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Name: Life Is Bagel


Last seen: 09-12-2011

Account type: Regular

Banned permanent from

Registration date: 08-08-2008

Posts: 1,448

Age: 1291718639

Location: The bakery

About: i like butter

Hobbies: Getting eaten, getting spreads smeared on body, getting toasted, getting cut, being baked, getting makde into sandwiches

Reputation: 56thumbs-up

Previously known as

Life  Is  Bagel until 02-17-2011

07-22-2014 from -Jade-
thumbs-up "Objection."

01-28-2013 from EL HERMANO DE JIREN
thumbs-up "V"

11-24-2012 from Fuck you Luis
thumbs-up "Nice sig"

08-18-2011 from Wolfey
thumbs-up "Red dosen't suit you"

08-18-2011 from The Librarian
thumbs-up "Green cause i don't give a shit what other think"

08-16-2011 from Dead Head
thumbs-up "Death is pastry."

08-16-2011 from DatAss
thumbs-up "Life is cinnamon bun"

08-16-2011 from Freddie Mercury
thumbs-up "Life is Biscuit"

08-15-2011 from Redx
thumbs-up "Life is doughnut"

08-12-2011 from Openz
thumbs-down "Too badass for reps"

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Abstractdite wrote:

Life Is Bagel wrote:

1outofDAinfinite wrote: I eat bagels for breakfast *Grrrs*

in soviet russia, bagels eats you

In America we blow up things we don’t understand.

Knight Of Steel wrote:

violentrl wrote: My sister is pretty hot, I wanted to bang her atleast once. She looks like Nami. U MAD? Half sister bro.

She’s also a One Piece fan.

Did you want to fuck (Bang her so hard her pussy and your cock become sore the next morning), or make love to (deeply and smoothly penetrate her vaginal wall for maximum pleasure for both partners) her?

I need to know.

Red_Calibur9 wrote:

DatAss wrote: Naruto>Bleach>One piss of shit.
Ichigo uses Luffy as condom to ass rape Robin and Nami you mad?

I feel more pity than anger.

ModFather wrote: Also, who is persistent enough to keep finding all this hentai just to post it to the site? I mean, it’s like if I went and picked up horse shit and put it on the porch of the same house, and I went to various places with horses just for the purpose of rubbing shit on a person’s porch.

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