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~Dark Necter, UNITE!~
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Thread

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Welcome To My Page; Do You Want Some Coke?

Yes, I’m a wizard and I make a lot of creative stuff like signatures, avatars, gifs, wallpaper, vectors, drawing and videos.

My Threads where I host things that I have done!
My Art Thread
My Youtube Channel
Aaaaaand some random sketches I did on school a long time ago

Big thanks to DECIPHER for making this lovely art.

The mangas/animes I have read/watched or am reading/watching are:


Quality Thread 1

Quality Thread 2

Quality Thread 3

Quality Thread 4

I broke Tyrant cool


Slayer wrote:

ProGamer13 wrote:

Slayer wrote:

ProGamer13 wrote:

Slayer wrote:

ProGamer13 wrote:

Slayer wrote:

ProGamer13 wrote:

Slayer wrote:

ProGamer13 wrote:

Slayer wrote:

ProGamer13 wrote:

Slayer wrote:

ProGamer13 wrote:

Slayer wrote: This has gone far enough.

We need to end this.

Raditz solos if their hax can’t touch Raditz, or isn’t strong enough.

Haven’t heard what the hax is. Just sounds like basic attacks with fancy names.

Go to the off topic section and tell me what do you see in the stickey list.

Nothing that would contribute to this specific debate about Raditz vs The Four Heavenly Kings. At least, I think.

I take those as fighting words.

Kay. Anyways, what is team 2’s hax?

Haven’t read Toriko?

Can’t say I have. Enlighten me.

And yet you claim to that Raditz would win, without fully knowing team two?

Dude, I haven’t heard anything regarding the hax, throughout the thread. I’m in fact, openly waiting for people to tell me what it is.

But you entered this thread and assumed without fully knowleadge.

You didn’t even held back when you replied to my post.

I don’t have time to read a Toriko comic, and honestly, the downloading of one would be longer. I need to know what their hax is, how it works and such. I’ve even asked before in this very thread. Tell me, what is their hax? How does it work? I don’t have time to read a Toriko comic.

You had no idea what you where saying.

This is why I told you that you wheren’t a match against me.


Slayer wrote:

iWankHard wrote: Man “Sun Light” does not Equal to “Light Speed”

Fortinbross wrote:

King Vegito wrote:

Fortinbross wrote: They only rival Raditz’s power level, they are slightly inferior to him

Its spelled Daizenshuu

Thanks for correcting me. Still doesn’t help Raisin’s case. Yeah, my 4 year old cousin calls him raisin. Even a 4 year old can see how pathetic he is.

Slayer is actually one of the better debaters on this site.

CoolTaff12 wrote:

I_ARE_IS_KOS wrote:

CoolTaff12 wrote:

Nothing says like having your human capability unlocked 100%


There is no 100%.

the warrior wrote:

Cooltaff12 wrote:

the warrior wrote: google has shitty porn

Have you tried to turn off the SafeSearch?

oh now i get it the stupid safe search

Mr. Strider wrote:

CoolTaff12 wrote: AfterGlowZ, Chibi-sama, Cid, Moe Lester, PS3KICKS360 are just some of them

I’m not a legend now, but I will be someday!

Here’s hoping they make an anime about your rise to legendary status.

Last of the Exiles wrote:

ChibiDiscoDhaos wrote:

Last of the Exiles wrote: Free will + omnipotence = logical inconsistency

And this is fiction. So who really cares? Omnipotence is a walking no limits fallacy. They can fail and succeed at something at the same time if they want to. They can make a 5 sided square. They can make 2+2= ten trillion. etc.

Basically an omnipotent can let a being have free will if it wants to and when you add that this is fiction, no one cares about the omnipotence questions.

Goku is omnipotent, he just wants to fail. Prove me wrong.

PS3KICKS360 wrote: He is cool. And has taffy, presumably.

Ussj Future Trunks wrote: “breaks my heart to see how Toei killed my childhood."
your childhood is completely unhurt. your butt however is not.

