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Name: Psychopeth


Last seen: 04-23-2018

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 08-07-2008

Posts: 38,094

Age: 24

Location: Kaukauna ,Wisconsin

Hobbies: Reading, Gaming, that kinda stuff.

Reputation: 312thumbs-up

Previously known as

J peth until 02-24-2013
Mein until 08-28-2013
Kijinaro until 03-09-2014
Psychopeth until 09-07-2014
Fluffle Puff until 03-10-2015

02-18-2018 from Tippership Commander
thumbs-up "I still remember how to use the Crimson Cruxis Cannon- do you? ;)"

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thumbs-up "Inumimi > Nekomimi fgt"

04-18-2015 from Alexander.
thumbs-down "Serves you right."

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“The warning signs are like flares in the night
Still i proceed my greed in spite
of the fire I know that’s bound to burn
Why is it that i always gotta learn,
the hard way”

oh the good memories of RP battles with Ty

James R. LeClair wrote:

Haylias wrote:

J peth wrote:

Haylias wrote: Jpeth your story made me cuddle my laptop. o.o

you never know what you got till it’s gone...T_T

my mom’s old compac laptop never looked so good....

*hugz laptop so much my smothering cuts of the wireless internet flow*


Don’t need to read about you Smothering your Flow

Sean of the Living wrote: “Now they show you how detergents take out bloodstains, a pretty violent image there. I think if you’ve got a T-shirt with a bloodstain all over it, maybe laundry isn’t your biggest problem right now." - Jerry Seinfeld

“I got a new Ipod. It’s 80 gigabytes, because I like to jog for 3 weeks straight and not hear the same song twice." -Arj Barker

XTRM nli wrote:

firewolf81. nli wrote:

XTRM nli wrote:

J peth wrote:

XTRM nli wrote:

firewolf81. nli wrote: 99.9% of new zealanders are ghey

Its true the other 0.01% shag sheep that are of the opposite sex.

errr....don’t you mean 0.1%?

You think after all the steroids I take to get these muscles, my brain wouldnt be affected?

steroids do make most muscles bigger but they have the opposite effect on your brain, and can shrink your penis size down to as much as 25% smallertounge

That is why im considering getting penis extensions, Miss Xtrm was NOT happy when she saw the size of Xtrm Jr.

Common one of these porn site pop ups must be the real deal!


Red_Calibur9 wrote:
This is how we settle problems in Arkansas.
“But they started it-"

Bjarne wrote:

-Wanted- wrote:

Bjarne wrote:

The Legend wrote: Yo Bjarne, what happened to other pages in the sections? In each forum there is only one page. sad I can’t find a topic I created a few weeks ago. I needed an image out of it. T_T

Now I have to use the search function. straight

Fuck me!!! Stupid fucking bug sad

Just fixed it.

Way to fail again you stupid cunt for a webmaster.

Hey why don’t you just go and get a REAL forum base already.

Looks here’s a REALLY nice one

No, you wouldn’t, because YOU’RE FAIL


finally grin

three angels of MvC
The Oldest of MvC’s Triplets. He has the most accounts of the 3, only 2 of them are currently active. His real name is Nick, and has suffered an injury that he is still recovering from. He is sorta into debating like his younger self, Chibi, but is more into Literature and Music. he was the second to turn Angelic, and is the Angel of Death, Love, Life, and Knowledge. He is an okay signature maker, and is pretty damn awesome
The Middle Triplet of MvC, and the first of the 3 to reach an Angelic status. Currently a mod of the Vs Section. He enjoys Music, Anime, and Debating. He is the Angel of Duplication, Music, and Fire. He is currently dating an unknown presence and knows much about everything. He has been known for his many different active personalities.
J Peth:
MvC’s Youngest Triplet. He is the last of the 3 to reach an Angelic status. Known for dropping his phone in his soup and being a Nazi at times. His main thing is Anime. You can tell its him by his talk about anime and angels. He is the Angel of Nazi-ism, Darkness, and Destruction.

ROFL sorry cid....but it is funny.....

