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Name: Wolfey


Last seen: 03-26-2018

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Age: 20

Location: The Painted World of Ariamis(Rio De Janeiro)

About: Likes to write

Hobbies: Making words reach

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Medaka box discussion thread
The Official Set Whore Thread: *sunglass*

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thumbs-up "Pushing down the neg from a retarded user who got perma-banned"

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Be afraid Parliament, be very afraid.

All Credit to [url=/scripts/userinfo.php?uid=61874]Leper Messiah[/url]

Chibi wrote: �Genius�

I get asked, If you were a genius what would you do?
I tell them, �Well good friend, this poem will tell you�

If I were a genius, I would not cure cancer
I would post on a forum, to show my wit.

If I were a genius, I would not use my mind for man
I would show math problems, that some can�t solve.

If I were a genius, I would not teach others
I would defend Naruto to the death, the greatest story ever told.

If I were a genius, not a man nor woman could disagree
that I am the best, top 5% of the gene pool of man.

If I were a genius, I would not be humble.
I would act like a jack ass, on a forum to you.

If I were a genius, Oh wait I am.
Fuck you.

Tyrant wrote: It’s possible. But the only person who can do it safely is Wolfenstein. First, he friends the ass. Then the ass willingly removes itself from the host body so it can follow Wolfenstein around to all sorts of wondrous adventures.

Godot wrote: If anyone thinks Medaka>>>>Emukae, they�re declared a faggot. They may as well cut off their penis and vomit their brain cells. They can rip out their spinal cord while they�re at that too.

- Our new capital state law.

Beefosaurus Rex wrote: But my superiority complex aint undeserved.

In comparasin to all my peers, im the pinnacle of greatness. My artistic talent is strong enough to land me a spot with a small group of writers and artists to make a graphic novel
On top of that< iv got too many talents to work with. I play 3 musical instruments and im currently planning on going to a culinary school to sharpen my skills. Hell, im already in league with most Pastry Chefs.
Also Im very intelligent, my IQ is 151
And Im just not stupid. I cant stand the 80% of people in my area that believe the highlight of their life is right now where they are getting drunk and high every weekend at parties and contracting STDs.

Im pretty great, but I am not one to judge others. If one of my close friends is complete ASS at drawing, Im not gonna hurt him further, im going to help and encourage him. But inside, i laugh at his art skills.

Now unless you are on my level, i suggest you stop trying to judge me.

Seiryu wrote: Rocks are the reason for everything in Naruto going wrong. I see why Madara gets angsty when he sees mountains and has the spontaneous need to cut them up.

Shiroyasha wrote: “Bleach is terrible”


“All the plotholes”


“Bleach is terrible”

Snap wrote: Bum bum bum

And another gets Shiro’d

Bum bum bum

And another one gets Shiro’d

And another one down, and another one down

Another one gets Shiro’d

Hey, not gonna watch you either!

Another one gets Shiro’d

Morph wrote:

qq more, non-Master Race’rs. cool

Beelzemon wrote: Pretty sure Loli’s aren’t too deep for anyone :/ ¬¬


Ragex wrote:

Snap wrote: Yeah, I said that about five minutes ago lol. What does that have to do with anything?

I’m just saying that the members of Iwatobi swim club weren’t the only ones practicing their strokes.

some dude typing bullshit wrote: Now for a gumi×snappy story!

snap: Hi Gumi!Want to talk about boring shit that dosent matter!
Gumi: Or...*smiles evily*we can go hav som fun...
Snap: *blinks* Say what?
Gumi: Are u a virgin?
Snap: Y-yes.But why do u want to know?
Gumi: *licks lips* That makes it even better.
Snap: G-gumi?
Gumi: Your mine! *pushes snap down*

birth: Who givs a shit?
death: Was raped to death by gumi in 2014.

Mvc`s #1 nigga


Ladd Russo wrote:

Alpha wrote: Some of you guys seem to be insane.

Alpha wrote: Dude im a violent person and when people fuck with me too much I get kinda psychotic if you know what I mean.However because I cant beat the shit out of these guys since I dont know where they are or they live to far for me to give a monetary fuck.So I constantly suppress all this built anger inside me and everytime THAT PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT GANBATTY/JR/BETA/DESTROYER OF BRAIN CELLS INSULTS ME I LOSE MY SHIT NIGGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I WANT TO DESTROY HIM!!!!!!!!!!!! BOTH SOCIALLY,VERBALLY,EMOTIONALLY,MENTALLY AND MAYBE PHYSICALLY!!!!!

