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Name: some one new


Last seen: 05-19-2018

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 09-23-2008

Posts: 5,957

Location: oklahoma

About: I first went to this site when I noticed it had a Goku vs Superman thing going on

Hobbies: video games, politics, loathing the dinkleburgs

Reputation: 79thumbs-up

04-14-2018 from Mein Square
thumbs-side "Hey. It's Nihilus. Ain't seen you in forever."

04-01-2018 from Butt Stallion

01-25-2015 from The Living Tribunal
thumbs-up "awesome member with uber quality"

02-08-2014 from - FS -
thumbs-up "2008? veteran MVC member"

02-04-2014 from Shinji Ikari
thumbs-up "Yo"

02-04-2014 from Nerd

01-31-2014 from Mr Couch Potato
thumbs-up "2008 member? lol"

10-15-2013 from Fag
thumbs-up "someone old :)"

09-14-2013 from Pirate Luffy
thumbs-up "Dat Double D Swag"

09-13-2013 from owo
thumbs-up "Thanks for answering my questions"

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Chilly man

Krystopher Malus

Sasuke  Uchiha

-The Author-

Shadow Archon

The devil wears prada




Tippership Commander

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04-14-2018 from Mein Square
thumbs-side "Hey. It's Nihilus. Ain't seen you in forever."

04-01-2018 from Butt Stallion

01-25-2015 from The Living Tribunal
thumbs-up "awesome member with uber quality"

02-08-2014 from - FS -
thumbs-up "2008? veteran MVC member"

02-04-2014 from Shinji Ikari
thumbs-up "Yo"

02-04-2014 from Nerd

01-31-2014 from Mr Couch Potato
thumbs-up "2008 member? lol"

10-15-2013 from Fag
thumbs-up "someone old :)"

09-14-2013 from Pirate Luffy
thumbs-up "Dat Double D Swag"

09-13-2013 from owo
thumbs-up "Thanks for answering my questions"

09-11-2013 from Terumi
thumbs-up "Need to post more!"

08-31-2013 from Snap.
thumbs-up "Ermagherd"

08-26-2013 from YuNarukami
thumbs-up "Keep on hating dem Dinkelbergs"

08-01-2013 from Re Edgar..
thumbs-up "Welcome back... Not sure if I had repped you yet...."

07-20-2013 from UnlimitedPotential
thumbs-up "REP ME BACK"

07-07-2013 from Slayer

07-07-2013 from Xehanort the Younger
thumbs-up "likewise"

07-07-2013 from Demi
thumbs-up "Any friend of hellfighter is a friend of mine."

07-06-2013 from fuck bjarne all my homies hate bjarne
thumbs-up "I like you."

06-24-2013 from Cirno

05-21-2013 from Broken Genesis
thumbs-up "glad you enjoyed it"

05-19-2013 from Entropy
thumbs-up "Hellfighter likes this one ;o"

05-17-2013 from Crazy Bitch Zinnia
thumbs-up "Welcome back, Even though I don't know you. But I like the set :D"

05-03-2013 from Snap
thumbs-up "Didn't know you still visited this site."

09-30-2012 from Vibra
thumbs-up "Well, didn't you come out of nowhere."

08-01-2012 from Man of Sin
thumbs-up "Long time no see"

12-05-2011 from GoodGamerSambo
thumbs-up "Motherfuckin' Ed' Edd & Eddy! :D"

10-16-2010 from SwOOsh

08-09-2010 from Tippership Commander
thumbs-up "Nice to see you're still luking around- it's been quite the while.-TC"

10-28-2009 from Sakura

10-05-2009 from supersaynguy
thumbs-up "Where you been bud? I miss you. :)"

08-12-2009 from bones_nihilbrand
thumbs-up "putting dbz vs supes aside"

07-28-2009 from Marly
thumbs-up "lol @ your terrible debating skills in religion and VS topics"

07-20-2009 from Agent Turtle 00T
thumbs-up "thanks for the P rep but its kinda on my back up acount lol."