J peth wrote:

Squipple wrote:

Read this if your a dumb ass wrote:

trogdor1901 wrote:

Read this if your a dumb ass wrote:

trogdor1901 wrote:
Your internet demands hurt my feelings. grin

I wouldn’t be surprised seeing as how your whore mom and her girlfriend made you so sensitive.

Don’t try to lie about other people so you can feel as though someone else shares you’re scarred past.

Oh no its definitely your past I can tell by the women sucking my dick who keeps bitching about how her son, who owns an account on moviecodec named trogdor190126, is going to grow up to be a pussy cross dresser.

So... Cid did get raped.


Sac wrote:

Marly wrote:

Sac wrote:

Forever Dead wrote: OH! Be carful! He might neg rep you!

What a joke asura...or should I say Maibara... or whatever faggot alias you concoct next...

I care about my rep.

You’re two away from 69. You KNOW you care.

I actually hope I spend as little time as possible on 69.

J peth wrote:

The Legend wrote:

J peth wrote: <.< we aren’t even dating yet cid.... i’m a virgin, and plan to stay that way until i’m at least committed to the person i question. tounge

silly cid. sex is for couples grin

lmao. I suppose? I can’t say much on the aspect. ^_^;


S.Africanus wrote: Germany was Hungary, so he grabbed a piece of Turkey, dipped in some Greece and fried it in Japan.

Green_Ninja wrote:

Shaman King Hao wrote:

J peth wrote:

Green_Ninja wrote:

J peth wrote:

Green_Ninja wrote:

J peth wrote:

Green_Ninja wrote:

J peth wrote: tis humor....

How punny.

Ok I’m going to go kill myself now.

why? that joke was to die for....

Oh, you.

Always so polite.

it’s what i do ~tips hat~

besides, you seem to be the only frequent-ish posting female that is notable >.<


1) not notable, well not for me anymore.... (gotta love that drama)

2) she doesn’t post like... at all... i see her post maybe once a week tops...

Hm? No one else eh?

Chibi, how many times do I have to tell you..

You don’t have a vagina.

Marly wrote:

The Omnipotent Pirate wrote: What would you do if you found out everybody on this site was a 50 year old pedophile, excluding yourself. this question assumes you are not a 50 year old pedo. or a pedo of any other age. anybody you think is legit tricked you in this alternate reality.

Get all horny and excited. Then schedule an orgy meeting somewhere in Norway, and then troll everyone by planting the bombs in the meeting place and then trigger them. After that, rape their dead bodies and put a news article about how a child single handedly raped over 9000 pedophiles with Xanatos Gambit.

The MASK wrote:

red line wrote: i do like females, at least just as much as males; i just dont like those particular things about females. for that matter i never implied i like penis either

Than you asexual if nothing human gives you an erection.
How about this rock?

It turn you on?

The MASK wrote:

J peth wrote: hehe i know the feeling... it’s common on here since there is so little activity.....

I can never love you like a dolphin can love you Sargent Witherspoon.

The MASK wrote:

Modena wrote:

The MASK wrote:

The Power Within 3 wrote:

The MASK wrote:

Modena wrote:

The Power Within 3 wrote:

Modena wrote: yep grin
only 1 nore season of Hannah Montana also grin

She about to be hawt celeb!

cant wait till she gets pregnant like all the other slut bitches grin

lol she wont get pregnant.
She on Birth Control grin

Billy Ray Cyrus got tired of all the trips to the abortions clinic. shocked

how do you know? hmmmm

... it’s the south and their white.

she lives in LA >.>

She be rocking the Nashville Tennessee so don’t break my heart my honky tonky heart

-408Windsor- wrote:

BausMan 408 wrote: Windors tag is Legend4O8, the zero is and capitalized o.

He just told me that he wants all of you to add him and send him a bunch of messages, because he loves you all sooooo much.

You bitch!

Chaos Theory wrote:

J peth wrote:

Chaos Theory wrote:

J peth wrote:

Chaos Theory wrote:

J peth wrote:

Chaos Theory wrote:

J peth wrote:

Chaos Theory wrote:

J peth wrote:

Chaos Theory wrote:

J peth wrote:

Chaos Theory wrote:
We live in the same house

i see @.@ wasn’t sure if he moved out due to recent developments... either you have a really big house, or a really cramped one >.< haha

It’s not cramped, well yet at least tounge

then it’s a big house, cuz there’s you and cid, as well as his kid and lady friend if they live there... and any other family you have as if memory serves you have other family there... but i can’t remember.