Ranking revelations:

My Rage:

Credit to my boyo; Slayer!

The Four Faces of Evil(Leaders of Dark Necter)

Credit to my boyo; Slayer!

Slayer wrote: So I’m walking to minute-mart one day to pick up some milk. It’s about 9:00, kind of cold; but that’s no biggie because I live right up the street.

Anyways, I walk in make a few racist insults to the Indian working the register. Walk over and open the freezer. And as I’m closing the door I see this reflection in the glass. This fine ass chick, probably like 16 or something in a school-uniform is a couple feet behind me looking at some chips. And there’s this odd sign floating above her head titled “Mary Sue”. So I put the milk back, thinking I could just milk her titties later and whispered to her. 

Me: “Hey, come here."

Mary Sue: “Ok. smiley"

Me: “You want to chill?"

Mary Sue: “Yeah, sure. Where?"

Me: “My crib."

Mary Sue: “Yeah ok(I got mad-game yo) smiley"

So I grab her ass and walk out the door knocking over some shelves and shit to piss off the Indians(hehe). Anyways, I take her car back to my house, doing donuts and shit, you know, the usual. And as I’m doing 360 kickflips and impossibles, I turn to her and ask.

Me: “Hey once I’m done with these pop-shove-it’s what are we going to do?"

Mary Sue: “Whatever you want. smiley"

Me: “Alright, cool."

So we get back to my house, she goes to the bathroom, and I get on MvC. Post in the Akame Ga Kill! thread telling everyone about how Mein casually solos verses and stuff. And all of a sudden I hear the bathroom door open and the light turn off. I turn around and see her sexy ass in a thong, and no bra. 

Mary Sue: “I’m off to bed nowww. Wake me up whenever. smiley"

Me: “I don’t care."

Mary Sue thoughts: “So cold. But so sexy(I got mad-game yo).

So I log-off MvC. Go to the bathroom to shave a few unwanted hairs, and then glue them together to make a fabulous afro and send them to Alabama to a man named Cid. 

Letter with the package: “Hell Cid, I heard you were a pretty big FF-VII fan eh? Well boy do I got something for you. This something used to be the property of Barret’s back when he was younger. Hope you enjoy! -Tetsuya Nomura”

After that fun stuff, I walk into my room and see Mary Sue snoring. Still sexy as fuck though. I slipped my dick down her throat and gagged her a little 'bit. Pretty funny stuff.

*Mary Sue clears her throat*

Mary Sue: “You’re finally awake. smiley"

Me: “Yup. So what’s up?"

Mary Sue: “Well babe, I have a quest-"

Me: “Yeah, I’ll go down on you."

Mary Sue: “How did you know what I was going to as-"

*I go dowwwwwwwwwwn*

Insert your favorite moaning Mary Sue sound here: _________

I couldn’t hear her because I was pretty stuffed up(remember I said it was cold? Well yeah faggots, should be self-explanatory), and sometimes when I get stuffed up it blocks off my ear. So you hentai-veterans can just geuss whatever sound she made.

Anyways I reach under my bed while eating her out and I grab an empty 1/5th of vodka. I then put it under my head and fill up over the next few weeks that ate her out(never stopped either, pretty cool month if you ask me). And as I filled up the first 1/5th, I would reach under my bed and grab more. Bottle after bottle. After I had enough, I finished up and sent her home(not after getting my milk BTW, but that’s a story for another time). 

I took a nap after, and then drove to my local book store. Walked in and read a few shitty books. Then I went to the manga section and picked up this one decent manga. I looked to my right, and geuss what I see, a dope ass Mary Sue. But I didn’t hit her with my mad game. I just bought the manga I picked up and left. 

Once I got back home I took the vodka bottles and tied them up. I added two of my own 1/5th’s to the bottle collection and put a nice little bow on them. And I taped a letter to them. Once that was done it was time to mail them! And I did.

-Now switching the story to a mud-hut in Brazil-

*Wolfenstein, his nerd friends and some ugly ass nerd girls sit in the mud-hut*

Ugly nerd girl #1: “How the fuck could you forget the alcohol? You’re about as smart as Luffy."

Ugly nerd girl #2: “Seriously, like, what the fuck? You’re a regular Orihime."

Ugly nerd Girl #3: “Like we would fuck your ugly asses without’re stupider than part-1 Naruto."

Wolfenstein: “I just forgot, ok? And no I’m Cloud, get it straight."

Wolfenstein’s nerd friends in unison: “And we’re AVALANCHE!"

