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El Toni wrote: 2 Lord of 2 Rings (New Zealand 2001) - Vin Diesel plays a man genetically modified to look like a hobbit who crash lands on a planet called “Middle Earth”. Many pitched, explosive battles occur and he comes into possession on the 2 rings which leads to much trouble for him later in the film. The first part of this epic saga ends with the evil lord Sauron challenges him to an illegal street race for the fate of the rings.
Hey You! (Japan, 2000) - In his first “with hair” film, Vin Diesel plays a middle aged man being chased by an exponentially growing group of Japanese men trying to return Vin-san his wallet back.
Drop Ship (USA, 2001) - Vin Diesel plays a one-eyed man who crash lands on an alien planet inhabited by the blind. Many pitched battles unfold and he eventually becomes king.
2 Pitch 2 Black (USA, 2003) - Vin Diesel plays a blind man who crash lands on a dark planet inhabited by blind aliens. An ill-advised crew choose him to lead them to their eventual deaths as they stumble around aimlessly for months.
2 Chronicles 2 Riddick (USA, 25000 BC) - Vin Diesel returns in his most famous role as “blind man” and fights an evil cult or some shit I don’t know.
2 Vin 2 Curious (USA 1977) Vin Diesel is at it again and crash lands onto a planet filled with homosexual cowboys and is mildly interested in an Oscar nomination.
2 Bright 2 Sunny (USA, 2004) - Vin Diesel plays an albino who crash lands on a very sunny planet inhabited by magnifying glasses.
2 Alanis 2 Morisette (USA, 1995) - Vin Diesel plays a knife who crash lands on an alien planet inhabited by ten thousand spoons. The crew debate the irony of the situation, which is then explained very slowly to the American audience. The movie ends with Vin challenging the spoons to an illegal street race; which he then proceeds to win and manages to escape the planet by hitch-hiking a ride on micro scooter driven by Owen Wilson.
Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie (USA/Mobius/Japan, 1999) - Vin Diesel plays Knuckles the Echidna, a wise-cracking, ring-addicted Rastafarian rodent. He must use his super-strength to help find the Chaos Emeralds and stop Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik.
Find Me Guilty (USA, 2006) - A comedy-drama based on the longest Mafia trial in American history. Mobster Giacomo DiNorscio, also known as “Fat Jack” (played by Vin Diesel), faces a series of charges but decides to stand trial instead of ratting out his family and associates. A wrench is thrown into the system when DiNorscio attempts to defend himself and act as his own lawyer at trial. It is directed by Sidney Lumet, and also stars Peter Dinklage and Linus Roache. The man whom Vin Diesel played in the movie died during filming, and Vin Diesel had to gain 30 pounds to play the part. These two facts are in no way connected, and Vin Diesel was never charged with cannibalism.
Big Feet In Little China (Little Italy, 2009) - Vin Diesel plays a deaf man who after being wrongfully accused of murder is deported to a barren planet populated entirely by ladyboys. His lack of hearing heightens his other senses which he uses to survive in this hostile environment.
2 Vin 2 Diesel (USA, 2010) - Vin Diesel plays a man genetically modified to look like Vin Diesel, who crash lands on a planet inhabited entirely by Vin Diesels. The Vin Diesels, however, have a keen sense of smell and spot the fake amongst them. A nervous and confused crew watch on as the Vin Diesels turn upon Vin Diesel and challenge him to an illegal street race.
3 Vin 3 Diesel (USA, 2011) - Vin Diesel plays a man genetically modified to look like 3 Vin Diesels who crash land on one side of a river. The crew must get all 3 Vin Diesels across to the other side, but they can only take a maximum of 2 at any time. However: if Vin Diesel is left alone then he will start eating his own leg, if Vin Diesel is put with Vin Diesel then they will challenge each other to an illegal street race, and if Vin Diesel is left with Vin Diesel and Vin Diesel then they will morph into Super Vin Diesel and destroy the universe. The crew ponder the first move carefully. The crew’s ponderance, however, is in vain as Vin Diesel can walk on water.
The Pacifier 2 (USA, 2006) - Disgraced CIA agent Vin Diesel is given a walk-in-the-park last chance assignment, and must go undercover at a small town nursery in order to infiltrate illegal “toddler fights”, where razor-clad infants are pitted against each other to the death. Flashbacks of his ex-partner sleeping with his ex-wife play havoc with his mind, as he pulls up his nappy and enters the ring of death. The crowd roars for blood. Focus, Vin Diesel, FOCUS. The movie ends with Vin Diesel challenging the toddlers to an illegal trike race.
The Spanish-American War (USA/Spain, 1672) - Arguably the greatest film of all time, Vin Diesel plays an American mariner who crash lands on an alien planet inhabited by Cubans. He tries to get back to his homeland, but something is wrong with his G-Diffuser. In his frustration, he punches an iron wall which happens to be the U.S.S. Maine. The Maine responds by exploding in the harbor, prompting the Japanese to attack Switzerland. In the end, Vin Diesel liberates Cuba from Jabba the Hutt after an illegal street race, but gives it back after he realizes he is allergic to cauliflower, which some say inspired the Psychological thriller, “The Pacifier 2”.
Vin Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Diesel (Coruscant, A long, long, time ago) - Vin Diesel impersonates the Grand Army of the Republic and crash lands on various planets simultaneously. He proceeds to betray the Ninjedi and kicks every single one’s ass. Curiously, his legs are cut off by Michelle Kwan when he attempts a triple axle. He spends four minutes regrowing them.
