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Name: Silent Survivor


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Super Funtastic Motherfucking Kondor wrote:

Slayer wrote:

Super Funtastic Motherfucking Kondor wrote:

Slayer wrote:

Super Funtastic Motherfucking Kondor wrote:

Slayer wrote:

Kirby solos evry1 wrote: Im cool smiley

Not cooler than me!!!!

im cooler then u smiley bow down to ur superior!


moustache says BOW TO ME

My beard disagree.

i am ur father now do as i say. ur hemaphridite mother, silent survivor, wants u to bow to me to

Super Funtastic Motherfucking Kondor wrote:

Silent Survivor wrote:

Super Funtastic Motherfucking Kondor wrote:

Slayer wrote:

Super Funtastic Motherfucking Kondor wrote:

Slayer wrote:

Super Funtastic Motherfucking Kondor wrote:

Slayer wrote:

Kirby solos evry1 wrote: Im cool smiley

Not cooler than me!!!!

im cooler then u smiley bow down to ur superior!


moustache says BOW TO ME

My beard disagree.

i am ur father now do as i say. ur hemaphridite mother, silent survivor, wants u to bow to me to

Oooooo :O

isnt it comforting to know i fucked u up the ass dear? grin

TheHugeCrasher wrote:

XD wrote: Compare the past to the present.My presence alone unleashes your faggotry until it is pass Crasher’s level of faggotry.

Warning:This book contains gruesome pornographic scenes of him blowing straw and stick sized cocks.

Your presence alone is an eye cancer, let alone your faggotry. The bullies in your school masturbate in front of you while you were inside the toilet getting a huge ass boner and the principle used to touch your crotch. Now those kids are successful pimps like me getting all bitches at fucking school, the best grades at school, being the coolest motherfuckers at school and being the best at school. They are THE BEST. They HAVE a FUCKING LIFE. A successful one! The only reason that they masturbated in front of you was to HUMILIATE you, you fucking faggot. They didn’t love your stick, sorry I must hurt your feelings.
You? YOU?! Where the fuck are you? A lifeless computer nerd trying to copy and hang off Pocket Rocket´s shiny wimpy butt. A midget trying too fucking hard to fit in because he’s too much deluded to face the facts that he never will.
Do you enjoy stating the facts about you inside your moronic web of worthless lies you say about me?
Do you want to tell the fact that in the end you ended up flossing school principal’s rotten penis because all kids in your school bullied and made fun of you?
Do you want to expose all your sheer faggotry for being nothing less than a worthless cockroach leeching in every forum’s heart to play nothing more than a 5 year old clown?
DO YOU? I bet you don’t want to. You don’t want to be bullied again. You don’t want a digital penis getting out of your computer screen, stretching your lips to maximum, going down your throat, getting inside your stomach to wipe your hunger and coming out of your butt repeating the same action again and again.
Enjoy the rest of your pathetic life and never mention the username “Crasher” and “The Huge Crasher” again in your posts. You know what will happen next.

Silent Survivor wrote:

Whore the ungodly brother wrote:

Tunnel Snakes Waifu wrote:

Whore the ungodly brother wrote:

Redx wrote:

Whore the ungodly brother wrote:

Redx wrote: lol negged.


I did it again. U mad faggit?


Won’t work.
Thats MvC for you.
Don’t like it?
Go to OBD.

wat’d u say i cant hear u cause...GUESS WAT

Because you don’t hear written words, you read them.


Silent Survivor wrote: You say you wanna be our acquaintance.
Well, you know
We all want to have someone new.

You say you’lldon’t have the patience.
Well, you know
We say you egard to talk to you.

But if you’re calling people out just to get by,
You can then kiss your green thumps goodbye.

Don’t you know it’s gonna be all right?
All right, all right.

Tunnel Snakes Rule wrote: A prototype of the story, might edit it later.

* Ring Ring Ring *

“Finally, class is over." Magnum sat back in his seat and took a breath of fresh air. Saying his school was normal would be a massive lie. Each class had 26 seats, his class being the “MvC” class. It had 5 rows with 5 seats in each row, and finally, the grandmaster seat which was right at the back of the class. A student who’s name was not known sat on the grandmaster seat for every subject there was. The students just called him TSR. The worse you was in a particular subject, the closer you would sit to the Teacher. They just finished taste class at the moment, meaning it was not unusual for his younger twin brother Butch to be sitting in the front row. Everybody except Magnum and Butch left the classroom. Butch slowly got up from his seat and walked towards Magnum.

“So, why did you tell me to stay behind Maggie?" Butch seemed rather impatient, but Magnum did not care. Today, nay, now was the time he was going to do it.

Magnum pulled his desk drawer open while Butch watched on with slight interest. Butch’s eyes widened when he saw Magnum pull out a gothic lolita dress, along with all it’s little accessories.

''M-Maggie, what the hell are yo-" Butch immediately stopped talking out of shock, the reason for this being Magnum somehow managing to rip off Butch’s school uniform and replacing it with the outfit that he just took out of his drawer at MFTL+ speeds. Magnum did not waste any time as he powered up into his Super Saiyan form he kept as a secret for so long. The force of the transformation caused his clothes to be ripped apart, ( something he would come to regret later ) and revealing his 14-inch manly dong which was covered in tattoos and scars. Where he got those scars from, Butch did not want to know.

