ram yourself deeper and deeper into him until you can’t take it anymore.

You unload your large steaming payload and rear out. Slinking out a nearby window into the night, a phantom anal assailant.

He’s so bewildered and in shock and pain he didn’t even get a look at the man who just took his anal virginity.

But he wasn’t the first victim, and he won’t be the last.

Rengoku’s insatiable hunger for man anus has been unquenchable for millennia.

Aries the Superior wrote:

Ruthless wrote: ^
Has trouble diffrentiating gender.

You think these are woman boobs, right?

Has trouble using spell check.


When you quote you will see know squiggly red lines.

Chubby 15 year old Joe banged wrote: Hello, people.

As you have seen, Joe talked about that time where had sexual intercourse. Let me tell you that I’ve notified the cops and it was against....I’m sorry it’s too hard for me to say ;(. It was against my will, him and his autistic friend raided my room while I was eating a two-story long cake and watching Glee. I told him to stop it because I wasn’t clean down there at the time, but.... it’s like he...he didn’t even care. I tried to shit on him, maybe that would turn-him off, but he responded to it with “ME LIKE DODOO” with a mouth full of feces.

I’m just here to tell you that this boy is insane. My father sat down with his lawyer and apparently he’s on medication. After a long quarrel, his lawyer referred us to this site. Apparently the severe “Breaking” as they like to call it, the gang called the pokeniggas inflicted upon him drove him into insanity, it damaged his brain.

I don’t hate Joe. Joe is a good boy, he’s just misunderstood. I hope all of you feel the same way.


Chubby under-aged girl.

Ruthless wrote: MLP is a haven of faggotry for 8 year old girls with the maturity of such.

In advance:

Sheko the Reaper wrote: And yeah, it’s a shame Chibs didn’t give his support to Phob, or at least someone with a grasp on today’s user base.

Could you imagine Tipper, Tigger and Jpeth as our admins? Lol. It’d be like 1920’s flappers running our government, organizing swing dance competitions and wondering why black people are voting.

Forever-Alone Kanu wrote: Ahhh...that brings back fond memories of me and my kid. I would lullaby his dumb ass to sleep wit that sing and then anally rape him. I wonder how therapy is comin along

Mau5 wrote:

Aries the Superior wrote:

Mau5 wrote: Occasionally when I’m with your mother.

Hur hurr hurrr.

Wait, my mom is a modeling agent?

I mean your mom is a vicious whore.

Hank Crawford wrote:

Ice Mike wrote:

Ladd Russo wrote: No she loves me get your facts straight Ketchum, or do I have to call Fleece cool

Fight me faggot

He will stomp you like Super Mario, so settle down, Koopa.

Mau5 wrote:

Souls wrote:

Mau5 wrote: Why so butt-hurt, pedo?

Butthurt huh?
Couldn’t be abit more creative?


I bet that’s how you leave all the little boys you baby-sit on weekends.

Hank Crawford wrote: This thread smells of regret, shame and spoiled sea food. Those things mean one thing, a broken weeaboo.

xXStevenTheDragonSlayerxX wrote:

Ruthless wrote:

Ladd Russo wrote:

Ruthless wrote: I’m sure this guy is a troll now.

You mean there was a time where you couldn’t tell he was?

Lol, I thought he was some dumb fanboy tween.

Im not a tween.

i’ll be 13 in january so just wait. its spelld teen by the way.

Syckar wrote:


Zack the Barbarian wrote: Between Billy’s scrotum and my teeth, Jake’s imagination failed to solo, and Billy lost his left nut. He is forever half a man.

R.I.P Billy’s Left Nut
2011 - 2012

Kaltovei wrote: Hercules is considered the most powerful being in existence. Kratos beat him in a test of strenght. Therefore, Kratos is the physically strongest being in existence after having done so, which isn’t surprising since they are brothers in the series.

Sheko the Reaper wrote:

rage wrote: Row! Row! Fight the power!

Our Dick-Jokes are the Dick-Jokes that will pierce the Heavens!

Hema Logical KingLash wrote: My friend Jake cought me doing the nasty....

Realizing all the times I cheated on a girl in my teenhood were with guys..(Only twice/no excuse straight )

(Beginning of this year-ish)-Having a girl I dated in 7th grade randomly find me on face book, where all we did is sext in the werdest way(While dating some prego chick.)

Finding 7 dildo’s and hand cuffs in my moms room...

(Now)-Falling for my X’s X freind after a night of knife-ish foreplay(We never even disscussed why we like each-other, and we used to think of each-other as brother and sister.)

