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Name: AfterGlowZ


Last seen: 03-29-2014

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Age: 26

Location: Stockholm

Hobbies: Playa Hating

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Previously known as

Dontacular until 10-11-2010
Dongtacular until 01-22-2011

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I’m not back, I’ll be leaving again as of now (6/18).

Dongtacular wrote: Well I’m the Mad Hater, so you’re welcome to be hatting on me as much as you like.

Robert C. wrote: The asshole as no idea how hard it is to take care of an autism. Not even 4chan would be that incontinent.

Robert C. wrote: Boxers have low stamina, Big Show punch + 450lbs+forec knock out any boxer.
Undertaker is more manly than all boxers.

As for fights, Kofi has martial artist moves, and can move fast enough to blitz and Boxer.
John Morinson, can dodge any punch and hit there head off.

Cid wrote: (about GodHandTheWorld) Because he really isn’t a good debater?

I mean, he takes everything and twists it so far out of proportion that it turns into something completely different. He can’t comprehend how the burden of proof clause works, and whenever he’s presented with undeniable facts, he “interprets” it his own way and claims his disproportioned opinion is truth.

Terrible poster is terrible.

Culpa of Clow wrote:
There is a distinction between fan and fapper, dear Watson.
You, my old chap, are the the latter.
You are also jumping to conclusion at the fact that I do not understand DBZ. I understand it completely. As I have stated before, I watched until the last 5 episodes of GT. I’ve seen the movies, I’ve watched every episode prior to that that I have stated. I understand it to the extent of not caring who can beat whom in a battle. It is mindless action. The story is cliche and redundant. To see one overjoy at it is a mystery, when there are much more compelling stories out there, as well as much more enjoyable action Anime, as well. What I do not understand is how one comes to dedicating their life to something so... bland? Possibly.

Robert C. wrote: Let her be lesbian. is better than be gay.

Marly wrote:

Ussj Future Trunks wrote: not a fact since its plain wrong. i cant believe that this forum, full of lifeless nerds endlessly arguing about marvel vs dc have suddenly become psuedo intellectual critics complaining about someone liking explosive martial arts combined with entertaining characters.

You talk about 'full of lifeless nerds,' yet all you talk about here is Dragon Ball. Also, lol @ entertaining characters. Says a lot about your mental capacity, really. It’s hardly 'plain wrong.' You’re just in denial.

Ussj Future Trunks wrote:
so im a manchild who likes both smart productions(death note) and dumb action (dbz). what problem is it of yours?

By your logic, since Death Note had a lot of dialogues, it must have been 'pretentious' and you wouldn’t have liked it. Love the contradiction. Also, you’re only claiming you liked Death Note because you think it would redeem your hilariously childish standard of entertainment. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be contradiction in your point.

Ussj Future Trunks wrote:
i meant someone hating dbz just because it doesnt contain intricate plotting and character development is what pisses me off. ITS CALLED DRAGONBALL Z! what exactly did you expect? most fans of it got what they wanted and it not only has a gigantic mythology and cool characters but its been built upon in fanfiction and new generations of fans like no other anime. i dont pretend to be some kind of uptight intellectual who frowns on mindless martial arts action because im not.

Many people outgrew the 'explosions and fighting' concept made for children who only need to be entertained by flashy action sequences. Gigantic mythology? You mean the original series, which was admittedly decent. DBZ has almost none related to 'gigantic mythology.' Even Dragon Ball was extremely far fetched from the original Journey to the West, and the only references were the character designs. (Oolong, Goku (tail part only), etc) Built upon in fanfiction and new generations of fans? Are you delusional? A lot of series has its own fanfiction, and DBZ is not built upon a fanfiction itself. You don’t act like an 'uptight intellectual' because you lack the brain capacity to even pretend to do so.

Ussj Future Trunks wrote:
again what exactly does this have to do with you? and actually i know other stuff like harry potter and death note. its not a crime to just talk about z on one single vs forum. i would have thought it was a habit to politely ignore, not whine and bitch just because im not posting in every single fuckin naruto thread or marvel thread.

lol @ you just pointing out famous works to save face

Not a crime to just talk about Z on one single VS forum? Let’s see your previous paragraph.

Ussj Future Trunks wrote: full of lifeless nerds endlessly arguing about marvel vs dc have

So you admit you’re a lifeless nerd yourself? Well, there’s your reason for being insulted, then. You answered your own question. Great job.

Ussj Future Trunks wrote:
i have a low selection of anime to choose from since sitting on my ass watching anime isnt exactly a priority.

Oh, I know. Your priority is to talk about DBZ all day in an internet forum, and claim that it’s a masterpiece along with your terrible powerlevel fanfiction known as Dragon Ball Multiverse.

Ussj Future Trunks wrote:
no not really.

Yes, really. The fact that you think everything with a lot of dialogues is 'pretentious' shows how ignorant you are in comprehending the plot.

Ussj Future Trunks wrote:
no not really. i continually come back to dbz and rewatch it since i love it so much. most shows i just watch once and thats it, or i lose interest halfway through.

How does that have anything to do with what I said about you contradicting yourself? Do you even know what 'contradiction' means?

Ussj Future Trunks wrote:
not all. which is my entire point which you clearly missed.

You had no point to offer other than 'Afterglow was the only one thinking Transformers 2 was a bad movie.' And I have proven your point wrong by providing one of the famous movie review websites' link, which shows how much of a low rating Transformers 2 actually received. Apparently you can’t even read.

Conclusion: You’re retarded.

open rule wrote:

Lone Wanderer wrote:

How Does Kinasins dick feel, cause it must hurt after riding it for this long

you tell the truth

Tyrant wrote: Nothing beats hard work and dedication. Goku never stops training, even when he’s dead.

Therefore, nothing can beat him.

ArchAngelus wrote: I took a computer class last year in which we refurbished old computers so not only can I put together computers externally - I learned how to do it internally. Changing my IP would be no problem whatsoever.

proto_hao wrote:

Dongtacular wrote: You structure sentences like a cockgobbler, chickenshit fag.

What. U make no sense.try speak normal.can U.

Makuta wrote:

Dongtacular wrote: Explain to us the following things, whore child;

1: What is communism?
2: How is USA turning into a communist regime?

Here’s the definition, in my own words: A government who rules every aspect in your life.


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