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Name: DominoMan


Last seen: 11-18-2018

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 08-25-2010

Posts: 5,763

Location: Eating dogs at Monsteropolis

About: DeathnDementia, philosophy, morbid stuff, I eat dogs.

Hobbies: Music, guitar, basketball, reading books, mutilating chickens & eating dogs.

Reputation: 75thumbs-up

Previously known as

DeathGaleX until 11-05-2010
Domino Man until 08-29-2011
The Noumenon until 08-30-2011
Noumenon until 11-18-2018

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Im from India. I love cats, not neko, just cats. I am addicted to music. I love music. Music is my life. My mind is made of music. I cant live without music. Mucis fills my soul.. I think you get it.

I love Death metal. Psycroptic showed me metal and Augury sealed the deal. I love a girl named *censored*. My facebook is shit. MySpace = Decomposing..

If ur stalkin ma user page then at least rep me before leavin....,

Clash wrote:

firesparks12 wrote: So..... pokemon like never existed, because in the beginning ash hits his head on a rock, so even the pokemon are fake. DUN DUN DUN.

My theory is that Ash is in a coma from getting hit by a truck and imagined all about an adventure involving Pokemon.

Megadeth Vs. Iron Maiden

SunWeb not home wrote: Haven’t listen Megadeth, I vote for Iron Maiden. First of all I was listen them. And secondly they are on my hard disk.

Special thanks to Umamatt for my first sig

Beyond omnipotence xD

Incest wrote:

YammyisGod wrote:

Incest wrote: Byakuya is better than Superman, Yammy and TOAA put together. Byakuya is one billion times stronger than omnipotence. Each of his petals are as powerful as an omnipotent.


You’re funny as hell dude, retarded to boot. How the fuck can you be stronger than Omnipotent, dunce? Yammy >>>>>> Byakuya. Byakuya is a universe buster at best, Yammy could destroy all of reality.

lol. How can you be stronger than Omnipotence? THAT JUST PROVES HOW DUMB YOU ARE. I’ll explain it slowly so you understand:

Basically Byakuya was born in the greatest family in the history of the universe the, “Kuchiki” clan. He was already universe busting level as a toddler, which was proved when he sneezed and Galactus exploded. Byakuya then got his Zanpakuto, which is beyond omnipotence by itself, and thus he became an omnipotent plus.

The only reason Byakuya is not Commander of the Seireitei yet is because he’d find it too easy.

So he just solos Yammy in Hueco Mundo. While Kenpachi watches in awe.

Byakuya = God
Yammy = Raped

Deal with it, fag.

Did I mention that I eat dogs?

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