2 Drunk 2 Fuck (Suburbia, 2948 and 3/4) - After a sexy grunge girl (Keanu Reeves) crash lands on a wealthy hermaphrodite (Morgan Freeman)'s head, a schizophrenic Sherlock Holmes (Co-acted by Vin Diesel and his cousin, Amerigo Vespucci) investigates the facial features of a large lab rat. Hilarity ensues when Vin and Amerigo deduce that the entire plot is not worth the millions they’re being paid, the film falls apart and the remaining six hours passes by with ferocious priest, rabbi, and blonde jokes, not to mention an illegal street race. The film ends with a delightful pun concerning the Zimbabwean population of Venus.
2222222 (USA, That Guy is Eating a Hamburger) - Vin Diesel plays late comedian Mitch Hedberg in the story of his epic struggle to obtain an easy to remember phone number. His journey brings him face to face with the director of the North American Numbering Plan Administration, John Manning (Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A.), a seemingly indomitable man. However, he has one weakness: as an avid boating enthusiast, he is all-encompassingly unable to turn down an illegal regatta. Will our hero be able to prevail, having only rarely driven a steamboat?
2 Too 2 Tu-Tu (The Confederacy, 1997) - Vin Diesel plays a bulimic ballet dancer who crash lands on the planet Dance Dance Revolution and must out-dance the malicious girls from a rival dance studio, and especially his arch-rival, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, (played by a different actor in each scene by successively more retarded cast members of the Real World, from that season, I can’t remember which, you know... the one where they all got drunk and fucked each other), but can he stop binging long enough to fit into his spacesuit, which mysteriously keeps shrinking due to the space age pranks of Tutu and Company? (fact: real men wear pink)
sin²(Vin)+cos²(Diesel) (USA, 1) - Vin Diesel plays a space ship genetically modified to look like Vin Diesel’s space ship and crash lands on a planet inhabited entirely by spaceships crash landing into planets. Following the intense special effects of the crash scene, the movie pretty much just trudges along for another 100 minutes. The high point of the film is probably when Diesel’s character challenges a small child to an illegal street race, and then proceeds to eat him after winning.
Vin² : The Hyperdiesel (USA, 2012) - A group of shockingly uncommon actors (performing a nerd, a retard, a hot chick, a tough guy, an Afro-American, a TEH PWNER and a fat ass) wake up in the middle of a room with the form of Vin Diesel´s head, without remembering anything. In each orifice of Vin Diesel´s face there is a door which leads to an identical room, and the protagonists move from head to head searching for an exit. At half of the movie, the nerd realizes that there is a pattern between the rooms, but he is killed by one of the traps that were randomly placed by the high on crack writers of the movie. At the end, most of the cast die leaving only the retard which somehow finds the exit of the Vin. Many people believe that there is a metaphorical meaning for this movie, but the writers claimed that it’s in fact the actual biography of Vin Diesel’s brain cells.
2 Crash 2 Land (Crashland, 1666) - Vin Diesel plays a man who crash lands on an planet and dies instantly.
V for Vin Diesel (UK, 2004) - Vin Diesel plays himself in this futuristic dystopian epic, in which he must battle the totalitarian regime of England, kill the corrupt prime minister, and restore freedom and democracy to the country. Also, he blows up a double-decker bus. He liberates England from the oppressive dictatorship by challenging the leader to an illegal street race.
xXx (USA, 2003) - Plot outline censored by Soviet Russia.
2 Triple 2 X (Soviet Russia, 2004) - In Soviet Russia plot outline censors you!
xXx²: Snakes on a Plane (USA, 2006, announced) - (Working title- Planeaconda!) Vin Diesel crash lands on a plane crash landing on a planet inhabited entirely by venomous snakes. Can Vin right the plane in time to win the midair drag race (and the audiences hearts?), or will a team of rogue undercover Hamas terrorists (Sarah Jessica Parker, Bob Barker, and C.G. Kurt Cobain) thwart his efforts and sacrifice the plane (along with our beloved Diesel) to the Palestinian Snake Gods?
xXxmas (North Pole, December 25) - Vin Diesel crash lands at the North Pole and challenges Santa Claus to an illegal sleigh race.
secSECsec (New York City, Happy Hour) - Vin Diesel crash lands on a trendy New York nightclub and challenges professional bartender Brian Flanagan (Tom Cruise) to an illegal flair bartending competition.
Miracle on the Hudson (USA, 2009) - Vin Diesel plays Chesley B. Sullenberger, the pilot who heroically landed US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson River, saving the lives of all 155 people on board. He was awarded the Oscar for Best Actor for his stunning portrayal of a man who was able to land a plane safely.
3 Vin 300 Furious (Early Spartan Empire) - Vin Diesel plays a man that tries to take over the Spartan Empire. 300 of the most ruthless Soldier’s stand in his way. As he approaches, the 300 men through there spears at him. Vin just deflects them with his hand. He then defeats them in under 5 milliseconds. Sparta is his.
2 Easter 2 Island (Polynesia, 2006) - Vin Diesel crash lands on an island inhabited entirely by stone statues.
Apocalypse: The Acclaimed Motion Picture (3664 A.D.) - Vin Diesel won an Academy Award in this film for Best Masturbation Scene. It was the first time and the last time that this award was ever given. Vin Diesel is just that cool. The film also won 70 other Academy Awards.
4 Vin 4 Diesel (USA, 2014) - Vin Diesel crash lands on a planet populated by a cultist people hellbent on sabotaging his every attempt to land successfully on a planet. A surreal twist follows when Vin Diesel regains his memory (after an illegal street race) and discovers that he started the cult. The crew look annoyed.
Diesel of the Dead (A Corner Behind You, 4065) - Vin Diesel crash lands onto a planet whose only inhabitants are dead. Vin gets on well with the population and even manages to be elected their new President. When an alien crash lands into the White House, Vin is forced to take off his hat and unleash his Incredibly Shiny Head. This destroys Joan Rivers, but unfortunately the dead have an allergy to the bald heads and the whole populace re-dies out. Mr Diesel is then forced to seek the Swedish Mafia for a loan to construct a magic carpet to escape the planet, otherwise he would die from boredom. A touching Rom-Zom-Com-Dom-Gom.