Last of the Exiles wrote:

CoolTaff12 wrote:

Last of the Exiles wrote: DBZ is the best, all other anime are for fags.

Hokuto No Ken, have you ever heard of that?

Doesn’t that mean like fist up the ass in Japanese or something? Sounds extremely gayi.

Big Poppa Kin wrote:

Fagget wrote:

Big Poppa Kin wrote:

Fagget wrote:

Big Poppa Kin wrote:

Fagget wrote: cant you fags let dbz go, that shit is stone age old, move on to something new

Stay the fuck out of the thread if you have a problem.

no i wont i am free to voice my opinion you communist/fascist fag

You mad.

have to admit kinda laughed considering your first response, but sure bro i am mad why not

Good. Let that rage wedgie up your ass crack until it bleeds profusely all over the forum. I enjoy your ragey ways.

RedMayo wrote:

Shiny Pichu wrote:

Xerxes Break wrote:

lol at your lol...............liek anime18 forever and stuff. you guys are just jealus cuas she haz a lief and pritty hair. n00bs

her hair is nice cuz she uses my cum for shampoo,4real!!!!

iCarryoutdeaththreats wrote: CoolTaff12: The chosen one. He pwns n00bs and eats spinach. All the women want him, and all the men want to be him. He kills white folks with his kung-fu skills and trusty nun-chucks.

Buuhan wrote:

Robert C. wrote: LOL Super 17 is not that impressive.

Neither is your IQ. Point?

Tyrant wrote:

heavenly king wrote:

Poliwhirl wrote: No one would argue that the space ships used in Dragonball are faster than light.

Notice the comet tail of the Vegeta’s and Nappa’s space ships.

It’s shorter than Gotenks' comet tail.

Meaning that Gotenks was faster than those ships. It will be interesting to see how the haters react to this.

the ships took a year to get to earth. if they were going faster the light they would have been they less then ten mins

There is no facepalm big enough for this.

CoolTaff12 wrote:

Buuhan wrote:

CoolTaff12 wrote:

Buuhan wrote: Kenshiro >> Chuck Norris = Bruce Lee > Charlie Sheen >>>SSJ4 Gogeta > Broly >>>>>>>>>>>> Buuhan > PC Supes >> TOAA.




Buuhan wrote: Fuck you CoolTaff! This is the LAST time you’ll defeat me!

CoolTaff12 wrote:

Wolfenstein II wrote: Wrong section?

Technically, no. This is the only section where the dbz wankers are at.

heavenly king wrote:

CoolTaff12 wrote: Nah, I would rather say that akira alone is a multi country buster

you right at full power he’s a lot higher. p.s. cooltaff you know a lot more then these other fools ( tyrant and friends )

CoolTaff12 wrote:

Izzy wrote:

CoolTaff12 wrote:

Izzy wrote:

Stryker wrote:

CoolTaff12 wrote:

Stryker wrote: I’m a girl.

Stop hating.

That’s all they can do.


So every time you say something you prove you’re an idiot.

This applies to me how?

CoolTaff12 wrote:

Stryker wrote:

CoolTaff12 wrote:

Stryker wrote:

CoolTaff12 wrote:

Izzy wrote:

Stryker wrote:

CoolTaff12 wrote:

Stryker wrote: I’m a girl.

Stop hating.

That’s all they can do.


That’s not very nice.

CoolTaff12 wrote:

Redx wrote:

CoolTaff12 wrote:

Lady Luck wrote:

CoolTaff12 wrote:

Stryker wrote: I’m a girl.


Even I knew that.


cooltaff, how do you keep finding all these random dbz vids?

Leper Messiah wrote: Thanks man. I’ve been meaning to thank you for getting me into Hokuto Shinken. I was reading it non-stop all week. Definitely my favorite series by far.

