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Name: The Power Within


Last seen: 05-28-2018

Account type: Regular

Registration date: 06-24-2008

Posts: 6,618

Location: luxembourg

About: kalifornia

Hobbies: yes

Reputation: 87thumbs-up

11-09-2014 from The Living Tribunal

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03-26-2014 from Nerd
thumbs-up "85"

11-30-2013 from Zlatan
thumbs-up "rns"

07-17-2013 from UnlimitedPotential
thumbs-up "REP ME BACK"

04-06-2013 from Ruthless
thumbs-up "Sup nigga"

04-04-2013 from Expensive-Discount
thumbs-up "Funny guy. And Nice User-Page."

03-25-2013 from Fuck you Luis
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thumbs-up "head nigga in charge"

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The flame war of '08

My egg needs to GROW!!HELP!

Made by NeedForSpeedFreak

Made by Cid
Made by Skull_Kid
Made by LinkHeroOfTime
Made by SKITTLES666
Made by SKITTLES666
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Made by me
Made by me

Hijacc wrote:

Darth Nihilus wrote:

Hijacc wrote:

JennyXJ9 wrote: I wanna Sig!!1111

I hate you.

I want to hump you.

cool Baby ill make you happy.

supersaynboy wrote: I see Gokus name and his different forms in so many debates and so many forums. I even got a tattoo on my back of SSJ2 Goku on my back! Of course Im also ripped and shredded b/c of breakdancing and martial arts. Goku is the ULTIMATE SUPERHERO.

He came from nothing, was nothing, and gradually through training, discipline and train, train, train, smiley he became a legend. He is also SOOOO pure of heart. No drugs, no alcohol, no smoking...EVER! He’s the ultimate guy to try and immulate in life and has more impact if you truly understand his character, that’s why he is the ULTIMATE superhero. Feel free to tell me why not, who is, or why you agree.... "/

the Gunblazer wrote: only thing good about palin is she gives killer blow jobs.

SENSFAN wrote:

Darth Nihilus wrote:

The Power Within wrote:

SPEAKERZZZ wrote: wow this just proves how bad 98supra and the rest of you are. i say mega fail and dont ever rap again.


The critics agree. Your rap sounds like what it would be like if a moose gave birth to an elephant.

Then an elephant giving birth must be pretty entertaining if there’s rapping involved...

shanepiom wrote: Ghey, you ghey!

Darth Nihilus wrote: Well, tonight is the last time that I’m probably going to be on Moviecodec. The place isn’t what it used to be, not like when I first got here. Not much entertainment anymore, since some of the members left and such. So I feel that I have no reason to be here anymore, so I just wanted to tell you guys goodbye.

See you, whenever.

The Power Within wrote: BARACK OBAMA WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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