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Name: Marnie


Last seen: 08-24-2019

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 11-23-2010

Posts: 1,256

Age: 23

Location: New York, United States

About: I am just a dude from New York City who's here to chill out and have fun seeing awesome characters and people kick ass as well as appreciate really beautiful and hot females, both real and fictional. Peace.

Hobbies: art, beautiful things, shapes, rainbows and colors, fruits, cartoons, video games, TV, GOD, art, culture, religion, mythology, folklore/legends, philosophy, ancient/classic/traditional literature and stuff, history, good food, the list goes on...

Reputation: 76thumbs-up

Previously known as

Power Switch until 12-02-2011
Al.Agator until 08-05-2012
Rajesh until 04-08-2013
Poppy Hill until 07-10-2014
Cromartie until 06-24-2015

06-19-2018 from Ausgard
thumbs-up "I remember the glory days"

04-23-2015 from The Fantom Convoy
thumbs-up ""

11-28-2014 from Haki
thumbs-up "Good taste in ass."

11-26-2014 from Y-3

09-09-2014 from Ryan Burns

09-01-2014 from SePHIIIroTH
thumbs-up "rep4rep"

08-16-2014 from PG13

08-11-2014 from Albert Weskerr
thumbs-up "Green4green"

07-28-2014 from Vance Prime
thumbs-up "Its from Oreimo"

07-12-2014 from Shinji Ikari
thumbs-up "Holy shit, Jakers?????"

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Ryan Burns

Raimundo Pedrosa

Shinji Ikari




- FS -



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06-19-2018 from Ausgard
thumbs-up "I remember the glory days"

04-23-2015 from The Fantom Convoy
thumbs-up ""

11-28-2014 from Haki
thumbs-up "Good taste in ass."

11-26-2014 from Y-3

09-09-2014 from Ryan Burns

09-01-2014 from SePHIIIroTH
thumbs-up "rep4rep"

08-16-2014 from PG13

08-11-2014 from Albert Weskerr
thumbs-up "Green4green"

07-28-2014 from Vance Prime
thumbs-up "Its from Oreimo"

07-12-2014 from Shinji Ikari
thumbs-up "Holy shit, Jakers?????"

07-10-2014 from Raimundo Pedrosa
thumbs-up "Jakers? GET OUT &;#128514;"

07-09-2014 from BuroriReturns
thumbs-up "Shintoism"

06-27-2014 from Ryoko Hakubi
thumbs-up "Her name is Shantae"

06-20-2014 from Tactician
thumbs-up "Palutena (Smash bros)"

06-12-2014 from Glast

05-25-2014 from HeteroLord
thumbs-down "Neg on top :)"

04-22-2014 from Nerd
thumbs-up "Dat movie"

11-23-2013 from Snap.
thumbs-up "That's a lot of red."

11-12-2013 from Munsu a.k.a Legendary General
thumbs-down "overrated"

10-06-2013 from - FS -
thumbs-up "why so many negs ?"

10-04-2013 from Demi
thumbs-up "Depends on the context."

10-01-2013 from am l da baddest
thumbs-down "You seem to care a lot of about negs."

10-01-2013 from I Cant Be Stopped
thumbs-down "Yes, because it takes sooooooooo much time to neg some random faggot."

09-24-2013 from Kid KO
thumbs-down "Cries over neg reps."

09-07-2013 from Re Edgar..
thumbs-up "Welcome back ^_^"

08-14-2013 from Ragex

07-20-2013 from Rage Tachibana
thumbs-up "Synchronizing watches"

07-16-2013 from UnlimitedPotential
thumbs-up "REP ME BACK"

06-10-2013 from Nefarious
thumbs-up "What Polar said"

05-26-2013 from Polar
thumbs-up "I like your previous name 'Rajesh' better."

05-24-2013 from Souls
thumbs-up "Cute"

05-05-2013 from Harlequin of Hate
thumbs-up "N'aw =)"

05-02-2013 from Crazy Bitch Zinnia
thumbs-down "Sorry poppy..."

04-25-2013 from Andy Sixx
thumbs-down "Then stop negging me then faggot"

04-25-2013 from Fuck you Luis
thumbs-down "Stop hitting on under-aged kids"

04-24-2013 from nWo
thumbs-up "indeed ."

04-23-2013 from Snap
thumbs-up "Dang, why all the hate?"

04-23-2013 from Heisenberg
thumbs-down "Fagbo to the max."

04-23-2013 from gojira4life
thumbs-up "Studio Ghibli FTW!"

04-23-2013 from Godot
thumbs-down "I've been waiting to do this for a long long time, no hard feelings? NEGGED!"

04-22-2013 from Izayoi
thumbs-up "Mostly of Fantasia and KH, but yes."

04-22-2013 from Dean Winchester
thumbs-down "Continuing the train."

