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Name: supersaynguy


Last seen: 03-31-2014

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 10-06-2008

Posts: 4,985

Location: Tampa Bay, Florida

About: SuperNutritionist, Insurance Agent, Water Slinger

Hobbies: Breakdancing, Martial Arts, Super Smash Bros, Anime, Movies

Reputation: 95thumbs-up

Previously known as

supersaynboy until 09-07-2009

08-09-2014 from Flamelord
thumbs-up "Old quality member. Log in once more."


03-31-2014 from Falcon
thumbs-up "Thank you, and Matrix FTW!"

03-28-2014 from Kurosaki

03-27-2014 from Nerd
thumbs-up "91"

03-26-2014 from - FS -
thumbs-up "DBZ fan"

03-26-2014 from fuck bjarne all my homies hate bjarne
thumbs-up "Never thought I'd ever get to meet you. Welcome back."

03-26-2014 from Shinji Ikari
thumbs-up "Hey there, old timer!"

11-24-2013 from Munsu a.k.a Legendary General
thumbs-down "Doesn't have the balls to login anymore"

04-08-2013 from Lord Death
thumbs-down "Why...?"

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Wade Wilson

Heaven or Hell


-The Author-

Stalin Krom


heavenly king



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08-09-2014 from Flamelord
thumbs-up "Old quality member. Log in once more."


03-31-2014 from Falcon
thumbs-up "Thank you, and Matrix FTW!"

03-28-2014 from Kurosaki

03-27-2014 from Nerd
thumbs-up "91"

03-26-2014 from - FS -
thumbs-up "DBZ fan"

03-26-2014 from fuck bjarne all my homies hate bjarne
thumbs-up "Never thought I'd ever get to meet you. Welcome back."

03-26-2014 from Shinji Ikari
thumbs-up "Hey there, old timer!"

11-24-2013 from Munsu a.k.a Legendary General
thumbs-down "Doesn't have the balls to login anymore"

04-08-2013 from Lord Death
thumbs-down "Why...?"

08-27-2012 from Ruthless

08-16-2012 from Marquess

09-01-2011 from zeta
thumbs-up "Any interesting dreams lately?"

08-05-2011 from Agent Turtle 00T

04-30-2011 from Kinny Cakes

03-20-2011 from -Jade-
thumbs-up "dbz ftw"

01-21-2011 from Buster Sword
thumbs-up "Super ;)"

01-06-2011 from TiggerLover
thumbs-up "For giving very good dating advice!"

12-30-2010 from VZA
thumbs-up "Samurai Jack."

12-28-2010 from GOD of GOURMET
thumbs-up "dbz PWNS"

12-08-2010 from Terumi
thumbs-up "DBZ FTW"

12-01-2010 from Unlosing Ranger
thumbs-up "Staying conservative about something you like is good."

11-14-2010 from Kinasin

11-11-2010 from -Sheko-
thumbs-up "You forgot handsome."

11-10-2010 from Never-mind
thumbs-up "I am. Nirvana's music plus my hax magic and shit kills everyone."

11-10-2010 from Cyvo7
thumbs-up "Nice to see another DBZ fan who has common sense :)"

10-21-2010 from G-Lad
thumbs-up "A genuine good person!!!"

10-19-2010 from COSMIC
thumbs-up "+1up"

10-14-2010 from Ghost of Faggotry
thumbs-up "Friends?"

10-11-2010 from Gearbreak
thumbs-up "i guess it's only fair."

10-11-2010 from narutogeass2
thumbs-up "thank you (^_^)"

10-11-2010 from Spellca
thumbs-up "It is only fair."

10-05-2010 from The Goofy Gouf
thumbs-up "I rep fo me a rep fo u!"

10-05-2010 from Blue
thumbs-up "nice guy :)"

10-04-2010 from Ben10
thumbs-up "he makes sense"

10-02-2010 from Satanel
thumbs-up "Repped. =D"

09-30-2010 from Heaven or Hell
thumbs-up "Thanks man. Props to TIPPER for finding it (lol I accidentally negged you with this at first). :p"

09-30-2010 from The Librarian
thumbs-up "I like Neo and his the only reason i rep up"

09-29-2010 from Genius.
thumbs-up "I wonder whether or not Shoddragon is a animal who accidently manages to press the wrong keys."

