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Name: Ruthless


Last seen: 03-27-2015

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Banned permanent from Bjarne ... Just Like Time ....

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The 7th Messiah wrote:

Decipher wrote:

The 7th Messiah wrote:

Decipher wrote:

Lord lash wrote: OP is lesser than the faggots I hate on this forum.....

Well fuck you too.

Stop bitchin'.

Stop moanin'.

Well then stop suckin'.

SirCumAlot. wrote:

Ruthless wrote:

Ladd Russo wrote: You don’t talk to many girls, do you Souls?

He doesn’t even get to smell many girls IRL.

Figures. Only pussy he can get is 8 year old pussy, and it has to be drawn.

Saitama wrote: What in face did you just fucking say, you little bitch? Iíll have you know I graduated top of my class in high school, and Iíve been involved in numerous fights with superheroes, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in superhero combat and Iíve the top ability in the entire Z City region. You are nothing to me but just another fatty. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before in this part, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting the Superhero Organization and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for Genos, maggot. The cyborg that will wipe out the pathetic little thing you call your life. Youíre fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime over 60 km/h, and I can one shot you in over seven hundred ways, and thatís just with my right hand. Not only have I surpassed human limits, but I have access to the majority of Superheroes in Z city and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little ďcleverĒ comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldnít, you didnít, and now youíre paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will release my hero fury all over you and you will drown in it. Youíre getting a feeling so complicated, kiddo.

Pocket Rocket wrote:

The Supreme King wrote:

Pocket Rocket wrote: If this were a 9 year old boy, then Accelerator de-flowers the poor little tyke.
Then he makes him watch Boku No Piko with him.

Lol. That’s nasty.

That’s Accelerator.

Samurai Billy wrote: Who cares? There are more important things in life than having a bitch you can fuck on a regular basis. I’ll just stick to my hand until that no longer pleases me. Thank you.

Samurai Billy wrote: Well Iím just an attractive, young, white, male. I can guarantee that I will be successful in the future, and my scrotum smells of cherry pie and mountain dew. My dick is above the national average, standing at 8-9 inches when fully erect, and my teeth are perfectly straight. So a better question is, do you want some of this?

Samurai Billy wrote:

gustaballa2 wrote:

Samurai Billy wrote:

gustaballa2 wrote: dat billy nigga look virgin as fuck

That is a correct assumption.

I know nigga you look like you aint get no pussy

I just play league of legends and masturbate all day. How do I get the pussy?

rage wrote:

Lint on the carpet wrote: I casually solo both verses, and then tumble roll to sheko, for some good ol' fashion wetting of my dick.

Post-break XD would destroy you pretty easily.

Atheist wrote:

Ice Mike wrote:

Atheist wrote:

Ice Mike wrote:

Atheist wrote:

gustaballa2 wrote:

Ty Dreacon wrote:

gustaballa2 wrote: Ya’ll niggas gay. if you lonely then get some mother fuckin friends

Making friends for some people is akin to differential calculus for other people. That is to say that it’s complicated, difficult, an analytical nightmare, and so on.

Not every single person on the world is gifted with confidence in their abilities. Nor is every single person on the world granted the capability to navigate human interactions effortlessly. For some people, it is the case that working through the philosophical conundrums of existence is substantially easier than opening up and finding companionship.

I aint got no idea wut yu just said nigga

Omniwhatever wrote: This guy is a youtube tier debater, seriously.

Zack Fair wrote:

Glock wrote:

Atheist wrote:

Glock wrote: spacebattles, not spaceforum, my bad.

What’s so bad about the place?

Nothing, just curious if the battledomes war is extended to all the battledomes or just MvC and the OBD.

OBD hates everybody, and Moviecodec hates the OBD.

Sheko the Reaper wrote:

Lint on the carpet wrote:

SirCumAlot. wrote: Yea Gustaballa12 was one funny ass nigga.



Take my dick out of your mouth if you’re going to laugh properly.

