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Name: HelIy


Last seen: 03-04-2018

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03-10-2018 from Butt Stallion
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- - King Arthur - - wrote:


You are what you are .. No amount of 'REPS' will ever change who you are!

It shouldn’t matter to you 'or anyone' if you have either 1 or 1-million reps ... Having any sort of rep means NOTHING.

You are 'and always will be' who you are! You dont need some kinda rep to define yourself!

People either takes you 'yourself' for being 'WHO YOU ARE' or they dont! ... I’d never give a flying-fuck about what others thought about me!

Those that look down upon others are nothing more then ... SNOBS!

2014 members in a nutshell:

Emperor Lelouch wrote: I am slow when it comes to different things. Iím technically retarded. However I donít let it push me down.

Lulzy psychopaths of the MvC

GanjuDaGanjaMasta wrote: Cry because I decimated you in a debate, you worthless piss. Your existence is beneath mine, you despicable white trash. Kill yourself, because you have no friends, your family hates you. You have no prospects. You exist to be inferior to me. That is all.

Any non Naruto fans agrees that youíre an idiot. How about you just accept it? Youíre a dunce. A good for nothing. A waste of breath. Nothing you can say will ever change the fact that your life is worth less than anyone elseís.

AQW rules wrote: Neg me ya piece of shit.You aint gonna get near my butt whiteboy so you can just go kill youself

The True Rustler of Jimmies wrote: You know what I have rage issues with? The fucktards on this website.
If it was legal I would personally track down every single one of you and murder you in broad daylight via shotgun.

Shadowhunter Hex wrote: because kagami be saying im lying bout my mother and shit. i would still be at my mothers if she wasnt a filthy little whore who just couldnt care less about anyone else but herself and as long as they have money shes ur best friend. also she loves to victimize herself for pity. i should rip her arms off and leave her lying on the ground there but luckily for her shes a woman and i dont hurt women. so yes im fucking mad.

Magikarp. wrote: I wouldn’t have that much of a problem killing some of the outer members of my family since they are all basically strangers to me

da chris hansem peanut gallery

Snap wrote: There actually is a little girl that lives here on campus

We talk pretty often

Kurome wrote:

Griffith wrote: Have you ever dressed up for Halloween?

Marcus and the creeper questions.

Lulz in general

General Marcusius wrote:

Dixie Normous wrote:

General Marcusius wrote: Shin Angyo Onshi

But you said Japanese.

*Steps aside for Dixie Normous*

You have defeated me and you are now the new master of this thread

NearRyuzaki wrote:

Emperor Lelouch wrote:

Raniero wrote:

Clesta wrote: I miss the twin.


our gags were still fresh.

oh boy.

Loli was fresh and funny on here?

Well they were but then Snap and Ran got to them.

RAS wrote:

Snap wrote: Who are all these idiots saying penises don’t smell?

The man-scent of a penis is the first ingredient in mindbreaking a woman and turning her into a cum-starved whore.

My hentai manga told me this.

Rin wrote: - Lenzonda

- Sailor Venus

- Chew Wenjun.

- Xexubel

- Unknown faggot.

- Amedus

- Richard Cranium


Random fag making a laughable attempt to save face:

Vampirelord wrote: Looooooooool. You actually took this post seriously. Bwahahahahahahaha! I pity you faggots, lol.

Let’s clear this up: i was serious when i typed that PM to Souls, no doubt. When Shehoe made this thread i KNEW what will happen. I’m not that stupid. I even said on the first page what will happen. At first i thought of posting a popcorn gif, but typed that one post to increase drama. Thank you, you just gave me attention XDDDDD

However, i apologized to Doc in case if he took that post seriously. Now call me face saver or some shit like this. I kept stalking this thread to see how many drama i made. Now you revealed your true colors and i’ll consider that. And thanks again for helping me in increasing the drama, i appreciate that, homies smiley

Flamelord wins. Flawless victory. Fatality.

Squark wrote:

Shiro wrote: sometimes when i cum in toilet water, i can make out images through the sperm, like clouds, and through that I tell a story

Magnum Miracles wrote:

Zed. wrote: Seems like hyberbole.

Nope. I loved the beat my meat.

Hell, even beat one out on my grandma’s couch, a Wal-Mart bathroom, my 5th grade English class, in my Mom’s car, and in one of my friends' house,the YMCA pool, etc.

The only way you could stop me from jerking off was to cut off my right hand.

Eien wrote: Oh you wanna compare injuries? Well... Actually i don’t get injured. You’re probably gonna facepalm so hard at this but the reason is my brother and i kinda accidently made outselves more durable. When we were like five and into the Superman cartoons, we would climb onto our top bunk and catapault ourselves from the top, trying to fly. And we have wooden flooring, not carpet... So yah... I don’t really get injuries that easily.

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