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Love, And Tolerate- MLP.

Samus is At-least FTL in Fusion-Suit since she can dodge her own EMR-Wave beam in Metroid Fusion. Its a game mechanic, but its story based survival/non-vague game mechanic that every weapon she had was used against her by X-parasites.

The Wave beam- uses wave energy(EMR) Which travels at the speed of light and through walls.

And apparently she has Sense-move, which is a psychic movement over the suit, putting it beyond her own reaction time of FTL. Though, that’s only a theory, I’m not sure if the Psychic Suit thing is True.

0:24 to 0:35
Light-suit Samus could likely have Light-based/FTL reactions because she needs to manually land herself when fading straight to the ground when coming out of the light.

Samus Suit and Ship tank a nuclear explosion that is clearly seen above the planet, coming out of the center of the explosion.


With Planet SR388 Destroyed, wiping Metroids from the Universe.. Over the years the Federation Stalked the Universe and Beyond in search for possible breeding strays, even raiding Remaining Space-pirate Fleets, Finding Zero Metroids. A Few Factions of the federation however got 'angry' about the BSL stations destruction, and wanted Samus to pay the Trillions of Dollar Dept. With Metroids gone, Phazon Eradicated and Pirates Becoming Rare- Samus Became the Target... So the Certain Factions sent out a certain Signal throughout the Galaxy to try and Reach Her, wanting her to turn herself in and to clean up the mess: But she was nowhere to be found. The Factions Created Propaganda that Samus was a Terrorist, that her Metroid DNA was a crime in of itself. In the End, the ones who believed in Samus lost the vote to Protect her, Leaving the Propagandists to hire Bounty Hunters after her, using psyche manipulating technology that Triggers intense emotions to activate her PTSD to bring down her suit... But what the Propagandists forget is that Samus Current Suit is the Varia-Fusion Suit, which is Fused to her body/central nervous system in a more physical way rather than pure energy. So The PM-Technology is Void towards her suit despite it effecting her emotions. This Was kept secret by the rest of the federation force and the aurora units. Meanwhile the faction of Propagandists were working on Illegal projects: Thousands of Ridleys were being Cloned in a space-station at the edge of the universe, while the faction was planning to hack the galactic federation for all its information, because the Faction didn’t believe the rest of the Federation on not knowing anything about Samus.
Somewhere in Hyperspace, Samus is flying through a worm-hole Galaxies away on a long and psychotic mission to a dead Galaxy Cluster. She Somehow had her Ship electronically possessed by the BSL-Stations Adam-like Computer, which Emotionally Haunted Samus for years and it was the reason she headed to the dead Cluster: To Obtain the Frozen Dead body of the Real Adam. The Galaxy she ended up in was the dead 'Dread Galaxy', where she was demanded to resurrect him and to build a Safe Economy Space-Station where she down-loads her Metroid DNA out of her system, and consequentially all the Data of everything her suit has ever used After The Resurrected Adam And Samus had gotten the federation signal. After transferring and securing the Safe, they went to the federation out of respect. The Faction of propagandists could not hack into the Galactic federation, but out of Sheer chance, they found the Dread Galaxy, and then managed to hack into the economy safe-station: It was easily Pure gold to them. So, From thousands of Galaxies away the faction data-ReAnimated Countless Metroids Via her Metroid DNA And Phazon: Which began to spread, Corrupting the Dread Galaxy. Just As The Hunters Confronted Samus And Adam after they returned from their years of being gone, The faction finally announced that they were Space-pirate spies with shape-shifting technology: They had Complete control over all of the politics and Economics, when Samus was away unable to pay the Trillions of dollar det, the Federation ended up paying for it so Samus didn’t have to. The Pirates used the Money to Develop Ridley clones to Swarm Multiple Galaxies and Hired Hunters after Samus, PM-tech, And most of all- ReAnimation Hacking-Tech... Samus, Adam and the Federation were tricked and One Up’ed on all sides, as the Sky blackened with Thousands of Ridleys Starting with their Planet while Streams of Phazon Corrupt the Local Star blue, Turning Every Photon into Phazon-seeds.
Metroids Bubbled out of the Phazon sun as Phazon Metroids, but since they all Mainly came from the Dread Galaxy , The Pirates Dubbed them “Dread-Troids”... Samus And Adam Saw everything around them get corrupted, even the Federation, But Since the Data back at the Safe-Station was still intact, they both activated P.E.D Suits before being Infected. Something was wrong though, The suits were not enough and they didn’t know why, so they found cover as most of the Ridleys were Eaten Away at by the Metroids in the Sky. It Was not long until the planet was Phazon. Samus Called her ship while they were in a building for cover from the radioactive atmosphere that the P.E.D suits had no protection against, and both Samus and Adams H.U.D stated something strange: It stated Flash Freeze Temperatures that would in seconds cover the planet in ice, Samus Scanned the Ice, which told her that her Ice-beam Data was also activated. Hundreds of Metroids Ambushed them in a screaming mass, the 'Dread-troids' were immune to hyper-mode, but the Freeze thickening the atmosphere slowed the Metroids down long enough for Samus And Adam to leap onto them to reach Samus Ship that hovered above. The Ship Zipped away escaping the Scene, with a fission heat system 3 times hotter than the sun. The More they Ascended, the more radioactive it was eventually becoming a Phazon Mist.. Where Corrupted Ridley clones left over from the Metroids viscously attack the ship, the fission heat system only barley slows them down as they disintegrate parts of their body to get to Samus and Adam. Eventually the ship made it out of the Atmosphere safely, leaving the Ridleys to Freeze in place. The ship needed to avoid large tendril Streams of Phazon that spread throughout the galaxy, almost turning it sentient.