07-09-2009 from maebara kun
thumbs-up "your a cool person here you go"

06-11-2009 from tfw_no_qt_3.14_korean_gf
thumbs-up "you are awesome :)"

06-07-2009 from derdev789
thumbs-up "Go right ahead and call me whatever ya want SON."

05-09-2009 from Astro
thumbs-up "Cool guy creative"

05-01-2009 from Stridah
thumbs-up ""some" users unite!"

05-01-2009 from Crys18

04-30-2009 from Chilly man
thumbs-up "Great dood."

04-27-2009 from Chaos Theory
thumbs-up "Thaks fer the rep"

04-25-2009 from seed
thumbs-up "some one new soon you'll becme a pioneer here"

04-09-2009 from UpNORTHxLADYBoss

03-29-2009 from Aigis
thumbs-up "Thanks."

03-27-2009 from Sasuke  Uchiha

03-18-2009 from Krystopher Malus
thumbs-up "I undersand that you dont understand that I understand what you mean, understand?"

03-14-2009 from heavenly king
thumbs-up "^_^"

03-12-2009 from Magnum Miracles
thumbs-up "Thanks."

03-11-2009 from spencer the king
thumbs-up "splee?"

03-10-2009 from ramunematt
thumbs-up "rep back"

03-10-2009 from I R .R.E.A.L.I.T.Y.

03-09-2009 from -408Windsor-
thumbs-up "Magikarp used splash.....Nothing happens!!!"

03-05-2009 from Gab
thumbs-up "Haha, we're great game designers!"

03-02-2009 from The Surfer
thumbs-up "rep back."

02-21-2009 from Ill Be Bach
thumbs-up "No problem, man."

02-21-2009 from car dice13
thumbs-down "<3"

02-20-2009 from Buster Sword
thumbs-up "Black power"

02-17-2009 from Go2movies
thumbs-up "Good observation. lol"

02-07-2009 from SHIT_HAPPENS
thumbs-up "Cool"

01-29-2009 from See You Space Cowboy
thumbs-up "Will do. :p"

01-28-2009 from STX ToSsGirL
thumbs-up "No, but you have now. :P"

01-12-2009 from ReadThisIfYouLoveItBallsDeepInYourAnus

01-10-2009 from Ezzie
thumbs-up "Rep Even Though i don't know you :)"

01-10-2009 from Oliver Proslmeyr
thumbs-up "Deserving of Pos. Rep."

01-08-2009 from Etain
thumbs-up "Thanks for being a good sport about religious debates :)"

01-08-2009 from Nerevarine
thumbs-up "Fun to debate with :)"

12-15-2008 from Amarrez
thumbs-up "Made me review my theological arguments :D"

12-11-2008 from The
thumbs-up "because you hate the simpsons"

11-19-2008 from needforspeedfreak
thumbs-up "lulz"

11-17-2008 from needforspeedfreak4

11-17-2008 from Khorib
thumbs-up "I was hasty... and mad with Rep power."

11-10-2008 from Invaderzym
thumbs-up "Thank you"

11-05-2008 from Zeoc713
thumbs-up "we have opposing views, but a cool guy"

11-01-2008 from Knight_Of_Steel

10-16-2008 from AK-4Deception
thumbs-up "How did I gorget 2 eep u?"

10-13-2008 from Rigor Mortis
thumbs-down "i like to nega rep newbs"

10-09-2008 from Rorschach
thumbs-up "ghey"

10-09-2008 from Dr. Nihilus
thumbs-up "Pretty cool guy."

04-02-2018 to Butt Stallion
thumbs-up "rep for rep"

02-05-2014 to Shinji Ikari
thumbs-up "Hello"

02-04-2014 to Nerd
thumbs-up "Because you asked"

01-31-2014 to Mr Couch Potato
thumbs-up "Yep!"

09-15-2013 to Pirate Luffy
thumbs-up ":)"

09-13-2013 to owo
thumbs-up "Here you go!"