Realizing there was child porn on my computer after my friend used it.(It was deep in there, and I found this out years later, but still) glare

Years go by with my vampire phaze gone, yet blood is still
a sensual liking for me, which is wierd.

Having my mom say(In front of me pretty much) “Id really like a screw, thats for sure”

Sheko the Reaper wrote:

The Little Shop of Horrors Reject wrote: So there’s this girl in my 4th period class who likes me. She’s pretty much into the same stuff that I am.

Things like video games, manga, et cetera.

However, she doesn’t have big boobs. So, I’m not really attracted to her.

How do I break the news to her?

Considering she’s a blow up doll, she probably reacts to everything you tell her with emotional indifference. I wouldn’t sweat it.

Aries fan wrote:

Aries the Superior wrote: Im autistic

That’s no excuse for posting videos of yourself grunting in the mirror while eating out of a toilet

Nikola Culpa wrote: We were watching 1998’s Scooby Doo on Zombie Island, and we noticed in the beginning that Fred wasn’t wearing his ascot. So after Spencer complained, I said, “Let’s just wait and see if he puts it on sometime later in the movie. It’s just he opening scene, broski-odle-oooh” as I took a massive bong rip. I blew the smoke out my nose as the movie dragged on. We got half way through and still no ascot. We were furious, but we trekked on and smoked dank shit.
We got to the end of the movie and he still had not used put on his ascot. We are pissed.
We bought that movie for the ascot, and we didn’t get it. Fuck everything else, Freddy is not the same without his ascot and it is not real Scooby Doo. FUCK EVERYTHING!!!!!

We are complaining. We are pissed. We are boycotting this movie. If you have this movie, don’t. It’s fucking retarded as fuck. Fred is the biggest fucker in the history of history. If he doesn’t have his ascot in the next Scooby Doo movie I watch, I’m going to give up on life.

Atheist wrote: @Bronies
I’ll be sure to get you all matching panties and skirts for Christmas.

Cid wrote:

J peth wrote:

Pocket Rocket wrote:

J peth wrote: Skittles = we dated once.... bad decision on my part.


Probably my biggest fuck up during my time on this site.

It’s ok bro... At least three of us made that mistake.

Call Me Maybe wrote:

The Brothers Grimm wrote: Do you watch porn Rob?

I’m not a Woman so doesn’t matter, if i where a woman i wouldn’t watch it, it would know my place in society.

Sheko the Reaper wrote:

Stranger Than Fiction wrote: Reading Marly’s posts give me a raging boner

no lie

News Flash: Man gives Vinnie raging boner! And at 11, cars go fast! Stay tuned!

Sekundes wrote:

Skye wrote: Whoever is trashing are a fucking idiot. All of you. Go find something better to do than bash a poor fanbase whose sole motto is “love and tolerate”. Brony does not equal clopper,pedophile or homosexual. Im a grown woman, married, and am i very very huge fan. Those of you who have nothing good to say simply don’t research the show enough.

You know for a fan who says that their motto is love and tolerate, you’re sure not tolerating me when I’m trying to be a good Christian. “You fucking idiot” “God left you a long time ago bitch”

I think this proves my point of the Satanic influence this show has on it’s watchers. It makes them hateful and intolerant under the guise of “love and tolerance”.

Sekundes wrote:

Neosaiber wrote: so who gives a fuck its funny to girls and bronies so it doesnt matter if its satanic

furthermore even if its satanic what the fuck can you do about it tell people stop watching it this isnt twilight moron its a fucking cartoon ON DISNEY therefore it will never lose viewers

so in short stop looking for satanic symbolism in cartoons and get a life

I have a life.. An eternal life waiting in heaven. You have an eternal death waiting for you in hell. Get an eternal life. Why lose it over a cartoon meant to make you lose it?

Zeroextra wrote: There’s a pansexual who added me to friends on MvC, I hate him.

Dr Scientist wrote: Absolutely the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.

She sat down next to me and then on the bus ride home proceeded to let
loose a burp that would put truck drivers to shame.

She looked at me and laughed stood up and bowed to everyone else on the bus.

I think I’m in love, is that weird?

CM Punk wrote: I seriously hope you fucking bronies never reproduce, us guys are basically gonna start being born with vaginas and so goes the human race.

Sheko The Reaper wrote:

Zeroextra wrote:

Rython wrote: But being polite is a part of me.

I feel like I wouldn’t be “me” if I wasn’t, if that makes sense. Not to mention I find it rare when people do use manners, these days.

Feelings are gay.

Yup, women use them to bake cakes, wash dishes, etc etc.

