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Name: Freddie Mercury


Last seen: 07-30-2015

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 03-24-2011

Posts: 7,438

Age: 65

Location: I'm burning through the sky yeah!

About: They call me mister fahrenheit

Hobbies: Making a supersonic man out of you

Reputation: 150thumbs-up

Previously known as

Jin Shadow until 03-25-2011
Freddie Mercury until 02-07-2012
Yrucrem Eidderf until 02-09-2012
Freddie Mercury until 01-12-2013
Rak Wraithraiser until 07-22-2013

02-13-2015 from Giorno Giovanna
thumbs-up "Having such a good time."

01-22-2015 from Luke Skywalker
thumbs-up "not be butthurt cuz i show the truth of nardo :)"

01-21-2015 from Blitzkrieg
thumbs-down "Mad"

01-19-2015 from Dr. Scientist
thumbs-up "Yup"

01-09-2015 from Gay Lord
thumbs-up "ah kend sour"

12-31-2014 from Gats

12-24-2014 from -Fantom-
thumbs-up "Quality member"

12-23-2014 from Fan of HST
thumbs-up "You alright my nigga lol"

12-20-2014 from The Living Tribunal

12-12-2014 from Shu-ulath
thumbs-up "Hyori Ittai"

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Zack UnFair




Vongola the 10th

Hanma Blood

Heart Breaker

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User Page

OPWANKER wrote: DOWNPLAY, don’t give it up Dr Scientist
DOWNPLAY, don’t give it up Acrius Rayne .
DOWNPLAY, don’t give it up VicDerp !
DOWNPLAY, don’t gi-give it up give it up give it up give it up give it-no!

Here’s how the story goes we find out, about Ichigo busted a fairly large dimension there’s no doubt.
The wankers whose eyes on it he’ll sing “I’m the King of the Downplayers, I’m goin' to be King!"

Ya-yo Ya-yo Ya-yo, uh-oh.
His name is Shoddragon (that’s The Doctor Shoddragon)
Goin' to be king of the Downplayers.

He’s made of rubber (How did that happen)
Yo-ho-ho, he’s a human condom!

Ya-yo Ya yo

His name , Dr Scientist he’s like a samarai.
And a l.a.d.y,Vicderp not shy.
The downplayer crew comin' through doin' their thing, with the king of the downplayers, he’s goin' to be king

Ya-yo Ya-yo Ya-yo, uh-oh
Set sail to DOWNPLAY, it’s the name of the treasure
In the MVC.

Ya-yo, Ya-yo set sail for DOWNPLAYING!

Zack Fair wrote:

The Doctor wrote: the distance between a herald and a skyfather is a LOT greater than ginyu and freeza.

Possibly greater, but not massively so.

you’re comparing someone who can destroy planets and perhaps some stars to someone who destroys dozens of galaxies and re-ignites long dead suns as a side effect of his fights.

Stop with this retarded shit where you base characters fighting capacity on what they can blow up.

It doesn’t mean shit.

If it did, Odin would be millions of times more powerful than Thanos.

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