09-28-2010 from President of a Country
thumbs-up "Thanos wipes his ass with Hulk. LOL."

09-18-2010 from Super Perfect Cell Returns
thumbs-up "Thanks for the rep you gave me back in the day"

08-13-2010 from Trackz

07-25-2010 from That one guy.
thumbs-up "Returning the favor. =P"

07-12-2010 from Man of Sin
thumbs-up "Here"

07-09-2010 from Gary Oak
thumbs-up "Great guy, knows what he's talking about."

07-01-2010 from Machiavelli
thumbs-up "Ja."

06-11-2010 from tfw_no_qt_3.14_korean_gf

06-08-2010 from heavenly king
thumbs-up "if you can tank planet busters like superman and silver surfer why run lmao"

05-18-2010 from Hellspawn28
thumbs-up "Good poster"

05-14-2010 from Stannis
thumbs-up "Sorry I Forgot"

05-07-2010 from Captain America
thumbs-up "Great debator."

05-07-2010 from FallenSanity
thumbs-up "Rep 4 rep"

04-06-2010 from geargrinder
thumbs-up "Thanks bra, society's pretty fucked nowa days, huh?"

04-05-2010 from Aigis

04-04-2010 from Claire Stanfield
thumbs-up "Good debater and DBZ fan that isn't biased,"

04-01-2010 from Zack.

03-29-2010 from Psychopeth
thumbs-up "like i said in my rep... i'll go possitive eventually.."

03-22-2010 from Rorschach

03-22-2010 from Sleazy P. Martini
thumbs-up "rep given bro"

03-20-2010 from Fabulous Falsey
thumbs-up "I'll just be keeping away from your perverted "dreams" >.>"

03-19-2010 from -The Author-

03-17-2010 from am l da baddest
thumbs-up "Not a biased guy"

03-06-2010 from thanos420
thumbs-up "cuz of my love for anime."

03-01-2010 from Saosin
thumbs-up "You seem like someone who actually listens to most of the facts."

03-01-2010 from Chaos Theory
thumbs-up "Thanks :)"

02-28-2010 from The fallen one
thumbs-up "harrison ford"

02-26-2010 from Tyrant

02-25-2010 from Stridah
thumbs-up "Yure welcom', pardner."

11-27-2009 from Dr. Scientist
thumbs-up "Becasue I felt like it 0.0"

11-02-2009 from MikeUN
thumbs-up "Very cool and friendly guy. Also a great debater."

10-21-2009 from Weeman
thumbs-up "Hell yeah, you know it."

10-20-2009 from Sasuke  Uchiha

10-20-2009 from Xehanort the Younger
thumbs-up "^_^ Here you go"

10-20-2009 from Mosie Badazz

10-17-2009 from Astro
thumbs-up "Hey ur not afraid to admit when wrong i respect that"

10-11-2009 from Stalin Krom
thumbs-up "Ok"

10-10-2009 from The Surfer
thumbs-up "I think your a pretty cool guy."

09-18-2009 from Go2movies
thumbs-up "Exactly."

09-03-2009 from Tippership Commander
thumbs-up "welcom back !!! =D It's been quite a while"

02-11-2009 from MASK
thumbs-down "Just for being alive"

02-07-2009 from Never Give Up
thumbs-down "FUCK YOU SUPERMAN»»;»»»»GOKU"

02-02-2009 from Krystopher Malus
thumbs-up "Goku pwns Superman in every area"

11-24-2008 from needforspeedfreak

11-10-2008 from some one new
thumbs-up "Sometimes you make good points...Just calm down."

11-02-2008 from Dr. Nihilus
thumbs-side "Meh."

11-02-2008 from Red_Calibur9

10-31-2008 from PussylickingHighIQbadasswithADD

10-26-2008 from The Power Within
thumbs-down "pwn bitch pwn!"

10-22-2008 from ebm
thumbs-up "im not sure what everyone has against you"

10-21-2008 from Mein Square
thumbs-up "You may be a lil biased, and a lil fanboyish at times, but not a bad person. You is k."