08-31-2013 to Snap.
thumbs-up ":)"

08-31-2013 to YuNarukami
thumbs-up "DINKLEBERG >:("

08-01-2013 to Re Edgar..
thumbs-up "You haven't, so thanks"

07-24-2013 to UnlimitedPotential
thumbs-up "wynaut"

07-07-2013 to fuck bjarne all my homies hate bjarne
thumbs-up "You're cool too!"

07-07-2013 to Lenzonda
thumbs-up "Here ya go!"

07-06-2013 to Xehanort the Younger
thumbs-up "Good discussion chibi"

05-20-2013 to Entropy
thumbs-up ":)"

05-20-2013 to Broken Genesis
thumbs-up "cool discussion"

05-17-2013 to Crazy Bitch Zinnia
thumbs-up "One good rep deserves another"

05-05-2013 to Snap
thumbs-up "Every few months, if I'm not busy."

08-01-2012 to Man of Sin
thumbs-up "One good rep deserves another"

12-06-2011 to GoodGamerSambo
thumbs-up "A good rep deserves another."

07-28-2009 to Marly
thumbs-up "Still positive, thanks for the attention"

07-23-2009 to The Barney Stinson

07-23-2009 to Hawt_RockerGurl

07-22-2009 to someonenonotyou

07-20-2009 to Jenova

07-20-2009 to Omni-Man

07-20-2009 to Ruthless

07-20-2009 to Mecha Agent Turtle 00T

07-14-2009 to sk8r_lover

07-13-2009 to VividYoshi
thumbs-up "first rep?"

07-11-2009 to The Surfer
thumbs-up "High five! Alright!"

07-09-2009 to the antichrist
thumbs-up "Boo"

07-09-2009 to Green_Ninja
thumbs-up ""You stink pretty"-Johnny Bravo"

07-09-2009 to maebara kun

07-05-2009 to tfw_no_qt_3.14_korean_gf

06-07-2009 to the cameraman in Tunisia
thumbs-up "Welcome"

06-07-2009 to derdev789
thumbs-up "Can I call you Derdev still?"

06-06-2009 to Jenny26
thumbs-up "welcome"

05-30-2009 to Xx Lashy xX
thumbs-up "You registered on my birthday!"

05-29-2009 to mslonely
thumbs-up "Hello Friend"

05-28-2009 to truestrength

05-27-2009 to Its Over 9000
thumbs-up "rep balance"

05-21-2009 to andrerescenturdi

05-12-2009 to divxfan
thumbs-up "Welcome to mvc and thanks for taking part in my thread :)"

05-11-2009 to Captain Chaos
thumbs-up "thank you"

05-07-2009 to Sleazy P. Martini
thumbs-up "I'm probably the insane guy Khorib is talking about"

05-07-2009 to Voyager
thumbs-up "Chilly alt"

05-06-2009 to I Seriously Love Tiny Flacid Penis
thumbs-up "Girls who take part in the versus forum deserves a rep."

05-02-2009 to Divine Saint Of Aries

05-02-2009 to I R .R.E.A.L.I.T.Y.

05-02-2009 to Krystopher Malus
thumbs-up "I repped you already"

05-02-2009 to Stridah
thumbs-up "We're friends"

05-02-2009 to butterfly

05-01-2009 to Zeoc713
thumbs-up "double repping isn't possible :("

05-01-2009 to Firewolf81
thumbs-up "I repped you already :)"

04-30-2009 to Lucina

04-30-2009 to thanos420
thumbs-up "You admitted your mistake, I can respect that"

04-30-2009 to deadkamakazi
thumbs-up "I gave you one already"

04-30-2009 to mimi38

04-30-2009 to MASK

04-30-2009 to Keollyn

04-30-2009 to Sakura

04-30-2009 to HellRider
thumbs-up "Not so much for the name but my opinion doesn't matter."

04-30-2009 to The SHADOW will become you

04-30-2009 to X.t.r.m.