04-22-2013 from Cirno
thumbs-down "Can I join?"

04-21-2013 from Ruthless
thumbs-down "Choo choo"

04-19-2013 from Lord Death
thumbs-down "You've got no friends."

04-11-2013 from AIDB
thumbs-down "Reported for heterophobia."

04-09-2013 from Brock Chopper

04-08-2013 from Hank Crawford
thumbs-down "C-C-C-Combo Breaker"

04-08-2013 from Price
thumbs-up "Lol, I didn't recognize you as Rajesh at first"

04-08-2013 from Rabum Alal
thumbs-up "Your long lost friend."

04-08-2013 from -Sheko-
thumbs-side "Somebody cares a lot. lol"

04-08-2013 from Expensive-Discount
thumbs-up "You seem like a nice and cool person."

01-28-2013 from Pocket Rocket
thumbs-up "Thanks."

01-17-2013 from The Millennium King

01-14-2013 from Rython
thumbs-up "Smart and Respectable Member. And loves Super Paper Mario."

10-05-2012 from Iodine
thumbs-up "Nice name"

09-01-2012 from Oracle of The Pantheon
thumbs-up "Bruce>>>>;>>>>Chuck"

06-07-2012 from Jin
thumbs-up "Because"

04-20-2012 from The Broker
thumbs-side "Whats your problem man?"

02-22-2012 from Dominic Santiago
thumbs-up "LEGOS are truly awesome!"

02-15-2012 from Rust
thumbs-up "Nintendo"

02-13-2012 from Ghost of Faggotry
thumbs-up "Lego's rule"

01-05-2012 from Stridah
thumbs-up "the"

10-12-2011 from SSJGVegeta

08-29-2011 from Ben10

04-12-2011 from Wolfey
thumbs-up "Thanks"

03-17-2011 from Champion Lance

02-16-2011 from Karasu

02-05-2011 from Acrius Reborn
thumbs-up "rep"

02-04-2011 from Mihawk Doflamingo

01-31-2011 from ShindaSekaiSensen
thumbs-up "why banned?"

01-28-2011 from VZA
thumbs-up "Mufasa."

01-11-2011 from Uncle Hank

12-04-2010 from Never-mind
thumbs-up "It's a me Mario."

11-28-2010 from Unlosing Ranger
thumbs-up "rep for U"

11-25-2010 from Tippership Commander
thumbs-up "Welcome to MVC.."

05-15-2018 to monster lord member
thumbs-up "Rep to you man!"

05-15-2018 to Ryan Burns
thumbs-up "here's your rep again, sonny."

12-02-2014 to Vance Prime
thumbs-up "your sig bro. where's it from?"

11-28-2014 to Haki
thumbs-up "who's that girl on your avatar?"

10-30-2014 to SePHIIIroTH
thumbs-up "here"

10-17-2014 to omnizeus
thumbs-up "Why the hell haven't you come back already? :("

10-13-2014 to Shinji Ikari
thumbs-up "well farewell, you've been fun. Sad you had to leave. :/"

10-10-2014 to Proto Dude
thumbs-down "Imposter."

09-10-2014 to Xehanort the Younger
thumbs-up "ChibiDiscoDhaos? I didn't know it was you."

09-05-2014 to Raimundo Pedrosa
thumbs-up "Hey man where are you? Please come back!"

08-14-2014 to PG15
thumbs-up "one rep coming up"

08-12-2014 to Albert Weskerr
thumbs-up "70th rep received from you."

07-18-2014 to Wade
thumbs-up "who's that on your set?"

06-25-2014 to Ryoko Hakubi
thumbs-up "who's that on your avvy?"

06-19-2014 to Tactician
thumbs-up "who's that on your sig?"

06-16-2014 to Glast
thumbs-up "and who might ye be?"

06-13-2014 to BuroriReturns
thumbs-up "Japanese/Shinto mythology is the best! Amenominakushi is BEAST son."

06-12-2014 to IcySoul
thumbs-up "Hey IcySaya, it's me Asassin from the OBD! I miss you and 2011."

06-12-2014 to HeteroLord
thumbs-down "More like Homolord."

03-03-2014 to Munsu a.k.a Legendary General
thumbs-down "poor attempt at negging me"

01-07-2014 to Never-mind
thumbs-up "Wow 3 years ago... is the last time you were active."

01-07-2014 to Mihawk Doflamingo
thumbs-up "when will you ever be back?"

01-07-2014 to Snap.
thumbs-up "Yeah, all for no reason."

01-07-2014 to Nerd
thumbs-up "Thanks."

10-10-2013 to - FS -
thumbs-up "Dunno... they're jelly/butthurt/obsessed over me I guess."

10-10-2013 to Aiden7
thumbs-up "props to you for even knowing who SNK athena is."