....and thus, manly tears had been shed

a random guy not wanting to log in wrote: So, I’ve been kind of trolling in the versus forum a little bit for a while on an alternate account, right? I started because I really just hated Genius and his constant wanking of Naruto and it’s characters. So I would constantly insult him (in PMs, for the lulz) and he’d usually respond with his own insults. It was kind of funny cause he’d always tell me how much smarter he was than me and all. Needless to say, I never really took his insults too seriously.

But one day, I got tired of all the drama and decided to stand up to him. Show his math was wrong and correct him. So I basically wrote a paragraph, proving him wrong and utterly dismantling his arguments. BIG FUCKIN' MISTAKE gaiz. It didn’t go over too well, he started lashing out unreasonably. Insulting me, my mom, my dad, and even threatening to kill me and my family.

It go so bad he managed to find my phone number and called my house at like 3am a few weeks ago. Apparently we live pretty close to each other because he said he was standing right in front of my house. I turned on my light and looked outside, and sure enough there was a shadow that took off running down the street. At the same time he hung up the phone. I was a little freaked out, but I figured nobody would be so crazy to stalk me irl because I proved him wrong on the internet.

God, I was so wrong. One day, I had just gotten home from school and was going into my house when an SUV came speeding up the road blaring weird Japanese music. I ran inside and locked the doors, scarred utterly shitless. My family was pretty freaked out too and were about to call the cops. But I decided it’d be better if I went outside and tried to talk this crazy fucker down. I went outside and was immediately confronted by these 4 emo looking guys, with the guy in front dressed like Sasuke Uchiha or something. I was just utterly confused...

But out of nowhere he just cracks a weird nerdy smile and says something like “you know me, right?" He put his hand forward for my to shake it. I was kind of unsure, but I reluctantly tried to offer my hand. But he batted it away and turned super serious... That’s when I realized...

they were up to no good
Started making trouble in my neighbourhood
I got in one little fight and my mom got scared
And said “You’re moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-air”

I whistled for a cab and when it came near the
License plate said “fresh” and had a dice in the mirror
If anything I could say that this cab was rare
But I thought nah, forget it, yo homes to Bel-air!

I pulled up to a house about seven or eight
And I yelled to the cabby “Yo, homes smell you later!"
Looked at my kingdom I was finally there
To sit on my throne as the prince of Bel-air

Kyrumaia wrote: CoolTaff always has epic Sephiroth pictures.

Azura Knight wrote:

Izzy wrote: The only cool people are Claw, Violentrl, and Cooltaff.

Everyone else is a loser.


Izzy wrote:

CoolTaff12 wrote: From Pokemon, to hate post, to ban request, to a gun fetish.

Way the go MVC, above and beyond.

Bullet fetish. As sexy as the gun is, I can’t masturbate with it. It won’t fit.


Laharl wrote:

CoolTaff12 wrote:

Laharl wrote: Kenshiro solos

You mean Mamyia solos grin

Newsman:“On minor news besides the recent massive disappearances of people an old man was recently killed by a young madwoman with “a bladed yo-yo”? You guys are making this up right?No,well then.The man has no recorded records in existence so sadly he will have no invitations to give out for his funeral”
Cell:“Can I use you station?“

CoolTaff12 wrote:

heavenly king wrote: jagi kills him!! say my name roshi

I see what you did there


Unlosing Ranger wrote:

Life Is Bagel wrote:

Cid wrote:

Life Is Bagel wrote:

Cid wrote:

Life Is Bagel wrote:

Cid wrote:

Seto Kaiba. wrote:

Sheko wrote: Enough of this shit, gather your phresh, fools!

Pokeniggas break Ponyfags and Cidfags, not other Pokenigs.

I can’t break CID
He’ll ban me

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Pokenigs have been trying and failing to break me since their inception. So don’t take it personally, brah. I’m just unbreakable.

Hey fatass, when am I gonna get my account back?

Probably never.

What if I say you’re beautiful?