Samus and Adam were basically specks within the living galaxy along with 4 other Galaxies, secretly being controlled by the now Unstable Safe-Station that was Hacked: But the Main control factor is the digitally synthetic Phazon from her Phazon Suit data, It managed to be able to be alive as Data, and escaped to corrupt the galaxy and beyond. So Dread Galaxy was the mother controller. The Safe Station also Unleashed Unstable Ice, Plasma, electricity and matter-anti-matter: Which created Large Dark-burst Vortexes that ate Solar systems. A month of flying through the half Sentient galaxy, Samus and Adam faced its innards as it all came to life...Samus was Fixated on how any amount of Phazon could be alive, though she obviously kept it to herself. Meanwhile Adams H.U.D Stated massive chunks of galaxies were coming in large radioactive waves in their coordinates, then after having to dodge planetary, asteroidle, EMR and star debris, Samus ship scanned the whole galaxy: And it suggested it was feeding itself, while trying to rid them out of its system with the Galactic energy... Just then an eerie static sounded from inside the ship, which would have popped their ear drums if not for the protection of the suits, and blue electrical interference that lazily formed a Dark-Samus Head laughing as the static got louder saying “Dreeeeaaaad!" then suddenly billions of Phazon Dread-troids swarmed the ship, smashing against the window: One by one the heat of the ship extinguished them, but the window started to crack slowly, though the auto repair was on par with the damage. Adam avoided more Galactic energy, and turned down the heat system As Samus climbed on top of her ship to try and stop the Metroids.
It was no use though since the Phazon Metroids were immune to her current weapons, and her P.E.D was obsolete to the certain strain of digital Phazon that was around them, not to mention the now Phazonic Star pumping out billions of Metroids a second. Samus Ship flashed with more of the blue electrical interference, where it zapped quickly towards the Metroids attacking her ship, then zipped to the billions of Metroids being born out of the sun... All of the Metroids became one congealed mass as the electricity got brighter, blinding Samus as she squints seeing a vague silhouette of Dark-Samus. The Figure pointed to the ship menacingly which caused the static inside the ship to Shrilly say “IIII Waaaannnttt Yoooouuu Ooouutt!"... Instinctively Samus scanned the Dark-Samus like form: The scan told her the Dark-Samus clone is being used as an Anti-body for the Phazonic Sentient Galaxy. Samus didn’t dare absorb the synthetic Phazon around her, so she quickly activated her strongest beam from the safe station: The annihilator, where she charged a Sonic-boom, The time-space bending energy warping the ship a little bit just by being charged. The Dark-Samus clone aimed insyncly just as Samus had, which surprised Samus at first, and for less than a second after firing but before the beam distorted her vision, Samus Saw Dark-Samus looking exactly as she does, firing the same beam, like looking into a mirror. Adam being Tactical moved the ship away from the blast so Samus could get a clean shot without both Sonic-booms colliding, his H.U.D telling him it would be a bad idea. Eventually Samus finally got a shot in before her energy tanks got to low, the blast pushing Dark-Samus into the Phazon Star.
The Distortment of time-space within the star, vacuumed each atom behind time-space like it was a curtain, but the time-space tears didn’t close, becoming a vortex that engulfed everything around it, except for Samus and Adam who escaped with a dangerous victory... But it wasn’t over, and Samus Ship sensed this, the Galaxies physics began to change, the space-time Crack Began to Freeze over in some impossible anomaly, the ice explosion spread far and chased Samus Ship through the Galaxy like it had a will of its own. The ship began to Freeze thus disabling the ships navigation, even shutting down the Heating system, and Just as Samus and Adam were panicky thinking: Space-pirates Hack her Ship appearing before them in a glitchy hologram, telling them their doomed because The Space pirates stole the entire Safe-Station, and are controlling different parts of the galaxy; such as physics hacking the vortex to Freeze, then controlled the Sentient galaxy like Cattle to corrupt other Galaxies or simply eat them. The Pirates could even control the Sentient Galaxies innards by strengthening its immune system with Anti-bodies, like the pirates had done with the Dark-Samus clone. Their Last words to the Duo was “Have fun with the rest” As the Hologram vanishes, suddenly in the distance Samus Could see a Dark-Swarm of 5000 Dark-Samus Anti-body clones all laughing at once. It was either stop and be Frozen in space Or be Completely overwhelmed by the hacked Immune system. The Ship detected a space in between the massive Swarm they could escape through using Hyper-drive to Exit them entirely out of the Galaxy.. They Feared the rest of the universe Might be too late to save as they entered Hyper-space safely, Flailing arms of the Dark-Samus clones desperately trying to grab the ship, which stop flailing as Ice solidifies the arms, then they all turned to heated ashes as the Ice mutated into Plasma.
Samus and Adam stayed within Hyper-space for months at a time so they wouldn’t be detected from the Pirates because each New Galaxy they reached was under watch by the pirates who ended up manipulating each Galaxy they went to or Simply corrupted it with the Synthetic Phazon to make it impossible to travel through.. The Whole Universe was essentially Booby trapped.

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