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Profile: Fabulous Falsey

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Name: Fabulous Falsey


Last seen: 03-10-2018

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 12-14-2009

Posts: 6,655

About: I am the vidya mod

Reputation: 116thumbs-up


No offense to anyone, but we really need a mod re-shuffle

Previously known as

SitarHeroFTW until 12-22-2009
FalseMemorySyndrome until 01-22-2011
Falsey. until 09-28-2011
FalseMemorySyndrome until 08-11-2012
Falseh until 04-06-2013

07-22-2014 from -Jade-
thumbs-up "HNNNNNNGGG!!"

06-14-2014 from Ryan Burns

05-07-2014 from AgentOrange
thumbs-up "Hnnnnngghh"

04-17-2014 from Nerd

01-09-2014 from xR

01-07-2014 from Demi

01-06-2014 from Duck Butter
thumbs-down "dont like you"

11-07-2013 from Marly
thumbs-up "f-falsey chan u-uguu~"

11-03-2013 from Madoka
thumbs-up "You mirin my aesthetics bra"

11-03-2013 from Fuck you Luis

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Officially the most beloved members here.

Anti-Killer wrote: thanks dude. your cool. unlike mr FailMemorySyndrome

Cid wrote: Anybody that thinks Falsey has any intentions of being a productive member, much less than bettering the site, is a moron.

A Heretic Rises Again wrote: Hey, um, Falsey... I just wanted to let you know something really important...

You’re a fucking peon. Get the yell off your soapbox. Nobody gives a damn about your opinions, you degenerate piece of broken cock.

I fucked your mother and she gave me aids.

And yes, I could definitely run this site much better than Bjarne could ever dream to. But nowhere in that previous statement did I ever state or even so much as imply that I wanted to. You must have been too busy swallowing that cock.

Go fuck yourself, you illiterate monkey.

Forever your pimp,

Culpa of Clow wrote: Come at me, bros! I’ll take whatever little you curs have to give out. You have nothing on me. My status here is greater than anything you could ever accomplish online or otherwise.

everyonebothersme wrote:

Sheko wrote: EBM, don’t push away your true love, you will only live to forever regret it. I know freedom sounds nice now, but think of years down the road! Don’t fear commitment, love will set you free!

Love is for people who are too weak to be independent.

Kinasin wrote: I’m a hero to all the kids you would bully. I came in and beat the bullies ass and then I saw that starry eyed look in the kids face that said he looked up to me or that in his eyes I was a hero at that moment/time. So technically I am. At least to the people who I have helped out.

everyonebothersme wrote: fucking dumb. Next time your severely mentally retarded brain formulates a rebuttal, at least try and use correct spelling and grammar, it will make you look like less of a fucktard.

And I am smarter than average people. Im also infinitely smarter than you.

Skeetles wrote: Oh ok sorry I forgot that it is ok for people to post pictures of my face with a penis photshoped into it.

everyonebothersme wrote: I am well trained in Wing Chun, Krav Maga, Aikido, and Buddhist Muay Thai.

So, you think you would have any chance against me?

ebm wrote: Dude you may not know, but I have more hate threads than any user, I have a 3 digit rep, a post count just barely above 10k, been here since August of '07, have no alts, and I keep coming back.

Yeah, I am a legend. Get over it.

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