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It would likely go into the absurd count as everyone owns yamcha in db/dbz even KRILLIN
The best Iíve seen him do is against a saibamen and he still failed terribly.

Desert yamcha isnít even faster than 150MPH.
ďTo travel a million kilometers in 172 days, would mean Goku was traveling at an average speed of 242 kilometers per hour, or 150 miles per hour, on his way to King Kaiís planet. "
24 x 242 = 5808
5808 x 172 = 998,976 kilometers
Itís pretty close.

ďIn the manga, there is no official time it took Goku to get back to Earth after being wished back during the battle with the Saiyans, but King Kai estimated it would take two days. Going by the two days that was estimated by King Kai, that is 20,833 kilometers(12,945 miles) per hour for a million kilometer trip in 48 hours, which is about Mach 17 (seventeen times the speed of sound)."
This would also mean radditz isnít lightspeed like idiots claim and retcons most of dragonball.

Also gokuís powerlevel was only Over 950 when he fired a ki blast(KA-MEH-HA-MEH-HA) he then is later over 9,000 just normally.(416 without weights during raditz saga.
Now if he was mach 17 when he was traveling on snake way,we simply take the powerlevels at base value to calculate speed.
We change the 950 to 900 x it by 10.
We get 9,000.

Now what is the speed of 242 x 10= 2420 kilometers per hour which contradicts linear power leveling in DBZ that many people use for some reason.
Now you can say king kaiís statement is wrong, but then you will have to say cell was wrong when he said he was going to destroy the entire solar system and many other dbz characters as well.

Well someone besides a DBZ retard tell me what they think.
I may have made an error somewhere, though I am trying to go by DBZtard logic. -laharl

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