Oh Link, I’ve always thought your Canadian ass was sexy. But I have no control over Bjarne. I’ve asked him three times, and nothing so far. He’s probably went and did a disappearing act again.

Bjarne wrote:
14) Being sexually flirtatious is not tolerated on this site. And adults playing games, flirting, or 'joking' (sexual connotations) with minors is strictly prohibited. Not only will this result in accounts getting banned, but also, if it makes sense in the specific case, the offenders will be reported to the police.

I’m 16. You’re like, 30. I’m a minor. You fucking pedophile, it’s time for your demotion.

Ranking30000 wrote:

Slayer wrote:

Ranking30000 wrote:

Slayer wrote:

Ranking30000 wrote: Why has Suoer Sonic been in so many threads lately ? But anyways he wins with low to mid difficulty

Yes he does. And why are there so many Hnk threads lately?

Excuse my Newbness what is HNK? Haha

Hnk (Hokuto No Ken) is jap for FOTNS (Fist Of The North Star).

Oh yeah there have been alot of Those threads lately? And probably because Kenshiro is a beast! Haha

Slayer wrote:

God Of Dogs wrote:

Jesus has spoken.

Mufasa has spoken

Jack Atlus wrote: Slayer biggest G on the block!

Captain Jackass wrote: Yeah bro,You’re one of the good members here.

Slayer wrote:

Cid wrote:

This thread caused flame wars across the entire site, and after it was finally locked... Caused even more shit by spawning COUNTLESS clone topics.

Nothing has caused a bigger shitstorm, take my word for it. I’ve been around for 6 years. Nearly 400 pages of pure butthurt and bawing.

Unlock it cool

Slayer wrote:

The Supreme Being wrote: I know for a fact that I would woop Stan Lees ass.

Me>Stan Lee>TOAA

I am omnipotent. Bow before me.



And still you can’t get a girlfriend

LordNoodleXIV wrote: His fighting style depends on hitting points which are not there anymore thanks to luffy being rubber. Luffy has this.

No. Just no

Hank Crawford wrote:

Life Is Bagel wrote: So what the fuck are you doing with swords and katanas in a furniture store anyways?

There is obviously a time portal to feudal era in there where he is a shinsengumi.

JayDragon wrote: Goku squeezes and twists He-Man’s manly nipples and accidentally rip off his whole skin.

Cid wrote:

bad-ass wrote: wtf?! why did you ban me? was it because im going to use my cousins account??

It’s because her account shouldn’t be violated. She could have had a lot of personal things that she didn’t want anybody to know about, so I’m doing her a favor by locking said account.

If the police feel the need to access it as part of an investigation on her behalf, they may contact Bjarne Ludgren (the website’s owner) and he will give them all the information they need.


Intellectual wrote: That’s legitimately the first good signature I’ve seen in a good while.

You know that you pulled a very good sig when UM, the most negative person on the forum, thinks that you made a good sig.

Tippership Commander wrote:

Slayer wrote:

Tippership Commander wrote:

Slayer wrote: My new sig

Seeing as not a lot of peopel are on- looks like this one’s for me grin

SO, What were you going for with this sig? What major steps did you do to make it?

Seeing these “light beams” that go out at angles- I take it you did that with brushing- that looks a bit tricky. Seems you’ve got some brush skills.

Thanks TC.

Well, I was originally going for some sort of horror sig. That light beam was supposed to be ghosts or souls, but I couldn’t find a good render of a fog with ghosts/souls. So I completely change the theme and turned it into techno. I even put Kamina’s glasses on Bakura to make it look more technologic/futuristic.

The major steps that I took were to learn the photo filter tool and how to work with shadow effect. It took time to learn it because it was the first time I used PF, but in the end it wasn’t that hard.

I can see how the smoke that wraps could be “souls” - that works..The glasses definitly convey a techno effect- I applaud you there.