The Butt-furious Man of Mystery wrote: I’m furious about this.

rage wrote: Ruthless has the power of order on his side.

As well as the unholy rap devil transformation, with casual-as-fuck Billy+++++++++ level keystrokes.

Ruthless is also the avatar of the Uber Fuckin' Black Man.

I’m also pretty sure that Wolf’s said that a single pokeaffiliate could solo the whole Gypsy empire.

Credit to Shiroyasha!

Jaja Kooky Quest 4kids does JJBA wrote: Part 1: JaJa’s Kooky Quest - Spooky Water

The company you all know and love bringing you a completely new cartoon. Join us and watch our hero, Jack Jackson fighting the forces of bad men who absorb the aura of others and put them in comas. These baddies are led by the rough and tough Daniel Brandon. After his father got sick and left to see a doctor, Daniel found a magic mask that turned him evil! Together with the super waves, Fastcart, and his long lost brother Willy Z. they will rescue his dog, Spot, from Daniel and his magical mask.

Part 2: JaJa’s Kooky Quest - Fight A Lot

Our amazing sequel to Spooky Water takes place on the streets of New York, and follows the misadventures of Jace Jackson, the grandson of Jack Jackson, as he fights aura nappers and ancient the super people AUTOMOBILES and his evil friends, BANG, ICY DIZZY and CARLOS VENEZUELA with some help from a cybernetically-enhanced delinquent and his bubble blowing battle buddy, Cecile.

Part 3: JaJa’s Kooky Quest - Starpowder Wranglers

In a Canadian jail sits 17-year-old Jacob Jackson: problem child, football star, rapper...and taken by a force beyond his control! Around the US, mean ghosts are awakening: “Battlers”, epic invisible people which give the chosen ones amazing moves. To save his mother from evil vines, Jacob must tame his superpowers and travel around the US to Chicago, where the 21 year old rock star Daniel Brandon thirsts for power of all the Battlers. But the road is long, and an army of baddies waits to capture JaJa and his friends to take their Battlers away...

>problem child, football star, rapper
Just imagine, every time they show scenery they have Jotaro rapping about stuff with football puns and everyone else making comments about how it’s 'so lame'

Oh, and thick accents on everyone, except none of them are 'right'. Jotaro is dumbed down high school jock talk, Joseph is super British, Abdul is Jamaican, Polnareff is Canadian,Kakyojin is a Californian Surfer, and Iggy makes bad jokes in his head with a german accent.
Also, ZA WARUDO is now Green Light/Red Light
>Daniel hits Kakyoin in the stomach with a jar of strawberry preserves
>He jumps backwards, disgusted at the thought of his precious jacket being ruined
>Hits his head on a water tower and passes out

Dave (D’Arby) plays an intense game of UNO with Jacob and friends. The loser will be turned invisible and will not revert back until there is a winner that isn’t Dave. They bet with funky coins with faces of the characters that Dave made specially for this occasion.

Part 4 - JaJa’s Kooky Quest: Genius Gem Jamboree

The fourth part of JJKQ focuses on Jackie J. Jackson, the edgy student of Butterball High. After the townsfolk got shot with the MAGIC BATTLER DART, the city of Brawlberg was thrown into chaos! With his slick style, foreign exchange student friend Hoshi, and their Battlers “Sapphire Psych” and “Super Sounds”, they help a ghost save her dog from the evil hand-man Carl Coolman and his Battler “Perilous Princess”. They must fight to free their pets from Carl’s shadow realm.

Will Jackie J. be able to capture all the Battlers before Carl sends everyone to the Shadow Realm?! Find out in JaJa’s Kooky Quest: Genius Gem Jamboree!