*Brazillian mail-man walks in the hut*

Mail-man: “I have a package for a(thinks to himself: *that’s a pretty shitty game*)...Wolfenstein?

Wolfenstein: “Yeah, that’s me."

*Mail-man hands Wolfenstein the package*

*Wolfenstein being the weak bitch he is drops it*

Ugly nerd girl #2: “Haha, weak-ass faggot."

Wolfenstein: “I’m Cloud."

Ugly nerd girl #2: “Exactly."

Wolfenstein: “Whatever, fuck you."

*Wolfenstein opens the package and sees the 1/5th’s of vodka protected by styrofoam pellets so he takes them out in shock*

Ugly nerd girls: “Wow! What the hell?"

*they all get in their nerd formation and swarm over*

*takes bottles*

Wolfenstein: “Hey, maybe we should read the letter before we start drin-"

Ugly nerd girls: “Shut up bitch."

Wolfenstein: “It’s Cloud.."

*ugly nerd girls throw letter back in the box*

*They drink and party and do nerdy stuff*

-After drinking-

Wolfenstein: “Maybe I should read that letter now. Yeah, yeah...yeah let’s read that letter."

*looks in the package and gets the letter*

*opens up the letter*

“What’s up Wolfenstein? It’s Ranking from MvC! I hope you enjoy the bottles I sent you! Haha, throw a party or some shit!

PS: There’s a manga under the styrofoam if you didn’t get it, check it out, it’s quality shit!


Wolfenstein(slurring): “Wow, what bro. I mean just a bro."

*ugly nerd girl #2 steps out of the hut*

*Wolfenstein looks around and notices the box is gone*

Wolfenstein(slurring and stumbling out of the hut): Hey..hey give me that box."

*ugly nerd girl #2 hands him the box*

*Wolfenstein digs through the styrofoam and grabs the manga*

*manga is titled Mary Sue*

Wolfenstein(slurring): “Mary Sue..? What the- the fuck?"

*opens up manga and sees a note on the inside of the cover*

Note: “Open up to page 52."

*Wolfenstein gets to 52 after drunkenly ripping some pages(so lightweight)*

Page 52: 

                             HOW TO BECOME A MARY SUE
            To become a Mary Sue you must drink more than a standard sized cup or two of another Mary Sue’s pussy juice.

*Wolfenstein snaps out of his drunkeness* 

Wolfenstein’s thoughts: “Some of those drinks tasted funny..."

Wolfenstein: “WTF? No Ranking, please no, WTF?"

*Wolfenstein starts getting curves, black hair, and looks younger*

*continues reading*

Page 52:    

          In some cases the weak-faggots will not evolve into a new Mary Sue, they will simply become the Mary Sue that they drink from. Here are a list of the possible Mary Sue’s you could become, and the symptoms are for said Mary Sue:

*Wolfenstein continues reading looking for a certain character*

Blah blah blah
Blah blah blah
Blah blah blah 
Blah blah blah
Kurokami Medaka: One of the worst Mary Sue’s their is, Kurokami Medaka. Symptoms for this Mary Sue would be growth in curves, black hair, being a shitty person, and-"

*Wolfenstein closes book*

Wolfenstein: “Now why would they talk about me like that? Hmph, I’ll have them know-"

*new Mary Sue made from some nerd walks outside*

New Mary Sue: “Who cares what they say about you? You’re perfect and you know it."

*Wolfenstein walks back in the hut*

*looks into mirror*

*puts hand on her hip, shows some cleavage and smiles*

Kurokami Medaka: “You’re right I am perfect."


Infinity Flux wrote: The saddest part is I am still encountering weeaboos at university. During technology courses there’s this fat guy who is obviously a weeaboo and can’t just hide his powerlevel. The other day the teacher mentioned how a computer needs more bytes to store non-ASCII characters for all the languages in the world, and he yelled “OH LIKE KANJI!" like some retard with down syndrome.

Everyone laughed, even the teachers, because everyone always laughs whenever he talks during class, since he’s really loud and the things he says are a big source of second-hand embarrassment.

We had to code a small game in Python last semester, and he made a generic shmup with enemies that spawned endlessly and randomly, and called it a “Danmaku Game”.

Also, when I took a volume of my Jojo manga with me to kill some boredom during break he noticed this and came up to me all excited and was like, “OMFG, you like Jojo too, Alexander?! Who is your favorite character? My favorite is Dio or Jotaro. ORA ORA ORA MUDA MUDA MUDA!"

I hate him.

Haverty’s motivations:

By Rage

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