Burn0ut (PureUSA, 2008) - Originally based on the shit video game Need For Speed, futuristic-sci-fi-romance film Burnout features Vin as a popular illegal street race driver who is on the run from group of hellbent illegal street race drivers who want to turn Vin into Diesel (not the person, the petrol) to fuel their cars to have more and more illegal street races. The film culminates in an illegal street race where Vin has to beat the upset drivers or risks being murdered. Vin wins the race but loses his legs in the final battle when his solar powered illegal street race car dies due to rain and is forced to turn his own body into Diesel (not the person, the petrol) to continue driving. This movie proves once and for all how great Mobil is and how we should all continue buying their products, every day for the rest of our lives.
2 Burn0ut or Not 2 Burn0ut 2: Clone Warz 1 (PureUSA, 2010) - After the huge success of Burn0ut, Vin self-funds a prequel with a difference - it takes place after the first movie. Vin returns in the water based sequel of a totally different name. Following Vin winning the street race and losing his legs, the illegal street racers contract sixteen year nine biology students to turn his exhaust fumes into a clone - which they name Fin. Without the use of his legs, Vin joins the popular illegal street boat circuit where he gets into a run-in with a group of illegal street boat racers who also want to turn Diesel into Vin (not the petrol, the person). The movie culminates with Vin teaming up with Fin to beat the illegal street boat racers at their own game - Monopoly, but is ran over by a bus. The illegal street boat racers decide that Fin is good enough to turn into Vin (not the petrol, the person) and all live happily ever after. This movie also features a talking pie.
3 Burn0ut 3 0utBurn: The Search for Diesel 4 (the wrestler, not the person or the fuel) (PureUSA, 2011) - This sequel (as all Vin sequels do) does not actually feature Vin or have anything to do with the first two movies in the series, and is in fact a documentary about bird watching set in the not too distant future of yesterday, sometime around 3pm Eastern (2pm Central). Somehow the birds featured in the movie have a run-in with a group of illegal street helicopter racers who want to turn them into Diesel (the wrestler, not the person or the fuel). The movie culminates with the birds having a race-off against the illegal street helicopter racers. The birds are crushed by the propellers of the helicopters when the race starts and lose rather quickly when the illegal street helicopter racers pass the Vinish Line (not Finish Line, as the population of Finland now have the word under copyright and the rights cost too much to use - kinda like the song Happy Birthday in tv shows and movies is) first and celebrate with Bob Saget. The Sun movie reviewer Jesus was quoted saying “It’s not a trilogy. It’s a thrillogy." before giving the movie 0.5 stars in his February 31st review.
Pitch Diesel (Australia, 2000) Vin Diesel plays a seriously dangerous criminal who is being transported to a secret prison. During the flight, the ship is damaged in a meteor shower, and makes an emergency crash landing into a deserted planet. At first the planet appears deserted, but when a crew member starts exploring a mysterious hole in the wall of a pit of sand, he discovers the planet is host to a large illegal underground street racing network. The next 90 minutes consists of Vin battling his way through a string of grueling street races, in order to earn himself enough money to pay Watto to repair the hyperdrive generator on the ship so they can escape the planet. The movie ends with the hyperdrive generator being repaired and Vin and two other crew members escaping the strange planet and going into exile.
2 Back 2 The Future (USA, 1985) Vin Diesel exceeds 88mph in an illegal street race and is transported back in time to 1955. Here, he takes the opportunity to challenge the paradox and ensures his parents never meet by killing everyone.
Tu Fast Tu Furious (USA, 1929) - Mary Colter produced this documentary to coincide with the grand opening of the La Posada hotel in Winslow, Arizona. It tells the enthralling tale of Don Alphonso de los Pajaros (Larry David), a wealthy Spanish landowner whose family had owned La Posada for 120 years, and his chef, Juan Carlos Mardomingo (Vin Diesel). Don Alphonso had insisted on adressing all of his hired help with the formal usted - even Juan Carlos, who he had grown close to over the years - close enough, Juan Carlos felt, that he deserved to be addressed with the more formal tu. The tension between them grew and grew until the fateful day when Juan Carlos challenged Don Alphonso to an illegal street race in an attempt to restore his honor. If Juan Carlos lost, he would stay on as Don Alphonso’s chef for free for the rest of his life; if he won, then he would become La Posada’s new owner. Reluctantly, Don Alphonso accepted, only to be beaten narrowly by an enraged Juan Carlos. His victory would be short-lived, however; the stock market crash of 1929 would force him to sell the manor to the Santa Fe Railway to support his family.
2 Vins 2 calculus inequation matrices - A shock flick, in which Vin kisses himself and does some linear algebra, the most perverse form of mathematics know to man.
2 Angry 2 Cry (West Hamptons, NY 2008-1/2) Vin shows his emotional range when a young boy pushes his buttons by calling him Fag Diesel and kicking his shin. Vin instead of crying or walking away does what a man only of Vin’s kind can, and destroys the child with a couple left hooks. The rest of the movie Vin continuously sings, “I am 2 Angry 2 Cry” which became a breakaway crossover Country/Electro/Pop/Rockabilly single.
2 Full 2 Eat (USA 2789) Vin Diesel crash lands into a bakery where he eats cheese wontons and destroys the toilet.