Magnum walked towards Butch who was cowering in a corner with slow but well paced steps.

“D-Don’t tell me you’re going to..."

“BUTCHIE-CHAN! I CAN NOT WAIT ANY LONGER! RAERHARHERHGAAR!" Magnum immediately pulled down Butch’s frilly knickers which was covered with the faces of shitty characters, and lunged inside poor Butchie-chan’s ass so hard that it made a Supernova as a side-effect. Butch screamed, cried and struggled, but whatever he did he could not even get Magnum to budge. Magnum did not notice Butch’s futile efforts as he continued to drill his manly dick into Butch. Butch immediately let out a scream of ecstacy.

“Heh... Found your prostate, Butchie-chan!" Magnum continued to hit the exact same spot continuously, to the point where Butch couldn’t think straight.

“I’M GOING TO CUM INSIDE YOU TILL YOU’RE PREGNANT!!! RAAAAARRGGH!" Butch felt something warm and sticky go down his tunnel, which he came to figure out was Magnum’s sperm. Magnum came so much that Butch’s stomach bloated into one comparable to that of an eight-month pregnancy. Some of Magnum’s sperm leaked out of his asshole, and he could have sworn that each one of his sperm cells had a face that looked exactly like Kenshiro’s. The sheer manliness of each individual sperm cell caused Butch to ejaculate seven times, causing him to pass out. Of course, this did not make Magnum stop. In fact, it only fueled his erection.

By the end of the day, the entire classroom was colored white and Butch managed to give birth. More than once.


Guts wrote:

Demiurge wrote: In another millennia or so...

We’ll wait forever if we have to. ;-;

Slayer wrote:

Lord lash wrote: Die with me.........


Float up stream..........


Slayer wrote:

Spopovitch wrote: I ninja’d you buddy

And I ninja’d your thread.

Based Maizy wrote: You are the only one that can control your own happiness.

Stop bitching brah brah.

Slayer wrote:

ZeedMillenniummon Fancy Mode wrote:

The Dual-Wielded Alchemist wrote:

ZeedMillenniummon Fancy Mode wrote:

The Dual-Wielded Alchemist wrote:

ZeedMillenniummon Fancy Mode wrote:

The Dual-Wielded Alchemist wrote: My...
My headphones...
They broke....

*hugs TDWA*

There there. It’ll be alright.

Now ...
I have to replace my skull candy 50/50s....
With sony.....

Get bluetooth ones.

They are amazing.

But it’s your choice, Alche-sama.

Mein my ipod shuffle cant handle that level yet

My apologies, Alche-sama.

Allow me to cheer you up.

Nice Ipad.

Too bad you won’t be able to play it after I break it.

Break your face, that is.

Slayer wrote:

Tsunayoshi Sawada wrote: Screw the other fags, Kingdom Hearts anime ftw.

>Asking for an anime from Disney
>Other fags

Proto Dude wrote:

Slayer wrote: “Hiryu! Welcome to our Red Dragon. We’ll dance on your grave."
- Matic, Strider.

Could Matic really dance on Hiryu’s grave?


Lord Edgar.. wrote: Once you somehow get through the wall of addiction plagued by Mvc, Slayer is at the front door for taxes. Lol Weird, people thinking they can escape. =/

Lord Edgar.. wrote: Be slaughtered by the Taxation or post the feats. You must conform, must stay in line, must conform, Slayer has your mind! cool WAH! *Dramatic Thunder and lightning*

Pocket Rocket wrote: I just got my order of fries from McDonald’s and they taste a little bland. They didn’t give me any salt packets either.

Think you could pass some of your natural saltiness my way?

AgentOrange wrote:

Bad Man wrote:

AgentOrange wrote:

Bad Man wrote:

AgentOrange wrote:

Kids these days, too stupid to get the good references.

Or maybe the people here are too mature to watch those cartoons you watch?

Everybody already knows you’re a complete fucking moron.

Definitely a crap-load more intellectual and knowledgeable than you on the topics i actually post in.
Mr. i religiously think the cause of all obnoxious behaviour is autism

You haven’t made a single intellectual post in your entire miserable life. You making a pseudo-intellectual post in a pathetic attempt to come off as smart to the fucktards on the same intellectual level as yourself doesn’t count as “intellectual” in any sense of the word, moron.

In fact, most of the time you’re too fucking stupid to even address what’s been written, instead attempting to answer the point your cloudy, 8 year old brain thinks the post was making, and failing at that as well. That’s one of the many reasons why people around here treat you like cancer, and most posters ignore you completely despite you commenting on every single post made on the forum like the God damn, attention seeking piece of shit faggot you are, and that’s why everyone hates you.

The Butcher wrote: Yeah....I don’t really think Slayer reads the stuff Nelson likes.

Slayer’s stuff is 2 Nucky 4 Nelson.

Spiral Haki wrote:

Slayer wrote: C’mon

I know you are watching this.

We are watching but MvC is too stupid to answer

Here is the thread where I Joseph taunts other characters

[]Troll logic[/url]

The Invations of the COOKIES!!

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