10-03-2013 to Demi
thumbs-up "Religion and mythology >>;>>>> all of fiction. Agreed?"

10-02-2013 to I Cant Be Stopped
thumbs-down "You guys really have a thing for me, don't you?"

10-02-2013 to am l da baddest
thumbs-down "Heterosexual Man? More like Transexual Man."

09-30-2013 to Kid KO
thumbs-down "I don't cry over nothing. Neg reps are neg reps and nothing more."

08-19-2013 to Ragex
thumbs-up "Thank you."

07-20-2013 to Rage Tachibana
thumbs-up "Thanks."

07-20-2013 to UnlimitedPotential
thumbs-up "Your wish is my command."

06-10-2013 to Nefarious
thumbs-up "Thanks man."

05-26-2013 to Polar
thumbs-up "Thanks."

05-23-2013 to Souls
thumbs-up "Like my pic and my sig and my whole account page?"

05-13-2013 to Whore the ungodly brother
thumbs-down "no thanks."

05-05-2013 to Harlequin of Hate
thumbs-up "Thanks. =D"

05-03-2013 to Slayer
thumbs-up "Alice in Wonderland rocks!"

04-30-2013 to Crazy Bitch Zinnia
thumbs-down "You don't have to necessarily be white to be American. :/"

04-25-2013 to Quincy
thumbs-up "Awesome sig."

04-25-2013 to Andy Sixx
thumbs-down "again I ain't responding."

04-24-2013 to Kashmir

04-23-2013 to Snap
thumbs-up "Fuck if I know."

04-23-2013 to Heisenberg
thumbs-down "Wow all of the sudden, negging and bashing me is now popular. You guys seem to have a thing for me."

04-23-2013 to Godot
thumbs-down "What's the point of negging me really? What did I do to you? Not that it matters, cuz my rep is up"

04-23-2013 to Dean Winchester
thumbs-down "That's right, keep negging it down and see if anyone gives a shit."

04-22-2013 to Zanji Suzunami
thumbs-up "Well said with the Disney stuff bro."

04-22-2013 to nWo
thumbs-up "Disney has too many haxx indeed."

04-22-2013 to Izayoi
thumbs-up "are you a disney fan as well?"

04-22-2013 to Cirno
thumbs-down "I love when random people are negging/repping me out of butthurt when they don't know shit about me."

04-22-2013 to gojira4life
thumbs-up "thanks for appreciating my set, partner. From Up On Poppy Hill rocked!"

04-22-2013 to Fuck you Luis
thumbs-down "Yup. Precisely my point. Any more childish name-calling?"

04-21-2013 to Ruthless
thumbs-down "I find it funny that all the people currently negging me fives times in a row are all random trolls."

04-19-2013 to Lord Death
thumbs-down "Says you, bitch."

04-18-2013 to Glock
thumbs-up "Toonforce >>>>>> almost everything else."

04-11-2013 to AIDB
thumbs-down "You act like your negs mean shit to me, when all it's doing is increasing my count up."

04-09-2013 to Brock Chopper
thumbs-up "Thanks for the rep bro."

04-09-2013 to Hank Crawford
thumbs-down "Your negs mean nothing to me."

04-08-2013 to Rabum Alal
thumbs-up "And who are you?"

04-08-2013 to Expensive-Discount
thumbs-up "Thanks. I was gonna give you a rep earlier based on not knowing much about you, but hey we're cool."

04-08-2013 to The Monkey King
thumbs-up "Monkey King."

04-08-2013 to MarioKicksAss
thumbs-up "Mario"

04-08-2013 to -Sheko-
thumbs-down "Hey remember me bro? My first neg given to you, even though I don't care. It's an Honor ain't it?"

04-08-2013 to Wolfey
thumbs-up "Even if we have disagreements on certain things, I will give you a rep just for being fun to pm with"

04-08-2013 to ShindaSekaiSensen
thumbs-up "Don't remember you, but rep."

04-08-2013 to brolyeuphyfusion
thumbs-up "Rep From Me."

thumbs-up "Haven't seen you around for over a year, even though you said you were going to be back by last Fall"

04-08-2013 to Price
thumbs-up "Cool Name."

04-08-2013 to Walt Disney
thumbs-up "First Rep From Me. Walt Disney Rules!"

04-08-2013 to The Sisko
thumbs-up "Shoddragon"

02-02-2013 to Unlosing Ranger
thumbs-up "I missed you man."

02-01-2013 to Lucina

01-26-2013 to king of logic
thumbs-up "You are the king of logic indeed."

01-26-2013 to Pocket Rocket
thumbs-up "Consider this your 123rd Rep from yours truly."

01-22-2013 to Rython
thumbs-up "My First Rep Given To Anyone Ever. Rython It Should Be A Honor To Have You As First."

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