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Name: AIDB


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Banned permanent from Official Advice Thread of MvC

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The Official Naruto Discussion Thread

Previously known as

DBZ Hater of DBZ BITCHES REINCARNATED until 01-23-2011
AM I DA BADDEST until 06-12-2013
Cocksucking fagglet NIGGER until 06-17-2013
Cocksucking fagglet NIGGER until 06-17-2013
AM I DA BADDEST until 12-25-2013

03-03-2015 from Saffron
thumbs-up "MVC legend"

01-03-2015 from The Living Tribunal
thumbs-down "@ optimus, he is still here as griffith"

11-24-2014 from The Fantom Convoy
thumbs-up "LT, he left this site, why do u think he's not here anymore? For having the will to leave MVC 4gud."

08-09-2014 from Kyubey

07-12-2014 from Fuck you Luis
thumbs-up "Forever my homie."

07-11-2014 from Snap.
thumbs-up "o7"

07-11-2014 from Nerd
thumbs-up "Marcus my bro. Forever in my heart."

07-10-2014 from Snap
thumbs-up "May the #giftedeyes live forever."

07-10-2014 from juniorsworld
thumbs-up "#RUS lives on!!!"

07-06-2014 from Y-3

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all right guys I just wanted to take this moment to say that it has been fun to fuck around on MvC with y’all for so long and some of you guys are like family to me after all these years. however as a wise man once said all good (or bad if you want to look at it the other way) things must come to an end so hereby I just wanted to let you guys know that I will be leaving MvC for good because I have some shit I need to take care of irl. so I’m going to random the password of this as I have done for my other two accounts just to make sure I can stay away for good without making a scene telling everyone I’m leaving in a thread or whatever

farewell MvC friends :]

ps I love all of you guys Snap Shiroyasha TSR Raniero Dan Supra Morpheus Ladd Fuji Zack Chibi Sheko Hank Rage Mu Demi Hellfighter Cid etc etc

Tunnel Snakes Suck


Alonzo Harris wrote:


Extra Zero wrote:

AIDB wrote:

Extra Zero wrote: Why is Monoshitari so bad though? I just don’t get it

Never before in my life have I seen such utter bullshit, it makes me sick.

pretty sure it’s far better than your favorite anime/manga/thing in general

I don’t like anything

I have become completely and totally numb to all worldly things. I just want to go live out the rest of my days in a cave away from the scum of humanity (basically just humanity). Oh, woe is me


Rougarou wrote:

AIDB wrote: Hellfighter a little bit when I go to his mom’s house

So that was you? Shit thought it was her husband.

Means I hid in the closet for no reason.


Dark Ghost Supra wrote:

Executor wrote:

DonyeleSwagYolo wrote:

Executor wrote:

Molly wrote: Why does he need to take off his shirt doe?

ppl r gay ether

get over it ok

thers ghey and thers u xD

you a faker nigga than supra tbh



Real One wrote:

Hellfighter wrote: You’re not important enough to gossip about.

So is your small ass dick. But bitches still talk about that dont they?


Best thread


Snap wrote: Since I don’t drink, I don’t know about the amount of beers required to get me wasted.

But five+ freezy-pops gives me brain freeze so it’s kind of the same thing imo.


The meaning of the omniverse explained.

Mau5 wrote:


Mau5 wrote:


Mau5 wrote: So the planets are finally aligned, ehh?

I thought the sun was at the center of the universe and that our eyes gave motion to the planets throughout the cosmos.

Your eyes have failed you, young blood. The sun is but a mere projection of our dreams and goals, hence why it burns with such immense energy.

While we humans are the stars (the sun being the logo of our dreams), the planets are the fundamental existence. They represent the key to balance the omniverse. It was only a matter of time till they were aligned, introducing a new dawn of enlightenment and higher foundations.

Ponder this very deep question and get back at me.

I thought very deeply about what you just said, Mau5. Even though we were fellow students under the guidance of Billy Smith, it seems that it was you who was able to finally fully comprehend his teachings about the omniverse.

You will soon transcend this space and time to meet Billy waiting for you in the next dimension.

Hey. I can’t do this without my people. I’m taking us all to the next level, a higher plane of existence. Knowledge is endless, good man. As absurd as that may sound, there are still things not even I have comprehended. We will seek further knowledge till we have become one with the omniverse.

May Billy Smith pave the right way for us, forever and ever. Amen.


Raniero wrote: Okay, one more.

AIDB wrote: Fuck you guys smh


The thing that stands out the most for me is his love for Itachi. And you may not think that’s significant, his love for a fictional character, but it really is.

Itachi’s character was loving, caring, and kind to a fault. AIDB’s admiration of Itachi doesn’t stem from his “badassery” (though that probably plays a small part of it) but the character traits that make him so complex. AIDB takes these character traits from Itachi and tries to implement them into himself because he realizes that, though idealistic, Itachi is the type of character that truly shows how strong we humans can be. The fact that AIDB recognizes this and wants to improve himself to be as kind, loyal, and heroic as Itachi makes me realize that AIDB himself likely has that kind of heart himself.

I haven’t truly, seriously spoken with AIDB before, but surely, with a heart like that, he’s a great friend and person with a heart of gold.

(That was so cheesy....I’m definitely done now.)