2 Diesel’s: the Real and the Fake - for the first time ever Vin takes on all his opponents and enemines, including the over-60’s gang (Stallone and Schwarzenegger). The grand finale is a 16 hour battle between the real Diesel and the fake Diesel (aka Jelley-Belly). Out come their respective weapons - one normal, one disformed - and we discover who’s the bigger man! Winning, the real Diesel rages in triumph and rips off Jelley-Belly’s disformed member (eating the remains), leaving Jelley-Belly to crawl off to the fist love of his life, Freaky-looking-woman-that-looks-like-a-man (otherwise known as the Blob-Thing)!

duh vin she’s code part 2.0 (tom hanks vs vin diesel only on blu-ray- Vin is left alone with tom hanks to discuss the differences between mayonnaise and salad dressing. Vin hates salad dressing so he ruins toms face with an incredible slow mo attack using forks and spoons.
It is said (and to be duly noted) that Vin was notorious for late nights of partying with Oscar-winner Sean Penn on the set of Penn’s 2001 film “i am sam”. Being Penn’s understudy, Diesel said the script spoke to him as the character of Sam was semi-autobiographical for him.
According to “Hanging to the Left” magazine, Diesel will be in the sequel to the 1992 film “My Cousin Vinny." It will be titled “My Notorious God of Doom Vin." It will be filled with anger, romance, comedy, and Cheez-Its. In one scene, it was reported that he covers himself in diesel gas, lights himself on fire, and then jumps into a pool of more diesel gas just for the irony of it all.

