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Alright, I’ve made a few last posts here and there but now I think I’m ready to leave for good. After I write this I don’t think I’ll be popping in anymore. I’ve had some good chats here will all of you whether it was redundant nerdy shit or just random perverted stuff I still managed to have fun. I can’t say I won’t miss any of you but it’s time I put an end to posting on MVC. I have goals I want to achieve and it’s time I focus on that. So I’m gonna block this site. Those of you who I spoke with frequently you know who you are so there no need for me to type up a list. I just want you all to know I sincerely hope you all lead happy lives. Keep in mind no one ever truly leaves MVC. They just go on hiatus.

That is all~

1. Sherlock Holmes
2. Redx
3. Gallantmon
4. Braking Boss
5. Dr. Ivo Robotnik

6. (Edited: Needs more work)

Potential additions to the list:

Dr. Slump
Lupin the 3rd
Cyborg 009
Hajime no Ippo
Dragonball (Not Z)
Nanatsu no Taizai
Magi the Labyrinth of Magic
Detective Conan
Attack on Titan
Casshern Sins
The Monogatari Series
Binbougami ga!
Digimon Tamers
Akame ga Kill
(Still a work in progress)

Snap wrote: Okaaaaayyyyy, so who fantasized about rubbing their faces in Tomoka’s tummy last night? grin

Snap wrote: Now, now.

It’s super relaxing. Just imagine rubbing your face in soft loli-tummy. In a totally non-lolicon way.

Snap wrote: If you can’t rub your face in a young anime girl’s belly without feeling like a lolicon, then you obviously aren’t secure enough in your own sexuality and should seek immediate mental help, you pedo.

Snap wrote:

Cirno wrote: Snap, If you were stuck in a room with a loli.. What would happen? >.>

I would cuddle her to no end, and die happily.

Cirno wrote:

Snap wrote:

Cirno wrote:

Snap wrote: Maybe sometimes. But only because you’re a massive pervert.


Maybe sometimes. But only because you’re a massive lolicon.

It’s called “loli appreciation”.

It’s called “lolicon”.

Snap wrote: Loli-tummy is one of the best things in the world! If you don’t smile at the thought of burying your face in a giggling loli’s tummy, then you’re probably dead.

Snap wrote:

Shimmata wrote: Anyone got some more loli anime to watch? Dunno what to do after watching SS.

Snap wrote:

Fujiwara no Mokou wrote: Make a Loli/Shota thread gaiz

Let’s not, that’s a pretty bad idea.

Snap wrote: Let’s wait till people are more open-minded, Fuji.

Then I’ll make one myself. smiley

Snap wrote:

Hilda is the one true Goddess wrote:

Snap wrote:

I’d let her pierce my heavens

If you know what I mean

And you probably do

Your anus?


Snap wrote: Have you ever wandered how it would be to sniff spats-covered loli butt?

Snap wrote:

Raniero wrote: ...
Don’t you have some sweaty loli butt to sniff or something?

Yeah but I can take a little time to make fun of you.

Snap wrote:

Magnum Bookworm wrote: Oh.

I just found it weird because in another thread, IIRC, you said you’ve never masturbated.

Yeah, that’s the weird thing, I never masturbated as I watched porn lol.

I just kinda...stared.

Snap wrote: Well I mean, here’s the story.

I tried masturbating once, realized I was doing it wrong, didn’t know how to do it right, and just gave up.

I could probably get it right if I tried now, but I don’t see the point.

Snap wrote:

Marisa wrote:

Aoi Kunieda is a shit character wrote:

Snap wrote: it noteworthy?

Because I find it hilarious that you tried to masturbate and failed in the process.

Honestly, masturbating is common fucking sense.

Not for me it wasn’t.

Magnum Bookworm wrote:

Snap wrote:
She’s not my waifu



Snap wrote: Jeeze Mag shut up

Every lolicon needs a loli in his bed

And Nonon is mine

Not that I’m a lolicon

Snap wrote: Y’all can’t even appreciate a good loli when you see one.

I mean seriously, DID YOU HEAR HER VOICE



Snap wrote: I like loli butts and I can not lie!
You lolicons canít deny!