Snoop Lion wrote:

Cid wrote: you barely see a member that isn’t a moderator

Morpheus the VI wrote: Brother Edgar:

>Jerks it to blood & gore
>Finds Beyonder, DSA, and their ilk creepy

Lovely. If Edgar thinks you’re a creepy-ass nigga, you’re a creepy-ass nigga. I hope you fine young gentlemen are proud. ;D

Billy is the ultimate lumberjack wrote:

Mr Wishamuthafuhka Wood wrote: if you just wanna post without being bothered than post as a guest and dont say its you... can you do that?

Doesn’t work. I’m too unique and full of whimsy. My style is flawless, and the admins are instantly alerted to my presence by the certain degree of fabulous I bring to the table. When Billy’s in town, all are dazzled, and the admins have a nose for the dazzler.

OrganizationXV wrote:

Pocket Rocket wrote:

OrganizationXV wrote:

Pocket Rocket wrote:

OrganizationXV wrote: Also omnipotent doesn’t mean universe buster.

Lol did I read that right?

Reread it. If it stays the same the second time, then it’s safe to say you did.

You do know what omnipotent means, right?

It means you’re at god level, and those guys can do more than universe bust.

Sheko the Reaper wrote: Charizard used Flamethrower on Fure’s Prejudice.
It was super effective!
Fure’s Prejudice fainted!

Fure: Oh no! I have been defeated, but-
Charizard: NiggaRAWR! *shoves his tail down Fure’s throat and burns him alive from the inside out while Fure cries tears of pleasure*

Meister wrote:

Gab wrote:

AwkwardOctopus wrote:

Gab wrote:

I would wear that, too.

Who wouldn’t?

Straight men.

Wanking wrote:

Sheko the Reaper wrote: Want me to make him show himself? cool

Why would I ask you to get him, when I can just walk outside and look at his massive torso covering the sky?

Jesus Sexum wrote: I only come to this site to talk about my dick tbh. I do it on facebook and irl too though.

Wanking wrote:

NearRyuzaki wrote:

And here I thought Tippership was out of school.

The 7th Messiah wrote: Doubt this is relevant, but it made me laugh lol

Rython wrote:

Pocket Rocket wrote: Bjarne.

His silent jokes are hilarious.

Indeed. I’ve heard legends that speak of the greatest joke over told.

His name was Bjarne.

Sekundes wrote: Jay can chase underage poon and make sexual advances about showing his whole body on webcam.

But can he see why kids love cinnamon toast crunch?

Rython wrote:

Tori-Bot wrote: Positive reinforcement works wonders and you’ve seemed to miss that by a long shot.

Like that girl’s age you missed by a long shot?

Alpha wrote: I like to fuck my cat

Jesus Sexum wrote: I just invented a robot that can jerk me off in 108 different ways. It took me about 8 seconds. Anymore questions?

Mister-Teal wrote: Can fuck a cheerio without breaking it

Leviathan wrote: Okay then, whatever helps you sleep at night, I’m stupid and I dun goofed.

Uncle Ruckus wrote: Just a chillspot for the glorious white men and women (all 2 of em') of MvC

Rython wrote:

Pocket Rocket wrote: There are actually some genderless animals.

And Leviathan has proven that there are, indeed, genderless people.

Rython wrote:

Ladd Russo wrote: I see...

Well what can he do?


He’s from Final Fantasy, so.

Sergio Pokemonski wrote: And God Of War is not a violent game.

Rython wrote:

Pocket Rocket wrote: You make the best “fuck you Sega” jokes, I swear lol.

Honestly, I don’t think it’s me. Sega is a joke.

Seiryu wrote:

Pocket Rocket wrote: Lol what the fuck was Archie thinking when they came up Titan Tails?

You would first have to assume they were thinking.

While they weren’t high, I mean.

Hank Crawford wrote:

Professor Eidolon wrote:

Hank Crawford wrote: Torterra is shit.

Oh hell no

It is, if you disagree, then you should wish for better taste for Christmas.

George W. Bush wrote: I am sorry to disappoint you, Napolean.

Pocket Rocket is a brave American citizen who supports his nation to the end, you can never corrupt and stir this patriot’s mind to your dark ways.

He is not as weak-minded as your people.

Rython wrote:

OrganizationXV wrote: I’m on a school computer, and I can’t click on the link because adult/mature content is forbidden.


Heh. Even your school computer thinks Feminism is utter rubbish

Uncle Ruckus wrote:

Cuntwaffle wrote: Anyone know where I could find some good sonic porn?

Ask Omni.

Sheko the Messiah wrote: Squirtle and Bulba attempting to dislodge the stick in Fure’s ass, but he keeps clenching.

Sheko the Messiah wrote:

Lord lash wrote: Big-bang...

But Sheko’s to dense to be deep and not understand my inability to simplify. straight

You’ve confused me before, but this has to be the worst.