10-21-2008 from Sir Dudlington
thumbs-down "Ghey, you ghey!"

10-17-2008 from needforspeedfreak2
thumbs-down "Cause Zym is a retarded fag =]"

10-09-2008 from Only Dildo Hoppers Get Negs From Me
thumbs-down "Cause Zym is a retarded fag =]"

10-08-2008 from Invaderzym
thumbs-up "Cause Mystic is a moron"

10-06-2008 from ReadThisIfYouLoveItBallsDeepInYourAnus
thumbs-down "Dumbass"

03-31-2014 to Falcon
thumbs-up "nice avatar"

03-26-2014 to fuck bjarne all my homies hate bjarne
thumbs-up "Back at ya"

03-26-2014 to - FS -
thumbs-up "DBZ for Life"

03-26-2014 to Kinny Cakes
thumbs-up "DBZ Forver"

03-26-2014 to Munsu a.k.a Legendary General
thumbs-up "For giving me a negative 4years ago. haha"

01-07-2011 to TiggerLover
thumbs-up ":) Anytime"

12-12-2010 to Cygnus
thumbs-up "For being logical"

12-08-2010 to Terumi
thumbs-up "DBZ-best show ever"

12-05-2010 to Wolfey
thumbs-up "Doom rocks!"

12-01-2010 to firesparks12
thumbs-up "For a Fellow DBZ fan"

11-29-2010 to GOD of GOURMET
thumbs-up "Any DBZ fan is a fan of mine"

11-17-2010 to ClimaX
thumbs-up "For being a fellow martial artist"

11-14-2010 to Agent Turtle 00T
thumbs-up "B/c you're a good poster"

11-14-2010 to Re Edgar..
thumbs-up "Cool Avatar man"

11-14-2010 to VZA
thumbs-up ""Hogasm" lol Nice"

11-14-2010 to Unlosing Ranger
thumbs-up "Sweet Avatar"

11-13-2010 to Kinasin
thumbs-up "Brock Sampson rocks!"

11-11-2010 to -Sheko-
thumbs-up "lol"

11-10-2010 to Never-mind
thumbs-up "Never-mind is The Deadliest Warrior! :) lol"

11-10-2010 to Cyvo7
thumbs-up "Always nice to see another Bleach and DBZ fan"

11-10-2010 to Messiah Complex
thumbs-up "Sweet 16! lol :)"

11-09-2010 to Marquess
thumbs-up "What goes around comes around. :)"

10-21-2010 to Einar
thumbs-up "Cool Avatar. Any DBZ fan....well you know. :)"

10-18-2010 to COSMIC
thumbs-up "Nice Avatar man"

10-11-2010 to Spellca
thumbs-up "Good posts. Not fanboyish at all. :)"

10-10-2010 to narutogeass2
thumbs-up "Cool user page, and naruto rocks"

10-10-2010 to Machiavelli
thumbs-up "Cool User Page"

10-08-2010 to G-Lad
thumbs-up "Good posts. Doesn't fanwank. I like that. :)"

10-05-2010 to Blue
thumbs-up "IT>>>Speed"

10-02-2010 to El Toni
thumbs-up "Thats one of the funniest avatars ive ever seen. lol"

09-30-2010 to The Librarian
thumbs-up "Yeah, Neo is awesome."

09-30-2010 to Heaven or Hell
thumbs-up "Killer avatar"

09-29-2010 to Genius.

09-29-2010 to red line
thumbs-up "Ur pretty cool. You dont seem bias at all and really look at debates from all angles. Respect to u"

09-29-2010 to The Goofy Gouf
thumbs-up "Good logic man. ur right, not just RBs but WRs too would smoke anyone in NBA"

09-29-2010 to Ben10
thumbs-up "B/c Ben10 rocks"

thumbs-up "B/c of your crazy ass user name. :)"

09-28-2010 to President of a Country
thumbs-up "Thanos>>>>Hulk, lol"

07-31-2010 to meltinglife
thumbs-up "no doubt"

07-31-2010 to Gearbreak
thumbs-up "Vegeta uses his balls to beat Superman? lol nice"