FireWolf81 wrote: VG.

Seriously...why would I lock this thread?

LOL. Dude, you’re totally over reacting. This just highlight the fact that some members are so misguided about their own self importance that somebody actually lets you know what the rules are and blam...shit storm.

Go your hardest mate. You want to leave. By all means do.

But it won’t be because of me. Its because of you.

You want have it here. You’re just too blind to see it.

Here, just as in real life, there are rules. Not created by me, but the owner of the site and in collaboration with its members.

Whats been said is want to do whatever you please like some egocentric hurricane...Go to 4Chan.

You don’t want to stay here..don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

Oh and if you were posting as another member and got brought up on language..its not so much the langhuage you used, moreso the fact that you would go into a topic and post something spamish like fuck you, fag, suck a dick or something else.

EXCESSIVE FLAMING is against the rules..not single words, but when you post singlke words in a thread out of context or just to troll someone..the posts will normally be deleted.


have a nice life.

Come back and let us know how far that attitude gets you in life..mkay.

red line wrote: /b/ is amazing, although random porn images and such arnt ny cup of tea per say

Rorschach wrote: Ahh... What?
Reality was a huge douchebag of a admin.

Culpa of Clow wrote: Doesn’t matter which outnumber which. What matters is compared to the number of good games the other systems had, it had more. Plus it was backwards compatible. Which adds to it... And it could play DVDs and CDs, which is a step better than Gamecube...

Culpa of Clow wrote: Only since Prime. But I didn’t care for Hunters. I have super and a couple others on emulators to play.

The gamecube had overall more better games. Plus a hell of a lot better controller, better graphics, and is much more reliable.

The LoZ games, the Metroid games, the Star Fox games, Animal x-ing, Melee, Phantasy Star and Tales of Symphonia. I didn’t care for much else. Wii would be better if it learned from the gamecube, yes.

As for the latter parts... You high? Controllers were awkward. I don’t know what PS2 games you’ve been watching, or what you’ve been smoking while playing Gamecube, but that’s just a false statement all together. And reliability? I’ve gone through 3 gamecubes... All 3 broken. I’m just using my Wii to play what games I have. I’m still on my first PS2.

Kinasin wrote: Dick rider??? are you fucken serious you lil cock sucker. I was asking a serious question twat pucker. I really dont know how to add rep on this forum. You can feel free to go fuck yourself for being an asshole though.

El Toni wrote: gogoglobin bla bla bla douch bags yadayadayada pop a ti dod dod

God_Hao wrote: Men aren’t females.

Robert C. wrote:

Vinnie Gognitti wrote:

open rulez a fag wrote: Accelerator
» AfterGlowZ
» car dice13
» Champion Lance
» CoolTaff12
» Darkbladex
» Fagget
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» open rulez
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» Vinnie Gognitti
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» YoeLuis

you missed Lego man faggot

U mad u are on the list. or u glad u are on the list

open rulez wrote: i dont know bro
cause my ip got hacked like 3 days ago so..