King Louie wrote:

Deepthrota Fanning wrote: if she was my best friend I would yes.

You gotta go.


Molly wrote:

Hellfighter wrote:

Molly wrote: My first impression was that you’re all a bunch of psychotic assholes, retards, and dick heads who lack common sense and basic reasoning skills with terrible manners and the aggressiveness of a threatened silverback.

Then I met Hellfighter and thought. Maybe they aren’t so bad after all.

awwwh <3

ily, 2

I think you misunderstood...


Pocket Rocket wrote: I think Fure’s problem is that he views the world differently.

Like, all of his so-called “talent” is merely just the hallucinations of a deluded and tainted mind.

He doesn’t know what his art really looks like. To him, it looks like glorious golden perfection. When he makes his “art”, he feels like he’s touched somebody, somewhere. He looks up in the sky and see’s the ghostly head of Mufasa, telling him that he’s proud of his little cub.

But in the cold harsh blackness of reality, his art is nothing but deranged scratches and shit splats on a canvas. Unaware of the wretched filth everybody else sees, he blissfully wallows in his own sense of accomplishment.

He is simply a man with a broken mind, nothing more.


Lenzonda wrote: No idea why Im single when I post pictures like this on my facebook


Deepthrota Fanning wrote: lmao no votes for Fure. Not even Fure wants to be Fure.

Fucking sad...................just like his “art.“


Ether wrote:

Xenosaga Demonbane wrote: So AIDB’s name is Jenny Jenkins?
Cuz that was the signature on the drawing.

Jenny is AIDB. lol

What you thought she was a dude? lmao


Meister wrote:

ZeedMillenniummon Fancy Mode wrote: Congratulations! Usually it’s for 1000 multiple milestones, but that’s ok! Congratulations again!

Congratulations for what, spending his time with you queers? That’s not something he should be congratulated for, it’s something he should get beat up over.


Knight of_Steel wrote: Stress is something I have to wake up and deal with so much. What’s better than going psychotic and tearing apart your stressers with primal might? I’ve often fantasized about overpowering people who stress me.


Hank Crawford wrote: Taken out of FBI’s most phresh list:

AM I DA BADDEST: Born as an alpha, has a tendency to dominate his domain and expand, got blindsided by KKK and captured. They then insulted his phreshness making AM I DA BADDEST retaliate and go on a rampage and massacre those rednecks and bury them five foot under Martin Luther King’s grave. He then moved to Compton and here he is now, a G status Pokenigga.

Be scared open rulez, be very scared.


Hank Crawford wrote: Cid Stfu, Robert C. gets more pussy in a day than you get in years, Robert fucks money and gets bitches, that’s rights he fucks money, he sticks 100 dollar bill on a bitches' ass and he tears a hole through when he does doggy style, simultaneously.

Know your role and shut your hurp.


The cave wrote: Robert C. transcends all time and space and lives outside of them.

He has been the first (in 200 centuries) to visit the:


A powerful and mystical place like one has never been seen before. Whoever can get past the cave’s test and become a TRUE transcendent being will behold the power of:

The Derp.

After passing the greatest test ever deviced and attaining the power of Derp, he is now known as Robderp, the man whose Derping power is so great that it can even break the very foundations of reality.

Robderp, shall live on and on due to the power of Derp’s immortality effect. All thanks to:

The Cave.

Sheko wrote: Bah, we’ll see when he actually shows up. The man himself, not these fables!

Greed, you have a point, but you forgot that I recently traveled to Cali to become one with the Phresh. It’s how I achieved my Proximity BREAK. I don’t expect that to work on Robderp, but I have other tricks up my sleeve.

The man called me a porpoise. Even if I derp in the process of trying to break him, at least I derp with dignity. I derp as a man.


The Original Accelerator wrote:

Wizard wrote: We need more Vs. threads, the front page is flooded by the faggotry of the other sections.

I did it just for you.


Sheko the Conqueror wrote:

NewWorldSurvivor wrote: Who here believes in beating their kids? not abuse but like a generic beating for disturbing, getting bad grades and talking back. well i believe in it. what about you?

Sorry guys, I always smacked NWS around when I was 'visiting' his mother.

This thread must be some sort of rebellion or something.


Uriel the Fallen wrote:

Aethist wrote:

What? Did you think there was a dick in your hand or something?

Sheko the Conqueror wrote: AITOW’s Uncle just won Rapist of the Year with AITOW winning Best Supporting Rape-ee.

Atheist is the only way wrote:

Uriel the Fallen wrote:

Aethist wrote: Pay attention to his homo erotic delusions folks.

Take your dick outta shekos ass and call it a day you already admitted to being gay.

My job is done.Just another day of slaying phaggots.

If your mom is a guy, then yeah I’ll admit I’m pretty fucking gay.

AS you’re witnessing I just made the third one come out of the closet. Pretty fucked up, eh?


Alonzo Harris wrote:

Samurai Billy wrote: I’m the alpha-male around these parts. You can keep talking that false shit, or you can come and get knocked the fuck out.

323 North Locust Avenue, Compton CA 90221

Come on over cool

Already there nigga and calm down there is no earthquake, it’s just me, Gbustaballa, AIDB and Mau5 in your mom’s room upstairs.

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