Part 5 - JaJa’s Kooky Quest: Tap’n Trouble

It stars George George, son of Daniel Brandon. Our jamming jumper George is determined to rise to the top of his class’s dance club and become a head dancer in order to help people and make the world a better place. In order to fulfill his dream: becoming a “Superstar”. After serving Runny-Nose Luke, George is encountered by Brock Buckaroo, who wants to make him pay for serving Luke. However George exceeds Brock’s expectations and shows Brock whats-what! After this Brock offers him a chance to join his help group Two-Toes-Tap, a group that employs many dance stars AND Battler users!

After becoming a member of the group George meets his friends, Nathan, Mr. Mr., Alan and Ferg, who dislike him at first but eventually learn he can throw down on the dance floor as well as the Battle Grounds! Join George and his new friends as they save their dance group and his sister, Trish One, from the Principal and his jock Battler team in JaJa’s Kooky Quest: Tap’n Trouble!

Part 6: JaJa’s Kooky Quest - Battler Bonanza

The story of Jacob Jackson’s little sister, Jackie Jackson. She is framed for a cheating on her tests and ends up in the Shining Whale Home for Wayward Teens. She is given a magical ring from her big brother, which zaps her hand and unlocks her Battler ability, Free Rocks, which allows her to turn herself in amazing power ropes! The ropes can even turn into her Battler armor! In Shining Whale, she soon becomes best friends with fellow teen and Battler users Hailey and Gennie and their Battlers, Post-It, and Moss Mash.

Part 7: JaJa’s Kooky Quest - Gee and Jay’s Ride

The series stars Gee Zee, the grandson of Willy Z., who uses a set of platinum spheres that spin incredibly fast, and Jay Jackson, Jack Jackson’s from the past and a former hot-shot jockey who was tricked by an angry time wizard. They race, along with others, in a mad-dash across America for tickets to Hawaii. Little do they know that the angry wizard is back with Daniel Brandon, the break dancing dinosaur, and together are trying to take the tickets for himself!

Jesus Ketchum wrote:

Stardust wrote: Maybe you need to stop watching a series for its fights.

lol stop watching a series for it’s fights? What else is there? Character development? Plot quality? Utter nonsense.

PriceofDarkness wrote:

Uncle Fleece wrote:

PriceofDarkness wrote: Okay you guys, I was already being crushed by the shame of my faggotry. You guys just mad it worse sad

You have to find a way to atone.

Atone for what? You see, I saved you people. If I don’t let out my faggotry, it slowly builds up inside of me, until I explode and spread faggotry everywhere. Sort of like a Faggotry big bang.

GUMI wrote:

DonyeleSwagYolo wrote: ey gumi giv me sum of dat booty

i tok a haverd class on wld sex

ey donyelle i kan tallk leik dat two, i dun wun dat.

Prometheus wrote: I’d make out with that monkey too, he/she is pretty hot.

superfreshbiltz. wrote:

Ruthless wrote:

Ademus wrote:

She definitely destroys anybody here on MVC when it comes to rapping.

Billy>Nicki Minaj.

This tbh tbh tbh tbh...


rage wrote:

Polar wrote:

Just a Member wrote:

Polar wrote:

Just a Member wrote:

plan wrote:

Just a Member wrote: 3 people wants me to fuck my couch but, only one of them is positive about it.

No pls


Are you actually a girl?

Where did you get that from?

Hmm, I dunno. I just felt like you are a girl.

Sure is a slap in the face to his masculinity.

Eric Kripke wrote:

Teffy Bear nli wrote: I’ve gone on this site multiple times throughout the day almost every day to see how the debating was going and it seems to always be the same people who are logged on at even the most ridiculous hours. Let me ask you people. Who here have you noticed spends hours of their lives on this site.

This post has established that:

* You have less of a life than the people you point out, if indeed you are correct.
* You keep tabs on people online and make a big deal of their business and personal lives.
* You are online during the most ridiculous times.
* You do not understand the concept of time zones.
* You enjoy wasting your life.
* You are overall a whiny bitch who is so miserable (s)he “feels 'better'" by pointing out aspects of other people that more correctly apply to you.

