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Name: Openz


Last seen: 04-12-2012

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About: A cup

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Goku Vs Superman Vs Naruto Vs Ichigo Vs Luffy Vs HST Vs Dragon Ball Z Vs Bleach x One Piece V Toriko

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A signature maker. Not as good as my mentor cooltaff, but just pm me for a request.
Sigs i’ve made


Stormwatch wrote:

Comic Expert-Robert wrote: Hope he gets the death penalty...serious he killed a Legend!!!

Tardimus Prime strikes again

King Dhaos wrote:

Acrius Rayne wrote: If i wanted to see homosexuality,I’d watch the [key word]entire[/key word] KH ending.

Reading the first post is far faster and far more homosexual. So if you REALLY want to see it, Scroll up.

DS Aizen - La persona superiore a Dio wrote:

Anime18 wrote:

Redx wrote: Tis true.


Heres a quote from the article: “not only is beating a woman’s head into the wall and sexually assaulting her not rape, but tying a drunk minor to a bed and gang-raping her isn’t rape either.“

^ false...rape isnt legal anywhere dummy....its called attention drama craved blog sites ....ppl these days straight

If Santa was real and if he was the girl on your pic id stay up all night and use the Finland law on her.

Sheko the Conqueror wrote:

King Dhaos wrote: Cool.Here is yours:

Aw yeah, now I’m hacking into his email accounts, bank accounts, medical records, education transcripts, car, house alarm, mom’s pants and his garage opener.

Hope you like the sound of your garage opening and closing all night. BOOM!

Uriel the Fallen wrote: I SUCK DICK AND I KNOW IT


When I’m at the mall, these boys I just can’t fight them off
And when I’m at the beach, I’m trying find me some boy cheeks.
This is how I roll, come on guys it’s time to go

Ahh boy look at my gayness (x3)
I-I-I suck dick!

Ahh boy look at my gayness (x3)
I-I-I suck dick!

When I’m dancin' in the gay-bar, yeah this is what I see
All the cute-boys are strokin' on me
He’s got a passion in his pants and I ain’t afraid to blow it, blow it, blow it, blow it

I suck dick and I know it (x2)

Stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke, yeah
Stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke, yeah
Stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke, yeah
Stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke, yeah, yeah
Do the stroke man
You did the stroke man

I suck dick and I know it!



Ahh boy look at my gayness (x3)
I-I-I suck dick!

Ahh boy look at my gayness (x3)
I-I-I suck dick!

I suck duck and I know it!

I declare this NWS official theme song!

Made by cooltaff

Sheko the Conqueror wrote:

speed of darknesss wrote:

Sheko the Conqueror wrote:

speed of darknesss wrote:

Sheko the Conqueror wrote: Goddamn you’re stupid, boy.

Lol u saw mah thread bout u n u made a tread bitching about it n i troll u lololol

im mvcs best troll lololol bitch njgga u in mah realm lololol

LOL thats why kinasin kicked you’r ass in 4th grade,so you go online and pretend to be a thai boxer.........i feel bad for you.

hahaha fagot i just troll u bitch homo fag ur in my troll world bitch watch u respond n i trol u moat cocklover5000!1!1

Kinasin beat you’r ass with an uppercut to be honest i remember it like it was yesterday...... Anyways let’s move on,or do you wish me to sit here and verbally destroy you while getting a BJ from my GF ?

lolol bitch cock worshipper u jusr fed me again i troll u liek chris briwn ttoll rihana nigga u dirt una mah feet i pwn ur mum hard all night n trol ur sister in her ass im the best i troll u keep feeding fag

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