Yeah it’s big enough ^^

haha well it’s big to me... usually i live in two-three bedroom houses tops... and fit anywhere from 3-8 people in them.. @.@


Four bed, one is an office, and two bathroom

so medium going on big...

btw, new bleach chapter = epic even though predictable.

Yeah it was good, I was waiting on Gin to turn on Aizen

i figured he would to....
after he said “i’ve arrived” with such gusto i knew at that point it was going to happen then... haha XD

i just wonder why... or what he’s gonna do next...

Get trolled by Aizen like everyone else

though you are probably right... i’d hate to see that happen... i’d love to see Gin get the hogyoku and become uber like aizen did...

One of 4 things will happen

1 Aizen actually dies and Gin become the main Villain for the rest of the current arc

2 Aizen uses Bankai to save himself and pwns and trolls Gin, but in a fitting Bankai way

3 Aizen had used KS before Gin even touched his sword and just Trolls Gin unceremoniously >.>

4 Gin uses his 'death' as a ploy to make Gin seem like the big threat, then show up when Ichigo and Isshin seem to be on the verge of winning then Troll shocked

what an odd thought XD

LeClairity wrote:

King ArthurGlow wrote:

Etain Revisited wrote: Ok since we have a “10 things you hate topic”, I thought I should start this one smiley.

1. I think the #1 spot goes without saying for me. Hint - he’s also on this forum.

2. Coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or any hot drink really. Especially tea or hot chocolate.

3. Hiking, or going for a walk in a really lovely area.

4. Books!!!!!!! Especially when accompanied by drinking coffee.

5. Family. Most of the time.

6. Spending a day shopping or seeing a movie with my friends.

7. Nail polish/nail art. This seems to have trumped makeup for me lately (yes I’m a bit of a girly girl sometimes).

8. Mountains and the ocean (although it’s been way too long since I’ve been vacationing by either). A beautiful lake is a good substitute.

9. Music and movies.

10. Animals. Especially bunnies lately for some reason smiley. Except for the #1 spot, these were not listed in the order of importance.

Id of though that your vibrator would of made it in your top 10 most 'loved' list

I did

hahahahahahahahhaha XD

ramunematt wrote:

.R.3.A.L.1.T.Y. wrote: This is long over due.

I have recently realized that the time I spend on here is hurting my career and taking me from dealing with certain situations in my life. It is also hurting a few relationships and responsibilities I have to step up to.

Anywho I am short for time,

I wish you guys the best in your life and I hope you all are successful in your own set goals and never let anyone stop you from reaching your goals.

And with that, Goodbye MVC its been a pleasure.

Fool, you can’t quit moviecodec. You think any of us want to be here? We are here by it’s will, nobody has ever left and lived to talk about it...

so sad... but so true...

Moses Orton wrote:

red line wrote: girls will kill you, so defending yourself is essential, and if they have a blade, kill them. gender doesnt matter to me, all the same. however why fight when you can run?

dont separate us, boys and girls, if we actually took the time to see things from all perspectives, we’d actually talk and understand more casually, not just with the number one motive on sex (or at least the subconcious motive)

see things from all perspectives

when the majority or boys and girls can talk casually and intermingle trully casually without the subconcious motive coming down to sex, humanity will open doors to things once thought to be impossible in a humans liftime to achieve

Are you gay?

Sorry but those last three paragraphs just seemed like they were typed from the perspective of someone who prefers cock so I HAD to ask.

geargrinder wrote: My dick is so big if I held it up to the key board it would stretch from A to Z.

The MASK wrote:

J peth wrote:

The MASK wrote: How mad are you because what I read it enrage me quite whole fucking lot.

this morning i was about to commit murder or suicide i was so enraged....

but then i started to dwell on it,scheme, and predict the outcomes.... then i found my solution....haha i know i’ll have her someday... it’s just a matter of time....