07-29-2010 to AF Kai AE

07-29-2010 to Satanel
thumbs-up "Cool sig"

07-24-2010 to Uncle Chibi
thumbs-up "B/c ur above sky-father level. :)"

07-01-2010 to The Sisko
thumbs-up "Glad to see you finally got an account. :)"

07-01-2010 to That one guy.
thumbs-up "Pay it forward"

07-01-2010 to Zero Beat
thumbs-up "Pay it forward"

06-29-2010 to Gary Oak
thumbs-up "Nice scan of hot chick"

06-24-2010 to tfw_no_qt_3.14_korean_gf

06-11-2010 to solidfalcon
thumbs-up "Goku and Neo.......Awesome, and so is Captain Falcon. ;)"

06-11-2010 to heavenly king
thumbs-up "Only wimps "run" ;)"

05-31-2010 to MASK
thumbs-up ""Goku FTW" lol NIce post"

05-27-2010 to heyheyheyheyheyheyheyhey
thumbs-up "Nice Avatar"

05-18-2010 to Hellspawn28
thumbs-up "You too buddy"

05-07-2010 to Captain America
thumbs-up "thanx man. You too. Nice to see someone else who doesn't fanwank"

05-07-2010 to Stannis
thumbs-up "Jason Voorhees kicks ass"

05-07-2010 to FallenSanity

04-05-2010 to Never Give Up
thumbs-up "NEVER GIVE UP!!!! Good motto"

04-04-2010 to Aigis

04-04-2010 to geargrinder
thumbs-up "For beating up a racist."

04-03-2010 to Claire Stanfield
thumbs-up "For not Fanwanking. :)"

03-29-2010 to Psychopeth

03-29-2010 to Zack.
thumbs-up "For being realistic in your post and cool avatar."

03-28-2010 to Its Over 9000

03-24-2010 to Hedatary
thumbs-up "Ur cool with me dude."

03-23-2010 to omniblast
thumbs-up "You're cool with me man. :)"

03-22-2010 to Man of Sin
thumbs-up "Meh.... what the hell. I've got nothing against you. Not sure what you have against me. :)"

03-22-2010 to zeta
thumbs-up "Nice to meet another who can control their dreams"

03-22-2010 to Rorschach
thumbs-up "Pedafork"

03-22-2010 to Stridah
thumbs-up "Nothing wrong with The Cranberries. :)"

03-22-2010 to Sleazy P. Martini
thumbs-up ""Everybody gets a re today." ;)"

03-22-2010 to Kakarrot
thumbs-up "Goku is awesome. Fav hero. Even have a tat on my back."

03-19-2010 to BausMan is HD
thumbs-up "lol Cool Avatar man."

03-19-2010 to Fabulous Falsey
thumbs-up "Am I dreaming? [biting myself] Yep. lol Cool stuff"

03-19-2010 to -The Author-
thumbs-up "Pretty cool guy."

03-09-2010 to Soundwave
thumbs-up "Freddy Rocks! Jason sux!"

03-06-2010 to Astro
thumbs-up "Yeah, Surfer is pretty awesome."

03-04-2010 to theamazingRenzy
thumbs-up "You're right. Goku IS awesome."

03-02-2010 to AfterGlow.
thumbs-up "Yea! DBZ rocks. Screw DBZHater. lol"

03-02-2010 to Knight_Of_Steel
thumbs-up "Nice info. bout Star Wars Universe."

03-01-2010 to Super Perfect Cell Returns

03-01-2010 to -Wanted-
thumbs-up "For your username. Awesome movie."

03-01-2010 to Mastalks
thumbs-up "Mystic Gohan was pretty cool."

03-01-2010 to Sasuke  Uchiha
thumbs-up "Doritos Cooler Ranch. Best Ever."

03-01-2010 to Saosin
thumbs-up "Thanx. I am a huge DBZ fan boy, Surfer would defeat Buu."

03-01-2010 to thanos420
thumbs-up "cool avatar man."

03-01-2010 to Chaos Theory
thumbs-up "You know a lot about Bleach"

02-28-2010 to Stalin Krom
thumbs-up "You aight with me"

02-28-2010 to The fallen one
thumbs-up "Forgot about Harrison Ford. He's got some killer action films."