The rest of the smoke is implemented well-you used Photofilter hues eh? I take it you used that on sections, and not the whole image- if you did, it’s hard to tell-but the colors stand out, so you did what you set out to do!

Lighting is fine
text style is fine

looks like you manipulated the colors to enable the text to stand out. smart move.

Stars seem manually done..

Overall, I feel that sig does indeed pull off the techno feel quite well

Not bad-a solid sig on your part. grin

Cid wrote:

Dd wrote: Speed is equal meaning Kuwabara can dodge it. Can they survive dimensional cut, dimension dump etc?

Tony Stark survived depression, if you can do that, you can do anything.

*thumbs up for mental stability*

Tyrant wrote:

Marquess wrote: Ah, how could I forget.

You can not bargain with Robderp.

You can not reason with Robderp.

And Robderp will absolutely not stop, until you get so annoyed, that you will turn off your computer and repeatedly slam your head into a desk.

That’s how he reproduces.

He annoys his opponents so much that they smash themselves into retardation, essentially becoming a Robderp.

Leper Messiah wrote:

ModFather wrote: “Genius”

I get asked, If you were a genius what would you do?
I tell them, “Well good friend, this poem will tell you”

If I were a genius, I would not cure cancer
I would post on a forum, to show my wit.

If I were a genius, I would not use my mind for man
I would show math problems, that some can’t solve.

If I were a genius, I would not teach others
I would defend Naruto to the death, the greatest story ever told.

If I were a genius, not a man nor woman could disagree
that I am the best, top 5% of the gene pool of man.

If I were a genius, I would not be humble.
I would act like a jack ass, on a forum to you.

If I were a genius, Oh wait I am.
Fuck you.

Cid wrote: I turned Chibi’s FABULOUS poem into a picture book. Pics are probably huge so click URLs to view pages.

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7
Page 8

Yes, I’m bored. sad

Acrius Rayne wrote:

Slayer wrote:

Acrius Rayne wrote:

Slayer wrote:

Acrius Rayne wrote: Cool





Raizen wrote:

Rider of Havoc wrote:

Slayer wrote:

Brilliance wrote:

haji b wrote:

Zack Fair wrote: Goku wins.


No Vegito.

No Gogeta!

No. Krillin cool

No. 18

Dead Head wrote:

ebm wrote:

Dead Head wrote:

ebm wrote:

Dead Head wrote: Flasey is cool.

That earned you a neg rep.

Woah bro we don’t need to go that far.

He likes some anime I like and that’s all. You see, he and I go way far back.


Damn you ebm, my e-penis just shrunk one inch because of you.

Now I need to get surgery.

Dead Head wrote:

Jack Atlus wrote:

Dead Head wrote: Flasey is cool.

He hates CoD so I second this.

Watch out, ebm’s gonna come at you with his army of pepsi cans and give you a nega rep.

Slayer wrote:

MephistoPheles wrote:

Slayer wrote:

MephistoPheles wrote:

Slayer wrote:

MephistoPheles wrote:

Slayer wrote: I see, it looks like the cooltaff is still much more “cooler and chilled” then the new members.

No,I’m the coolest person here.

I don’t use caps lock to show you my point cool

That’s because you have no points.

I see your point..

And here is mine

I don’t see yours
But here is mine

^^^ Thanks for further proving my point.

A pointless argument.

Stormwatch wrote:

Slayer wrote:

Stormwatch wrote:

Slayer wrote:

Stormwatch wrote:

Slayer wrote:

Stormwatch wrote: Jag hoppas att ditt vin blir till vatten,
blixtar prickar dig,
hälsa till Satan vi hörs,
jag hoppas att olika olyckor händer,
du vet vad jag känner,
jag vet att du hör.

lol svenska.

lol Timbuktu.

lol Petter.

Du vet att det är från en sång va?
Av Timbuktu. Som typ spelades överallt hela tiden förra sommaren?