Just to let you know you sound like a super villain which I fucking approve of.

Not logged in right now wrote:

Jpeth wrote: so.... who lives closer to denmark?

T.I.P.P.E.R.S.H.I.P. C.O.D.E wrote: The Ip suggestion I do not see as being too fruitful- as those who are out to troll, admins in particular for example are switching their IP-whether using properties of having their own dynamic IP, VPN switchers,hopping to public/neihbors wi-fi(someone admitted to just travelling around the city they live in,)among other more basic methods.

I suspect it would only at best stop minor trolls- even though the goal of IP bans was to mak sure someone has to wait and dos not come back in 2 seconds, theoretically.

One more thing- the way Batman has the system set up- the IP ban message currently lets people know that if they WANT to then post on the site- they will have to register a account- so Bjarne has it that they can still access the site anyway.

It wouldn’t be the first of 's error messages with something similar to that.

All right, I’ll stop here- but I think that we should start looking at more in-depth ways to admin the site such that the “gains” that are perceived by trolls is reduced- in other words, not making it worth their time. Perhaps it really isn’t- but that’s not what is being perceived.
Just food for thought.

T.I.P.P.E.R.S.H.I.P. C.O.D.E.

I think one of these two guys is Bjarne.

Lincoln Rhyme wrote: Alright Kinasin.I’m gonna help you with your reading comprehension skills, alright? Now I’m gonna make this extra big,just for you wink.

J Peth and AG were JOKING.

something said or done to provoke laughter or cause amusement, as a witticism, a short and amusing anecdote, or a prankish act: He tells very funny jokes. She played a joke on him.
something that is amusing or ridiculous, esp. because of being ludicrously inadequate or a sham; a thing, situation, or person laughed at rather than taken seriously; farce: Their pretense of generosity is a joke. An officer with no ability to command is a joke.
a matter that need not be taken very seriously; trifling matter: The loss was no joke.
something that does not present the expected challenge; something very easy: The test was a joke for the whole class.
practical joke.

Okay Kinasin,now you really need to look at the bold parts real carefully,but be careful not to hurt yourself while trying okay?

And that concludes are lesson for today. I hope you learned something,and the rest of you fucktarded morons who took this seriously wink.

Oh, and don’t always trust a picture that says “these gurls are 15 hurr durr!" because this is the Internet,don’t believe everything everybody says.

PS3KICKS360 wrote:

Accelerator wrote: Who is Marly?

Get out of he-



Okay, you can stay.

Jack Atlus wrote: Team 2.
J Peth can warp reality.
Lincoln Rhyme can level planets.
Dongtacular can destroy solar systems
and Cid can demolish dimensions.

LeClairity wrote:

FireWolf81 wrote:

LeClairity wrote:

J peth wrote: oh necrophilia.... even you are considered a fetish/demographic....

just make sure you call dibs while they’re still warm. 20 minutes of pleasure worth a lifetime of fantasies...... or so I’ve heard

I can read the headlines now....

“Necrophilia cult encourages mass suicides for impromtu orgy”

well what do you expect... The “Lonely Thread” is the perfect corral for future dates!

Cid wrote:

J peth wrote:

Cid wrote: As always, congratulations and please leave part of your soul at the drop box.



this is why I’m a global mod without even being offered an option

this is why I’m here every day for at least a handful of hours

this is why you’ll be here for the rest of your life.

It has begun. Your soul is now one with the lounge. I hope you enjoy your stay~

You can log out any time you like,
but you can never leave~

One, two, three, four!

A message I’ve thought much too much about,
Maybe it’ll reach somebody, who can say?
Certainly, I’ve always been this way,
A patched up, crazy matryoshka

A package sung by a headache
Time may pass, but the hands are at 4
Don’t tell anyone;
The world will turn upside down

Ah, I feel broken apart
Throw out all your memories, too
Ah, how I want to know,
To the deep down...

Um, well...
If you please, dance more and more
Kalinka? Malinka?
Just play the chord
What should I do about such feelings?
Can’t you tell me? Just a little?

