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It began like this

Shiro wrote: Hetero sex is for fucking pansies.Try taking a dick in your ass. That’s what separates the boys from the men.

Anti Crayons

Uchiha God wrote: since u NERDS refuse to listen to FACTS, i show another way for cell to destroy the solar system u NERDS!

observe images!
kamehameha can BEND and travel other directions!

energy blasts can PIERCE through planets and keep going!

so this is what i say happens becuz u nerds choose to ignore the other statement as FACT!

1. Cell use KKH and PIERCES the Sun in a mere second (just like roshi defying logic IN FICTION and destroying moon in mere second)
2. Cell then bends KKH and go for all the other planets in the solar system!
3. Cell pierces through all the other planets with ease because they are just planets!! they are not as durable as the sun! so its like a knife going through butter!

after cell pierces and destroy sun with absolute ease, he just bend KKH and pierce through all other planet with absolute ease!!


The Death of 40 tons

red line wrote: heres why the goku not being able to life more than 40 tons is ridiculous: all you have to do is examine the ki blasts throughout the series, and some of the damage they cause. then for reference, look up what 40 tons looks like in rocks or dirt: roughly two dump trucks full. military tanks weigh more than 40 tons. now look back at the ki blasts and the kind of damage they cause, the dirt and rocks displaced by some of these blasts is way, way beyond 40 tons (do the math: two dump truck loads of dirt is roughly 40 tons. look at all the dirt and rocks displaced with some of these ki blasts...and compare) then notice how characters like goku tend to deflect such ki blasts with their bare hands quite a lot throughout the story...

the whole 40 tons arguement is a trolling downplay arguement based on something non combat related, no differnt than comic stans choosing to use non combat related things of say superman or some random character lifting a bunch of shit...and then said character goes and gets bodied in an actual fight by shit that would be childs play in dragon ball

Tez,the comic wanker,strikes back

Tezcatlipoca wrote: The Hulk is pretty much indestructible, there is no real limit to is durability.

Tez at full power

Tezcatlipoca wrote:
Its a single galaxy one quadrant and he didnt destroy it in one shot, nor did he actually destroy any stars. The animators usually derp when it comes to shit like that, the guidebook only said he was planet level.

tomie wrote:
How do you destroy a galaxy without destroying any stars?

Crayons at full power

Crayons wrote:

Anti Monitor wrote:

Crayons wrote: Magic > TTGL

I dont see TTGL uses life energy and shit like that. Magic is above that Ki blast

So babidi solos TTGL according to you, what a troll

TTGL stomps

Of Course Babidi solo TTGL. He cast his own spell on the pilot. Abra Cadabra that shit. that dimension? he just open sesame street that shit.

When a downplayer considers you a downplayer

Kurosaki wrote:
Tez is the only downplayer. Han Solo and Crayons are trolls lol.

I myself used to be a DBZ wanker about 3-4 years ago when DBZ was my first anime, but later I started realising that downplaying it (with arguments/no trolling) is more fun...Especially on MvC smiley

Broly’s true power

Ezaru wrote: Broly is

MASSIVELY Multi Solar ( As in , Like 100++ Solar systems per blast

Since he busted a Galaxy, and it was less than 100 Years or so, And it takes 10,000 years to bust a galaxy if you blast down stars every second, that puts broly at hundreds to thousands of times SS level


As well as THOUSANDS of times FTL.
( Reacted to an interstellar KHH )

He kind of wrecks badly here.


RyanBurnsTheHaruhiSuzumiyaFantard wrote: All religions (except for Christianity) are false

Tez showing his issues

Tezcatlipoca wrote: What feat am I denying retard? You’re legit retarded if you think Broly could one shot a solar system.

“Stop using logic”

Aztec Fag wrote:

Pride The Solo King wrote:
Wanked context?are you fucking retarded?planets don’t light up a galaxy,dellusional fanboy.

Stop trying to apply logic to a series that doesn’t follow it you fucking idiot lol, this is the same show that thinks 600 megatons is enough to kill Goku and that the moon being destroyed would have no adverse affects on the planet.

The mystery is solved

Amorphous wrote:

Pride The Solo King wrote:

Les Matador wrote:

Tezcatlipoca wrote: Small minds think alike.

You’re fucking stupid tez, like seriously how does someone become this stupid?
Is an art? A special gift? Maybe you’ve been kicked in the head a little too much.

He does practice martial arts.

Professor Aztec Fag on how moon level equals continental level(moon level is much above continental level for those who don’t know better)

Tezcatlipoca wrote:

-Shard- wrote:

Tezcatlipoca wrote:

Pride The Solo King wrote: Says the brain damaged aztec/comic book fanboy that thinks doing some continental crap is close to vaporizing a moon. Go home and be a family man,Tez.

I already addressed this stone cold steve autism but I see you are still too stupid to comprehend what I said, it’s not the level of the attack it’s how it was performed. Charging a Kamehamehameha for five episodes then releasing the attack and destroying one celestial object(Which Moon busting would be continent level anyway) is far less impressive than someone casually stomping and cracking continents apart PHYSICALLY.

please explain that statement

Say if our moon collided with earth, the only thing that’d happen is the surface of the planet would be fucked.

Some brains must be analysed

Tezcatlipoca wrote:

Lord Xehanort wrote: So Bleach characters are above supernova-level now? Fuck outta here, Tez.

Yeah probably.

top lel

The Ancient Apocalypse wrote:

Deus Ex Nihilo wrote: Can you even wish back a galaxy? I don’t think the namekians ever wished back planet namek, as a matter of fact they didn’t. I don’t think you can bring back planets with the dragonballs.

Porunga recreated the earth and all the people and structures on it.

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