04-30-2009 to XbugTerminator

04-30-2009 to Bjarne

04-30-2009 to Vintage

04-30-2009 to RealTalker

04-30-2009 to Protagonist301

04-30-2009 to Tyrant

04-30-2009 to BausMan is HD

04-30-2009 to G3TM0N3Y

04-30-2009 to DrumIntoTheNight

04-30-2009 to pluto

04-30-2009 to Soundwave
thumbs-up "You noticed my avatar!!!!!!!!"

04-30-2009 to Mosie Badazz
thumbs-up "I continue to approve"

04-28-2009 to babysweetcheeks

04-28-2009 to soundhinata

04-27-2009 to Eternal Darkness
thumbs-up "Wynaut?"

04-27-2009 to Chaos Theory

04-26-2009 to Never Give Up
thumbs-up "Bring Back Sonic vs Mario!"

04-26-2009 to Chilly man
thumbs-up "You're pretty cool"

04-21-2009 to seed

04-14-2009 to SON
thumbs-up "I was the original SON (BTW this is not my alternate account if someone is wondering)"

04-11-2009 to Gplex
thumbs-up "At least we can agree on DBE lol"

04-08-2009 to The Great and Mighty Mikalatove
thumbs-up "Although I disaggree with you about DBE"

03-29-2009 to Aigis
thumbs-up "1000"

03-23-2009 to Truggz
thumbs-up "welcome?"

03-20-2009 to Carolina Cream

03-17-2009 to heavenly king
thumbs-up "rep back b 4 I go."

03-12-2009 to Magnum Miracles
thumbs-up "Thanking for not blamin ;)"

03-12-2009 to Tippership Commander
thumbs-up "Double rep isn't possible :("

03-11-2009 to Supra
thumbs-up "Supra clone!"

03-11-2009 to fredeline
thumbs-up "Hello back!"

03-11-2009 to spencer the king
thumbs-up "BLOO!!!!!!"

03-10-2009 to ramunematt
thumbs-up "Ditto &quot;what Kev said";"

03-10-2009 to -The Author-
thumbs-up "Double rep lol"

03-10-2009 to .hack
thumbs-up "3rd?"

03-09-2009 to -408Windsor-
thumbs-up "That ";battle&quot; was rep worthy!"

03-09-2009 to dukedas
thumbs-up "agreed... with Plex ..both critical thinking & brain washing will still remain..!!"

03-08-2009 to Trogdor_the_Burninator
thumbs-up "Yay and sorry."

03-05-2009 to Gab
thumbs-up "I know right? Nintendo doesn't know what their missing!"

03-04-2009 to Admiral Ackbar Cereal

03-03-2009 to Madcon Wager
thumbs-up "rep balance."

02-28-2009 to Swish31

02-28-2009 to Kristapop
thumbs-up "Welcome!"

02-26-2009 to Zero the Reploid Hero
thumbs-up "Welcome!"

02-26-2009 to Sasuke  Uchiha
thumbs-up "Wynaut?"

02-25-2009 to Zucas
thumbs-up "Thanks 4 replying"

02-23-2009 to Hijacc
thumbs-up "Down with religion bashing threads!"

02-23-2009 to Stalin Krom
thumbs-up "racism is bad."

02-21-2009 to Ill Be Bach
thumbs-up "Thanks for replying"

02-21-2009 to Shadow Archon
thumbs-up "You're cool!"

02-21-2009 to klaki892
thumbs-up "Yo brotha's the man!"

02-21-2009 to car dice13

02-21-2009 to -Megan-
thumbs-up "Why not?"

02-20-2009 to Crys18
thumbs-up "Where's my rep? lol"

02-20-2009 to TamaraNoreen1993
thumbs-up "rep 4 replying"

02-19-2009 to Machiavelli
thumbs-up ":)"

02-16-2009 to Go2movies
thumbs-up "You're alive!!!!"

02-11-2009 to Rorschach
thumbs-up "You gave me a rep a while back"

02-10-2009 to Soulless
thumbs-up ":)"

02-09-2009 to Claire Stanfield
thumbs-up "Thanks for actually replying."

