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Name: Said Tora - The Omniversal Vagabond


Last seen: 03-19-2015

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About: The Divine Sovereign ~ Superbio Renovatio : I am the first, second, and last, everything

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MY art thread
GANTZ - The first hunt (signup)
The Divine Sovereign's Mythology
Gantz - the first hunt (profiles)
- The Bastards! - Bastard!! discussion thread
Welcome to our VandenReich

Previously known as

DS Aizen Giygas until 08-25-2011
DS Aizen - La persona superiore a Dio until 01-25-2012
DS Aizen - Serenade Sorrow until 03-24-2012
DSA Darsches - Serenade Sorrow until 06-29-2012
DSA Darsches - The Lost until 12-28-2012
DSA Darsches - Alpha Beta Omega until 07-03-2013
DSA - Darsches Hypernova until 01-09-2014
TDS-A- Omniversal Vagabond until 02-17-2015

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thumbs-up "GIving a rep only due to respect from ya compliment +1 to you!"

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thumbs-up "The one and only bro!"

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User Page

Welcome to my user page ^^

My accounts on other sites:
My YouTube:
My DeviantArt:
My wikispaces account:
My NarutoForums/OBD account:
And several others wich I cant bother to list ^^

This is called being owned beyond belief:
Now, I normally dont page threads, but when you make Genius start contradicting himself and make him desperate for you to leave the thread before he, its simply an amount of ownage worth gold, so I made this exception. Curious how only fags that dont like me supported him ^^
The mangas I have read or am reading are:
[ * = finished ]
[ ~ = favorite ]

<666 Satan (O-Part Hunter) *
<Abara *
<Ah! My Goddess! (Oh! My Goddess!)
<Air Gear
<Akaboshi - Ibun Suikoden
<Amon: The Darkside Of The DevilMan (Amon: DevilMan Mokushiroku) ~
<Angel Sanctuary
<ArchLord *
<Bakunetsu Sentouki
<Basilisk *
<Bastard!! (Destructive God Of
Darkness / Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy) ~
<Battle Club
<Battle royale
<Berserk (Berserk Prototype) ~
<Bio-Booster Armor Guyver (Guyver The
Bio-Boosted Armor)
<Black Cat
<Blade Of The Immortal
<Bleach ~
<Blood: The Last Vampire *
<Blue Dragon: Ral Grado *
<Cage of Eden
<Change 1 2 3 (Change HiFuMi)*~
<Deadman Wonderland
<Demon Diary
<Devilman *
<Dragon Ball
<Dragon Ball: Episode Of Bardock*
<Dragon Quest: The Adventure Of Dai
(Dai No Daiboken, Dais Adventure) *~
<Fairy Cube
<Fairy Tail
<Flags *
<Gantz ~
<GetBackers! (Get Backers!) ~
<Godeath - Megami No Ketsyumaku
<Guardian Dog *
<Hajime No Ippo
<Hellsing *
<Hen: Strange Love
<HighSchool Of The Dead
<Historys Strongest Disciple, Kenichi
(Historys Mightiest Disciple Kenichi)
<Houshin Engi
<Ikki Tousen (Battle Vixens)
<Jojos Bizzare Adventure~
Part 1 - Phantom Blood *
Part 2 - Battle Tendency *
Part 3 - Stardust Crusaders *~
Part 4 - Diamond Is Unbreakable *
Part 5 - Vento Aureo *
<Kagijin *
<Kanaete Aizen (Grant My Wish Aizen) *
<Kangoku Gakuen
<KarakuriDouji Ultimo
<Katekyo Hitman Reborn! *
<King Of Hell
<Kintoki - Toki Of The Auriculi #one-shot#
<Kongoh Banchou ~
<Kojinki No Gash Bell! (Zatch Bell!) * ~
<Kurohime *
<Law Of Ueki *
Law Of Ueki + (Plus) *
<Love story, killed #one-shot#
<Mahou Sensei Negima (Negima!
Magister Negi Magi)
<Manyuu Hikenchou #dropped#
<MAR (Marchen Awakens Romance)
<Medaka Box
<Monster Hunter Orage *
<Monster Soul *
<No Bra*
<Nuraryhion No Mago (Nura: Rise Of
The Youkai Clan)
<Omega Complex
<One Piece ~
<Onihime VS
<Ore no Imouto #dropped#
<Phantom King
<Project ARMS *
<Psyren *
<Ragnarok (Sword Of The Dark Ones) *
<Ragnarok: Into The Abbys
<Ranma 1/2
<RAVE (Rave Master,, Groove Adventure
Rave) *~
<Re:-Birth - The Lunatic Taker
<Sakuratetsu Taiwahen
<S-Cry-Ed *
<Saikano (The Last Love Song On This
Little Planet / She, The Ultimate
<Sailor Moon
<Saint Seiya: Next Dimension
<Samurai Deeper Kyo *~
<Seikon No Qwaser (Qwaser Of
<Shaman King (Kang Zeng Bang) *
<Shirogane No Karasu - The Silvery Crow *
<Sora No Otoshimono
<Soul Eater
<Sun-Ken Rock
<Tail Star
<Tenjhou Tenge *~
<Terra Formars
<The Breaker *~
The Breaker: New Waves
<The World Is Mine
<The World God Only Knows
<To Love-Ru
<Toriko ~
<Trace #webmanga, dropped#
<Triage X
<Unbalance X Unbalance
<Ushio And Tora (Ushio To Tora) *~
<Violinist Of Hameln (Violinist Of
<Yaiba (Legendary Sword Master Yaiba)
<Yu-gi-oh! R
<Yu Yu Hakusho! (Ghost Files) *~
<Zombie Powder
Note: Ive also watched about 80 animes if I correctly recall, I might list them later on