Alonzo Harris wrote: What does SOD do when he gets broken?

He feigns to not be butthurt by acting retarded. (Bad grammar, bolds his texts, unfunny memes and etc.)

Speed of darkness. wrote: BUTTHURT




Just a Member wrote:

Crusader wrote:

Just a Member wrote: I want to eat that right now... :I

I don’t see a dick in the picture.

Cause the thread doesn’t say “SoD’s hourly meals”.

Sheko the Reaper wrote: Ruthless spooked Billy with a rap challenge, Billy got furious and charged, only to be taken down with ease. cool

XD wrote: Hi,I’m Ronnja12 and I have a dream that retarded members and normal members can join together and create peace around MVC,and to do that I have created an organization called The Flame Fighters.The Flame Fighters are a new group of people who fight to end flame wars(without more flaming) and bring peace to MVC.Any member can join easily.Just post a reason why you are against flaming,and why you would like to join and you’re in.You also have to be ready,because becoming a member takes a lot of responsibility,and you must not flame against other members.You will receive a few warnings if you do,and if you keep it up,you will be banned from the Flame Fighters organization.

XD wrote: I love penis.

Fuck-face wrote:

XD wrote: Wait,you mean to tell me I was being set up all along?...I have been successfully broken...

You were broken the minute you joined this site, fuck-face.

XD wrote: We got Raizen,Lightning,and Jaydragon flirting on each other.I smell a lesbian threesome.My cock can’t take the epicness of this quality thread.

XD wrote:

Mau5 wrote:

XD wrote:

Mau5 wrote:

Samurai Billy wrote: Anime18 casually solos all of MvC.

Skeetles has a kid, so that means she has to be handsome for someone to give her a baby.
What does Anime18 have?

She has a life,unlike me. sad

You’re pig disgusting.


XD wrote:

Pocket Rocket wrote: A mosquito is making XD his personal bitch? Why does that not come as a shock to me?

All bugs do that.I screamed like a little pussy when a bee ran up on me outside this morning.

XD wrote: You’re telling a little girl to be a man?Wouldn’t that make me a tranny?

Pocket Rocket wrote:

XD wrote:

Chibis Charizard wrote:

QueenSkeetles wrote: I would bump tacos with nicki minaj given the chance.. Juss sayin.

So you make a thread explaining how you would have sex with this singer and also how you would squirt?

That is so fucking hot!!!
*fap fap fap*

Made even more “hot” by the fact that Skeetles recently had a child. So basically it would be like sliding a taco into a hallway. Juss sayin.
Keep fapping, loser.

Pocket Rocket wrote:

XD wrote: Jaydragon casually solos my dick with an omniverse level squirt(Magikarp style.)Then,I woke up. sad

At least you saved everybody else the trouble of adding that part.

The Usual wrote:

Dr.Robotnik wrote: What the fuck do we have here?

XD getting broken, again...

Zeroextra wrote:

But... wrote:

Dr.Robotnik wrote: Poor XD

He sorta asks for his mental beat downs.

He gets broken on a daily basis around these parts.

Big Bad Wolf wrote:

Dude. wrote:

XD wrote:

Soulja Boy wrote: XD me meaning it Or not does not matter, what matters is that soulja boy is more successful, more talented and more sexy than your wannabe rapper self will ever be. And rapping is the only thing you are good at? Thats sad, it’s the only thing you’re good at and you still suck so bad, now put that orange kool-aid on yo lips, so I can kiss you, you orange flavored motherfucker.