How am I too dense to understand your 'deep' meaning? Let me try being Edgar deep-

The chicken came before the egg because God is the egg and the chicken is a plankton with the desire to be more than a comet.

Now tell me exactly what I mean.

Rython wrote:

Pocket Rocket wrote: /hardcore sonic fan

From the looks of it, he’s one of those fans that when his friends want him to come hang out, he ends up staying home because he hasn’t done his daily run of Sonic R/Amy Rose fanfics.

But I truly don’t wish to put him at Omniwhatever level until I see more of him, I must admit.

Wolfenstein wrote: Yeah, but I’ve browsed Deviantart enough to know what a humanized Sonic/Tails look like.

.R.E.A.L.I.T.Y. wrote:

Lenzonda wrote: ape nigger

Thats like saying “cat lion” ..makes absolutely no sense.

geargrinder wrote: What’s the fucking point of flirting and shit on the internet.

I think you all need to read this. And then stop acting like faggots.

Sheko the Messiah wrote:

Hank Crawford wrote: Fure just stop, you try too hard. You sound corny, and cringe-worthy when you try to be artistically descriptive. Jesus, stop, please stop.

Every time Fure talks about art, a real artist dies somewhere in the world.

Sekundes wrote:

Seto Kaiba wrote:

Sheko the Messiah wrote:

Seto Kaiba wrote: I’m going through the thread why are there so many banana pictures with a nude guy?

Knight of Steel sexually assaults bananas.

That isn’t making any sense to me. Is that a fetish? And by knight of steel you mean the guy who made that thread with batman and superman

It’s more than a fetish for him. It’s more of a way of life. A principle of his existence. Bananas and large underage women are what keeps him going. What makes him wake up every morning ready to start the day. What he thinks about when he lays down to sleep. He packs his lunch with just bananas. He has a 15 year old of 300 pounds on his arms and a cop on his back. That’s Knight of Steel. I hope that clears things up.

Sheko the Messiah wrote: I’m only an Avatar of Justice.

Wherever autists lie in wait, wherever they scheme, wherever they pounce... I will be there.

If ever you’re in need, good citizens, simply flash the BREAK signal.

HellfighterWasBannedForPatriotism wrote: While children check for the bogeyman under their beds and in their closet, KoS checks for Pocket Rocket instead.

Based Sheko wrote:

Brawndo the Thirst Mutilator wrote: So if people who watch lolicon are pedophiles, does that mean Fure really really wants to have sex with a dinosaur?

Versed though he may be in the erotic art, I seriously doubt he wants to take 30 inches of Tyranosarus meat up the butt.

Um, yeah, that’s kinda how sexual attraction works. You jerk it to things you want to put your penis in.

Morpheus. wrote:

Pocket Rocket wrote: Now that I think about it, Chew Wenjun makes me think of some kind of car tool.

“Hey, pass that wenjun over here so I can fix this motor."


Which is funny, considering he’s a massive tool.

The Dual-Wielded Alchemist wrote:

Yaksha wrote:

Hellfighter wrote:

Ophanim wrote: Zeed you are 15 0.0

It makes me wonder who do i debate with on this site

Your intellectual equals.


The Gunboat Diplomat wrote:

dbz truth wrote:
It’s not peer-reviewed yet, but assuming it’s accepted, how does this affect vs chats?

Also assuming that it would be somehow proven that black holes are easy as fuck to bust, how would you deal with fictional characters busting black holes???

A renowned cosmologist and theoretical physicist proposes a highly controversial paradigm-shattering theory, and you’re wondering how it’ll affect VS debates?

Stay classy, MvC.

GohanAf24 wrote:

Knight 0f Steel wrote: I’m in ecstatic ecstasy mode.

I am scissor hugging the shit out of my pillow right now wishing it was a wifey.

Knight 0f Steel wrote:

Fure wrote: You should care. You pretty.


Would you like my...


Just pretend my cock is a banana as I shove it down your goddamn throat.

Drake wrote:

Lord Lucifer Morningstar wrote: The one who slept with the 15 year old girl while they were 18. Not pointing fingers though.

That guy must have gone bananas.

Cid wrote:

Mu wrote:

Cid wrote: I don’t think Raniero can fight.

He’s black.

Yeah, but he’s suburban black.

Snap wrote:

Nena wrote:

Mister-Teal wrote: slavery just ended 15 years ago, give it time

They still live in mut huts in africa
we’re gonna be living in mars before they get it together

Why would you want to live inside a planet

White people are retarded

Infinity Fucks wrote: I would disown him too. Not for being gay, but for being such a huge faggot.

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