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Shoblongoo wrote: Brains and Muscles are overrated.

The real secret to survival: a short life cycle, a high rate of reproduction, and the ability to eat damn-near anything. (rats, roaches, flies, etc.)

*The Superman vs. Aizen Dilemma Debunked*

*Work in progress*

Lets see what would happened to Aizen if he went against a serious superman going all out with cis/wis/pis off.
Certain mvc members have gone so far as to say it would take a thousand superman to take out good Ol' Aizen.
Well lets look at the facts as they should be and not as they have been cherry picked to be, shall we?
Superman is able to track Barry while he was moving at superluminal speeds

Superman easily taking out Ultraman,Superwoman and Owlman with heat vision,ice breath and superspeed

See’s light as moving in slow motion and this a weakened superman.

Superman catching bullets with little effort.

Here’s Superman vibrating himself invisible.

Superman reading at high speeds.

Here’s Superman calculating how fast to go on Earths Surface in populated areas. He also plugs Lois’s ears with cotton while he flew.

Escaping a double black hole. Speed and durability.

Ah, a personal favorite.

Superman can race a speeding photon

Superman basically using an IMP(Infinite Mass Punch).
Superman flies just below the speed of light to one shot a dark energy moon. Note that Batman pretty much confirms that Superman can fly at FTL speeds.
Also note that the moon was made of dark energy rather than solid rock so the release of energy would be much greater than a normal moon exploding.
Assuming dark energy has the same physical properties as normal energy the resulting explosion would be 6.57 x 10^39 joules. Which is way above planet busting but below a supernova.

Maggedon campared to Yggdrasil and asteroid twice the size of earth

Mageddon is the octopus looking thing about the size of Jupiter
Asteroid twice the size of earth is the rock slightly bigger than earth
Yggdrasil is the three on top of earth

This scale shows just how strong Superman is.
Superman survives at point blank range a 4 DIMENSIONAL EXPLOSION with out a scratch.
The 4 dimensional explosion is so powerful that is capable to hurt Maggeddon who is supposed to be at Skyfather level

Superman taking a blast equal to a million nuclear blasts.

Survives two planet exploding

Tanks a Disintegration beam like nothing.

Survives a star exploding

Survives another planet exploding.

Superman extending his Bio-electric field to shield a ship.

Gets smash into the earth making a a nuclear winter. Has lava and magma enter his body.

Heat Vision


Capable of shattering a planet.

Now a lot of bleachwankers try saying the Ichigo is magic so he can easily hurt superman herpderp. Lets take a look@Supermans magic resistance over the years.

Superman harmlessly shrugged off a blow from the magical demon Etrigan. The blow actually knocked Superman from Earth’s surface, all the way to the moon (239,000 miles). Superman was virtually unfazed. He also shrugged off magical demon-fire and his super-lungs harmlessly inhaled the demon’s magical gases. '

Zattana teaching Superman about Magic

here uses that knowledge to overcome magic


Punches Lobo into orbit.


Tosses a ship that’s the size of a small moon.

The Counter Law wrote:

da A.I.D.B. CRUSHER wrote: The All-Father on Thor vs. Luffy:

Odin wrote: Woe is me for having raised such a stupid boy. He can’t even beat a rubber retard.


The Doctor wrote: that’s because supes isn’t someone who has nothing but below HST-level feats. he also has some that are moon-planet level+. massively hypersonic to even FTL speed feats, etc etc etc you hopefully see my point. thus his overall power is open to interpretation.


Tyrant already went over that.
Some writers depict Supes with super-speed, while some writers don’t; needless to say Supes getting tagged by a brute is more common than him blitzing a speedster.

Somebody who could blow away a mountain by waving their hand would be a legitimate powerhouse on DC (and Marvel) Earth, *shrugs*. And Clark’s been hurt by occult creatures like vampires/werewolves, who aren’t all that magical. Couple Ichigo’s monstrous physical strength with his high-end magical properties and Superman’s boned.

This is blatantly disregarding the best of ability of a character format, for the opposing side to the side you support.
Neither comic nor manga characters use all their abilities all the time.
Eneru did not start spamming Raigous from the begenning for the lulz.
Superman does not superspeedblitz all his opponents for the lulz- neither comics nor manga could really operate like that well.
Best of ability means we use Clark’s best abilities such as afterwards that werewolf instance, when he underwent magical training. Or when he fought very high level magical enemies.

Same thing with his superstrength. Does he pick up a tectonic plate and use it as a baseballbat against every enemy he fights?

So, since he doesn’t demonstrate his super strength in that manner, he doesn’t posess it?

Your argument is more along the lines of where they are placed in their stories, rather than their best of ability when the situation at hand(a vs forum debate) calls for their utmost ability.


Acrius rayne Nli wrote:

Kinasin wrote: The kid is so damn stupid he felt bad after calling me a nigger in rage after realizing he was only dissing himself. He should be permbanned for such stupidity.

Theres the key word there buddy. Seriously,I’m sick and tired of fucktards like you expecting a college level genius from a 14 year old boy.I mean for fucks sake,I come here to discuss shit i can’t discuss irl,Not to be criticized due to my mental capacity,I have a D in fucking english.

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