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Name: Very Rare Versace


Last seen: 06-02-2015

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Banned permanent from Official MLP Thread

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Age: 69

Location: Shaolin land

About: Best artist on MvC

Hobbies: Artistry

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Goku Vs Superman Vs Naruto Vs Ichigo Vs Luffy Vs HST Vs Dragon Ball Z Vs Bleach x One Piece V Toriko
I'm sexy as hell.

Previously known as

DeathxScud until 07-31-2011
MephistoPheles until 02-23-2012
Mau5 until 02-25-2014

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Fuck you Luis




Lord Death


Ke Ke



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Duck Butter wrote: Sadly this is true Im an asshole but get treated great because of my face.

Crusader wrote:

Lycaon wrote:

Crusader wrote:

Lycaon wrote:

Crusader wrote:

Lycaon wrote: SoD wants the big black D. Some kind of bondage in neighbor’s basement fantasy.

Say it to my face, faggot.

You better get a step ladder then.

You better get on your yo grandma does everytime i visit her, bitch.

You’d still need a step ladder though man.

Lol, you’re funny...................real funny.....punk.

smoothy wrote: if you get uncomfortable around gay porn, then you clearly are uncomfortable with your sexuality.

Big Gigantic Black Clock wrote:

Mau5 wrote: Not sure if retarded, or retarded.

clearly this nigga likes white women and is anally devastated...and don’t bother replying Mephistopheles with your mom jokes or your broken jokes because I heard all your lame ass jokes and you CLEARLY need to work on being amusing.

Nothing you say will really even flinch me due to the fact I have seen people get killed in front of me, seen people get raped.

XD wrote: I was planning on waiting until I was no longer a noob who’s been here less than one year before leaving,but that probably won’t happen.I’ll be surprised if it does end up happening.As I said before,I joined this site to escape loneliness,but that’s not working out for me at all.The reason why it is not working out for me is pretty much self explanatory.

I should have known better than to join a damn forum with a various amount of posters that excessively flame-bait just to do so.I have stopped acting like a pussy who can’t take a simple little insult,but that low-self esteem and feeling of loneliness has still been left inside me to this very day.I know now that this hasn’t fixed the problem at all.

Dealing with this excessive BS has only made it worst.This guy is definitely not wanted here,and it’ll take a really good reason to get me to stay.What did this accomplish?Did this help build up the guts to ask at least one girl out?No.Did this help get me friends to hang out with?No.Did this help create some confidence in myself?No.Did the people mainly responsible for lowering my confidence go away?No.

I’m not trying to gain any sympathy because I know that I’m just giving you people more material to laugh at.As you can see,I haven’t been very active lately.However,I still have one goal left to complete before I leave.Even if I do leave,I’ll still pay a few visits to the good ole music section when I feel like it.

Rant over.

Edit:Also the Neo Guarde thread,and maybe the Naruto and Bleach discussion thread as well.

Aries the Superior wrote:

Atheist wrote:

Aries the Superior wrote:

Atheist wrote: 20


I thought you were 19?

I thought we were competing?

Souls wrote:

GoGon wrote: As OP fan I prefer Seinen I like adult stuff

Roronoa GoGon wrote: Mau5 is mad since OP is a seinen.

Ghost Planet Industries wrote:

Mau5 wrote:

Ghost Planet Industries wrote: LOL, the manga is amazing, this guy knows absolutely nothing about art.

I always wondered why you had such shit taste in everything, liking OP’s artwork and all.

But this takes the cake.

You’re fucking blind if you think this is good art.

Flame harder darlin', as if you could even begin to describe the aspects of his art that you even dislike, keep on sheepin on princess.

So much depth in this gaiz. Those facial expressions, too deep, like I’m staring at the endless abyss.

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