Robert C. wrote: lol at the age of 15 was in a gang. Had a pistol but never pullet the tricker. Got rid of it at the age of 17.

Majer Jebus wrote: you spelled heterosxul wrong.

I am 100% Heterosexual.

DBZ17 wrote: DBZ, was mainly known for its uptempo fast action paced fighting style. However, some seem to say that the serise didn’t have a good storyline? As a matter of fact (retards) it did. starting off with the frieza saga. when goku had to stop and fight freiza, because frieza was ruining planet namek. Not only that but threatining to also take the univerese after the conquring of namek and destroying it. Goku, the main character of this anime, would not allow frieza to do so thus forcing him to turn into a ssj. (which was bad ass in the frieza saga considering no one had really seen a ssj, much less knew what one was capable of. We soon found out as goku pumpled frieza, but failed to restore peace to namek. Leading to all the nameks moving to earth, and learning to fit in with the earthlings. Namek exploded, but few knew at the time if goku survived. (few meaning none of us really knew, the episodes had u thinking when the hell you’d see are bad ass super sayin warrior again. Later on in the android saga, a mysterious youth (trunks) comes along warning the z warriors of another major threat. he than reveals to goku who he really is causing some uplift and excitement towards not only the characters. but to us the fans alike, not long after the androids appear. Are super warrior goku steps up to the plate (the 1st to battle any androids). But knowing how trunks said a virus would attack his heart there was an eriee feeling during his battle vs android 19. The horrible truth was realized, and goku could only clutch his chest in pain, as 19 took clear advantage of this and brought are mighty warrior down. this comming as a surprise, to us all, always knowing thats goku saves the day unfortunately this time he could not. Sudddenly vegeta pops onto the scene and he turns into a Super sayain! Again a major shock, to tell the audiance to keep wathcing this action packed episodes! vegeta makes short work of 19 and gero flees. Later in the saga goku’s son Gohan turns a level beyond ssj, he goes ssj2! An even higher level, and as we see him put his skills to the test against cell. We see cell is no match for gohan, although some conflict goes on in between this battle (goku and king ki dieing) gohan is able to put cell away with a one hand kamehameha wave. And so the Buu saga begins. Do i have to continue? this anime was one of the greatest of all time. Thats why it sold soo many game copies, video copies and dvd copies. It was the best anime so far in my and i know many others, eyes. This anime had a great storyline, not going to say it was the best storyline, but come on when you think about it, it was damn decent! So all of u that keep saying(oh! dbz dosen’t have a good storyline.) suck it the fuck up and realize your trying to jack off the best anime ever created. Why do i say best created? Because, this anime was the most popular anime ever released in the u.s, (think i’m lieing look it up!) Japan loved it, and it sold millions of games and dvd epesodes not seen in the regular serise. They even still continue to come out with more dbz games, even though it’s been about 4 or 5 yrs since the serise ended. so what does that tell you fools do your damn homework. (oh yea and dbgt, was not part of the main serise, it obviously was not created by the same developer and thus is not exceptably adequate to the serise. Thats why there are DRAGON BALL Z games not DBGT games. there you go pure facts stated dbz the best of the best! will something ever pass it i’m not sure, i really don’t see anything now (naruto seems to be gaining some ground but still is a WAYS off.) if it can produce for another 6 yrs strong (nauroto), and have more games bought? than mabye it may have a chancewink DBZ! the best anime ever back than and still is known as it now. thank u.

Oldman wrote: Now this list may differ by user if you ask me. Now this is what I think the most powerful swords are.:

1. Trunks' Sword
2. Master Sword (Legend of Zelda)
3. Jack’s Sword
4. Soul Calibur
5. Excalibur
6. The Sun Sword (Thundarr the Barbarian)
7. Soul Edge
8. Lionel’s Sword (1984 version of Thundercats)
9. Nega Sword when charged (Thundarr the Barbarian)
10. Z Sword (if Gohan is not the wielder)

Now what do you think is the 10 most powerful swords?

smartest qoutes on this site

WildCard wrote: I refuse to think any person with taste could call RDR game of the decade. Let’s just do a quick summary -

Plot: John Marston must get his family back from - OH NO! - the federal goverment. To do this he spends the entire game “hunting down” the men who he used to ride with; if hunting them down means spending most of the game helping to sell formulas for a con artist, transporting dead bodies, helping the Mexican government kill rebels and helping rebels blow up trains.