02-28-2010 to Lord Death
thumbs-up "Nice, clean, good Info in the threads"

02-28-2010 to Shepard
thumbs-up "Nice sigs and avatar."

02-26-2010 to am l da baddest
thumbs-up "good info. bro."

02-25-2010 to donkoehler
thumbs-up "Any DBZ a fan of mine. :)"

02-25-2010 to Xehanort the Younger
thumbs-up "Anti-Radditz spray.....classic. lol"

02-25-2010 to Red_Calibur9
thumbs-up "You have a hell of a lot of posts. Awesome!"

02-25-2010 to AK-4Deception
thumbs-up "Nice Avatar! And hell yeah, Jack would whoop Naruto."

02-25-2010 to Tyrant
thumbs-up ""Those smart enough to run away from Buu will survive" Nice. lol"

02-25-2010 to Shrazlax
thumbs-up "Samurai Jack is very bad ass"

02-25-2010 to Devil Prince
thumbs-up "Nice scan of J.L. Ur right, probably would be too much for Buu"

02-25-2010 to Lucina
thumbs-up "Nice! lol"

10-23-2009 to Ill Be Bach
thumbs-up "Megalodon, no doubt."

10-20-2009 to Serris0809
thumbs-up "Now you have 6. :)"

10-20-2009 to LionFranky
thumbs-up "A herd of elephants want a challenge. lol Always thought that was a cool thread."

10-20-2009 to Mosie Badazz
thumbs-up "People are just haters, man. I think you make a lot of good points."

10-20-2009 to Weeman
thumbs-up "you got an awesome avatar. Doom is my alltime fav. game."

10-12-2009 to OmegaYiXingshenglong
thumbs-up "nice avatar"

10-11-2009 to Dr. Nihilus
thumbs-up "Good to see you in the forum. Always like debating with you."

10-11-2009 to ronki23
thumbs-up "Nice DBZ thread buddy."

10-10-2009 to The Barney Stinson
thumbs-up "Pre-Frieza saga takes out Superman. Nice. :)"

10-10-2009 to The Surfer
thumbs-up "Nice debating with you."

10-09-2009 to MikeUN
thumbs-up "Your'e cool man. Nice to have you in the forum."

10-09-2009 to Trackz
thumbs-down "right back at ya"

10-09-2009 to needforspeedfreak

10-07-2009 to DFO Zealot
thumbs-up "Yeah, Goku in BASE from would crush Wonder Woman"

10-06-2009 to bones_nihilbrand
thumbs-up "Thats an awesome scan below your screen name."

10-06-2009 to Buster Sword
thumbs-up "You can be a jerk bro, but you make really good points. lol"

10-06-2009 to UltimaLegendXReborn
thumbs-up "I agree with you man. WW would get absolutey obliterated by Goku."

10-06-2009 to PussylickingHighIQbadasswithADD
thumbs-up "WW definitely wouldn't stand a chance against Goku. lol"

10-06-2009 to Dr. Scientist
thumbs-up "You're right. Goku, in base form, would beat WW"

10-06-2009 to Gplex
thumbs-up "Wolverine would definitely beat Sidey, Capey, and Daredevil"

10-06-2009 to truestrength
thumbs-up "Nice kung fu vid bro."

10-06-2009 to Firewolf81
thumbs-up "Nice kung Fu vids man!"

10-05-2009 to some one new
thumbs-up "Where you been bud? I miss you. :)"

10-05-2009 to Ruthless
thumbs-up "Any friend of Tippership is a friend of mine."

09-16-2009 to Mein Square
thumbs-up "What up Player"

09-15-2009 to -408Windsor-
thumbs-up "Nice thread. And btw, Seagal would dominate. :)"

09-15-2009 to Go2movies
thumbs-up "You're right. GodWave would end it."

09-15-2009 to Tippership Commander
thumbs-up "Whats up player!"

09-15-2009 to Krystopher Malus
thumbs-up "DBZ ROCKS! lol"

02-24-2009 to Spylinkster
thumbs-up "Goku kills Superman"

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