02-06-2009 to G-Lad
thumbs-up "Thanx 4 replying"

02-05-2009 to SHIT_HAPPENS

02-05-2009 to Mr. Infinity

02-05-2009 to DBZfanboy

02-05-2009 to the Gunblazer

02-05-2009 to The devil wears prada

02-05-2009 to SwOOsh

02-02-2009 to Culpa the White Mage

02-02-2009 to GuardianXxX

02-01-2009 to Astro
thumbs-up "Why not?"

01-31-2009 to Psychopeth
thumbs-up "No prob and thanks for your attention!"

01-30-2009 to Unicron
thumbs-up "Pete and pete!"

01-28-2009 to See You Space Cowboy
thumbs-up "I'm in a good mood!"

01-28-2009 to STX ToSsGirL
thumbs-up "Did I rep you yet?"

01-20-2009 to Hedatary
thumbs-up "Why not?"

01-20-2009 to bones_nihilbrand
thumbs-up "Here :)"

01-19-2009 to TRUECRISTIAN
thumbs-side "......."

01-13-2009 to kev360
thumbs-up "Here ya go!"

01-12-2009 to Crimson Blade

01-12-2009 to mixedupmixer

01-10-2009 to Ezzie
thumbs-up "One good rep for you :D"

01-09-2009 to Oliver Proslmeyr
thumbs-up "Wynaut?"

01-09-2009 to ReadThisIfYouLikeItBallsDeepInTheAnus
thumbs-up "Why Not?"

01-08-2009 to Nerevarine
thumbs-up "Thanks man!!!!! You're a good debator."

01-07-2009 to Etain
thumbs-up "Thanks for taking part in my discussion."

01-05-2009 to Will4Jesus.
thumbs-up "Christian from Oklahoma!"

12-16-2008 to Mola Ramm
thumbs-up "I think you deserve this."

12-15-2008 to Amarrez
thumbs-up "You actually help me read my Bible more!"

12-15-2008 to unlinkedsaber
thumbs-up "Here dude, We need more guys like you in the religion forum!"

12-12-2008 to The
thumbs-up "Cause you are a cool guy...And you did give me a rep. ;)"

12-03-2008 to Watchman
thumbs-up ":)"

12-03-2008 to Bender Alchemist
thumbs-up ":)"

12-02-2008 to l3376543210
thumbs-up "snake griffin!"

12-01-2008 to KidKyo
thumbs-up "King of fighters!"

11-24-2008 to Rigor Mortis
thumbs-up "Even though you gave me negative"

11-24-2008 to UpNORTHxLADYBoss
thumbs-up "why not?"

11-19-2008 to needforspeedfreak
thumbs-up ":)"

11-18-2008 to Khorib
thumbs-up "its cool."

11-17-2008 to ebm
thumbs-up "Why not?"

11-17-2008 to needforspeedfreak4

11-10-2008 to Invaderzym
thumbs-up "You make good points"

11-10-2008 to mystic gohan owns ssj3goku
thumbs-side "Gokus better..."

11-10-2008 to supersaynguy
thumbs-up "Sometimes you make good points...Just calm down."

11-10-2008 to ReadThisIfYouLoveItBallsDeepInYourAnus
thumbs-up "Good debator (although I always disagree with you)"

11-07-2008 to CynthiaKills

11-07-2008 to Life Is Bagel
thumbs-up "Although donuts taste better"

11-07-2008 to Knight_Of_Steel

11-07-2008 to OmEgAbLaSteR
thumbs-up "Thanks for backing me up in the DBZ debates."

11-07-2008 to Buster Sword

11-07-2008 to Dr. Nihilus

11-07-2008 to AK-4Deception
thumbs-up "Yeah!"

11-07-2008 to mine
thumbs-up "Well... here ya go."

11-07-2008 to omniblast
thumbs-up "You earned it IMO"

11-07-2008 to Mein Square
thumbs-up "You doesn't afraid of anything too!"

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