Gameplay: Firstly, almost all weapons are useless. The pistols are overpowered, the riffles are basically pistols with slightly longer range and less close combat appeal, the shotguns are useless as the placing of enemies tends to be a mile or so away from you per level, dynomite has a small range and will most likely do you more damage than the enemy, and throwing knives instakill for no apparent reason.

Mission structure is shit, as they mostly compromise traveling from A to B, meeting a enemy placed at B , chasing the enemy from B to C, killing the enemy and then traveling to D to finish the mission.

Well, untill you get to Mexico where Rockstar literally shoves the train feature down your throat:

“Mister Marston! Come help us defend this train from rebels!"

“Senior Martston! Help us attack this train and blow it up!"

“John Marston! We need your help attacking this train, unlocking the safe and then blowing up the train!"

Oh God. Just thinking about Mexico removes all thoughts of a 2nd playthrough.

And then you have Multiplayer, which has a shit game mode system which basically acts out as a shitter version of your average mission structure. Then there’s freeroam, which is only bearable if you play with several friends as opposed to going around on your own, grinding with the gang hideouts or just being a ass and killing of other players, at which point everyone forms a posse and group rape you till you leave the game. 'Cause obviously you aren’t allowed to kill people in Freeroam, lawd no.

AfterGlowZ wrote:

the warrior wrote:


ok blow this is the first butthurt thread you made

As per usual, you’re using words you don’t understand the meaning of.
I’m mocking you by showing people what a grade A moron you are.
This is lulz.

A butthurt thread would be me making a thread demanding that someone gets banned or raging over some stupid shit happening in another thread.

Robert C. wrote: Just create your perfect site, Lego man did why can’t a genius like you ?

You are smarter than the world, aren’t you.

Freddie Mercury wrote:

Buuhan wrote: Have you niggas ever even seen a saiyan eat? Burger is going down.

Not when the burger goes super quad stacker

How did you think he randomly got “Sick” in DBZ?

cacomeza wrote: รายได้เสริมผ่านเน็ต งานออนไลน์ได้เงินจริง งานออนไลน์ งานผ่านเน็ต
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El Toni wrote:

King Arthur The Barbarian wrote:

El Toni wrote: isnt the same thing happening to white bitches today fag? odds are your sister is sucking black cock, while i’m hitting a home run with your mother. ironic isnt it?

LMAO, you cant help but keep putting cock in your mouth.

Wop Toni wrote: i’m hitting a home run with your mother

Lol, you like them all wrinkly? I mean all old and shit. I suspect youre some kind of stud with those wrinkled fucks eh? I would suspect that youll need plenty of lube- seeing as those wrinkly cunts are so dry. BUT, your dick is way too small to even reach the dust inside their cunts, being the dick-less WOP that you are.

Bro, keep wanking over wrinkles while I LMFAO @ your epic faggoty FAILURE.

you think about cocks and mouths to much, even for a fag, that must make you a euro fag.

if there good enough for Delonte West, there good enough for me. also mothers have deep pussy, a prerequisite if you know what i mean. oh and i’ve been known to fuck bitches while another bitch gives me a blowjob, my dick goes all the way up through ones mouth and into anothers. then again you probably do that with flagpoles like the british stiff you are, but its not the same thing fag, its not the same.

Vinnie Gognitti wrote:

Hank Crawford wrote:

Vinnie Gognitti wrote:

Hank Crawford wrote: Fuck doesn’t giving handjob with glove on fall under BDSM? So much for my innovation.

got an idea. gloving involves putting your dick in one finger and a dildo in another. Then you do a chick in 2 holes. WIN

Hold up, Hold up. I got something better, wearing gloves while doing those things and with this music on

i tink we just created a new fetish!

Falsey. wrote: And now for another celebrity martyr.

I can’t wait till everyone is talking about what a brave and courageous soul she was, and how “she tragically lost her courageous battle against drugs”.

Welp, I’m happy though. Out of all the artists out there, atleast it wasn’t someone with any actual future who didn’t bring it on themselves.

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