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Name: -Sheko-


Last seen: 02-16-2018

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 08-05-2010

Posts: 27,699

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Previously known as

Sheko until 08-26-2011
Sheko the Conqueror until 05-01-2012
Sheko the Reaper until 02-03-2013
Chinkacruel until 02-03-2013
Sheko The Reaper until 02-18-2013
Shek0 until 02-18-2013
Sheko the Reaper until 03-27-2013
shekho until 03-27-2013
Bitch Nigga Shehoe until 03-27-2013
Cids Dad until 03-27-2013
Shehoe until 03-27-2013
Shehoe until 03-27-2013
Sheko the Reaper until 05-17-2013
Sheko the Messiah until 07-12-2013
Based Sheko until 07-08-2014

04-01-2016 from Only Faggots Get Postive Reps From Me
thumbs-down "Faggot"

02-20-2016 from P408370R
thumbs-up "<3"

03-24-2015 from God Castiel
thumbs-down "You purged an innocent man. Shame on you!"

03-24-2015 from clacker-volley
thumbs-down "smh peth slave"

03-24-2015 from Creature Of The Abyss
thumbs-up "Luffy VS Motorcycle"

03-13-2015 from Nerise
thumbs-up "ur set is awesome!"

02-06-2015 from Krystopher Malus
thumbs-up "your crab joke was funny"

01-28-2015 from Zeroextra
thumbs-up ""

01-19-2015 from The Fantom Convoy
thumbs-up "Rephresh even though you don't care."

01-16-2015 from Phobetius
thumbs-up "I believe in the green light; the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us. :-)"

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Cid wrote: They get more hilarious Kinasin. Say youíre sorry and weíll forget this happened and Iíll stop posting them. After all, everyone knows I dislike Sheko, want him demoted, and want him permabanned. So itís not like anything you can post from PM will be something nobody actually knew.

King of Awesome wrote:

Executor wrote:

King of Awesome wrote:


Niggala Culpa wrote:

The Masked White Mage Nikola Culpa wrote: Said I was lurking.
I always have time to post for Tig.

Hold up wait a minute, y’all thought I was finished?
When I banned the word nigga, y’all thought my power was diminished?
Flexin' on these posters, I’m like Sheko with his head polished
Double C, yeah that’s my team, Tigper the captain, I’m the lieutenant
These posters tryna to spam nigga, they fuck around get banned
You fuck around, you fuck around, you fuck around, get canned
Cause these MvC poster I brought with me don’t fuck around, no joke
Don’t even step because y’all about to choke
All I know is ban, when it comes to me
I’m that real mod what up, real mod what up
If you ain’t about that ban game then shit posters shut up
If you diss me in yo' posts, I’ll get your pussy ass light up
When you touchdown in my section, no that tour life ain’t good
Try to get me demoted I wish a poster would
With that beanie life on my head, like that little asshole I could
Boy I slide down on your section, ban on twelve o’clock
And they be throwing memes on the same poster they watch
And I’m the king of my forum cause I’m still calling them shots
And these poster talking that bullshit the same poster that flopped
I’m the same mod from MVC Street who likes to fucking lock
The same mod that came up and I had to wait for my spot
And these posters hating on me, fags waiting on me
Still on that lounge shit, my rolls on jelly
They gon' remember me, I say remember me
So much money have ya dickriders turn into enemies
And when there&#146;s forum drama I turn my enemies to butthurt memories
And if I leave you think them fags gon' still suck my dick?
It was something 'bout that blade when I first cut my wrist
Had me feeling like that Billy guy when he first touched that brick
I’m lurking

The Alchemist wrote:

znjfl wrote: So, how fast, strong and durable exactly is Cloud?

DC: Solar System level
Durability: Bullet level

Athena wrote:

Dark Ghost Supra wrote: The 'pussy kids that always talked big behind backs but were too scared to say shit to anyone’s face so they just vented and gossiped with eachother about the hatred they had for anyone who wasnt them' table: New R3

Got a 150lb autistic dick sucker calling me out while playing magical chairs. Only on the internet, these kids..

dafda wrote:

-Sheko- wrote:

adfaf wrote: I won’t get through to you, all you need to know is that I do know you three IRL, got it?

You don’t know me. We live on opposite sides of the country. I don’t know what’s making you think this shit, but it drives you nuts and you start posting nonsense all of the time. You need to ask your family for help. Get back into some form of therapy.

I’m lucid, aware of my identity at all times.

You think you are a female and male and that you live in Florida and Korea, and France and America but born Russia, it is you who needs more psychiatric attention, than I. Then maybe you’ll realize how cool, intelligent, tough, and seductively complicated I am when the memory all your housed identities contain are again accessible.

IDK what trauma pushed you to develop DID, but you need to face it whatever it is.

I think you might be Geecku as well and somehow have acquired private information about me. You’ve managed to strengthen your identities by manipulating you location, IP address, etc. So there’s some tech savvy there too, idk maybe you went to a tech school after you graduated? It’s been for years, objectively. Although subjectively you might not understand that. You’re deep into, so calm in and confident in this identity’s existence it manages to attract even my attention.

Alice Pleasance Liddell wrote:

OrganizationXV wrote:

Alice Pleasance Liddell wrote:

OrganizationXV wrote: Now I really want to know what’s in that folder and word document.

Links to porn sites.

“SHEKO” is just a clever disguise.

So whenever you feel the mood, you always get reminded of Sheko first?

... No.

znjfl wrote: If your sensei`s explanation is “we dotn compete because it is too dangerous for others”, it means you are bound to be in a gym with 50 overweight people who can barely preform a proper break-fall and have the equivalent skill of a wheelchair bound Wallmart security officers assistant.

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