That when a little girl walks in with an itty bitty waist
And a cute thing in your face
You get HNNNGH, want to pull up tough
'Cause you notice that butt was stuffed!
Deep in the pantsus sheís wearing
Iím hooked and I canít stop staring!

Oh baby, I want to get witcha
And take your picture!
My MvCers tried to warn me
But with that butt you got makes (Me so horny)!

Ooh, Rump-o'-smooth-skin!
You say you want to get in my van?
Well, use me, use me
'Cause you ainít that average groupy!
If I gonna get some kissin'~
Better get with romancin~
Sheís sweat, wet,
Tastin' like strawberry GET!

Iím tired of magazines
Sayin' cowtits are the thing
Take the average lolicon and ask him that
She gotta pack much back

So, fellas (Yeah) fellas (Yeah)
Has your loli got the butt? (Aw yeah)
Tell 'em to kiss it (kiss it) touch it (touch it)
Caress that loli butt

Loli got back
Loli got back

Snap wrote: “Nonon-chan is crying loudly. I want to lick her."

I know that feel.

Snap wrote:

The Butcher wrote: Snap....

You’re too far gone. I’m sorry :'(.

Red can still saved....if he stops raping :'(.


Snap wrote:

Raniero wrote: Shut your salty ass up Red.

I’m not a lolicon by the way.




shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked

Raniero wrote: *logs off*

Ladd wrote: So you admit to being a lolicon.

It’s OK at least you get to drag down Ran with you.

Snap wrote: If you think this is the first time I’ve accidentally admitted to being a lolicon then you haven’t been paying attention. :T

Snap wrote:

Ladd wrote:

Snap wrote: I’m on the road to recovery.

Your pent up sexual frustration says otherwise.

Shut up, I’m staying virgin till marriage and don’t know how to masturbate, or course I’m pent up.

Snap wrote: NouCome had plenty of DFC and lolibutt, so I was happy.

Snap wrote:

Raniero wrote:

Snap wrote: Seikoku no Dragonar (Naked/lewd lolis right on the cover)

That’s all it took huh?

I-is this Bully Snap day?

Snap wrote:

nietsnefloW wrote: Snap is the ultimate bully of young children.


Keep that on the down low...

Snap wrote:

Loseph wrote: What’s so special about grabbing kiddie tits?

If you have to ask, you don’t deserve to.

Snap wrote:

Clesta wrote:


I want one.

Snap wrote:

The Butcher wrote:
That isnít Unicorn ep 7 bruh.

No, itís even better.

Itís erotic elementary school girls.

Snap wrote:

Raniero wrote: Fatherly feelings of wanting to protect and pamper a cute little girl =/= lolicon.

I sometimes call it “pampering” too.

Snap wrote:

Raniero wrote: My fondness of lolis stem from a biological imperative where my fatherly instincts awaken and gives me the desire to spoil little girls and cuddle with them and protect their cute smiles okay.

That’s usually how my loli-fun would begin, too.

Snap wrote:

NearRyuzaki wrote: I don’t think anyone here actually goes out of their way looking, all we need to do is just go into our loli folders and find a random pic. ¬¬

Uh yeah, since when have you been a lolicon? You gave me so much grief over my loli-love last year. >.>

Snap wrote:

shiro nli wrote: i know its my youngest sister, shes the one who likes black d

well you know how i do

Snap wrote:

Marly wrote:

Snap wrote: On a side note, someone needs to tell Vita to stop trying to turn me into a lolicon

Aren’t you already one?

That’s a misconception.

Wolfenstein wrote:

Raniero wrote:

Wolfenstein wrote: Gee

Why do I hang out with Snap again?

Cuz you’re Nisio butt buddies?

It’s more than that.

I may love him.

Pocket Rocket wrote:

Kinasin wrote: Well I told you to quit Bashing your buns on every fags cock who winks in your direction. I can’t help that your asshole aches and quivers like freshly molded Jello at the site of any cock you can shove in your prolapsed cum dump.

That’s only cuz you never looked me in the eye while we made love.

AgentOrange wrote: Deny it all you want, but Bleach is canned. Kubo wanted it to go for another five years, WSJ said no and asked him to wrap it up instead. This is fact.

