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Name: GoodGamerSambo


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About: That's for me to know and for you to never find out ;)

Hobbies: Learning Different Languages, Rugby, Drawing, Anime, Manga, Bodybuilding, Listening to music

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Post your drawings for Anime and Manga/Cartoon Characters
Goku Vs Superman Vs Naruto Vs Ichigo Vs Luffy Vs HST Vs Dragon Ball Z Vs Bleach x One Piece V Toriko

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Metal Gear Solid and Devil May Cry expert.

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Hanh Champion is fucking awesome!

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Mein wrote: It’s rather simple


Why did Popeyes and KFC have different sale numbers when their chicken was practically the exact same thing back in the day?

because they marketed to their demographic properly and accordingly with their budget.

Shonen jump grabs a few Shonen manga and makes htem stars because they can tell a cash cow when they see one... however due to the limitations of shonen jump a lot of manga are thrown out the window regardless of quality.

This is the same with other magazines and marketing ploys.

Megatron wrote: No. Look from an author’s/writer’s point of view. This Advent Children duel is a prime example of how the two speeds overlap, to the point where trying to separate them during writing is unfeasible.

Here I must agree with OBD, that combat speed basically comprises the abilities to move, react and perceive your opponent at a given speed.

DS Aizen - Serenade Sorrow wrote: Ok, I dont really feel like debating this, but ill debunk some points, first well have to go with DBZ chars being able to hit eternal atoms: They cant
No DBZ character has ever hit more than 1 plane of existence at the same time, whenever a DBZ char died it was by a ki blast, yet only there physical body, not there soul or spirit, in other words, ki attacks cant hit more than 1 plane at the same time, simple as that, this alone should end the debate since Gogeta no longer has any means of damaging DS

Now to debunk DS being supersonic only:
1 - DS was casually reacting to supersonic movements in his fight with Arshes Nei wich is only the first half of the first arc of the manga, he got numerous power-ups since then, therefore any sound speed mention since then should be irrelevant as it would be inconsistant
2 - Porno Diana happened before even Conrone, so even if there was sound speed mentions it would be irrelevant since it was waaaaaaaaaay earlier in the serie than what current base DS is
3 - Augoeides being relativistic+ would not disprove the angels speed since the augoeides packing more firepower doesnt necesarily mean they have to be faster as well, and the angels had to be travelling at 7000 times the speed of light in order to reach the black abbys in less than 4 years, it is a well know fact that in order to travel at certain speed you also have to be able to react to them in order to be able to see where you are going
DS can blitz angels

Warping isnt speed

Sheko the Conqueror wrote: If your first play through of FFVII is after it’s prime, you’re really not going to be bewitched by it like we were. It did something awesome for it’s time and it runs on nostalgia. If you missed out, you missed out permanently.

Megatronus Prime wrote: Uhg.....
Unicron was only defeated because of the Matrix, which he outright stated is the one thing that can stand in his way. This is because it is a direct line to Primus, his opposite, the incarnation of creation, who is just as powerful as he is.
Let me just tell this story again real quick.
Unicron, before his encounter with Primus, destroyed the multiverse. Following this, he went into “hibernation." The remains of the millions of universes all suddenly exploded in a multiversal big bang, which Unicron not only survived, but slept through. Upon creation, the personification of the multiverse itself, The One, created Primus to protect everything from Unicron. The two of them got into a fight. Hum dee doo, it was long, lasted eons, the balance of power shifting between them, only for Primus to end it by sealing Unicron and himself into metal planetoids. This severely limited their powers, but they could control these bodies. Primus molded his into what would one day become Cybertron, and Unicron turned his into an enormous planet destroying machine. You see, Unicron isn’t a robot. The body he is always seen in is a prison. If they destroy it without the power of Primus backing them up, Unicron will be free, and there will be nothing they can do.

Zackbaatar wrote:

... And this is bullshit. You’re heavily abusing the combat speed theory.

Dragon Ball characters fight *slightly* faster than they can fly long distances. Their combat speed is likely comparable to their sprinting speed.

That said, they can not fight millions of times faster than they can fly. Absolutely nothing supports this. It’s a baseless assumption.

dr.scientist wrote: The allure of complete power?

Doesn’t have to be good,intelligent or even make any sense at all as long as the character is broken beyond belief some people out there will attach themselves to he/she/it and make it their personal Idol because he/she/it has power they will never have but desperately crave so they attach themselves to whatever and will defend its greatness to the death becasue in their minds if it loses then they lose.

Just MO.


Brolys Number 1 Fan. wrote:

Rider of Havoc wrote:

Broly wrote:

IT is superior to Saint Seiya wrote: IT is faster than anyone in Saint Seiya

Yep IT solos Seiya

lol, and how exactly would he be able to hit the intangible beings?

Spams PIS spirit bombs. (PIS can kill anyone and is omnipotent)

Angry guest is angry xD

Prepare your anus dicksniffer wrote: well, well, well, what have we here? another faggot neckbeard (most likely yuro) shitting up the place with his VS faggotry. you picked the wrong night to fuck around, asshole. i’ve just texted the video games mod (we’re friends irl) about this thread, so he’ll be here shortly to deal with the matter, and most likely hand out some sorely needed bans. i’m also going to report and sage the thread (for safe measure), as well as alert the other moderators in the lounge steam channel. and just in case you wanna try and pull a fast one, i’m screen shotting *the entire thread for additional proof* and e-mailing Bjarne about the matter personally. i’m tired of you stupid fucking dick sniffers pressing out whatever lolrandom faggot shit you want on the fucking VIDEO GAMES board. it’s time for you assholes to get a reality check, because this shit won’t fly for much longer. prepare your anus, you 500 pound piles of shit. your days are *fucking numbered*.

Stygian wrote: Can I give myself a magical ax that turns everything it touches, into piss?

Godot wrote:

El Matador wrote:

Omniwhatever wrote:

Hey El Matador, it’s been past your bedtime for half an hour.

@Atheist is the only way


LOL, says the virgin. Seriously how old are you kid.

Stop acting like you get some bitch, you’re probably one of them faggots who ride a bike with 10 guys on it while selling avacados. Now give me your address, stop going through the damn preliminaries.

Sheko the Reaper wrote:

Ice Mike wrote:

Polar wrote:

MEGAomega wrote: Billy boy is still cool , he just acts up from time to time...

But he trolled too hard yesterday that even I, who was friends with him, had to negged him straight.

TBH I don’t even know what event you’re talking about. Sometimes I just do shit on here without the intention of trolling anyone, and it somehow turns into a fairly large shit storm. Like a beautiful work of art, my trolling is created spontaneously.

It’s true. He’s not intentionally a dumbass, just naturally a dumbass.

And his rhyme scheme is 3rd grade level at best. :I

Shiros Waifu wrote:

RottWeiler wrote:

Ladd Russo wrote: Jesus, just shut the fuck up, Rott.

You retarded-ass downie.

do i know you bruh??? then stfu and fall back you weak ass cum dumping fuck

Lol, it’s like he’s grinding his ass cheeks on the keyboard to come up with these combacks.

This did make me chuckle, I must admit:

Crusader wrote:

Heavenly Yaksha wrote:

Crusader wrote: watching me get broken because of anime.......yep certified virgin,lol.

I could make the obvious jokes about how you were a accident. Various your mum jokes and etc.

However i will do none of that and instead laugh at your kiss-less rustled virgin ass instead.

Now back to my episode.

I would see a doctor about your butt kid seems incredibly hurt.

Yeah I’m SoD so the whole “umad” and “butthurt” shit doesn’t work on me, I’m the guy who made this website his bitch several times, lol you’re nothing to me.

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