You’re right.He’s more talented and way more successful than I ever will be.I heard from Lil Wayne that he’s great at blowjobs.I heard from Rick Ross that he’s awesome at anal fucking.I heard from 50 Cent that he’s rich enough to pay any dude a 69.I heard from Bow Wow that he’s a professional black belt in the art of the doggystyle.I heard from Waka Flocka Flame that he’s athletic enough to throw and receive the balls to go score for a touchdown.I heard from Gucci Mane that he is skilled in transferring mononucleosis to his black,crispy DSL.I heard from Drake that he can not only make a man sing,but add some autotune to enhance the sound of someone’s monotone moaning.I heard from Nikki Minaj that he’s a 12th level fag.This guy has great potential and talent.He gotta stack that paper while billions of mainstream male rappers stack up on his million dollar ass cheeks.I’ll never be as talented as the almighty Soulja Boy.He’s the king of faggosexual porn hip-hop.I’ve finally been enlightened.Thank you.

You should write gay fanficton, you’re really good at it and you really get into it.Like posting your inner most desires.

That’s exactly what I told him. He could really make money off of it. Perhaps he could make a rap out of it. Combining his two greatest talents.

^As it turns out XD does write gay fanfiction

XD wrote: One Piece:A kid with the ability to stretch his clit around all over the place meets a faggot who dyed his hair with toxic waste products,a scrawny ass weirdo who carries candy cigarettes in his mouth while remaining a hooker stuck in the kitchen,Rudolph’s handy capped mama,a big lipped hippo with a nose that you can stick into Luffy’s stretching anus.They decide to go on a shitty adventure which takes them over a thousand chapters just to find a worthless treasure.While on their adventure,they cause you to lose one piece of your IQ each and every chapter.At this rate,your brain cells will be wasted on watching a living condom perform futunari porn on black and white pages,which eventually leads it to being more white.Symptoms for reading/watching this include:complete faggotry,retardation of the highest level,the tendency to dick-ride manga sales,wanking to extreme measures,and believing Luffy and Whitebeard can one shot all of fiction. Rant over.

Big Bad Wolf wrote: Little Red Riding Cock sat on a cock,
Little Red Riding Cock had a great fall.
All of Sheko’s horses and all Sheko’s men,
Couldn’t put red riding cock together again.

XD wrote:

rage wrote: So you flipped out because some dude insulted you over the internet?

I warned you guys that Iím pathetic and butthurt.

XD wrote: Now,people are thinking of me as a low-tier mod!!Then again,I’m not surprised since I only been one for like two months.You got rid of the only thing that I had going for my pathetic life? straight

rage wrote:

XD wrote: ;_;

Speaking of mods that got absolutely shattered by BBW.

Mau5 wrote:

XD wrote:

rage wrote: XD would be sakura

Yay!!I finally get the chance to know what a clit feels like!! wink

You’ll still get rejected by yourself.

XD wrote:

NearRyuzaki wrote:

Pirate Luffy wrote: Who would be the guy trying to join in,even though he knows he can’t

XD I guess


XD wrote: I was planning on waiting until I was no longer a noob who’s been here less than one year before leaving,but that probably won’t happen.I’ll be surprised if it does end up happening.As I said before,I joined this site to escape loneliness,but that’s not working out for me at all.The reason why it is not working out for me is pretty much self explanatory. I should have known better than to join a damn forum with a various amount of posters that excessively flame-bait just to do so.I have stopped acting like a pussy who can’t take a simple little insult,but that low-self esteem and feeling of loneliness has still been left inside me to this very day.I know now that this hasn’t fixed the problem at all. Dealing with this excessive BS has only made it worst.This guy is definitely not wanted here,and it’ll take a really good reason to get me to stay.What did this accomplish?Did this help build up the guts to ask at least one girl out?No.Did this help get me friends to hang out with?No.Did this help create some confidence in myself?No.Did the people mainly responsible for lowering my confidence go away?No. I’m not trying to gain any sympathy because I know that I’m just giving you people more material to laugh at.As you can see,I haven’t been very active lately.However,I still have one goal left to complete before I leave.Even if I do leave,I’ll still pay a few visits to the good ole music section when I feel like it.
Rant over.

Shiroyasha wrote:

rage wrote: Well then, DoV

Why don’t you just fist your north star right on outta this thread.


That was terrible, but hilarious.

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