My latest TOP strongest animanga protagonists:

Besides anime/manga/mahnwa, I am a supporter of:
-Light Novels
-Megaman Battle Network
-Ben 10
-Samurai Jack
-Xiaolin Showdown
-Archie Sonic
-House of the Dead (games only)

My favorite anime/manga charaters are:
-Sousuke Aizen
-Dark Schneider
-Arshes Nei
-Ban Mido
-Monkey D. Luffy
and i am too lazy to think of the rest

My previous sigs:

“Move Tenchi, here comes the real pimp of anime/manga”
(My first sig on my restart using forums, removed direct linking due to the graphic content of the image)

J J B A - Part 3 - Stardust Crusaders : Jotaro vs Dio - Platinum World

(made by Kirihara, one of the still cool posters in the OBD)

(made by me, with pics that i didnt do, it wasnt anything dificult)

(WSJ girls FTW... wow :3)

(I tecnically didnt “make” this since its just 3 tinypic links posted without any space between each other)

(This one only lasted like 2 hours as my sig...)

(I loved this sig, Mashima girls FTW)

(I used this sig together along with 2 others, however, i changed wich one was the main/biggest of the 3 after a few days, this is the first)

(I used this sig together along with 2 others, however, i changed wich one was the main/biggest of the 3 after a few days, this is the second)

(I used this sig together along with 2 others, however, i changed wich one was the main/biggest of the 3 after a few days, this is the third)

(Riruka in several diferent “poses”, aint she pretty?)

(Ichigo going new bankai, all serious, then Ginjo trolls to Ichigo: Why so mad?.... yeah, I know this is the shittiest sig ive ever used)

(Some Bastard!! epicness, and OMG that Kay and that Arshes...)

(Just because I usually debate against DBZ doesnt mean I dont like it, I just think its usually wanked out of proportion, heres a badass final form Frieza, Cell sig that Cooltaff/Slayer did for me)

(Another nice sig Cooltaff/Slayer did for me, Vegeta the prince of saiyans, warrior of space in his 2 coolest incarnations)

(Smexy Yoko showing her “intellectual” side... unfortunately only lasted like 15 mins due to new forum guidelines concerning avatars and sigs :I)

(The most badass gold saint, the man closest to God, for La persona superiore a Dio)

(EPIC sig done by Tippership Commander, the strongest version of Buu and the most badass version together)

(The agent of the shinigami strike, good ol Soul Society arc days, Bleach was so fucking awesome back then)

(The arrancar are beast...)

(Badass on a whole different lvl, dont fuck around with these guys or youll get your ass handed to you at FTL speeds)

(Same sig as above with the extra of having Berserk Guts in there, hard to get anything more GAR than this)

(KINGS OF HOLLOWS - The kings of Hueco Mundo! + the queen and beauty of Hueco Mundo in the BG, doesnt get better than that ^^)

Bleach antagonists sig v.1 by SeeU

Bleach antagonists sig v.2 by SeeU

One of the few good things of Seikon no Qwaser, credit to whoever credit is due

(“OMGOMGOMG!, Squad 0 finally descends, theyre gonna look so badass!"..................................................)

(Epic Yama-jii, R.I.P.)

(Is it hot in here, or is it just moi?)

(When a sexy ninja babe stares you down you wonder: is this a good thing or bad thing? ~ Kosaka Shigure from HSDK)

(Open the gates of hell!)

(Welcome to The City~)

(CRAZY 4 U!... quite literally :/)

(A multiversal stroll...)

(GT villains... at least there design is cool, and Slayer did an awesome job on the sig as usual)

(One of my most awesome sigs to date, hail the WandenReich!)

(Leaving there prints on Mars)

(My last sig, Gday people ^^)

P.S. My user page >>> Everyone elses cool

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