Den var nästa lika populär som den här:

De spelade den fan hela tiden i popexpressen på grönan :P

Ja, den låten. grin

Faktis, jag trodde att den här året skulle också få en bra sommar låt. Men tyvärr fick vi den här X(

Den låten... Sån djävla skit.
Fast den har typ blivit ett meme, as in Kungen var inte på strippklubb, han var på fest hos Mange :P

You haft to be swedish or live in Sweden to understand this.

Mad Jim Jaspers wrote:

Slayer wrote:

Derp the DERPER wrote:

Slayer wrote:

Derp the DERPER wrote:

oblivious247 wrote:

Derp the DERPER wrote: change of topic: who wants to fight goku more?

So is this what you do when people tear your thread apart? Change topics? Pathetic.

dude just chill out did your father sexually abuse you when you were a child or what lol

So is this what you do when people questions your topic change when people tear your thread apart? Insults? Pathetic.

you’re all pathetic for posting in a fucking forum that is dedicated to debating which fictional character wins over another.

lol says the guy who just posted a post in a fucking forum that is dedicated to debating which fictional character wins over another.

think explaining that to your hypotethical girlfriend and just imagine how stupid it sounds, you sir are a retard of the lowest rank

So is this what you do when people questions your post when you insult someone who questions your topic change when people tear your thread apart? More Insults? Very Pathetic.

King Dhaos wrote:

Godot wrote: I want to see his comeback.

“Burori: Legendary Derp”
“Burori: Second Cumming but delayed”
“Bowel Burori”

We have seen the first two.

Slayer wrote:

Knight of_Steel wrote: Hello I am a new member.

No you’re not.

Slayer wrote: You are a Crow! (your score: 25)

Characters: Rhia, Coranna, Damen in the Aspect of Crow trilogy; John in “The Wild’s Call”

Powers: foreseeing death, communicating with the dead, resurrection

As a Crow, you are analytical, adaptable, and exceedingly clever. You like solving problems, sharing a hearty laugh with friends, and most of all, enjoying a good meal. Your inquisitive, philosophical nature leads you to constantly question authority and the status quo, sometimes just for the sake of asking, “Why?"

Best matches: Foxes, Wolves, Swans
Watch out for: Wolverines, Bears, Hawks


Kweel Pics is Kweel wrote:

A real creppy guy lives in this hole

Ladd wrote: Slayer is a handsome man.

Proto Dude wrote: Found you Slayer

Yup, Ladd was right

Squark the majestic penguin wrote: Wow, slayer is quite handsome holy shit.

Quality Natsu wrote: 2handsome4me
*eyes melt*

Fantastic wrote: Most attractive male.
1. Slayer.
2. Slayer.
3. Slayer.
4. Slayer
5. Silent Survivor.

Slayer wrote: I cut my hair, since the sides didn’t macth the average lenght.

Based Sheko wrote: So hot.

Mikaboshi wrote: Kenshiro would be proud Slayer.

Jin-Kun wrote:
I just noticed this.
Lookin' sexy as hell Slayer.

.Spiral. wrote:
Wow cute kawaii hawt.

Snap wrote:

Slayer wrote:

Slayer wrote:

Don’t you just hate how the s in http just ruins the moment for you?

Stop being so beautiful

Wobbuffet wrote:

Slayer wrote:


JJBA banned spoderman forever wrote: oh slayer sthap turning boys

Harlequin of Hate wrote: Slayer. Sounds. So. Adorable. XD
[color=white]You’re nicer than me.

Zeroextra wrote:

Slayer wrote:

Zeroextra wrote: I’ve been making a lengthy audio blog rant thing but I just wanted to make one with a small update

(Those noises that sounds like keys is just me playing with my new puppy and his collar heh.)

Wow, you do care about me

I do <3, didn’t I say you sounded cool? Unless you’re not being sarcastic.

Based Sheko wrote: My Phone + Slayer’s Accent + Background TV = Strange Metallic Noises w/ Swedish Accent


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