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Name: RHR


Last seen: 08-06-2018

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 05-28-2011

Posts: 2,119

Location: California

About: im psychic

Hobbies: Hangin out with friends

Reputation: 52thumbs-up

Previously known as

rrycraw2 until 06-01-2011
Kirby solos evry1 until 08-15-2012

12-20-2014 from The Living Tribunal
thumbs-down "doesnt have the balls to log on anymore"

09-30-2014 from Flamelord
thumbs-down "Doesn't have the balls to log in anymore."

08-06-2014 from Ryan Burns

11-25-2013 from Gay Lord
thumbs-up "I don't know wtf is going on but here ya go"

11-24-2013 from Munsu a.k.a Legendary General
thumbs-down "Damn you for taking away my chance for a 28th rep virginity!"

11-10-2012 from Fuck you Luis
thumbs-up "KIRBEH!!"

01-12-2012 from tfw_no_qt_3.14_korean_gf
thumbs-down "SUCK MY DICK FAGGOT"

12-29-2011 from The Broker
thumbs-up "Here ya go"

12-20-2011 from Kuroka
thumbs-up "kirby"

11-04-2011 from Said Tora - The Omniversal Vagabond
thumbs-up "Cool to see ya around"

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