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Name: Vibra


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Pocket Rocket wrote:

Stone Cold Steve Austin wrote: Zelda is a video game for girls if you ask me,it’s about the ugly blond haired fuck called Link who goes around doing stupid shit.

Coming from a fan of watching half naked grown men playing slap and tickle in a ring everybody.

Pocket Rocket wrote: Yep, I managed to rip a page out of the diary of MVC’s very own Edgar. Let’s see what we got here......

Monday/ March 5th 2012/ 2:45pm
I met the cutest boy at the mall today ^_^. He was in the food court for a hearing about vampiric poetry with some members of his screamo band. His dark greased up hair was curling over his left mascara covered eye. I wish that eye would just stare into my soul ^_^. He was wearing a black see-through mesh shirt that he had just purchased from the local Hot Topic and I could see his nipple rings. He was holding a Twilight book to his chest with crossed arms. I wish he were my Edward, and I, his Bella ^_^.

Tuesday/ March 6th 2012/ 6:22pm
I finally worked up the courage to talk to him! I’m so happy ^_^! It turns out his name is Ravenblood Vlad Tepes. Ohhhh the name just tickles my tounge ^_^. We even have a lot of the same interests like saying pointlessly useless things at the most inoppuritune times and obsessing over the human mind. He also considers himself a vampire just like I do. Tee hee ^_^. I think I might ask him on a date to see the new Twilight movie with me. Maybe afterward we can even suck eachother’s blood until that sweet red neck nector refuses to drip any longer.

Wensday/ March 7th 2012/ 5:12pm
He agreed to go out with me today ^_^! We’re going to see the new Twilight movie this Friday. I’m just so giddy and giggly right now, tee hee. I’m really nervous though. I was too nervous to hold my razor blade steady while I was slitting my wrists a while ago straight. What am I going to wear? I don’t think I have any clothes that down’t smell like weed and blood. I’ll need to go to the mall tomorrow and see what I can find at the Hot Topic. I’ll also need to find some classy mascara and lipstick. Not the kind I usually wear, that stuff makes me look like a total slut, but I actually love looking like a slut ^_^.

Thursday/ March 8th 2012/ 3:56pm
I had so much fun shopping today! I bought the cutest little black leather purse, a pair of black fishnet stockings, tall black leather boots, a pocket chain, a pair of black skinny jeans that are 7 sizes too small and are ripped at the knees, and a pair of black fingerless gloves. I also went and got my nose and lip peirced! I want to look my best for my little Vlady Poo ^_^. The only thing that got me down was that Biff and his gang of bullies were at the mall today. They pushed me down and called me a faggot like they always do straight. Then they threw peanuts at me and Biff poured his Orange Julius down my bra. Oh well, nothing else is going to get me down today ^_^!

Friday/ March 9th 2012/ 11:09pm
Vlad wasn’t the kind and gentle man I thought he was! I’m practically swimming in tears right now. We went to the new Twilight movie and I had a terrible time, because all Vlad seemed to have on his mind was sex. He pulled the old “hole in the popcorn bucket” trick on me six times, and that was before the previews were even over straight. Then after the movie was over, he took me to his car. I tried to resist, I just wanted us to light up a blunt, stare into eachother’s eyes, and talk about our feelings. But no, all he wanted was my innocence. I can still remember every little detail, his heavy breathing, his curious hands, his sweaty pecks, his Richard Nixon mask, and his tattoo on his right buttox. The tattoo was cute though, it was a bloody dagger going through a rose petal, but it wasn’t enough to justify him taking advantage of me like that. Maybe I was just wearing my thong too suggestively. Ugh, why do all my boyfriends turn out to be animalistic sex crazed monsters? Humans suck, even though I am one straight.

That’s all that was on the page I stole. I couldn’t translate this into text with 100% accuracy though because keyboards don’t allow you to dot the i’s and j’s with little hearts. Oh well, at least I can get the gist of it out to the public.

Courtesy of the Peanut Galley.

Godot wrote: GG LT

November Rain wrote: Why the fuck do you need a blonde shaking her ass in your signature? I mean, are you closet faggots who have to make sure that everyone “knows” that you’re into women, or are you sexually frustrated virgins thinking that people who see your signature will think that you’re getting pussy?

What happen to the NSFW rule?

As for you pedophiles with kid ecchi in your signatures, you’re even worse.

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