But let’s focus on my opinions about Bleach, the ones which (according to you) are more or less equal in worth to yours, which is preposterous.

I’m older than you, I’m clearly more intelligent, I’m a university grad student (social anthropology, a very abstract soft science which requires well above average intelligence/grades to understand/get into), I have read over 300 manga titles to the point of being able to recognize every trope, character and plot device unique to manga (it’s the same stories, with the same stock characters, getting into classical situations, retold over and over and over again), and on top of that, I’ve also taken a couple of literary classes. I actually know how to analyse structural elements of a story, with particular focus on the fantasy narrative. I am in other words way, way more qualified than you to hold any sort of educated opinion on the subject. I’m not trying to insult you (right now), this is just the way things are.

That is however, NOT the problem: the problem is, and always has been, your complete and total inability to grasp what I’m critiquing (my guess is you don’t have anywhere near enough experience with scientific method/research to be able to decipher my words properly).

When I’m talking about Kubo Tite’s hamfisted over-using of tropes, and you blurt out some idiotic comment about all shonen manga employing tropes (I know that, you fucking moron: I told you to begin with), you are missing my point entirely, which is that tropes build a manga, but it takes a skilled craftsman (which Kubo isn’t) to weave them into the story seamlessly. Kubo sucks at this, since he OVERUSES a select few tropes, and in such an obvious and comical way that it shatters the ILLUSION of the story when you’re trying to emerge yourself into the fantasy just because of how poorly executed it is. Every time somebody disappears in Bleach only to appear behind somebody (who is starring off out into space, looking baffled/constipated) in the next panel, I laugh my fucking God damn ass off, because it is such a typical example of Kubo being the talentless hack that he is, being much more focused on trying to make everything look “stylish” and “cool”, by stark visual effects (while plot, script, pacing, character devlopment etc. is suffering to the point of being terrible). This is one of many things that make Bleach shallow, repetitive and unoriginal, in fact one of the worst, most uninspired cliches of a shonen manga this side of Fairy Tail (which is a soulless abomination, a Frankenstein of stolen ideas from OP mixed with the industry’s worst sense for exposition and battles. He makes Kubo look like Oda).

This was a small example: Bleach is littered with stuff like this. Extremely poor craftsmanship in other words. You see, I’m not only reading manga to be entertained by it, I also critically analyze it and assess it, just like I do with all literature I read.

But you won’t probably understand any of this, instead you’l start mouthing off about how Kubo Tite is great at telling stories (yeah, the same fucking story repeated in every arc more or less, extremely simple and banal plot structure to say the least) or how you think the tropes he overuses are awesome and whatnot (not that you’ve ever even payed any attention to the execution of the tropes in Bleach until I pointed them out) and you don’t think they’re overused at all (no, but you haven’t spent over 20 years watching anime and reading manga on the other hand, so yeah...) and that’s just my opinion (which happens to be based on something I’ve actually put thought into, unlike your “Bleach = Good. The End” approach), and that’s why this is pointless.

By all means, you’re welcome to your own opinion, because I know you’re unable to understand WHY Bleach is fucking awful and you’ll never get it, you simply lack the knowledge, the experience and the competence to execute any sort of critical analysis of Bleach above the level of a 7th grader.

AgentOrange wrote: Objectively speaking, Fairy Tail is pure garbage, it’s the equvalient to manga what Britney Spears is to music: generic soulless crap produced for no other reason than profit by stringing together unoriginal crap from other things which people like. The plot is so flimsy it’s practically non-existent, the characters are so flat and cliched they can be summed up by a single word each and the manga is basically a series of independent arcs where some over-hyped big bad/evil team (which has never been mentioned previously) gets their shit kicked in by a nakama punch (ergo random asspull power-up from nowhere). Rinse and repeat.

That’s why Fairy Tail is THE worst.

Ragex wrote:

Renna wrote: Ragex...?

I’m joining my blood-brother Red on the road to eternal salvation away from you mongrel folk. The ways of the world do not suit my brother and I, for we hail from a different breed. One that be hella higher than you lesser beings. Only once you burn down all the things crawling in your skin can you cross the new divide and reach bliss.

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