Loud and clear, 524
Freud? Keloid?
Just hit the key
Everything, all’s to be laughed at
Hurry, dance, with all your foolishness

Clap your hands, not entirely childish,
And watch, to this purposefully-crazed tune
Certainly, I don’t care either way
The warmth of the world is melting away

You and me, rendezvous? Rendezvous? Rendezvous?
Oh, or out on a hopping adventure?
With a crooked gait, one-two, one-two

Ah, I’m ready to burst out;
Catch every part of me
Ah, with both your hands,
Catch me for me

Um, well...
Listen a little - it’s something important
Kalinka? Malinka?
Just pinch my cheek
It’s just that I can’t control myself
Should we do more fantastic things?

Pain, hurt, but no, don’t cry
Parade? Marade?
Just clap some more
Wait, you say, wait, wait
Before we drop to just one...

You and me, rendezvous?
Rendezvous? Rendezvous?
Oh, or out on a hopping adventure?
With a crooked gait, one-two, one-two

Down with a sickness?
Show me your song!
See how today...
I’m still a patched up, crazy matryoshka!

If you please, dance more and more
Kalinka? Malinka?
Just play the chord
What should I do about such feelings?
Can’t you tell me? Just a little?

Loud and clear, 524
Freud? Keloid?
Just hit the key
Everything, all’s to be laughed at
Hurry, and dance no longer!

RottWeiler wrote: To tell the truth , it was truly “I” who Change my account name. I tried to do so, for mein Broke me unimaginably, I was so pissed that I decided to lie about it to get an Edge over mein...for he has superior intellect and I have shit and I That is why....he is a cool guy.

I will accept this Pardon given and let all know that “I”, The Great RottWeiler Owes mein but I don’t know how much by and Hopefully he does not hold this Over me, for the lord knows I Am a Piece of shit for this.

As The Good Mein would say “It was but a ruse”.

And we gone let this be Known...I Was but a fellow Member trying to ruin our good mein. And there is nothing wrong with the MvC , for there are not Dark people hiding in MvC , for which i called the cult(i did not start it). As Mein would say , “it was nothing but a cleaver ruse”.

It is finished.....I suck Noodles and all that good shit which is not Scrotum.

Kijinaro wrote: ~Kyle was typing away on the skype chat one evening with his back turned to the door. It was an ordinary night, making anime weebs burn with rage left and right. He was so delighted at the feast of rage this evening he didn’t even notice when David came in through the door.~

~David began to massage Kyle’s neck and shoulders sensually as he drew close to Kyle’s ear~

“Having fun baby?"

~Kyle wasn’t one for foreplay, he grabbed David by the shoulder and threw him onto the bed without a reply~

~David had hardly any time to respond~

“What are we gonna do on th---" =3

~Kyle was already on him, ripping off David’s shirt and kissing his way up David’s chest... past the neck, then placing a gentle kiss on his lips~

~David couldn’t contain himself anymore and began to unbutton Kyle’s pants, quicky reaching inside to find his prize as soon as the zipper was clear~

~Kyle wasn’t wearing boxers today, he rarely does due to his massive girth, which David took no time in pleasuring to it’s full size~

~Kyle let out a sigh, no one had that magic touch David had. It was as though his hands were made of silk. Gently granting pleasure up and down Kyle’s shaft~

~Before Kyle could even let out a moan of pleasure David had flipped him over onto his back so that he could work his way down Kyle’s Torso. Not even taking time to completely remove Kyle’s pants, David began to lick the tip of his favorite treat~

~Kyle, though fully enjoying David’s skill, grew impatient. He grabbed David’s long lustrous locks and began to force his engorged member down David’s throat. Little by little granting David a taste of more and more of what he craved~

~David began to move his tongue skillfully around Kyle’s massive cock as it filled his mouth to the brim. This was too much for Kyle after such stimulation beforehand and he let out a moan of pleasure along with a blast of liquid pleasure into David’s mouth~

~David drew back swallowing this ambrosia of lust while Kyle lay panting relaxing after the skillfull display. David threw a mischievous at Kyle before taunting him~

“Don’t worry, I’m not through with you yet..."

~letting out a small chuckle he crawls up to give Kyle a kiss before their escapades continue~

~continued on a later date~

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